Media Gaslights Congressional Assassination Attempt After Gaslighting Orlando Terror Attack Days Earlier

PJ Media, by Patrick Poole, June  15, 2017:

Last night, I was speaking with my former boss and friend of 20-plus years, Rep. Gary Palmer, who was just feet away from Rep. Steve Scalise on the Alexandria baseball field yesterday when he was shot, about running for his life towards the only open gate on the field while under fire. We were standing behind the crime scene tape where the shooting occurred just hours earlier.

“He was there to kill us,” Palmer told me.

But the official media narrative that has emerged over the past 24 hours on the attempted and deliberate assassination attempt of Republican members of Congress is a journalistic Rorschach test of deflection, double standards, non sequiturs, hot takes, fake news, and revisionist history.

The media gaslighting of this incident follows just days after the same media gaslighted last year’s Orlando Pulse nightclub attack, which I wrote about here at PJ Media on Monday:

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The left has whipped up an angry mob and promised them that if they scream and shout enough, President Trump will be forced out of office. They manufactured a crisis and now it’s exploding on them. If they can’t deliver a coup, there will be more shootings like this one.

The Democrats are sleepwalking into a civil war. They want power, but like leftists from Russia to Cuba, they haven’t seriously contemplated the price that will have to paid for their bloody utopia.

In her “Resistance” video, former Attorney General Lynch spoke of blood, marching and dying. At Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, the 10-year-old son of Congressman Barton huddled under a bench. Congressman Wenstrup, an Iraq War veteran, struggled to provide aid to the wounded Scalise.

That’s what Lynch’s bleeding and dying looks like. This is what the left’s Resistance really looks like. Democrats, liberals and even leftists ought to take a good look to see if that’s what they really want.