Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar, Week 6: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

Today’s Webinar will present:

– Brief historical overview of the Muslim Brotherhood

– The publication of its playbook in 2001 with the tactics to be used for WORLD CONQUEST

– The infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into America

– The importance of the “Explanatory Memorandum” that identifies the “Strategic Plan for Eliminating America from Within”

– The Five Phase Plan of Civilization Jihad in the U.S.

THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Boiling the Frog Slowly (Civilization Jihad)

  • Terrorist attacks and ‘stealth jihad’ work in tandem (‘good cop, bad cop’), but both have the same goal:  Islamist supremacy, establishment of a caliphate, and the imposition of sharia law on all mankind.  The Muslim Brotherhood believes military jihad might not be necessary if the ground is adequately prepared (dawa).
  • Its 1977 playbook and its 1982 “Project” document lay out how the Muslim Brotherhood intends to establish Islamic world government in stages.  Strategies and tactics:
    • Avoid open alliances with terrorist organizations (play good cop, ‘condemn’ terrorism)
    • Infiltrate and take over existing Muslim groups
    • Launder money to jihadist groups through charitable organizations
    • Infiltrate government at all levels, unions, and other institutions
    • Partner with other faiths and Progressives (Red-Green Axis
    • Get followers to sow unrest
    • Promote the idea of martyrdom as the highest aspiration
  • Muslim Brotherhood operations in the U.S. began in 1962 with the Muslim Student Association. Camps were started in 1971.  The Holy Land Foundation was established to raise money in the U.S. for Hamas.  The predecessor to CAIR was started.  Mosques were built and the push for refugee resettlement began.
  • Explanatory Memorandum – Discovered by the FBI in 1987.  Written by senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders (some say it was written by low-level operatives, but senior leaders have never repudiated it).  The gist is to ‘destroy Western Civilization from within through its own hand in a Grand Jihad’ with help from non-Muslims (useful idiots). The goal is to overthrow the U.S. government, subvert the Constitution, and impose sharia law.  Law enforcement is unprepared for jihad as long as it does not understand this criminal conspiracy.
  • More tactics (as proved by the evidence in the 2009 Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial):
    • Hide behind the Constitution (aggressively assert rights)
    • Deception
    • Exploit our tolerance (beat back challenges with charges of Islamophobia and hate speech; induce self-censorship through political correctness)
    • Exploit appeasement and accommodation; incessant demands for special privileges for Muslims  (e.g., foot baths in airports)
    • Dilute and purge counterterrorism training, offer their own as a substitute (CVE) [Editor’s Note – This is disastrous. We can’t have the enemy inside the wire telling us how to regard the enemy.]
    • Lawfare
    • Threaten other Muslims with apostasy (punishable by death)
    • Promote sharia blasphemy codes which are antithetical to free speech
    • Campaign donations [Editor’s Note – this has progressed to running lots of candidates across the country.]
    • Penetrate public and higher education
    • Target other religions through interfaith dialogue [Editor’s Note – despite the cute name, these are carefully crafted demoralization operations.]
    • Entrench sharia into the U.S. system in stages (e.g., arrive, build mosques, etc.)
    • Population jihad – hijra (colonization), high birth rate, refugee resettlement.  Every tactic (e.g., confrontation) becomes more powerful as their numbers grow.
  • The Explanatory Memorandum identified Muslim Brotherhood front groups in 1987, including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Student Association, and the predecessor to CAIR.  The plan is to create a parallel society, with a Muslim Brotherhood front group corresponding to every existing group in society (e.g., student associations).   The front groups have interlocking boards for better coordination.
  • The Explanatory Memorandum constitutes a criminal conspiracy to subvert the Constitution and overthrow the U.S. government in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2385.
  • Dawa – preparing the ground for jihad, as directed by the Quran. All are called to Islam, invited to become believers. Non-Muslims must convert, submit, or die.   The Islamist forces slowly gain strength and we become demoralized.  Tactics include:
    • Removing non-Islamic symbols to eradicate cultural underpinnings of society (e.g., statues, denigrate the Founders, attack Christmas and Columbus Day, etc.)
    • Start imposing sharia compliance (e.g., female-only hours at swimming pools)
    • Muslims stay in enclaves and do not assimilate.
    • Build more mosques (there are now 3,000 Islamic centers and mosques in the U.S., plus 700 Muslim Student Association chapters)
    • Go slow and avoid pushback (gradualism) [Editor’s Note – they also engage in perimeter testing; push here and there and keep going where you don’t meet resistance.]
    • Play the victim card
  • The plan is very far along; the early stages are complete.  Later stages are in progress. Law enforcement takes its cue from local politicians, some of whom cave into Muslim demands.

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