CJR will continue

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I was truly moved by all the comments to my reduced posting message. I had no idea what an impact I was making. It has motivated me to try harder to keep it going. My posting will be erratic due to migraines and I will have to take more frequent breaks which will slow me down. However, I have a wonderful volunteer with a counterterrorism  background who is willing to help with posting. She will be introduced soon! Thank you to my followers for all your support!

Leslie Burt

12 thoughts on “CJR will continue

  1. Thank you Leslie got your kind note!! I’ll be in order for you soon.


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  2. Thank you so much for your efforts to keep the CJR going. The articles are always well-written and very informative.

  3. I’m pleased that you shall keep on despite the pain and disruption you endure. Your work is appreciated and the information I’ve gleaned from several articles has proven useful. May the Lord grant you patience and strength.

  4. Mr. Burt

    Thank you for your lovely letter.

    I can truly empathise with your malady. I have struggled with headaches most of my life. For twenty-five years, they knocked me out for three to five days per month. I finally went to the doctors (of course, for something else) and found out I had terribly high-blood pressure. Somehow or another, the medication has stopped the headaches. It is wonderful being on the planet and not getting a brain beating every month.

    You are in my prayers for comfort, peace, and healing.
    Please take care. We only have one unique you and you are valued.

    I look forward to your continued posts with much gratitude.

    Abundant Blessings, Laura

  5. Leslie,
    Islam has declared war against the kuffar…and the Counter Jihad Report is one of our most important battle fronts…providing timely intelligence… helping your followers to hold back the barbarians at the gate! But you are not alone my friend, know that there are thousands of followers across our great nations that are, in their own way, doing what needs to be done…

  6. May God enable and strengthen you to do as much of this work as you can. It is sorely needed. I am thankful there is someone who can help out!

    God bless you and keep you, Leslie.

  7. Try using frankincense incense for migraines. Also try seeing if an elimination diet could help lessen your migraines. Both of these things help my husband. He cannot eat any tomatoes, peppers without getting headaches. He eats very little dairy products which also trigger migraines.
    God bless!

  8. Praise the Lord! For your migraines if you are on birth control – get off. My headaches ended within a few days of dumping that poison pill.



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