What Do You Do if a Terrorist Attack Happens?

Front Page Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield, June 9, 2017:

“You walk into the store. As you are in the middle of the store you hear gunfire followed by people screaming. You know you heard gunshots but you are in denial. This can’t possibly be happening. The gunshots are getting closer. The screams are getting louder. What do you do? You have mere seconds to decide and your decision can literally be the difference between living or being slaughtered.”

That’s the scenario and it’s becoming real every other day as Islamic terror strikes around the world.

Jews Can Shoot, an organization dedicated to teaching self-empowerment through the Second Amendment, will be presenting A Citizens Guide to Active Shooter Incidents. The webinar will be in three parts. Its goal is to teach you how to survive an active shooter. From terrorists to mass shooters, the risk is real. And the webinar teaches how to attack, escape and evade a killer.

As societies spin out of control, we never know when an attack can strike. And being prepared is the best survival strategy.

The three part webinar will begin on June 11, continue on June 19 and June 25. And will be recorded.

Hopefully none of us will ever find ourselves in that moment, but when that moment happens, knowledge can make the difference between life and death.

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  1. Instead of a reactive plan,a pro active strategy is need of time,we should analyze why somebody does a suicide activity and what are the ways to dilute this ideology through a pragmatic approach……

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