Hatem Bazian: Terrorist Professor, Hamas Promoter

Front Page Magazine, July 13, 2017:

Is Hatem Bazian the most dangerous professor in the USA? Nablus-born Bazian, is notorious for calling for intifada [violent uprising] in the United States.
He is the founder of the radical organizations Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). He is a serial pusher of conspiracies, and has a “project” to re-write history. More worryingly, he is largely responsible for the wave of anti-Semitic incitement across North American campuses.

For more info about Bazian, go to this link at the indispensable Canary Mission website. The Canary Mission database was created to document people and groups that are promoting hatred of the U.S., Israel and the Jewish people, particularly on college campuses in North America.You can also learn more about BazianSJP and AMP at their comprehensive profile pages at the Freedom Center’s Discover the Networks resource site.

One thought on “Hatem Bazian: Terrorist Professor, Hamas Promoter

  1. How is it possible that in the Age of Trump that a low life Sharia compliant treasonous Muslim such as Hatem Bazian is NOT investigated?

    For as long as needed I shall post the following to WAKE AmericanS up who are otherwise comatose~

    Dear Americans, please always remember that as Infidels/ Kuffar/ Non Muslims, you are NOT the only ones targeted for Subjugation to Sharia or EXTERMINATION by Muslims (Arabs or otherwise) hence it is VITAL that you realize that one does not need more than two brain cells of logic to understand Muslims and Islam in a nutshell~

    Since every Muslim is Sharia compliant (London mayor Khan is a prime example who made Haj to Mecca and hence Sharia compliant as well as Linda Sarsour who LOVES Sharia) every Muslim cannot ever be a Law abiding LOYAL citizen in ANY non Muslim nation because these nations do not submit to Allah’s Sharia. Hence every Muslim is the mortal and eternal enemy of every non Muslim Infidel/ Kafir on planet Earth (80% of current humanity) who hide their disloyalty by PRETENDING and deceiving (Taqiyyah) non Muslims that they are loyal (such as mayor Khan and the Muslims in congress)

    Every Muslim is a potential Mass Murderer the instant he/ she decides that he/she is NOT Sharia compliant enough (just like in the recent Muslim terrorist attacks in UK and the Afghani Muslim soldiers who murder their American benefactors)

    I agree that Not ALL Muslims are Terrorists BUT 100% of all Terrorist attacks against Infidels/ Kuffar are committed ONLY by Muslims. Therefore, every Muslim is a hair trigger Time Bomb primed to go off (It is also a FACT that it is IMPOSSIBLE to point out who among Muslims is a terrorist or not)
    Only in the WARPED imagination of leftists can one find Moderate, Militant, Radical or Extremist Muslims because in reality Muslims are Muslims just as Nazis are Nazis and no one ever addressed Nazis as Moderate, Militant, Radical or Extremist. (Just ask PM Erdogan of Turkey to prove my statements)

    All other explanations are superfluous and redundant It is time for every decent and patriotic person to unshackle yourselves from the pre conceived but erroneous notion that ANYONE who is not a Muslim can make PEACE with Islam.

    All anyone in doubt has to do is READ only chapters 2 to 9 of Muhammad’s Quran and watch the repeated mass slaughter of unarmed innocent European, American, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Iraqi etc. civilians by Muslims proclaiming they are doing the butchery to PLEASE their demonic god Allah

    As usual, all that Europeans get from their criminally negligent leaders after every Islamic mass murder are platitudes, meaningless expressions of sympathy to the hapless victims by the very leaders who are unwilling to protect their citizenry because of their abject denial of all Facts and Reality regarding the TRUTH


    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!

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