The Jihad Files: April 13, 2017

Family Security Matters, by JIHAD FILES, April 12, 2017:

The last three weeks in jihad: 

** In Egypt, upwards of 3,000 fatwas have recently been issued by various Islamist clerics.  These fatwas encouraged the destruction of churches throughout the country.  It should come as little surprise, then, that jihadists chose Palm Sunday to bomb two Coptic churches, killing 44 people and wounding 126.  Islamists and jihadists have all but declared war on Christianity throughout Egypt.  President Sisi certainly has his work cut out for him; hundreds of Egyptian soldiers and policemen have already been killed by ISIS-linked terrorists since 2013.

** Elsewhere in Egypt, Islamic militants connected with ISIS beheaded two elderly men accused of “apostasy” (practicing a faith other than Islam).  In a video released to the public, the two victims “appear in orange jumpsuits and are taken out of a black van and led to the desert, where they are beheaded.”  And people wonder why Egypt’s tourism industry has plummeted by more than 60%.

** In Somalia, five people were killed by a car bomb in Mogadishu.  Al-Shabaab, the Somali-wing of al-Qaeda, is considered the culprit.  Also in Mogadishu, 15 people were killed by a separate car bombing believed to be targeting the new Somali military chief, Ahmed Mohamed Irfid.  And on the other side of town, Somali jihadists killed three innocent women via mortar shells like the cowards we know them to be.

** In Iraq, ISIS continues to commit unimaginable crimes.  Approximately 200 Iraqis have been kidnapped to be used as human shields against U.S. airstrikes.  Homosexuals continue to get murdered in large quantities and for public display.  Mentally-handicapped Iraqis are being rounded up by ISIS and used against their will as suicide bombers.  And mass executions against civilians accused of “blasphemy” continue unabated.

** ISIS is also making civilians dress like fighters in order to deter U.S. drone strikes.  Such a strategy of intentionally using human shields is a war crime in and of itself.  It also underscores the uniquely asymmetrical nature of the conflict in which we are engaged.  ISIS almost seems aware of our moral superiority with this tacit acknowledgement that the U.S. goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties.  Of course, in the event that American drones were to unintentionally kill these civilians (by mistaking them as combatants), America would receive the bulk of the international condemnation.  Such is the state of our morally-dilapidated world.  The Israelis know this dilemma all too well.  It is a thankless job to risk the lives of our own countrymen in order to avoid civilian casualties on the other side of the battle, particularly when the other side is attempting to maximize its own civilian casualties in order to cause a political backlash against our own humanitarian sensibilities!

** Elsewhere in Iraq, 1,646 Yezidi corpses were recently discovered in 31 different mass graves.  Sober estimates conclude that there might be upwards of 15,000 more Yezidi bodies buried throughout Iraqi Kurdistan.  For some historical context, that means ISIS killed between three-and-five times as many Yezidis in just three years – to say nothing of their other victims – than the number of “heretics” killed by the Spanish during the 700-year Inquisition.  So by conservative estimates, ISIS has caused 300% more death and carnage as the Spanish Inquisition in just 0.004% of the time.  And people wonder why veterans remain furious at Barack Obama for withdrawing all U.S. forces in 2011.  The withdrawal squandered all of the U.S. military’s strategic gains from the 2007-08 “surge” and led to regional calamity.  It turned an American war victory into an American war defeat and should forever be considered Obama’s greatest disgrace.

** In Syria, aside from the continuous chemical warfare and mass destruction of innocent civilians throughout the country, particularly evil atrocities can be found in the details.  An Australian baby was recently executed in retaliation after the baby’s father, an Australian-Muslim that went to Syria to join ISIS, had decided he had enough fighting and aimed to return to Australia.  Once word of his pending departure got out, ISIS killed his infant child.

** For all the global talk about Donald Trump’s immigration policies, an actual migrant slave market has begun in Libya.  It seems not much has changed in North Africa since Thomas Jefferson confronted the Islamic slave trade in the First Barbary War.

** The United Nations has released a statement declaring 20 million people are in danger of starvation in the Islamist-plagued nations of Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.  In Nigeria specifically, the country’s first sharia-based state is now the most impoverished.

** In the Islamic Republic of Iran, a 21-year-old man named Sina Dehghan has been sentenced to death for “insulting Islam” after he was promised by government officials he would be released if he confessed.  The officials lied and Mr. Dehghan stands to die.  Keep in mind: these are the same Iranian officials America is negotiating with regarding atomic bombs.

** In “moderate” Indonesia, homosexuals are receiving 100 public lashes for being gay.

** In “moderate” Malaysia, the practice of child marriage – for some girls, even as young as 9-years-old – has been upheld.

** In Russia, 14 people were killed when a jihadist attacked the St. Petersburg subway system.

** Turning to Europe now.  Following the latest terrorist truck attack, this one in Stockholm that killed four, including a young woman committed to helping migrants, the Swedes are now contemplating banning cars altogether as a response.  I cannot think of a more pathetic disposition toward radical Islamic terrorism than the one we are seeing from the nation of Sweden.  The Swedish postal service has been told to avoid migrant-heavy neighborhoods due to safety concerns.  The Swedish Interior Ministry is showing more belligerence toward local police chiefs calling for stricter immigration policies than toward the jihadists themselves.  While investigating the Stockholm attack, Swedish anti-terror police were even reportedly pelted with stones.

** Elsewhere in Sweden, groups of migrants continue to commit rape in historic numbers.  In one particular instance, two Arab migrants that raped a Swedish woman throughout an entire night still managed to avoid deportation from Swedish authorities.

** In Germany, the Federal Crime Police Office has released a report which describes a three-fold increase in migrant-related crimes in 2016, as compared to 2015.  Additionally, the German Central Register of Foreign Nationals has documented more than 1,500 cases of migrant minors being married off to adult spouses, including 361 migrants under the age of 14.  The majority of these child brides came from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

** Elsewhere in Germany, multiple bombs targeted a soccer club’s travel bus.  One of the players was seriously injured.  In a separate instance, a terrorist plot to attack Berlin was thwarted by police.  A “man in his mid-twenties from North Africa” was arrested in a refugee home in Borsdorf.  Surprised?

** Speaking of refugee homes, Somali migrants in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, who have only been in Germany for two weeks, demolished their German-provided living quarters due to a shortage of German-provided PlayStations and German-provided spending money.

Next week beckons.

This week in jihad history: 

** The April 14, 2014 Nyanya bombing in Nigeria, killing 88 people and wounding more than 200.

** The April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, killing three people and wounding more than 260.

** The April 12, 2002 Mahane Yehuda market bombing in Israel, killing six people and wounding more than 100.

** One day prior: the April 11, 2002 Ghriba synagogue bombing in Tunisia, killing 19 people and wounding 30.

** One day prior: the April 10, 2002 Yagur Junction bombing, also in Israel, killing six Israeli soldiers, one Israeli civilian, and wounding 19 more.

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