Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar, Week 5: JIHAD IDEOLOGY, PART 2

THE IDEOLOGY OF JIHADISTS (Part 2)Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

  • Hijra – Islamic religious duty to colonize.  Migrate to non-Muslim countries, band together in enclaves governed by sharia law, do not assimilate, and prepare for conquest.  Progression: Peaceful – Prepare – Conquer
  • Dar al Islam v. Dar al Harb – the worldview that divides territory into Islamic space and the House of War.  Do not befriend non-Muslims.  When territory becomes Islamic space, tell the remnants of the population covert, submit to dhimmitude (second-class citizenship, available to Christians and Jews), or die. Given this worldview, jihadist attacks make perfect sense.
  • Apostasy – punishable by death, as prescribed in the Quran. Traces back to the beginning of Islam.  One Muslim figure said Islam cannot survive without the threat of death for apostasy.
  • First Jihad – Muhammad’s battles (622-632).
    Second Jihad – North Africa, Spain, the Middle East, South Asia (632-1683)
    Third Jihad – formation of the Muslim Brotherhood to bring Islam back to its roots [Salafism] (1928 to the present)
  • Doctrine of Abrogation – Muslims often cite peaceful passages from the Quran to show Islam is a religion of peace (‘let there be no compulsion in religion’), but these verses are abrogated by later war-like verses (‘slay the infidel’).  Also, Islam abrogates all other religions.  They are null and void.
  • Tools of Deception:
    • Fake friendships with non-Muslims
    • Taqiyya – the religious duty to lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam
    • Kitman – artful spin, what aren’t they telling you?
    • Terms of Art – ‘terrorism’ can only occur against Muslims. Violence against non-Muslims is not ‘terrorism’.  Similar subterfuges are employed with respect to ‘extremism’, ‘human rights’, and ‘peace’.  Deconstruct their statements: they may sound good to Western ears but actually  mean something completely different.
    • Muruna – by any means necessary. You can throw out all the rules to promote the return of Islam to its roots. E.g., Huma Abedin marrying a Jew.
    • Intermarriage – Muslim men lure women into marriage, then abscond with the children to make as many Muslims as possible [Editor’s Note – more Population Jihad, like hijra]
    • Place Muslim females in Western dress as high-profile spokespersons to fool the infidel
    • Falsely claim Islam empowers women
    • Condemn terrorism in general terms, without naming specific individuals or acts.  Terrorists take this as a green light for continued violence.
    • Falsely claim jihad is a ‘perversion’ of Islam when, in fact, it is core doctrine
  • Ft. Hood Case Study
    • There were plenty of warning signs that Nidal Hasan had become radicalized. He said suicide bombings are justified and referred to fratricide, which he eventually committed.  He did not hide the fact that he was steeped in Islamic doctrine.
    • It is important for law enforcement to understand he was following his beliefs.
    • He was investigated but cleared because there were no past acts of violence. He was promoted.  Political correctness prevented proper assessment and handling of the situation.  The DoD report was a whitewash, never once mentioning Islam or sharia and calling the rampage that killed 13 people ‘workplace violence’.   However, a Congressional report said it is important to understand Islamist ideology and to name the enemy.
    • The process of willful blindness began under George W. Bush with the elimination of words like ‘sharia’ and ‘jihad’ from the law enforcement lexicon.  It continued with the replacement by Obama of standard counterterrorism training with the watered-down Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) approach.  These policy changes set the stage for Ft. Hood and later botched investigations (e.g., Orlando, Boston Marathon bombing) where clues were overlooked and evidence of Islamist radicalization ignored.


Published on Oct 3, 2018

Webinar 16 Week Series – Sharia Crimes: Comprehensive Training for Peace Officers, Social Workers, and Judicial Officials
INSTRUCTOR: David R. Bores, retired Police Chief, with 45 years in public service. 23 yrs in the Army’s Military Police Corps, retiring as Lt. Col. 19 yrs in Civilian Law Enforcement, serving as a Sr. Deputy Sheriff and as Police Chief. Training about 1500 officers since 2012.
Today’s Webinar will enable you to:
– Understand the Cycle of Hijra or Pilgrimage
– See the Two World Views of the Fundamentalists
– Know their Views of Christians & Jews
– Know their Treatment of Apostates
– Understand the Three Jihad Periods of Islamic History
– What the Doctrine of Abrogation
– Understand the Tools of Deception
– Review Nidal Hasan Case Study
– And Ask: Did We Learn Anything from the Ft. Hood Attack?

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