Hundreds of Egyptian Coptic Christians Flee Sinai After Series of Islamic State Murders

coptic-christians-flee-arish-egypt-sized-770x415xtPJ MEDIA, BY PATRICK POOLE, FEBRUARY 25, 2017:

The largest community of Christians in the Middle East is in the crosshairs of the Islamic State.

Earlier this week I reported on an Islamic State video calling for the targeting the Coptic Christian community in Egypt, which included the testimony of a suicide bomber that struck a church in the cathedral compound in Cairo in December that killed 29 worshipers – mostly women and children.

Now a string of killings of Coptic Christians in the regional capital of Sinai, Arish, has hundreds fleeing to Ismalia on the western bank of the Suez Canal in the face of a terror campaign intended to religiously cleanse Sinai.

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