And Now Jihad in Australia…


Jihadist Yacqub Khayre, KIA by Australian police

Terror Trends  Bulletin, by Christopher  Holton, June 5, 2017:

We can now add Melbourne, Australia to the long list of Western cities victimized by jihad during the Muslim “holy” month of Ramadan.

Late yesterday afternoon, Yacqub Khayre, 29, an Australian citizen of Somali descent–who came to Australia as a child refugee at the age of 4–killed one innocent victim and took another hostage before being killed by police in a shootout and siege that lasted some 2 hours.

Khayre killed a Chinese-Australian man in the lobby of an apartment building in the affluent  Brighton area of Melbourne. He then took a woman hostage in the building. Within two hours he was shot dead by police after opening fire on them.

Initial reports of the incident indicated that it was not “terrorist-related,” however those reports turned out to be inaccurate.

It turns out that Khayre called a local television station during the stand-off stating, “This is for the Islamic State, this is for Al-Qaeda.”

Subsequently, the Islamic State media arm, Amaq, claimed credit for the attack, stating,””The executor of the Melbourne attack in Australia is a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried out the attack in response to appeals to target citizens of coalition states.”

Once again, it turns out that Yacqub Khayre was known to authorities, had a long history of violence, had previously been charged with a terror offense but acquitted and was known to have connections in the past, with “violent extremists,” (which is of course a misnomer for Jihadists)


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One thought on “And Now Jihad in Australia…

  1. How much longer and how many more innocent dead in how many western cities will it take to make the Western world wake up to the fact that Islam is waging a full scale asymmetrical war against it? Political correctness has dealt a killing blow on the western mindset and the leaders of Islam know it. They have come to understand that Islam will be defended by the Western press, no matter what atrocities their foot soldiers (that’s what these killers are) visit on cities full of Western Kuffars (infidels). Bearing in mind that Sharia law orders every good Muslim (no matter where they are born or what Western passport they carry) to engage in Jihad against all infidels until they submit to Allah, be enslaved, or die, why do your governments always feign ignorance when these things happen over and over again? Are they deliberately allowing these things to happen and shielding Islam with their law enforcement and the press? If so, why? You guys are rational thinkers. Figure it out…

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