Sharia Crime Stoppers Podcast – Will We Allow Michigan to Transform America?

The United West, June 18, 2018:

In a few short weeks, Michigan voters in the Primary elections could make history that will reverberate across the Republic.  Is it possible that the Michigan primaries will elect a candidate for Governor:

  • Whose campaign is funded by national & Sharia financed sources
  • Is Sharia compliant which means Sharia first, Constitution second
  • Has stated Michigan would become a sanctuary state, protecting illegals over Michigan citizens
  • Would enable/promote Sharia which means women & girls live enslaved lives in the name of multi-culturalism

These life-changing possibilities are real enough that a panel of experts was  convened to explore and identify counter-measures for concerned Michigan citizens and discuss impacts that could affect every state across America.

Watch as these national security, counter-intelligence analysts express the facts of what Michigan is facing.

  • Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, presents: Michigan: A National Security Threat
  • Anni Cyrus, Ex-Muslim, presents: Sharia Crimes Against Women: Up Close & Personal I
  • Farah Prudence, Ex-Muslim, presents: Sharia Crimes Against Women: Up Close & Personal II
  • Philip Haney, retired Homeland Security officer, presents: Michigan’s Advanced Stage of Sharia Saturation
  • Pastor Don McKay, presents: Counter-Measures for “Such a Time as This”


Post-Webinar #1: Farrah Prudence – Personal Experience of Sharia Crime Against Women

Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar participant Farrah Prudence, Ex-Muslim who has experienced the brutality of male supremacy under Sharia, responds to questions regarding honor killing, FGM, and the rape of Muslim and Non-Muslim women. She addresses the need for police to understand Sharia in order to uphold their oaths to protect Muslims and Non-Muslims from crime.


Post-Webinar #2: Frank Gaffney and Philip Haney June 16, 2018 Q&A

Webinar participants from the prior day (Philip Haney, Retired Homeland Security and Frank Gaffney, President – Center for Security Policy), who have a full understanding of the Sharia threat, especially what it is doing in Michigan. They address the need for police to understand Sharia in order to uphold their oaths to protect Muslims AND Non-Muslims from Sharia crimes.

They advise that Sharia is truly a threat to freedom and the local community. Michigan is in danger in the 2018 election cycle. What can you do? Listen and they relate how you can help!

Register NOW for the Next Webinar : Islamist Censorship: Its Roots, Purpose & Role in the 2018 MI Governor’s Race, Thursday June 21st,  7:15pm ET

Free Speech Infringements in Michigan:  Islamist Censorship – Its Roots, Purpose & Role in the 2018 Michigan Governor’s Race

Presenter: Deborah Weiss – Center for Security Policy
When: Thursday June 21st,  7:15pm ET
Where:  Your computer, comfort of your own home

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3 thoughts on “Sharia Crime Stoppers Podcast – Will We Allow Michigan to Transform America?

  1. Islam in any form is a threat to the Constitutional Republic of the United States. The threat is not “over there”, it’s OVER HERE!

  2. — Fio Weaver — Totally agree. Instead of our police officers understanding sharia in order to protect muslims how about we just deport them all to a country where sharia is practiced and then there would be no problem. Oh wait, muslim kill each other for not talking, walking, looking, eating, laughing –oops, my bad there is no laughing in islam land — or just not doing exactly what some male guru thinks they should.

  3. Whether they like it or not, muslims have no business being in America because they are totally opposite in every way to us! Totally opposite in faith for sure! Christians are of the real God and truth and muslims are of satan, period. We DO NOT agree with their ways, live as they do or want to and if they are here, in OUR country, they are to assailant to us, not the other way around!!
    ANY government or law backing those horrible people are in the wrong and are doing so against the nation and OUR Constitution! ALL muslims must be put in their place, as they are totally opposite to any decent real civil way of living and do not belong here or pushing their rubbish! WAKE UP and demand of your local and the Federal governments of this nation to remove them.
    If we do not, we will be fighting them for the rest of time. They are not a religion, but a system of subjugated made up by man, with a way of living that is not human, decent or acceptable. WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THEM HERE OR THEIR WAYS…IT IS EVIL!

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