Another Attempt at “Extreme Vetting”

By Daniel Pipes, April 4, 2017, Cross-posted from National Review Online

One thought on “Another Attempt at “Extreme Vetting”

  1. There’s also the Taqiyya (Art of lying to further their cause) factor. The fact that they hide behind our religious freedom laws Must be addressed. Islam is not “Just” religion. It is combined with ideology, political aspects all of which directly conflict with our laws. No other “Religion” does this. Therefore islam cannot be protected by our “Freedom of Religion” Laws. Islam is not Legal in the U.S. Which allows for the U.S. Immigration too question those requesting admittance about their beliefs that contradict with our laws such as:
    Do you believe
    1. An adulterer should be stoned?
    2. Do you believe people not of Islam are infidels?
    3. At what age is a female allowed to marry?
    4. What should happen to a thief?
    5. Do you believe Mohammads teachings are law of the land?
    There’s more but each of these are referencing the “Laws” part of their belief that directly conflict with “Our” laws.
    It can be done! You just have to outsmart them. And those who Are admitted should have to wear ankle monitors to track their locations. Period. Not a citizen? From muslim country? If you want to enter you have to wear a monitor “Take it or leave it.” We’re sorry so many of your country are terrorisys and want to overthrow and murder us so if you don’t like it take it up with your governments.

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