Trump Should Shred Iran Deal During Netanyahu’s Visit


Center for Security Policy, by Fred Fleitz, January 27, 2017:

One of President Trump’s many achievements this week was repairing our relationship with Israel. The president told Sean Hannity during an exclusive interview on Jan. 26 that he has already repaired these relations that were seriously damaged by the anti-Israel policies of Barack Obama.

Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke on Jan. 22.

During the call, the president invited Netanyahu to visit the White House in early February. The Israeli leader said after the call that President Trump understands the danger of the Iran nuclear deal.

Here’s a way President Trump can best celebrate his mending of U.S.-Israel relations: Trump and Netanyahu should jointly tear up the nuclear deal with Iran when the Israeli leader visits the White House.

This would be a powerful and meaningful rejection of the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). As I explained in my 2016 book “Obamabomb” and in National Review Online (NRO), the JCPOA is a fraud that has not halted the threat from an Iranian nuclear bomb.

There is clear evidence Iran has cheated on this agreement. Iran also was given secret exemptions for not meeting its requirements. We still do not know the full extent of JCPOA secret side deals that exempted parts of Iran’s nuclear program.

President Obama also promised Americans that the JCPOA would improve both U.S.-Iran relations, and Iran’s behavior. Not only did this not happen, Iran’s behavior significantly worsened.

Iran has conducted several ballistic missile tests since the agreement was announced.

Some of these missiles had the words “Israel must be wiped off the map” written on their sides. Iran also increased its support to terrorist groups, the Assad regime in Syria and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Iran briefly captured and humiliated 10 U.S. sailors and held them at gunpoint last January on the day of President Obama’s last State of the Union address. Other U.S. citizens and green card holders have been taken prisoner by Iran since the nuclear deal was agreed to.

There has been a sharp increase since July 2015 of Iran harassing and threatening ships in the Persian Gulf, including U.S. Navy vessels. Houthi rebels — probably with Iranian assistance — fired anti-ship missiles at American and United Arab Emirates (UAE) ships in the Red Sea last September.

Another reason the JCPOA is a fraud is the fact that President Obama rammed it though without ratification by Congress as a treaty even though it was submitted for ratification by the Iranian parliament. A majority of Congress voted to oppose the JCPOA, including the top Democrats on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Congress was unable to block the agreement because of the bizarre Corker-Cardin Act which required JCPOA opponents in Congress to get veto-proof and filibuster-proof majorities.

But the worst aspect of the JCPOA is that even though it would have a huge impact on Israel’s security, the agreement was negotiated over Israel’s objections and behind its back.

It also was negotiated behind the backs of America’s other friends in the Mideast.

It was an act of extreme arrogance for the Obama administration to negotiate this terrible deal with zero input from regional states who are most affected by Iran’s nuclear program.

By contrast, when the Clinton and Bush administrations held nuclear talks with North Korea, Japan and South Korea were always kept full informed and were usually at the negotiating table.

A new nuclear deal with Iran must actually halt its nuclear program and also require that Iran cease its missile program, sponsorship of terrorism and meddling in regional disputes. Such a deal must use a new negotiating group that includes Israel and other regional states.

By tearing up the JCPOA with Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Trump would celebrate America’s important relationship with Israel and make amends to Israel and our Mideast friends and allies on the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

Mr. Trump also would declare an important principal of his presidency: the Trump administration will not will not support or stand by fraudulent agreements that endanger American and global security.

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  1. Israel’s Sharon ran on a platform of not giving away anymore land but changed his mind soon after he was elected, the story goes a Rabbi placed an ancient curse on him for his treachery, just a couple of months later Sharon was lying in a vegetative state and died soon after. Yahweh has made it clear throughout the Scriptures that He and He alone will be the One who will punish Israel by His choice of nation(s) He told His prophets about the Diaspora centuries before it happened in about 70 A.D He also correctly prophesied the exact year of their return in 1948. I believe Trump is being used by Yahweh to slow things down in the prophetic timeline. In the Book of Ezekiel Israel is waiting on a nation to come and help but the nation doesn’t show up, I’m certain this nation is America, Israel’s only friend I cant say true friend because our so-called leaders past and present have all been and are pressuring Israel to give up more land for peace, I think Trump will be different, but something happens maybe he just gets four years and we get another Anti-Christ president like Obama because America doesn’t come to the rescue, here is the good news; the Holy One of Israel [God] not just allow these Anti-Christ or Muslims to invade but He will metaphorically speaking put hooks in their jaws and drag them [many nations] to Israel where He will destroy them in such a way that everyone will know it was Israel’s Elohim who did it. This is much too long for here but this “End of Days” prophecy doesn’t seem far off in the future, two of our most important keys to where we’re at in Yahweh’s timeline started in 1948, this generation will not pass away before the Messiah’s return, how long was the generation Jesus had in mind 70 to 80 years and it could have started in 1967 when the Israeli flag began flying in Jerusalem. The other important marker or key is the increase in knowledge and travel, the naysayers tell us this is all a coincidence, these are some mighty big coincidences():-)

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