Progressives Do Not Want to Talk About Islam and Gays

If progressives perceive Muslims as the greater victim group now, then Muslim victimization trumps gay victimization.

By Dr. Michael Hurd, March 30, 2017:

Sigh. Here we go again.

Here’s the story:

ISIS have thrown a young man to his death from a rooftop and pelted him with rocks after discovering he was gay.

The man lies in the street having been thrown from the rooftop and locals launch rocks at him

The barbaric mob released pictures of the public execution in Mosul which was carried out in the name of Allah and Islam through Sharia Law.

A crowd of people had gathered to watch the youth take his final breath and throw stones at him, all because of his sexuality.

The victim was blindfolded and hurled off the roof, according to Iraqi News, before he was stoned to death in the street.

Twisted ISIS militants had even lined the streets with rocks ready for locals to pelt the man with them when he hit the ground as seen in a graphic set of pictures.

…The same sort of punishment was handed to another man in May last year in Syria and in 2015 the UN estimated 30 men had been thrown to their deaths by ISIS for being gay.

I’m posting the picture, not because I believe in gratuitous exploitation of violence, but because it’s reality. And Americans, particularly left-wingers and progressives, desperately need a dose of reality.

If I were naïve, I’d wonder at the contradiction between what used to be called “liberalism” (now it’s “progressivism” or leftism) and the complete silence over events like this.

If “gay rights” include the expression of outrage when the individual rights of gay men or women are violated in the name of a fanatical religion, not once but over and over again, then you would think events like this would stir at least something.

But it doesn’t. Crimes committed by Muslims against gays are largely (if not totally) ignored by the political left and the gay rights movement. Neither Madonna nor Meryl Streep will stand before mass audiences and sob over the brutal execution of gays by Muslims in Mosul, because this assaults their ideological narrative of political correctness. And that ideological narrative is what matters most to them, not the gays or others they claim to love. In fact, you’re labeled a hater and extremist if you even call attention to these events, much less state what ought to be the obvious: that these are the hate crimes to end all hate crimes.

I have come to understand something about the mentality of leftists and progressives. They love victims far more than they love rights. Gays and lesbians have come a long way in American and Western society; nobody can dispute this fact. But Muslims, in the progressive mindset, are now the greater potential victims. If Muslims are killing gays, while even “moderate” Muslims have nothing to say about it, then it does not matter. Because rights are not what matter; victimization does. If progressives perceive Muslims as the greater victim group now, then Muslim victimization trumps gay victimization. As sad and as sick as it sounds, this is, unfortunately, how progressive “logic” seems to work.

We can scream “fake news” every time something happens that doesn’t fit with our narrative. But events like these have been going on for decades or centuries. It doesn’t matter to me if Christians have done it too, or Jews, or anyone else, for that matter. I only know of one religion doing it in the early twenty-first century, particularly on the scale and brutality we now see it. If we’re to call out white supremacists and other hate groups for their irrationality, we have to call out Islam for the same.

Even the predictably leftist Washington Post finds the Islamic war against gays too much to handle, at times, which prompted it to run a story last summer entitled, “The Islamic State’s shocking war on gays.” Progressives usually support and like the Washington Post, but nevertheless greet such stories with nothing but killer silence. The same people who say it’s the equivalent of murder to vote for Donald Trump, or to fail at defending gay marriage, cannot even muster a peep about brutal execution of gays in places like Iran and Iraq, where Islam predominates.

I can only assume that “gay rights,” as perpetuated by Democrats and progressives, have little to do with either gays or rights. The only thing that seems to matter to these leftist movements any longer is political correctness. Political correctness, aside from a blind adherence to socialism, also means a complete unwillingness to criticize or even call attention to anything at all negative about the political and religious ideology of Islam.

As many of these same progressives will claim in other contexts, silence kills. And their silence is literally killing gay people not fortunate enough to live in the United States or what remains of Western civilization.

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5 thoughts on “Progressives Do Not Want to Talk About Islam and Gays

  1. I was fired from my job because I discussed Islam and gays. I was turned in by a gay who overheard me during lunch break. I was fired for racism??? What a joke.

    • First of all, let me state clearly that I don’t support Islam or its treatment of homosexuals, or violent treatment of any other peoples for that matter.

      For now, let’s get our terminology straight (no pun intended). Homosexuals are not “gays,” they are homosexuals. The term “gay,” along with our rainbow, were hijacked by the homosexual community! Why does the rest of the heterosexual Americans tolerate this? Out of fear of being labeled a “racist, homophobic, bigot,” that why! Political correctness!

      I refuse to support the hijacked term and I will call a homosexual a homosexual, not a “gay” every time! I also want our rainbow back too!! Who in the hell gave homosexuals the right to hijack everybody’s rainbow as their symbol?! Whether one is a lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, queer, or trans-whatever they are calling themselves these days, they are all still abnormal and they need professional psychological help, not our collective warm and fuzzy emotional support. What they want to do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business! Don’t ask, don’t tell! But don’t force this abnormal lifestyle on me and my family and bring it out on Main Street USA for all to see!

      What’s next? What is the left going to add to the present LGBTQ next? “B” for bestiality? LGBTQB? “P” for pedophilia? LGBTQBP? How many more groups of abnormal types are hiding in the closets across America just waiting their turn for the left to deem them socially acceptable? How much further down the rabbit hole into the bizarre are we going to allow the left to force us to go?

      • This is probably the most irrelevant and simple-minded response I could have imagined. Nobody cares if you call us gay or homosexual and you can dye your hair in rainbow-colors if you want to. Let’s not use political-correctness and wording to distract from the real problems – discussed in this article. Language changes and so do the People; I wouldn’t call a woman ‘dame’ either.
        Also, you can have your own OPINION about homosexuality but if you call us psychologically sick, which we are not, I will call you a dumb fool who doesn’t understand humanity, has no empathy and can’t see beyond his own nose.

      • I agree with you newhonesty. Now I am going to remind everyone of the commenting guidelines. I will not post any personal attacks. Also, newhonesty is right…lets stick to the subject in the article.

  2. At, you can find an article I wrote, “Does the ACLU Condone Killing Homosexuals and Flogging Lesbians?” This was “published” in The Grant County Beat, a local online news site. I sent a draft to a long-time acquaintance who is an officer of the local ACLU.
    I expected a lot of flack but not one peep from anybody. Hmmm. .

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