Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter Pictured in Islamic Garb – Posted on Weapons Forum About Jihadi Videos


The Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft, January 7, 2016:

On Friday a lone shooter killed 4-5 people and injured several more at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in Florida.
The gunman was later identified…

Shooter Identified: Esteban Santiago

Esteban Santiago was born in 1990 in New Jersey. He grew up in Puerto Rico and currently lived within walking distance of Alaska’s only mosque.

This photo of Esteban Santiago was first posted at GotNews.org.


The mainstream media later posted the photo but forgot to mention that Santiago is wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh, a garment made famous by Palestinian terror leader Yassier Arafat. Santiago is also holding his finger in a position common to members of ISIS.

Esteban Santiago told FBI officials in November he was ISIS.

Then there’s this…
It looks like Esteban posted on an obscure internet forum discussing Islamic videos in 2007.
Via Got News:

Here is Santiago’s email address from a criminal report in 2015— “Naota33@hotmail.com”


This same email address “Naota33” popped up on an explosives and weapons forum on downloading Islamist videos back in 2007.


“Naota33” comments that “the first link is the only one that works”, indicating he tried to download multiple videos of radical Islamic jihadist propaganda online.


This story is developing……




CSP’s Jim Hanson at the 4 min. mark:


Also see:

2 thoughts on “Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter Pictured in Islamic Garb – Posted on Weapons Forum About Jihadi Videos

  1. Wha Good could anyone say about a heinous crime planning and killing innocent unarmed people at a airport. A suppose to be religion that is really a cult is training weak minded people to do these things in the Secret of mosques all over America and overseas. These people need to be all sent back to thier own countries. Each one registered , finger printed and identified . Our government should make the proper laws and keep all of practicing religions that teach jihad out of our country . This is the proper way to protect the peopl of the USA and if they don’t do this now the killings of Americans will continue and probably increase as long as these Religious fanatics(Cults) operate freely running in and out of the country , with no laws governing the situation. Donald Trump is correct register every one of them to start with. All this didn’t start happening until the present administration flooded the Country with the Muslims in the last 8 yrs .

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