State Dept. Embraces Islamic Cleric Who OK’d Killing Americans in Iraq, Called for Israel’s Destruction

PJ Media, by Patrick Poole, Feb. 6, 2018:

Last Thursday, Sam Brownback was sworn in as the State Department’s new ambassador for religious liberty.

Today — in his first official speech as ambassador — Brownback openly embraced a hardline Islamic cleric who authorized a fatwa in 2004 justifying the killing of Americans in Iraq, and another fatwa in 2012 calling for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah’s past is no mystery to the State Department. For example, the Obama administration’s State Department had to repeatedly apologize in May 2014 for promoting Bin Bayyah as a moderate. However, the Obama administration then implemented a full-court press with the U.S. media and the D.C. foreign policy “Smart Set” to rehabilitate the image of the Mauritanian cleric.

The presence of multiple senior Trump State Department officials at an “interfaith” event in Washington, D.C. in support of Bin Bayyah’s efforts appears to confirm there will be no change. The Trump administration is continuing the engagement with Bin Bayyah they inherited from Obama — despite the fact that Bin Bayyah’s views on Israel are directly contrary to those of President Trump.

There is also an inherent contradiction in the Trump State Department embracing the interfaith efforts of an Islamic cleric who openly states on his website that Christians are going to hell. Bin Bayyah has also said that interfaith outreach to Jews in Arab lands should only be done with extreme caution — and only with Jews who oppose Israel.

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3 thoughts on “State Dept. Embraces Islamic Cleric Who OK’d Killing Americans in Iraq, Called for Israel’s Destruction

  1. As I have said many times our enemies are walking the very halls of our government. They are both foreign and domestic. and from both political parties. This enemy I call the Progressive Deep State. A subversive organization that intends to destroy our Constitutional Republic, Rule of Law and our moral, ethical values. We come up with evidence of the corrupt individuals but nothing is done about it. Those in the place to do anything are also part of the Progressive Deep State.

  2. I am thrilled to see that you are well enough to resume your most excellent work! I missed you greatly and want you to know that I learned an immense amount of crucial information from religiously reading your blog, from when I first discovered it in the beginning of 2016 and all throughout 2017, until the number and frequency of your debilitating migraines forced you to take a break to, I’m hoping which has restored much improved health. This site is a gold mine for research as well. Many thanks for all of your time involved in this very high level source.

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