A Most Imperfect Man

Center for Security Policy, by Frank Gaffney, June 7, 2017:

In America’s heartland, a much-needed debate has been prompted by an unlikely muse: a pair of billboards in Dallas and Indianapolis.  They simply list six attributes of “The Perfect Man.”

Sharia-supremacists like Indiana Congressman André Carson, however, have recognized the description of this so-called exemplar as, for example, a “rapist,” “mass murderer” and “slave-trader” as their prophet, Mohammed.  They are furious, and insist that the billboards are mischaracterizing the founder of their faith and are “Islamophobic.”

In fact, the sacred texts of Islam make clear that the perfect Muslim – and the Sharia code his life and conduct make an obligatory model for its adherents – revere personal qualities and behavior completely at odds with our Constitution and civilization.

Let the debate begin – but let it end with an affirmation that the model for Americans, Muslim and non-Muslims alike, should not be that of Mohammed.

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2 thoughts on “A Most Imperfect Man

  1. Where’s the mischaracterization? If you’re going to embrace a religion, you ought to know all about its prophet/leader. From all I’ve read, the facts on the billboard are 100% correct. And If you think that’s earthshaking information, look at the goals some of the top, leading Muslims in this country have in mind for us…which they spelled out in the Explanatory Memorandum discovered during the the Holy Land Foundation trial:

    “…to destroy Western civilization from within and sabotage its miserable house by their own hands and the hands of believers (Muslims) so that America is eliminated and god’s (Allah’s) religion is made victorious.”

    There’s the key to putting an end to terrorism…just coming to terms with why they are really here to begin with, and showing them the door–out of the country.

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