The Incomprehensible Argument

Understanding the Threat, June 20, 2018:

When U.S. federal courts side with a terrorist group (Hamas/CAIR) making a legal argument that muslims must be given the opportunity to abide by foreign law (sharia), it is dangerous and absurd.  When “freedom of religion” is sited as the reason, the argument becomes incomprehensible.

While there have been many judicial rulings surrendering liberty to jihadis in the U.S., last week’s ruling by a federal judge forcing the state of Washington to serve special meals at special times during Ramadan to muslims in the state prisons is an exemplar of how sharia gets imposed in Western nations by ignorant government officials.

The most widely used text book in U.S. Islamic schools – What Islam is All About – states “Islam is not a religion, however, but a complete way of life.”

All of Islam defines Islam as a “complete way of life” governed by sharia (Islamic law).

Yet, an organization – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – representing the terrorist group Hamas, pushes the narrative that America must make way for sharia (Islamic law) because it is a “religious right” for muslims.

In fact, sharia is a legal system that is obligatory for muslims to obey and commands how they dress, interact with their family, how they govern, how they wage war, and includes “every field of law – public and private, national and international, together with enormous amounts of material that Westerners would not regard as law at all.” (Islam: A Sacred Law, Feisal Abdul Rauf)

For any muslim to make the argument in a U.S. federal court that muslims must be granted “privileges” because it is their “religious right” when in fact they are seeking compliance with sharia (foreign law) is an absurd legal argument.  When the argument is made by a proxy for a terrorist group and American courts rule in favor of the jihadis/terrorists, the result is the forceful compliance of sharia upon U.S. citizens inside the U.S. legal system.

4 thoughts on “The Incomprehensible Argument

  1. I suggested, many years ago, that Islam would take our own Constitution and beat us over the head with it. Why, my opinion then, my opinion now, it is IMPERATIVE Islam be seen as NOT a religion but a cult, and a dangerous one at that.
    It is IMPERATIVE, by Constitutional Amendment if need by, that Sharia Law be FORBIDDEN in America. There can BE Constitution, no freedom, the DEATH of liberty in this country if Sharia is EVER allowed to be in our courts. It must be challenged at every turn and ultimately, FORBIDDEN.
    But first, it must be officially considered NOT a religion but a very dangerous CULT. It is their legal system, their social mores, their government, their everything.

  2. The best introduction to Islamic Law/Sharia for non-Arabic speakers is the mediaeval manual of Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) “The Reliance of the Traveller”. Unfortunately the translator has been using the law of copyright to get versions of it taken down from the internet, presumably because he has realised that it is of more use to our side than his. As far as I know there are no more versions available on the internet but this gives a selection of the most horrific rulings in it:

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