Trump and Leaks: The president must take aggressive steps to stop a grave national security threat

Center for Security Policy, by Fred Fleitz, May 29, 2017:

President Trump spoke out angrily Thursday against leaks of classified information to the press – including leaks of confidential information the U.K. government had shared with American intelligence agencies on the Manchester terrorist attack. These leaks “pose a grave threat to our national security,” he said, and pledged to identify and prosecute those responsible.

The president has it exactly right. He is facing an unprecedented campaign by career government employees to sabotage his presidency with a flood of leaks to the press of classified and confidential information. These leaks are damaging U.S. national security and constitute criminal behavior. They must be stopped.

Some of the leaks have been of highly classified U.S. intelligence reports, including “demasked” NSA reporting concerning former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn. Others were of President Trump’s confidential conversations with foreign leaders.

Concerning the false allegation that President Trump “leaked” classified information to Russian officials when he met with them in the Oval Office, bear in mind that the president has ultimate classification authority — he can disclose intelligence as he sees fit to advance his foreign policy.

As I discussed in an earlier Fox News Opinion article, the real scandal in that instance was that current and former intelligence and policy officials disclosed to the Washington Post sensitive details about the intelligence Trump allegedly discussed with Russian officials – details that were so highly classified the Post chose not to publish them. This was the real crime. The persons who illegally disclosed this information to the Post must be prosecuted.

Just as serious are the constant leaks concerning investigations of Trump officials. There’s no question in my mind that former FBI Director James Comey arranged to have his notes leaked to the press to hurt President Trump and influence the congressional investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 election. It also appears that anti-Trump government employees with the Justice Department and the FBI are systematically leaking a story a day to help CNN and MSNBC promote their false narratives that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

These leaks are especially serious since Justice and law enforcement careerists are violating the due process rights of Trump officials by disclosing (and probably misrepresenting) confidential information from official investigations to smear them. Since the “evidence” of wrongdoing by Trump officials appears too thin to produce any charges, these officials are instead using leaks to try and convict Trump officials in the press.

It is urgent that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Special Counsel Robert Mueller stop these leaks which are an affront to the American system of justice.

The Trump administration also must take decisive action to halt leaks of classified national security information. The most effective way to do this is to fill vacant confirmable and non-confirmable positions in policy and intelligence agencies as quickly as possible.

This should include a housecleaning in the NSC, State, DOD, CIA, DIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other agencies to replace career government employees named to sensitive positions by the Obama administration. In some cases, these career officials are actually former Obama political appointees who converted to the career civil service, a practice known as “burrowing in.”

Although civil service laws and regulations make it virtually impossible to fire career government employees, the Trump administration can reassign these officials. If this is not possible, job descriptions can be changed so anti-Trump careerists suspected of leaking no longer work on sensitive matters. Their security clearances can also be stripped.

Other immediate steps must be taken to address recent leaks of classified and confidential information. Read-outs of the president’s meetings and conversations must be better protected. Investigations that include polygraphs should be conducted to find those who were behind recent leaks. And the NSC needs to bring in experienced personnel to help safeguard confidential information concerning the president’s policy deliberations.

Trump officials will never completely stop leaks to the press. They need to recognize that leaks are always worse during Republican presidencies because the career work force tilts to the left. That said, this recent flood of leaks is an unprecedented effort by government careerists to put U.S. national security at risk to undermine an elected president. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Fred Fleitz is senior vice president for policy and programs with the Center for Security Policy, a national security think tank. Follow him on Twitter@FredFleitz.

2 thoughts on “Trump and Leaks: The president must take aggressive steps to stop a grave national security threat

  1. These leaks are a serious offense for the security of our country and the credibility of those that work in our government with the rest of the world. Who ever preaches our security should face trial and if found guilty be sentenced for a very long time in prison and even death. There are a number of people who hate President Trump to the point to get rid of him is such and objective that the destruction of our country is not important.

  2. Referring to Daniel Greenfield’s excellent article, The Civil War is Here, Rush Limbaugh used it as a springboard to make an astounding analogy (see 4/5/17 transcript “Leftist Recognize No Authority Other Than Themselves.”) Excerpts from the transcript follow:

    … both or all political factions have to ultimately agree that the Constitution is the authority. And I think where we are right now is that the left doesn’t accept any authority other than themselves. … We respect the authority. We grant that there is an authority that is keeping the country glued together. They do not.

    Greenberg says “The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn’t control.”… “But when government officials refuse the orders of the duly elected government because their allegiance is to an ideology whose agenda is in conflict with the president and Congress, that’s not activism, protest, politics or civil disobedience; it’s treason.”

    The Democrats … The media … They’re not interested in fairness or tolerance or equality or any of these buzzwords they throw around. They are authoritarian, totalitarian Stalinists. There’s no compromise. There’s no bipartisanship.

    The way liberalism has manifested itself, it’s now become radical leftism. It’s not even liberalism anymore… it’s gone way, way, way beyond that.

    …The left does not accept the system. Even when they win, they are about destroying the system. When they lose, they ignore it and dare you to stop them. The left accepts no law other than law dictated by it’s ideology. He said, do not think of liberalism as activism. Do not think of it as protest. Do not think of liberalism as politics or civil disobedience. It’s none of those things. It is treason, according to Mr. Greenfield, it is treason.

    The way the left behaves today — in virtually everything that they do — do you realize how close it is to radical Islam?

    You know, minus the terrorism. Let’s look at the similarities. For the kind of Islamists we’re talking about, the Sharia Islamists, there is no authority but Islam. To the left, there is no authority but themselves. They respect and recognize no other authority. They don’t recognize the authority of elections. They don’t recognize the authority of public opinion. They don’t recognize the authority of the Constitution, even though they all swear an oath. Why do you think we require everybody in government to swear an oath to the Constitution?
    ‘Cause that’s glue, folks. That’s the glue that keeps everything together.

    … the Constitution is supposed to be the compact that unites all of us. Winning or losing, we are united as Americans, defined by our Constitution. Swearing the oath announces the understandings based on which we become “we, the people.” If you have a huge movement in the country that’s not just rejecting but actively undermining the Constitution, then it becomes a real question.

    And once that group becomes big enough — a majority of the population — then it becomes questionable whether we even have a “we, the people” anymore. And this behavior is very, very close to Sharia Islam. There is no authority but Islam. It’s a core tenet: The ruler must be obeyed as long as he complies and enforces Sharia

    Of course, Sharia Islam is never gonna accept the U.S. Constitution. The American left doesn’t, either, when it goes against them. Maybe if you look at the Islamist analogy, it could be somewhat easier to understand the American left. It’s not that Islamists have no respect for authority. It’s that they believe there is no authority outside them.

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