Winning with Precise Words: A guide to understanding Islam

Political Islam, by Bill Warner, July 27, 2017:

It is very difficult to have the right thoughts if you don’t have the right words. Almost all of the words used in talking about Islam are subjective. What do words like moderate Islam and radical Islam actually mean? They are subjective terms. We need to use the objective names that are found in the doctrine of Islam.
The logic and correct naming must come from Allah and Mohammed, the Koran and the Sunna, the Trilogy. Just as there are two Korans, Meccan and Medinan, there are two kinds of Islam and Muslim. Instead of moderate Islam/Muslim, it is Meccan Islam/Meccan Islam. Instead of radical Islam/Muslim, the correct name is Medinan Islam. Don’t say terrorist, say jihadist.
Don’t get involved with Islam, the religion, only deal with political Islam, the Islam for Kafirs.

6 thoughts on “Winning with Precise Words: A guide to understanding Islam

  1. This is a great posting, Dr. Warner is one of a very few who should be allowed to interrupt whatever we are doing as he begins to speak to us. However, I would like to add to what he said about the two Qu’rans and Mecca and Medina, and that is the fact of the abrogations verse, here, chapter 2: 106. “None of our regulations do we abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but we substitute something better or similar: …” Abdullah Yusuf Ali. There is also the matter of jihad, which is mentioned extensively. Chapters 8 and 9 tells Muslims to conduct it with their goods and their persons while stating that with their persons, the jihadist’s life is quite possible but will be greatly rewarded.

  2. This is incredibly important…and yet, there is only a relative handful of people in America that actually understand the dualism of Islam (Meccan vs. Medinan) that is based on their prophet’s fundamental transformation from preacher to political jihadist when he moved from Mecca to Medina.

    • Does not matter as they are all against freedom, what is true and of the real God…so they are irrelevant and evil!

  3. Another view of dualism; what the Muslim may tell us and what we think he tells us, or, reality or fantasy.

  4. Islam is Islam and muslims are muslims and it does not matter that there is a so called difference because they all are totally opposite to God, the real one, and the truth of the Bible. Nothing the
    Muslim believe is civil or sane…it is evil and of satan!

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