France in shock: Islamist rapper to give shows in theatre where 90 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists

Tribute to victims of the Nov. 13, 2015 terrorist attack in Paris at the Bataclan – Photo: Frederic Legrand – COMEO

Voice of America, By ABDELHAMID KADDOUR, June 11, 2018:

Medine, a 37-year-old openly Islamist rapper, will play in Paris’s theatre, Bataclan, the place where 89 people were killed by Islamist terrorist, the Huffington Post France reports.  

The controversial rapper, who made the album “jihad”, produces songs with lyrics like “Crucify the secularists (…) I put fatwas on the head of herks”.

Besides his Islamist and jihad promoting songs, Medine is following the teaching of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder’s grandson, Tariq Ramadan.

After the people of France heard that Medine will rap at the place where one of the most horrific Islamist attacks happened, it immediately became a political issue.

While right-wing politicians and the victim’s families wanted him to play in another place, liberals and far-left politicians support the controversial rapper.

“No French person can accept that this guy goes pour his filth at the same place where the carnage took place”, Marine le Pen twittered yesterday.

Far-left politicians such as Daniel Obono,  a deputy of party “La France Insoumise”, fully backs Medine. “It doesn’t shocks me, it’s just an artist who play at the Bataclan”, she said to BFMTV this morning.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a Muslim-friendly artist played in there since the massacres took place. Just one year after the Bataclan’s attacks, Sting sung “Inshallah”, a title dedicated to refugees.

One thought on “France in shock: Islamist rapper to give shows in theatre where 90 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists

  1. Westerners don’t yet realize that Muslims believe that anywhere they are allowed to quote the Koran in the original ancient Arabic, especially before an audience, is claimed eternally for the Global Caliphate, and the whole audience are therefore “submitting” to Islam. That’s why they built the mosque at Ground Zero, and why this Muslim terrorist will include such quotes in his “artistic rap songs”.

    That is also why the Unholy Muslim-Marxist Alliance persuades Idiot Christians to allow them to read from the Koran at “interfaith services” in churches. That is also why Fake Converts to Christianity like “Sam Solomon” often spout Arabic quotes from the Koran which gullible Christian audiences do not understand.

    And that African Invader woman Danielle Obono, “left wing politician” from Gabon, doesn’t mind at all, because no Africans were slaughtered at Bataclan, only Europeans, part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for Stealth Genocide. I hope the Patriots of France will hold a peaceful protest outside the Bataclan on the night of the Muslim’s “performance”. Peaceful but LOUD.

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