Trump’s America-First National Security Strategy Embraces 30 years of the Center’s Ideas

Center for Security Policy, by Michael Waller, May 31, 2018:

Thirty years of hard work paid off in January when President Donald Trump issued his America First National Security Strategy.

In cooperation with others and often alone, Center for Security Policy had promoted most of the elements that President Trump has embraced as his strategy to secure our country’s national interests.

This is a huge payoff for those who invested their contributions and their time in the Center, even during the dark years when it seemed like our ideas didn’t stand a chance. It’s time to celebrate.

Thirty years of work pays off

For most of its life, the Center was the only active national security policy group in Washington that unceasingly promoted Peace Through Strength. The Center’s founders – led by senior Reagan Pentagon policy official Frank Gaffney, and key members of President Reagan’s National Security Council staff – made Peace Through Strength a cornerstone of our mission when we formed in 1988.

While the Center did not play a direct role in formulating President Trump’s strategy, it can claim credit for keeping many key themes alive during the lean years. It cultivated and mentored a generation of new leaders, including Members of Congress. It kept the flame against the Swamp and showcased political and military leaders who kept that flame. And it remained a source of arguments and facts to be ready for the right president to embrace as off-the-shelf principles and plans.

Some of the Center’s enduring strategies include War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World(2006),[1]our Team B II strategy (2010),[2]and our Secure Freedom Strategy(2015).[3]Our hundreds of Decision Briefs, white papers, monographs, formal briefings, and audiovisual programming provide an unbroken track record of policy recommendations that stand up to the closest scrutiny for consistency with much of Trump’s new National Security Strategy.

President Trump embraced nearly all the Center’s key positions as the cornerstone of the first genuine post-Cold War national security strategy of the United States.

Trump’s four pillars

Trump’s strategy is based on four “pillars”:

protect the homeland and the American way of life,

  • promote American prosperity,
  • preserve Peace Through Strength, and
  • advance American influence worldwide.

Let’s look at each of those pillars in the America First national security strategy, and see how they correlate with the Center for Security Policy’s consistent themes developed over the past three decades.

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