U.N. Survey: 3 Out of 4 Men and over Half of Women in Egypt Support FGM

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Breitbart, by John Hayward, May 3, 2017:

A new United Nations surveyof male attitudes toward “gender equality” finds precious little appetite for it across the Middle East.

“Male attitudes towards the role of women in the workplace and at home, and of their participation in public life, were stereotypically sexist in the study of views in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine,” writes the UK Guardian in summarizing the report.

Egypt scored the lowest on the report’s “Gender Equitable Men” scale and is the source of the most striking headlines. For example, CNS News reports that “70 percent of Egyptian men approve of female genital mutilation.” For that matter, 56 percent of Egyptian women also voiced approval for the hideous procedure, which is illegal but not unheard-of, in much of the world.

Egyptian men also supplied 90 percent agreement with the statement that “a man should have the final word about decisions in the home,” and 58.5 percent of Egyptian women agreed. Only 31 percent of Egyptian men thought married women have the same rights to work outside their homes as men. 93 percent of men thought a husband should “know where his wife is at all times.” 96 percent thought a wife should agree to sex whenever her husband desires it.

53.4 percent said “there are times when a woman deserves to be beaten.” 90 percent agreed that “a woman should tolerate violence to keep the family together.” Roughly 45 percent of Egyptian men said they had been violent to their wives.

Only 25.7 percent of male Egyptian respondents said that women should “have the same freedom to access sites on the Internet as men.”

Egyptian women were significantly more supportive of women’s rights on most of these questions, although one point of agreement concerned women at work. While women were over twice as likely as men to say that women should have the right to work, they largely agreed that it was more important for men to work when jobs were scarce and that marriage was more important for women than a career.

Inability to find work was a major source of shame, anxiety, and depression for men.

The survey noted that younger men and women, especially younger women, were more likely to support gender equality. Of the regions surveyed, Egypt scored lowest on the Gender Equitable Men scale, while Lebanon scored the highest.

Morocco produced some alarming results about sexual harassment, with over half of men saying they have sexually harassed a woman, and over 60 percent of women reporting they have been harassed. A higher percentage of female Moroccans (78 percent) agreed that provocatively dressed women deserve harassment than men (72 percent).

The survey, which was conducted by UN Women and a non-profit organization called Promundo, involved 10,000 respondents in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and the Palestinian territories.

Mohammad Naciri, regional director of Arab States UN Women, looked for optimistic signs in the report. “Amidst the stories of men’s violence against women, we found stories of men’s caregiving in the home. For every story of a man who compelled his daughter to marry against her will, there were stories of men who empowered their daughters,” he said.

“The patriarchy works for the very small minority who are on the top of that pyramid,” lead researcher Shereen El Feki told the BBC. “For the rest down below, lots of women, but also from the results of the survey, many, many men, life is very tough.”

Promundo CEO Gary Barker told Reuters that “everywhere else we have done these research… young men typically have more progressive views that their fathers and the older generation. That was not so here.”


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3 thoughts on “U.N. Survey: 3 Out of 4 Men and over Half of Women in Egypt Support FGM

  1. That’s odd, coming from “The Guardian News”? I wouldn’t expect them to come out with a survey such as this, unless they are supporting FGM and are just backing it up with the Egyptian attitude towards the stone age practice.

  2. This is an extreme case of Islamic men brain washing Islamic women in believing they are best of letting men rule their lives.

  3. While there are customs all over the world and different ways of believing and living; I have to say that the muslims are the most backward and barbaric. I can say that if they try to come here with their crazy ways, the women alone would take them apart! NO such outrage should be done to any one, any woman, and to any little girl…horrible horrible and disgusting! Women were made from the rib or a man, not from his feet to be walked all over…but near his heart to be loved and bear his children so that a family can come to them all. Women and girls are to be respected and cherished, in addition to their views and right to be heard!! A woman has every right to her own thoughts, feelings and how she is to be. That is true of good marriages, as well as bad ones. Decent human understanding and true caring for each other builds respect, love into a strong relationship, which is the foundational framework of life AND marriage! It is NOT subjugation, violence, archaic treatment and treating their wives as cattle and property….that went out with the dark ages! It is clear to me the vast difference between us and them; love guides our faith and lives because as God first loved us, we love others! Hate and cruelty guides their lives! How very sad and wrong, when God loves every person that he created and wants them to hear the truth of His word! These men take themselves way to seriously in a totally wrong way; they think being a tyranny is manly, pushing people around is part of what should be and the ghastly way of demanding their women act like silent idiots is outrageous and evil! No real God would ask such evil of his people. The false systems of some, the idols they worship and the indoctrination they have had drummed into them from birth, is against everything that the civilized world stands for! It is as if they have lived somewhere else and have not grown normally with the progression of mankind, but instead they live in some backwards totalitarian governmental system that is selfish, evil, disrespectful, torturous and down right barbarick! God is good all the time and does not seek evil, but seeks good with the light that brings life truth and to all who have the sense/ears to believe/hear and trust Him! And I might add that God, the real one, has nothing whatever to do with several other deities of idols that some follow, He IS the Truth, the only Truth who created us all.

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