Guandolo: How Muslim Brotherhood Compromised the FBI & National Security

Go to Understanding the Threat and read today’s post, How Badly is The U.S. Government Penetrated by Terrorists?

John Guandolo gave a very good talk last November for Brannon Howse on the subversive Muslim Brotherhood movement in the US:

Proof Entire Muslim World Has Admitted Human Rights Means Sharia:

Understanding What Islam Means By Peace, Freedom, Justice, Terrorism, Innocents & Human Rights:


3 thoughts on “Guandolo: How Muslim Brotherhood Compromised the FBI & National Security

  1. How do we educate our politicians about Islamic Sharia when they are unwilling to read, or hear what they are told. They seem afraid to take part in the discussion. They have bought the political correctness.

  2. There are those who have been in this country for years and among them are those who are working to ignore our Constitution, taking away our freedom and installing their interpretation of life for ever. from Mike Barry

  3. CAIR wants to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia Law. Tell that to the politicians. Perhaps that will wake them up.

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