Bill Warner Moment: The Self-Taught Revolution Against Sharia


The Glazov Gang, January 2015:

This special edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Bill Warner Moment with Dr. Bill Warner, the president of

Dr. Warner discusses The Self-Taught Revolution against Sharia, unveiling how intellectual guerilla fighters are breaking through the elite’s Party Line on Islam — and making the truth available for the common man.


Evidently someone in DC thinks Bill Warner is qualified to give briefings to security and intelligence officials there 🙂 He made this announcement at a talk with ACT Cleveland in early December. ( see video at about 55 min. mark)

On a more disappointing note, John Guandolo gave this news alert on facebook last Saturday:

Trump Administration’s National Security candidates are being vetted by our enemy.

It has come to the attention of UTT that Bill Hagerty – whom UTT warned the administration about because he is a jihadi sympathizer and supporter- and John Gallagher, a leader inside the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas support organization the Institute for Global Engagement, are the two men vetting candidates for national security positions for the incoming administration.

This explains while all of the candidates which actually understand the threat have been rejected.

Standby for eight more years of the federal government supporting the jihadis.

The strategic incoherence continues.

3 thoughts on “Bill Warner Moment: The Self-Taught Revolution Against Sharia

  1. knowingly or not our government and those who represent our government seem to be supporting and protecting the Islamic jihadist. They have purged information about the jihadist, they try to silence those who identify and talk about their true objectives of Islamic jihadist. They ignore or attack those who write to them regarding the threat to our Constitutional Republic. Our destruction is coming from within our own government. Why and how can this occur ? How can we be so stupid ?

  2. He is so right, and to a lesser extent those of us who comment here or at JW or GoV or even the Guardian (!) have learned enough to explain why Islam is a bad thing to anyone who will listen. It’s just a shame that so few will. I never imagined I would come to know more about Islam than the religion I grew up in, and not because of any intrinsic interest, only for enemy intelligence. It is all nonsense on stilts and if ever we can get Islam back in its box and i will gladly forget all about it and never think about it again. How my old headmaster would laugh to know what a swot I’ve become!

  3. Oh yeah, I meant to add that we amateurs have been encouraged by Allah himself who assures us that his revelations are clear. So no need for a guide then.

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