Report: Growing Islamic Extremism In Latin America Poses ‘Major Security Threat’ To US

The ISIS flag is held up by demonstrators. (Getty Images)

Daily Caller, by Peter Hassan, March 30, 2017:

Growing Islamic extremism in Latin America constitutes a “major security threat” to the United States, according to an analysis published this month by the National Center for Policy Analysis.

“The threat from Islamic extremists in Latin America remains an overlooked aspect of U.S. national security strategy,” NCPA senior fellow David Grantham argued.

Grantham noted that “Saudi Arabia has invested millions to construct mosques and cultural centers in South America and Central America that expand the reach of its rigid version of Islam, known as Wahhabism.”

“The international spread of Saudi dogma, which the State Department’s first special representative to Muslim communities worldwide, Farah Pandith, called ‘insidious,’ has laid the foundation for likeminded radicals to thrive in other areas of Latin America,” he explained.

Later in the brief, Grantham noted that the “threats to U.S. security in the Greater Caribbean region are even more alarming in Trinidad and Tobago. The small island nation off the coast of Venezuela, once the target of an overthrow by Islamic militants, has also become a breeding ground for ISIS — 70 of the 100 Latin Americans known to have joined ISIS originated from the small country.”

The ease of mobility Islamic extremists have in Latin America is also cause for concern.

“Islamic extremism thrives where there is illicit finance and relative ease of movement across national and international borders. The mobility of terrorists throughout Latin America poses a serious problem,” Grantham stated.

Perhaps the greatest Islamic extremist threat in Latin America, though, is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which Grantham said could potentially strike the US from Latin America as a retaliatory act.

“The Islamic Republic has the capability and infrastructure to strike the United States from Latin America, but experts disagree over whether it would take that risk,” Grantham writes. “Experts consistently discuss the likelihood of a preemptive or first strike attack on the United States, though, which creates too high a standard. Instead, the argument should focus on the prospect of retaliatory attack.”

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton also warned of Iranian sponsored terrorism through Latin American “proxies” during a 2013 off-the-record speech to Goldman Sachs employees that was made public by WikiLeaks.

“If we had a map up behind us you would be able to see Iranian sponsored terrorism directly delivered by Iranians themselves, mostly through the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the operatives, or through Islah or other proxies from to Latin American to Southeast Asia,” Clinton said.

“The growth of extremist activity in Latin America is a major security threat. The prospects of retaliation from Iran, in particular, should not discourage action against Iran where necessary but should heighten awareness regarding the high probability of revenge attacks,” Grantham concluded. “Iran’s influence in Latin America and extremists, in general, demand new national security strategies in the region. Such an approach could begin with U.S. support to allied governments that improves their intelligence capabilities, and with targeted financial interdiction strategies.”

The brief can be read in its entirety here.

3 thoughts on “Report: Growing Islamic Extremism In Latin America Poses ‘Major Security Threat’ To US

  1. For many this article is Scary. But when I read that we have over 22 Islamic encampments in the United States. That many of the Mosque promote Sharia law and support jihad. and that the FBI are investigating over 100 people as suspected terrorist. That over 3000 Islamist from terrorist countries have entered our country as refugees. That we have many Muslims in our government acting as advisors. When our borders are not secure so these people your article talk about can come here without a problem. NOW THAT SCARES ME. And when I write to our Senators and Congressmen about these issues I do not hear back from them or they answer with some progressive, political correctness that does not reflect my / our concerns. We my fellow citizens are in big trouble. I believe our only hope maybe President Trump unless the Legislative and Judicial Branches over ride his efforts.

    • I hate to break the news to you, but nobody is going to help us defend from this Islamic threat…we are beyond letter writing to clueless apologist politicians… we will be waiting until hell freezes over. Prepare you and your family to defend yourselves no matter what it takes. Regularly Identify and monitor the Muslim threats in your own community and neighborhood and be prepared to react quickly to jihadist threats. You have to assume that the local police and sheriffs departments will not arrive in time, you must arm and protect yourselves…be vigilant. Prepare for a variety of realistic threat scenarios with your close trusted friends so that when jihadists begin to get violent in your community or neighborhood you will be prepared and know what to do to protect and defend you and yours.

    • Unfortunately the threat is as you say only worse. Over 50% of all Muslims in this country believe in Sharia law. There are currently over 1.5 million. There were 20 men responsible for 9/11/01 and the deaths of over 2000 people. Thats 100 per terrorist. If 750,000 Muslims in this country made a concentrated attack as they did on 9/11, they could wipe out 25% of the US population in one day. Those who say it cant be done; I point them to 9/11. “No one can kill that many people on the mainland of America, it cant be done.”. There are train derailments, bus crashes, explosions, military deaths, deaths of scientists and even deaths of investment bankers. Our country was the guardian to the world. No we run like cowards like the British and French did from Hitler. Only, just like WWII Germany, it could be to late. There will not be anyone to come and help American’s. Except for God, we have no hope.

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