Ramadan Red Pill

The Rebel, by Faith Goldy, June 6, 2017:

In the first ten days of Ramadan, Islamic terrorists killed shy of 600 innocents, in 55 attacks, across 17 countries.

We’ve tried things the diversity-is-our-strength-open-borders-cultural-enrichment way. In order to reverse the European Caliphate, the region is going to have to change its approach– radically

What Europe needs in order to solve it’s jihad problem is a multi-pronged plan that’s both preventative and adaptive (for the Muslim populations already within their borders).

I propose the following 5 actions:

1. A Trump-style travel ban in the skies;
2. NATO troops along the Mediterranean to turn away migrant boats;
3. Intern every migrant who is on a terror watch-list;
4. Close Europe’s sharia courts and radical mosques; and
5. Heavily regulate or close European madrasas.

Islam is a religion of submission through force– it’s a language Muslim migrants understand. And the state is the only body in a position to legitimately and surgically execute such plans.

Because, God knows, if the politicians and military don’t take matters into their hands– the people will.

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2 thoughts on “Ramadan Red Pill

  1. I find violence abhorrent. But violence in the name of an idea – & a bad one at that – is absolutly repugnant.

    What you’re doing here is focusing attention to where it should be. It’s a difficult undertaking and one fraught with risk, yet the impact of your work cannot be denied or disputed.

    As a social worker (in government) a priority of mine when working with people is self determination. To achieve this a person requires all the possible information. You’re enabling people to make rational judgements based on facts.

    Keep up the excellent work.

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