Americans must act, or suffer Europe’s Islamic fate

WND, January 21, 2017:

The federal government is actively facilitating the colonization of the United States by radical Muslims. And if action is not taken soon, America may suffer the fate of Europe – “no go zones,” rape gangs and the growth of entire areas controlled by Shariah law.

Leo Hohmann, veteran WND reporter and the author of “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad,” sounded the warning in an interview on Carl Gallups’ radio show “Freedom Friday.”

Indeed, Hohmann said the purpose of his book is to warn the New World of the horrors unfolding in the Old.

“That’s kind of the theme of the book,” he said. “It’s really, really scary right now. American journalists are not covering the story. Most Americans aren’t very familiar with exactly what’s going on.

“Women in Germany are having to change their lifestyles, they’re having to dress differently, cover themselves up. There’s been mega-rapes in Germany, over 1,000 on New Year’s Eve last year alone. The same thing has been going on in the U.K., where they have covered up an ongoing story of 10 years in the making with Muslim rape gangs targeting young British schoolgirls. And the media, law enforcement, and the social welfare caretakers have all been complicit in covering this up. We’re seeing the beginnings of this already happening in the U.S.”

Gallups, a pastor and author of books such as “When the Lion Roars,” argued the mass influx of Muslims into the United States is actually part of a long-term plan by President Obama.

“In 2011, when the Arab Spring broke out … I predicted, based upon intelligence sources out of Israel that were telling me this way back then, that [Obama] was going to use this, stir up and blow up the Middle East,” Gallups charged.

“Terrorism is going to go through the roof and he’s going to create a refugee crisis and your shores are going to be flooded with Islamic refugees. I said that in 2011 and I was called a racist, and a bigot and a liar and an idiot and a conspiracy theorist by some of the detractors. But now not only has it happened, but it’s on steroids.”

Hohmann explained he first became interested in the Muslim refugee story after covering the “surge” at the border of Central American migrants two years ago. He quickly realized it wasn’t just illegal immigration that threatened America, but legal immigration.

“I had written a few stories about that, and before long I started getting some feedback and a little more feedback and readers started challenging me to not just look at this illegal immigration,” he recalled. “[Illegal immigration] is a problem, but maybe take your eyes off of that for a second and look at our legal immigration system. And that’s what I started to do and what I found when I started poking around in that area was just truly astounding.”

Hohmann outlined some of his shocking findings, reporting America gives out 1.3 million green cards per year to people all over the world. A huge number of these legal immigrants are Muslims.

“At least 130,000 [are Muslim], and that only includes the green cards, that’s only part of the pie. We also have the temporary visas with them coming in as students, on work permits, entrepreneurial visas, fiancé visas. As you’ll recall, Syed Farook, the San Bernardino killer who killed 14 people at an office Christmas party one year ago, he got his fiancé in from Saudi Arabia. She took her passport photo in a full burka. That didn’t send off any red flags to our wonderful screeners at the Homeland Security department. They just rubber stamped her visa and let her right in.

“So all told, with the permanent 130,000 green cards and the temporary visas, we’re bringing in 260,000 Muslims per year from countries in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa — countries that are Shariah compliant and are diametrically opposed to American values of freedom of speech, equal treatment of women.”

Hohmann predicted this population shift, if not reversed, will have dramatic effects on American social norms and culture.

“Go right down on the line of those ‘liberal’ values, even treatment of homosexuals – these people will have none of it if [Muslims] are a majority in our country or even anything close to it,” he warned.

Gallups bemoaned how someone can be called a racist and a bigot simply for loving “common sense, logic, reason and this nation.”

“The fact that the vast majority of the Muslims that are shipped into our nation, they truly don’t express any desire to assimilate,” he said. “In fact, most of their expressed desire is to basically change America through their local Muslim communities and Shariah law. They do despise our values.”

The pastor acknowledged there are some exceptions but claimed, “For the most part, these people hate us.”

Hohmann agreed and referenced polls in Europe that show huge percentages of ostensibly Western Muslims favor the implementation of Shariah law.

“We’re bringing people in in record numbers, but we’re not requiring them to assimilate,” said Hohmann. “And so we have large Muslim populations living in enclaves in large cities, but not only in large cities. Under Barack Obama we have been bringing them into medium-sized and even much smaller cities, places like Twin Falls, Idaho, and Stone Mountain, Georgia and Owatonna, Minnesota, for heaven’s sake!”

The reporter also pointed out the economic motivations behind the importation of this population.

“Wherever there seems to be a meat plant, by the way, seems to be a big draw like the one in Owatonna,” he said. “And then you’ve got the Chobani yogurt plant in Twin Falls, Idaho – 30 percent of that plant is Muslim refugees.”

In the end, Hohmann said “Stealth Invasion” reveals nothing less than a plan to demographically transform the United States, even as it endangers America’s national security. This even extends, in a kind of reductio ad absurdum, to importing Somalis to the United States even though vetting them is all but impossible.

“There is no good reason to be bringing 10,000 Somali refugees to this country still, 25 years after the civil war started there in Somalia,” he stated. “How long are we going to be expected to bring in Somalis from a war-torn country? And we tell people that we vet them – how can you vet people from Somalia, a country that degraded into complete civil war and has no real law and order going on? And yet the State Department under John Kerry and Barack Obama tells us over and over and over again that these are the most scrutinized segments of immigrants coming to the United States. It just doesn’t make any sense, and I don’t think anybody believes it.”

President Donald Trump could reverse the policies. But Hohmann warns the new commander-in-chief “has his hands full.”

“He’s already sort of backed off from halting all Muslim immigration to ‘extreme vetting’ of Muslims,” Hohmann said. “‘Extreme vetting’ won’t get it done, I’m going to tell you that up front.’”

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4 thoughts on “Americans must act, or suffer Europe’s Islamic fate

  1. Unlike European countries, American people in most part are armed and will not tolerate the rape of its women and other criminal acts by Islamist jihadist. This could end up as a civil war from this insurrection.

  2. So here are. Reading what seems to be our own demis. Isn’t that just wonderful? I am a little, actually a lot put out by this article. You are not telling any of your readers anything we don’t already know or haven’t already figured out for ourselves. Anyone with a pea for a brain can understand that vetting these people from around the world is impossible. There is no way to do so without having acceptable insight into their past. That is not a reality. So you tell your readers about all the challenges we are now facing and what we need to be aware of. The town’s and cities the no go zones. The plan to change the demographic of America and undo our National Security. You write about the crimes in Europe. The beatings the tapes the abuse of people and their rights. You write about the subhuman disgusting low life terrorist who kills fourteen people attending a Christmas party. You are not telling any of us about anything we have not already known. All I see here is someone who instilling fear into people and while drawing attention to themselves and their column. You say Americans must act or suffer Europe’s Islamic fate. While there are those who would act will act and are waiting to act. No one has as yet given any direction for acting. And while there are those of us who write letters to Congress, sign petitions and register voters there is still no direction when you write about Americans acting. The majority of people who fully understand what is taking place in America stand ready to undo the crimes of a Obama and Clinton agenda and the agendas of those who preceded them. Americans who would take back America and make her respected and whole again. So when you next write your article about Americans acting leave out the rhetoric and write about the things that Americans need to know. The things that are needed, the people in the know, groups organized who would have discussions at the higher levels.

  3. Muslims are even told in the Quran to lie about their religion so that the host country will let their guards down and leave themselves open for attack…..convert to muslin or be killed! Muslim is a cult it is not a religion especially one of love. There is no place in American Society for the Muslims. They bitching piss and moan how much they hate America… I got a good Alibi for them leave plain and simple. If you hate America so much then go to a Muslim country and do what the hell you want. How come more Muslim countries in the Middle East are not taking the Muslim refugees? Think about that one

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