Is Islam a Religion?



The status of Islam should be clarified if the debate on how to defeat terrorism is ever to bear fruit. Islam, I would argue, is not a religion in the common acceptation of the term as a community of believers dedicated to the loving worship of the Divine, the sanctity of life, and the institution of moral principles governing repentance for sins and crimes, making life on earth a stage toward a higher reincarnation, an ineffable peace, or a confirmatory prelude to eternity in the realm of a righteous and merciful God.

In fact, Islam is an unrepentant politico-expansionist movement clothed in the trappings of religion and bent on universal conquest by whatever means it can mobilize: deception (taqiyya), social and cultural infiltration, or bloody violence, as its millennial history and authoritative scriptures have proven. (See Koran 13:41, which is meant literally despite the attempt of apologists to launder its purport: “Do they not see that We are advancing in the land, diminishing it by its borders on all sides?”)

There are several ways in which Islam differs from all other major religions. For starters:

  • It sanctions militant proselytization, mandating forcible imposition on other peoples by coercion, threat and overt violence (Koran 8:39, 9:29, etc.), a practice unique among religions today.
  • It punishes apostasy with death (Koran 4:89; Hadith, Bukhari 9.84.57), also a practice unique among religions today.
  • It countenances no separation between church and state, that is, it cannot render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. The scope of its ambition is khilafil, that is, the establishment of a Caliphate requiring that a state—ultimately a universal state—be ruled by Islamic law. As Muslim scholar Jaafar Sheikh Idris explains, “Secularism cannot be a solution for countries with a Muslim majority or even a sizeable minority, for it requires people to replace their God-given beliefs with an entirely different set of man-made beliefs. Separation of religion and state is not an option for Muslims because it requires us to abandon Allah’s decree for that of man.”
  • The “religion” itself takes precedence over the transcendent values it should strive to attain: the flourishing of the individual soul, the love of God’s Creation, the grace and miracle of life, the conversation with the Divine, freedom of conscience and the inviolability of personal choice in determining one’s redemption. Instead, it elevates conformity to a set of stringent rules, down to the smallest detail, as a prerequisite to salvation, whose effect is primarily to perpetuate the faith itself at the expense of the individual votary. Admittedly, this is a literalist practice common to most restrictive and comparatively minor orthodoxies, but regarding the massive following enjoyed by Islam and its susceptibility to violence and the subjugation of other faiths and peoples to its hegemony, we are remarking a radically greater economy of scale and the havoc it can wreak.
  • The propensity to violence is not an aberration but an intrinsic element of the Islamic corpus. As Lee Cary has written, Islamic terrorists are “legacy, Koranic literalists” who use terror “to enforce a dogma that defines behavioral practices that comply with the Koran and [defines] the regulations of daily life.” The much-bruited notion that there is such a thing as “Islamism,” a form of extremism that has nothing to do with Islam proper, or is a perversion thereof, is a pure canard, another in a series of timorous progressivist memes bleaching the blood out of the Islamic ideological jalabiyya. Islam, not “Islamism,” promises paradise for martyrs and jihadis killed in battle (Koran 3: 157), thus palliating and even inciting feral attitudes and fanatical actions—a patently non-spiritual way of earning beatitude.
  • As Howard Kainz points out in an illuminating essay, “Islam and the Decalogue,” Islam reverses the Golden Rule, which is central to Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism (Koran 48:29, 2:191, 3:28, etc.). For this reason, Kainz concludes, “Islam may best be understood,” not as a religion, but “as a world-wide cult.”

The standard rebuttal that all faiths have at one time or another shown themselves prone to violence and repression misses the essential point. All the major religions have reformed themselves, reducing or eliminating the all-too-human tendency to sanctimonious oppression—and none of these faiths, let us remember, endorsed oppression as a universal creedal or Divine imperative. Such is not the case with Islam, a communion that since its inception in the 7th century has seldom strayed from its sanguinary path of carnage and subdual. Its incendiary prescriptions and commands, as many scholars have noted, are open-ended and contain no “sunset clause.” They are perpetual and mandatory, feeding what essayist Bill Kassel calls“religious-themed barbarism.”

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5 thoughts on “Is Islam a Religion?

  1. As a Christian we do NOT claim dominance over anyone! These fanatics r dangerous cruel and have NO right to FORCE any beliefs on any population! They truly scare the 💩 Out of me!!!

  2. Islam is no more than a cult of depravity operating under the guise of “religion”.
    The ONLY “miracle” [and I use that term is a absolute loosest sense in relation to islam]they can claim,is that they have a “book”.
    Delusion does NOT make a “religion”.

  3. I studied Islam at great lengths for years, decades, as I originally, in my younger days, sought knowledge on anything that rocked the western establishment.
    In those days I saw Islam as the religion of people’s whom were victimised and oppressed by western civilisations and the church in general. In fact that ideal came from public my schooling and if I hadn’t had the desire to further prove that point I’d still believe it today. Especially when our media and peak bodies such as the UN foster that ideal. But not any more!
    It only took about 6 months for me to realise how ignorant and dangerous the western apologist train of thought is and the non-sequiturs such as “the Jew’s should leave the occupied territories”, “Israel are Zionist pigs killing innocent Palestinians..” and “Look at what the Crusades did..” blah blah blah really are. None of that is factual, not even close!
    You see even if you cannot stomach reading religious texts, let’s face it they’re ambiguous and boring and need translating even when written in English, there is an alternative. There’s a more enjoyable and confronting means of getting to the facts and establishing the truth without studying the Quran, Hadith and Sira. It’s called HISTORY.
    It won’t grant you the complete understanding on WHY moslems are so entrenched in violence, only reading their unholy texts will, but suffice to say studying Islamic history from the original days of Mecca and Medina, the slaughter of the Qureshi’s and Jews by the Mohammedans at the battle of Badr and the Battle of the Trench through to the complete conquest of the Middle East, Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Jerusalem and many more nations under the ‘Islamic Expansion’ (RE: Islamist Conquests) that lead to the establishment of the First Crusade in 1095 AD will prove beyond doubt the agenda of Islam.
    Wherever Islam exists it got that way through conquest. Malevolence and not through benevolence. And it’s not finished. In fact it’s never stopped. One only need to look at the geopolitical change in Lebanon in the 80’s where Lebanon changed from a Christian country to an Islamic country through a bloody war that is mostly wrongfully claimed as a civil war. This was a geopolitical takeover backed by disenfranchised Arab moslems whom desired the overthrow of the mainly Marionite Christian govt. And it worked.
    Again, history is the ‘great exposer’ of apologists and liars.
    I urge anyone to set out to chronicle Islam, it will frighten you. What becomes immediately apparent is that Islam cannot cede to the will of man over that of Allah. It’s not even a question, they just won’t! Islam abhors pluralism and democracy. Other religions quite simply are blasphemous and an affront to Allah and must be destroyed. Read the Quran, don’t just take my word for it.
    What you will find over and over is the deliberate targeting of significant religious holy sites and relics followed by their complete destruction and occupation by moslems. Jerusalem, Iraq, Persia, Mecca and Medina, Afghanistan, the pattern is the same. Invade and conquer then destroy their historical holy sites and history. In Israel that meant building the Dome of the Rock on the Temple ruins. Building the al-aqsa mosque on the ruins of Sophronious’s church, destroying the Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan, destroying all non-moslem holy sites and antiquities in Persia, Italy, Spain, Morocco or take over religious sites such as the Sancta Sophia, and convert them to mosques as a sign of dominance. There’s literally thousands of historical accounts of this and it’s STILL happening (ISIS al’qaeda, al-nursra, Boko Haram etc).
    It’s the common theme and it’s always accompanied by extreme violence, barbarism, slavery and oppression. History doesn’t lie and the facts are there for all to see.
    Mohammed started this global Jihad and his acolytes are continuing it to this date emboldened by the fact they are doing the will of Allah and his only messenger Mohammed, the “perfect human”. Whilst we see this ideology as abhorrent and unfathomable and these people as barbaric murderers they equally see us as being just as sick.
    Make no mistake, Islam at its very core does not tolerate those whom don’t accept the shahada. If you reject Allah and his messenger you are considered, by moslems, to be at war with Allah. The greatest evil. You are therefore part of dar al-harb (house of war), dar al-gharb (house of the west) and must be destroyed. It’s a moslems only duty to establish the Caliphate through Jihad so that Allah’s will is implemented and peace then exists. Peace, for moslems, can only exist through the caliphate as dar al-islam (the house if peace) will finally exist and the non-believers are either dead or oppressed as slaves.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I did actually put myself through the torment of reading Quran, Ahadith and Al Sira half a year ago. Everything you said correlates to what I, myself, found to be the “big picture” of Islam presented by the texts. Good on ya, mate!

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