7 thoughts on “Why Leftists Submit to Terror

  1. This syndrome must be a another symptom (like Trump Derangement Syndrome) of the pandemic that has spread “like wildfire” through the Democrat Party, first slowly after 2010, increasing after 2014, and then exploding after the 2016 elections. Both are the result of indoctrination-induced cranium rectalitis!

  2. A friend of mine that is an expert on Middle Eastern Islamic doctrine and Law, and I have had numerous converstions on the threat we face right here in America from radical jihadists living here aoung us. Therefor, I began my journey into calculating the numbers or potential numbers of radical jihadists that are here in America right now. I came upon some rather frightening conclusions. Since 2009 until just recently, our governments policy concerning the US / Mexico border was exploited to the nenth degree by anyone with an itch to get to America but lacked the the proper credentials, paper work, or legal authority. Many would spend their last dollar to be shuttled to the line and then abandon to make it into the land of freedom on their own. Others were just Hell bent. After taking and comparing the stats. from DHS, FBI, ICE, and USCBP [ US Customs and Border Patrol ], it seems the numbers of people getting into America Undetected were not entirely accurate. The USCBP stated that they were catching 8 out of 10 people attempting to cross into America illegaly. 1st..I have it on good authority that they were barely catching 1 out of 10, and 2nd..the authorities did not disclose to the public how many of those they did catch, were released into this country due to lack of appropriate accommodations during their detention. In 2016 the USCBP stated that they caught aproximately 264,000 people attempting to cross our border with Mexico. That’s just in 2016. Lets say the average for 10 years is only 200,000 per year. That means in 10 years they caught 2 million people . What about the people they didn’t catch. A realistic estimate shows that 50% were caught and 50% were not caught . Sooo,… I calculated that over the last 10 years ..aprox. [ at least ] 2 million people have gotten into America via our Mexico border “Undetected”. I can realistically estimate that only 1% of them are Hell bent on her destruction…that’s at least 20,000 people …400 per state. Pretty serious stuff here. Remember the San Jose Metcalf Electrical sub-station attack in April 2013. That is our Achilles heel. We would be fools to think they won’t do it again and on a larger scale.

    • FYI: The correct name is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (not Patrol).

      • great…thanks for the heads up. Now …what are your thoughts on the other 99.999% of the my post…armed infidel.

  3. Hugo Goerner,
    You replied to me: “Now …what are your thoughts on the other 99.999% of the my post…armed infidel.”
    Okay, my thoughts are that I agree with the other 99.999% of what you have written, without crunching the numbers myself, so I’m comfortable what you have written. I would say, unfortunately, that I believe the situation is much, much, much worse than even your shocking numbers would indicate!

    • Armed Infidel…Well I’ll be darned. Someone out there gets it. I recently had a conversation with a gentlman that was previously, an advisor to the joints chiefs on counter terrorism and the like. IT IS MUCH MUCH WORSE, as you put it. The Islamic Jihadists are bound and determined to hasten the return of the 12th Imam..the Mahdi. The only way to accomplish that is to plunge the world into chaos. Terrorism is but a precursor. Cataclysmic events are what will bring this prophecy about. Islamic Jihadist generated cataclysmic events. Plunge the world into darkness…literally. We are so vulnerable; I fear the general public has no idea what we are headed for. The praverbial fit IS going to hit the shan..and all we can do is watch. …or prepare. Our leaders will not confide in the public, for risk of panic. They are prepared for their own…But not the masses. I am afraid there is nothing we can do now. It may be too late. If we think that these Jihadists won’t pull the trigger …WE ARE FOOLS.

      • I agree, the vast majority of the general public are a massive herd of ignorant and neutered “sheep” being regularly terrorized, and led to the slaughter under the guise of “The War on Terror.” These days the slaughter is done by Washington’s proxy army of Muslim jihadists that they are aiding, abetting, and facilitating in unwitting communities all across our nation…all paid for by the sheep themselves!

        As much as it pains me to say this, these sheep for the most part, are products of the Left-dominated society and culture that has been purposley developed , and encouraged by our own government, since before the late 1950s. There has been a deliberate and incremental dumbing down of our entire population, using oversimplified intellectual subject and topic content within education, cinema, mainstream news, literature, video games, and popular culture…such as the common core standards, disinformation, propaganda, newspeak, etc. The destructive result is the diminishment of critical thought and the inability of the sheep to process reality in a way that allows them to consciously break free of the herd mentality trance…to become a free-thinker and choose to slip of these chains of tyranny. The Left has been intentionally creating a society of dumb sheep who are content to graze on the pablum for the masses until which time they are led over the cliff…never knowing what hit them…Orwell’s 1984.

        What can we do? If we are one of the sheep there is nothing to do but keep right on eating…the sheep don’t know the difference anyway and are a lost cause unless they go through some sort of deprogramming to get their minds right! If you are not yet one of the sheep, you must prepare to defend and survive. Prepare to defend your own interests within your own span of control, building alliances with like-minded patriots, stay vigilant and alert to current events that are happening at global, national, state, local, and neighborhood levels that might impact adversely on you and your family. Stay physically fit, keep your aim sharp, trigger finger limber, your powder dry, sharpen your pitchforks, prepare your torches, plan your exit strategy out of major urban areas that will fall into chaos, and stand a post.

        America is now in a civil war and the day of reckoning may soon be coming when liberty-loving patriots may have to have to rise up to protect and defend what’s left of our Constitution and liberties against the globalists, the deep state, Islam, and the Left. Our Constitution must be restored and then vigerosly defended. We must reconstitute our Militia of the several States to fully restore our Second Amendment. Globalism must be defeated. The Left and their progressive agenda must be destroyed. Patriots must be trained in the art of war and survival. American exceptionalism must be restored. Quislings must be identified, arrested, pilloried and then served a plate of cold justice. Islam must be exposed, debunked, and totally annihilated. Jihadists must be martyred, jihadists must have an “Arranged meetings with Allah in Paradise, no appointments necessary – martyrs have priority!” It is better to fight on your feet than live on your knees. The American patriot is America’s last chance…her last line of defense.

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