Dr. Bill Warner – The true nature of Islam


Religious Islam is defined as doctrine concerned with going to Paradise and avoiding Hell by following the Koran and the Sunna. The part of Islam that deals with the “outsider”, the kafir, is defined as political Islam. Since so much of the Trilogy is about the kafir, the statistical conclusion is that Islam is primarily a political system, not a religious system.

Text of this talk can be found here in pdf

4 thoughts on “Dr. Bill Warner – The true nature of Islam

  1. For the Muslim trapped in the ideology of Islam, afraid to explore other paths, have doubts, they are already in hell. Freedom is possible, but not as a Muslim.

  2. Bill,

    This is the single most comprehensive and understandable analysis I have ever heard. Thank you for your research and your logical presentation. I will circulate widely.

    Valerie Greenfeld

  3. This is excellent! It served to clarify conflicts in the texts I could not reconcile. Thank you Bill Warner!

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