Terror in Fresno: What you should know about Kori Ali Muhammad

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Conservative Review, by Jordan Schachtel, April 18, 2017:

A gunman went on a shooting rampage Tuesday afternoon in Fresno, Calif., murdering three people.

Police said that gunman Kori Ali Muhammad yelled the Islamic war cry “Allahu Akbar” (God is greater) after shooting multiple innocents in the area. According to Los Angeles’ KABC, Muhammed — who expressed a hatred of white people — executed a man in a Catholic Charities parking lot, and also murdered a passenger inside a Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) truck.

In total, the 39-year-old Muhammad fired 16 rounds from a “revolver-style gun” from three different locations.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer described the attack as a “random act of violence.”

“Too early to say whether or not this involves terrorism,” Dyer said. “Certainly by the statement that was made it could give that indication, however, there was no statement that was made Thursday night when he shot the security guard. There was no comments made at that time.”

The suspect has a long criminal history, which includes making terrorist threats, police said in their press conference. Muhammad was wanted by authorities in connection to the killing of a security guard outside of a motel last week.

The Fresno Bee reports: “Officers responding to the initial shotspotter reports found Muhammad running south on Fulton. Muhammad dove to the ground and yelled ‘Ali Akbar’ before he was taken into custody.” The Bee also reports that Muhammad also used the phrase “Allahu Akbar” on his Twitter account.

Although he was able to obtain a gun and several rounds, Muhammad was homeless, police said. The FBI and the ATF have been brought into the case, according to reports.

A statement from the affected PG&E read:

“Our thoughts are with all involved in the incident that occurred in Fresno today […] Public and employee safety is always our top priority. We are still gathering information on what happened, and will work to support first responders and law enforcement in their efforts.”




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3 thoughts on “Terror in Fresno: What you should know about Kori Ali Muhammad

  1. I think an expose of ISIS in Fresno needs to be done, by the Feds and not local PD…ISiS has been in Fresno publicly since May 2015, when ISIS forced the Fresno DA to take down her Facebook Page, also the PC Dyer, who conceded to ISIS, he will only monitor his FB page, not use it for anything. If you check today’s press conference (and I did) you will note that Dyer FORCEFULLY said, started off with “This is NOT terrorism… it is racism”. This is Dyer sticking his head in the sand again. Kori Taylor was radicalized into radical Islam in the Sacramento prison system, changed his name, joined Nation of Islam, hung out with Obama’s OFA Fresno groups which is a recruiting ground for ISIS… the .357 he used has not yet been found, Dyer said Kori dropped it off before he was caught, and we believe he got the .357 from an ISIS co-conspirator, and was picked up right after the shootings. We believe Kori did not act alone, and the things he said to the Fresno police after his arrest were things he was taught to say such as “I like the Fresno police”. He also told his father something big was going down. There’s a lot more to this, Dyer is going to regret sticking his head in the sand, Fresno is at serious risk.

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