Theresa May Calls London Terror Attack “Perversion of a Great Faith”

Answering Muslims, by David Wood, March 24, 2017:

On March 22, 2017, Muslim convert Khalid Masood launched a terrorist attack that began on Westminster Bridge and ended in Parliament Square. The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack. In response, British Prime Minister Theresa May insisted that the London terror attack was a “perversion of a great faith.”


Gad Saad: Ideas that are grotesque, evil and diabolical should not be granted cover because they are found in a “holy book”

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3 thoughts on “Theresa May Calls London Terror Attack “Perversion of a Great Faith”

  1. Theresa May is delusional! The act of terrorism against non-believers (“infidels”) comes right from the mandates in Islam’s holiest documents…the Quran, the Hadith and Sharia Law.

  2. Thersea May is a globalist useful tool. I prefer Katie Hopkins, frankly, as an example of a British woman with a stiff upper lip.

  3. why, WHY are so many people afraid to define radical terrorist that we face what it is?
    “Islamic jihadist” They seem more afraid of being seen and called racist, bigots, Islamaphobic etc.
    Lives are being lost, infrastructure destroyed, religious structures and symbols destroyed and yet we ignore the obvious. There ideology and ours is not the same and they want to destroy everything that resembles our culture for theirs. It makes no since Every letter I write to my elected politicians are either ignored or the letters I get from them only recite the progressive, politically correct ideology that is used to silence us. I just don’t understand this

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