Washington Post Reporter Smears Iraq War Vets as Potential Extremists After Shilling for Hezbollah Terrorists

PJ Media, by Patrick Poole, Aug.16, 2017:

As the media cartel has been pushing the narrative over the last few days glorifying violent antifa thugs and comparing them to the Americans who landed at Omaha and Utah beaches in Normandy on D-Day, at least one senior media official was smearing Iraq War veterans as extremists on Twitter last night.

Washington Post’s Beirut-based Middle East bureau chief Liz Sly took to Twitter to warn, “a whole generation of Americans was potentially radicalized in Iraq.”

She deleted the tweet several hours later.

Remarkably, Sly co-authored an oped at the Washington Post just a few weeks ago rehabilitating Hezbollah terrorists after the group took her on a press junket around Lebanon.

Sly’s rant last night began with her now-deleted tweet:

After taking heat for her sweeping generalization, she delivered a “sorry, not sorry” apology for the tweet but continued to push the “veterans are potential extremists” narrative:

This seems to be a bit of a hobbyhorse for Sly, such as when she raised the issue last year after Black Lives Matter support Micah Xavier Johnson, who served in Afghanistan, shot and killed five Dallas Police officers while a BLM march was ongoing, describing the attack as “blowback.”

Of course, it would be highly unfair for anyone to use incidents of Islamic extremism and terrorism by U.S. Muslim service members, such as Major Nidal Hasan, Sgt. Hasan Akbar, or Pvt. Nasser Abdo, to cast blanket suspicion on all Muslim service members by saying that there has been “a whole generation of Muslim Americans potentially radicalized by service in the U.S. armed forces.”

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