One Week, Five Terror Attacks: Beginnings of Another ‘Summer of Terror’?

PJ Media, by Patick Poole, April 8, 2017:

By the end of July last year, I noted that from the time of the Pulse dance club attack in Orlando that killed 49 Western countries were seeing ISIS-inspired terror attacks at the rate of one every 84 hours – a statistic that was picked

The pace slackened slightly over the next two months, but last summer I termed the “Summer of Terror”:

And now just hours before the beginning of the Christian Holy Week and a few days before Jewish Passover, the events of this past week may indicate that we’re seeing the beginnings of yet another “Summer of Terror” comparable to last year or perhaps surpass.

Just this week we’ve seen terror attacks in:

  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Vancouleurs, France
  • Queanbeyan, Australia
  • Ofra, West Bank
  • Stockholm, Sweden

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