Is Sweden Going to Flip?

Gates of Vienna, by Dymphna, June 27, 2018:

The Baron has speculated before that when the tide turns in Sweden it will be a relatively sudden and massive flip. As he says, that’s a feature of high consensus cultures. If he’s right, one can only hope it plays out the same way in Minnesota, much of whose DNA is Nordic.

Dr. Turley’s latest video is instructive for those who haven’t been following the alternative news. For you and me, it’s just joyful affirmation of something we already knew. What he doesn’t mention is the severe persecution the Sweden Democrats suffered for years while under the heel of the leftist thugs – e.g., the ngo, EXPO.


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3 thoughts on “Is Sweden Going to Flip?

  1. Wake up Americans !!!! Trump does know what he is doing !!!! He is doing what is best for America !!

    • I absolutely concur! If we do not control our borders, then those that come through our borders will eventually control us…..

  2. they have to flip. Not racist in saying so. The experiment failed. They don´t embrace Swediish culture. All over europe has come to grips with that. The increse in rape and killing and knowing the source and not doing anything about it is a crime

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