Civil War 2017, First Episode of 5 Part “America Under Seige”


New Zeal Blog, by Teresa Monroe-Hamilton, January 19, 2017:

“Civil War 2017” is the first episode in a five-part “America Under Siege” documentary web-series to be released over the course of 2017. Each episode will profile the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.

They’ve fought to stop the inauguration…

They’re fighting to destroy our nation…

While 700,000 protesters are converging on Washington D.C. for Inauguration Day — in addition to anti-Trump rallies planned in dozens of cities across the country — the political groups behind the protests remain shrouded in mystery. As Fox News Channel first reported, Civil War 2017 uncovers an extensive network of neo-Marxist operatives coordinating highly disruptive and potentially violent protests from coast to coast.

Working with Dangerous Documentaries, director Judd Saul and conservative commentator Trevor Loudon have compiled a team of researchers and undercover operatives to probe the roots of the anti-Trump movement, highlighting the ultimate goals and ulterior motives. Mr. Loudon, a regular contributor to Glenn Beck’s online programming, is the foremost expert on the left-wing organizers of mass protests.

5 thoughts on “Civil War 2017, First Episode of 5 Part “America Under Seige”

  1. Hello! If this guy is a contributor to Glen Beck and GN is a Nu t Case, how much credibility can we expect on CW 2017?

  2. Okay so Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood supported overthrowing Assad in Syria……Right? And Putin came to Assads’ rescue….Right? So I am confused as to whoes side these people are on. I was under the impression that the Washington Elite was on board with the Globalist vision and that was why they so strongly opposed Trump, because he opposed Globalists. I know I read a year ago that Puin kicked George Sorros and his chaos making organizations out of Russia. I also read that the UN was opposed to Putin because he was opposed to the Globalists. So by all means someone feed me a scenario that adds up.

  3. These anti American organizations are about creating chaos and the call for Death to America. Why don’t you or others print the names and addresses of these organizations and people to put a little bit of fear in them?

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