There is an urgent need for the public to become informed about the Global Islamic Jihad Movement. We must demand from our leaders that they become familiar with Islamic Law and jihadist ideology so that our counterterrorism policies can better protect us from this growing threat.

This blog is mainly a news aggregating site but also includes an extensive library of resources for studying Islam and networking with other Counter Jihad activists. My goal has been to pull from a variety of the most trusted and reliable sources to educate the public on the counter jihad movement. The many RSS feeds and counterjihad twitter feed in the sidebar are meant to provide a time saving jumping off point to access all the headlines and breaking news.

A view of damages to the U.S. Embassy caused by a terriorist bomb attack. Marines are here participating as members of a multinational peacekeeping force.

A view of damages to the U.S. Embassy caused by a terriorist bomb attack. Marines are here participating as members of a multinational peacekeeping force.

My Interest in Islamic Jihad stems from the 1983 Hezbollah truck bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in which my cousin, Ken Haas, was killed. Ken left a career as a philosophy professor to work for the CIA and was the Station Chief in Beirut. He and his wife of one year had just finished lunch in Ken’s office at the Embassy and kissed good-bye. She had driven back to their apartment where she heard the explosion. After several agonizing  days of waiting while rescuers sifted through the wreckage it was finally revealed that Ken had died instantly at his desk.

In all, 63 people were killed, 17 of whom were Americans. The entire U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Middle Eastern contingent was killed setting our intelligence back for years. Hezbollah had ushered in a new era of tactical suicide bombings that continue to this day.

I have always wondered why the media usually only mentions the marine barracks bombing by Hezbollah in 1983. I want people to remember the Embassy bombing because that was really the beginning of this era of suicide bombings. I also find it sad that so many Foreign service workers who have lost their lives in the service of their country are not remembered and honored due to the classified nature of their work. An investigative journalist named Ted Gup wrote “The Book Of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives“. It is available in its entirety online here. The details surrounding the 1983 Embassy bombing episode with personal accounts of those involved, including my cousin Ken, are here.

In 2005 Iran was found to be responsible for the Embassy truck bombing and therefore liable for damages in a lawsuit filed by the victim’s family members. In a recent development, U.S. State-Sponsored Terrorism Victims Can Finally Expect Some Compensation.

Mughniyah 2In 2008 the CIA and Mossad assassinated Imad Mughniyah, the Hezbollah leader who was responsible for Ken’s death. In Jan. 2015, Israel killed his son, Jihad Imad Mughniyah, along with 5 other Hezbollah operatives and a senior general in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. You can read about the details of the operation here.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my cousin, Kenneth Haas.

Kens Photo

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    • Probably the same way I do, from many sources here and abroad, and by reading and understanding the Qur’an, and Islam’s bloody history which covers almost fourteen hundred years of non stop blood letting of the innocent. I have been warning people since the end of 1999 when I started I rarely met anyone who even had a clue of what I was saying, during that time and decades before the Muslims were busy in America doing Stealth Jihad, this is the Jihad of the so-called Moderate Muslims done in secret right under the noses of the vast majority of Americans. I subscribe to “Voice Of The Martyrs” just a few weeks ago I learned of a young nursing mother, Muslims murdered her husband took their property, cut off her breasts and left her and her baby to die, I’m not sure if the baby made it as she could no longer nurse it. And many foolish Christians claim we worship the same god, my God teaches me the opposite, even to pray for these poor fools, I’ll be honest it’s very difficult.

      • LOL, okay mate.

        Cause Moderate Muslims are all on the same page to stealthily enforce Shariah in the West. I wish bro.

  1. I love this site and its honesty. I only wish more Muslims had the tolerance non-Muslims have. It would be a more peaceful world. An example of their intolerance. Some Muslims, not all, of course) react violently to freedom of expression: I recently wrote a novel (available at Amazon and Kindle), “The Prophetess of Islam.” It is *fiction* but it is favorable and encouraging to Muslim women! Unfortunately, some Muslims have taken issue with the fact my main character is woman (and lesbian) and has been approached in person by Allah via the angel Gabriel and Prophet Muhammad to change (i.e. improve) the way Islam treats women and say modern Islam is not what Allah intended when it was founded. I have received hate email from a video I created for the book (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH7QGnpRlbU)

    For Muslims living in America, you are welcome to stay, live, work, have kids, and practice your faith, but you are in America. We have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, and legal precedent that works for us. If you don’t like it and can’t live within our framework of law and culture, go elsewhere. Long live freedom of speech and religion!

    • Thank you for the compliment Gary. The excerpt of your book on Amazon was very interesting and well written. A new messenger for Islam would be a wonderful thing. I think the closest we have at the moment to a real life new messenger is Malala Yousafzai

      • Islam is a doctrine of intolerance, emotional dissociation, enforced submission and conquest. To describe Malala as a messenger of Islam is therefore not appropriate because her “message” is opposition to intolerance and conquest.

    • We are a nation of immigrants other than the native Indians. But muslims beliefs are to out of line with our Laws and constitution for the muslims to accept and live with us in Harmony. I wish they would be a benefit to our nation but it looks like it cannot be.

    • I was hoping for something with teeth, this above comment by Gary is just foolish nonsense. There is not one muzslime on the planet that is safe for any non muzslime to be near at any time any where. They are becoming stronger and the stronger more dedicated izslime becomes the deadlier it is. I hate izslime and it’s followers. Izslime is pure evil and its knowledgeable dedicated followers are ALL living among us with the stated goal of murdering us and destroying everything we stand for.

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  3. A comment to Gary Nelson – yesterday I was searching on-line for a Western feminist analysis of Sharia Law and the image of women constructed by Islam. I could find none! Apparently, Western Feminism sees itself as a typical left wing movement that supports any regime which hates the USA! Therefore they consider male chauvinist Islam as the victim, despite the fact that everything they stand for would be condemned under Sharia Law. I realized we are dealing with Academic Political Correctness whose lingua franca is Victimology and is as tyrannical as Sharia Law and the Communist Manifesto. Witness the present Administration!

    • Feminists are mentally and emotionally unhealthy people who have such a bad relationship with their own fathers that they compulsively seek to negativise all men. There are number of men who describe themselves as “feminist” who also have serious identity issues and who are thus acting out.

      • Overgeneralize much “Jack Rainbow”? As just one of countless examples – George Miller, visionary director of Mad Max: Fury Road after awards for Happy Feet and Babe among his creative family fare film projects, hired feminist Eve Ensler to consult on MMFR. George Miller is a creative genius who doesn’t shy away from feminism to address the global sex class binary and the violent, political and religious oppression statistically proven of women by men. If he’s “acting out,” then so should more men.

      • No woman becomes a feminist unless she is holding a mass of negative feelings towards men. There is no such thing as a moderate feminist. Feminism is an ideology of hate and conquest. If you don’t experience the feminists you know as extremely confused and damaged individuals, why bother complaining about Islam? Some Muslims are lovely people too. BTW, my name is actually Jack Rainbow, no need to use parenthesis.

      • Fast forward 2017. Sorry, but look at what a mess the women leaders of this world have made. Well read people don’t need me to make the list.

  4. Your posting was very thoughtful. Ken and I were friends in Beirut. Until the bombing, we had good, bad, and crazy times. After the bombing they were mostly bad. Our personal tragedy has become just a footnote in today’s daily reporting on terrorism. Regardless, Ken is in my thoughts whenever I think of Beirut. He’s not forgotten.

  5. Thank you for your comment Jim. I’ve met several people through this blog who knew or worked with Ken and it always gives me an emotional tug. If you want to share anything privately use the contact form.

  6. Ken Haas was one of my Philosophy professors at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. I have never met a person who was able to take an argument apart with such clarity and speed. I really appreciated his wisdom and and abilities. While the
    CIA lost a valuable “asset”, the US lost a brilliant individual and thinker.

    • How fascinating Ken Haas would choose to be both a philosophy professor and then opt to become a member of our CIA! I hadn’t realized we’d lost so many members of our Beirut CIA section in that bombing. I’m sure there was intrinsic strategic value to not acknowledging so many American intelligence operatives of significance lost their lives in that incident and it wasn’t an intentional oversight.

  7. We have a lot in common. I am a registered nurse, an activist and a Desert Storm Vet of the USMC. I stood colorguard at the 10th anniversary, I believe, of the Beirut Bombing at Camp Johnson in NC. Thank you and peace be with you!

  8. Thank you for your effort for this very valuable, extensive, & informative work.

    I am a muslim and my greatest fear is not from Jews or Judaism; Christians or Christianity; Liberals or Democrats nor Republicans or Conservatives.

    My greatest fear is the Islamic extremists & the Wahabbi whack jobs funded by the governments of Sheikhdoms and charities of the Arab Persian Gulf countries; i. e. Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and very specifically the House of Saud & Saudi Arabia and that slim of humanity that call themselves Muslim/Religious/Islamic Scholars of the House of Saud.

    Unfortunately in the United States, the very vitriol and divisive political atmosphere has created a circus environment where formulation of American foreign policy takes place on social media and the very comical news platforms such as those on MSNBC or FOX. This has presented a divine opportunity for the Jihadi Wackos to promote their ideology of hatred & religious filth virtually with a free hand as they take advantage of openness and levels of tolerance in America through the media.

    In America & in Europe, the political leadership and the general public must wake up to the dark threat of Islamic extremism and radicalism veiled behind the farce of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS & TOLERANCE. We must set aside Political Correctness and address the challenges posed to Western Democracies by these rag & towel head whack jobs.

    This is not a matter where a platform of LIBERAL vs CONSERVATIVE or REPUBLICAN vs DEMOCRAT framework will be able to address the challenges posed by the Islamic extremism and radicalism objectively. Rather, when a whacked muslim religious towel head with a filthy beard advocates implementation of Sharia and conversion of all citizens to Islam in the Western Hemisphere, our very knowledgeable intellectual icons of the Left and the Right should remind Mr. Towel Head that in a free society, people are free to choose their own destiny. And if Mr. Towel Head insists on implementation of Sharia, which dates back to the dark ages, Mr. Towel Head has the choice to return to the Sharia lalaland where he came from and be a “Good Muslim” therein as no one in our society is forcing him or his family to stay. Mr. Towel Head should be accorded an offer he can’t refuse. Either live in 21st Century in a civilized manner or simply leave.

    As an American I have utmost degree of appreciation and respect for the US Constitution and the form of government in the US. I don’t preach my religious views nor do I wish to be preached to. However, I am convinced that if Mr. Towel Head derives the right from Divine Authority, as the Towel Head Claim, to impose his religious views upon me and every other American, then the same divine authority gives me and every other American the right to refute, challenge, and oppose Mr. Towel Head in a manner of Mr. Towel Head’ s choosing.

    It is my sincere hope that Israel succeeds in its military campaign to rid Gaza of Hamas lunatics.

    • With your “Towel head” and “Rag head” comments you are defaming the Sikh community worldwide. This was most likely not your intention, but you may want to reconsider this unfair slander of a whole community that holds values to which Americans also subscribe.

  9. Dear Blogger,
    I cannot find your name. But I want to write to you that I was thrilled to read about you and the reason why you are writing this blog.
    I live on the border with Gaza. All the people here would like to see the residents of Gaza successes on the economic level, develop their area. This is a beautiful area which could be a center of tourism and the global economy. If only the Arabs in Gaza would stop dreaming and educate their children that the purpose of life is to kill Jews.
    I refer you to the article by an Israeli journalist.

    • Excellent article, thank you Yona! I pray for your safety. The truth is gradually being made known. Some day the Palestinians will be free from the lies that really oppress them… all because of Jew hatred.

      • Jew-hatred, misogyny and the encouragement to barbaric atrocity, war, conquest and supremacy are built into the core texts.

        Islam has committed a continuous stream of atrocities and human rights abuses since its beginning. Slavery is still a practice of Islam.

        ISIS is not atypical of Islam. ISIS is Islam without the fetters of Western domination and restraint.

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  11. Iburt,
    My condolences for your loss. Having sought to minister to survivors of the USS COLE two weeks after its bombing, this was my first-hand introduction to jihad. I was also briefly involved with a think tank seeking to raise modern knights as the Church’s response to jihad. I look forward to exploring your site and its many resources, especially as I keep one eye open toward establishing Christian Military Academy.
    His Richest Blessings,
    Dr. Mike
    REV. MIKE PEYTON, EdD, MDiv, BS-Business
    Lieutenant, Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  12. This site appears to be the most complete and in-depth resource for researching and addressing the camouflaged onslaught of Muslim extremism upon America, and one which I have been searching for a long time. The resources are priceless and ones which I will be referencing frequently.

    The more I hear, see and read about ISIS, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and jihad the more concerned I become each day for the future of our country. The ‘absorption’ tactic being used by them seems to be working in their favor, no?

    Someone wrote here about how political correctness and tolerance will serve as jihad’s most dangerous weapon – how true. When you use the convictions and beliefs of others to overpower them you have utilized the greatest weapon of all – their very own minds.

    I have 3 young grandchildren in 1st and 2nd grade. Two of them are girls. I am afraid of what kind of world they will be living in only 5-years from now. It will be through them that Muslim extremism will do the most damage and seed itself into the minds of their generation and the generations that follow.

    I’m afraid though, that although we need to spread the word and educate those around us, the battle will be lost if the people who have the power (politicians and other leaders in America) succumb to the devious plans of Muslim extremism.

    But we must go on and continue to educate everyone.

    Carry on!

    • Yes. I must recommend for you The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch, if you are not already aware of it. This site strives to attain a high standard of factual accuracy and its writes are academics who focus their efforts on establishing objective truth. Some of the reading iis a bit dry but my plodding efforts are always well rewarded by enhanced understanding.

  13. Your personal story is deeply touching. You honor your cousin with your tireless voice for truth. This site is truly extraordinary. The information that can be found here is comprehensive and it is so well organized. God bless you, sir. And may your cousin rest in peace.

    • Thank so much for your kind words annonymous. Ken used to use the expression “howling at the moon” a lot. Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying on his howling at the moon for him. It is so nice when I see I’ve reached someone.

      • My guess is that you’ve reached more people than you might imagine. And many of those people carry your message forward creating a ripple effect. But I understand the “howling at the moon” feeling as we watch with disbelief as evil advances and so few still seem not to understand, or don’t seem to care, or worse, are in agreement with the madness that swirls around us. We must all be soldiers in this fight and you, through this site, are a leader in this battle….

  14. I remember your cousin Ken from attending several seminars at Hamline while he was there and either leading or making a seminar presentation himself. This was after I graduated from Hamline in 1969 and while I was in graduate school at the University of Minnesota (math, not philosophy). It always puzzled me why he punted his academic career path to become a Cold Warrior, so the background information to which you have linked (especially the testimonies cited in the legal document) provides a welcome illumination of his life after professing philosophy. Thanks for sharing these sources!

    As for countering the various jihad franchises,

    Those who are submitted to the messianic visions of Islam (Sunni, Shia, and variations) have been anticipating that the secular messianic super-powers, USSR and USA, would implode or wear each other out (and doing whatever they could to help both along the way to oblivion) from the time when the post WWI victorious European empires, France and Britain, carved up the Ottoman territories (see “A Peace to End All Peace” – http://www.amazon.com/Peace-End-All-Ottoman-Creation/dp/0805088091 ) After another season of European bloodletting, France and Brittain retreated from the scene, leaving USSR and USA to pick up the pieces.

    Having seen the USSR go down in the 1990’s, and the USA over the next couple of decades blunder its way into domestic and international over-reach, including unsustainable levels of debt, public and private, the jihadists have some reason for optimism that their aspirations for removing the USA as an obstacle to their global vision will be achieved, with other precedents to cheer them along. After all, it was the incessant struggle between the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) and the Persian Empire, which bled both of these polities in the east to exhaustion in the seventh century and paved the way for Muhammed’s legions to boil up out of Arabia and sweep through North Africa, Persia, and a large chunk of Anatolia in just a few decades. It remains to be seen if the USA, less than three centuries old, having shed its republican origins to emerge as a global empire after 1945, will be able to figure out how to thwart these designs. Adding deities that strongly resemble the old Canaanite objects of worship (the climate change clergy, the LGBTxyz marriage and gender erasure zealots, the devotees of Moloch – sacrificing children for prosperity and convenience, and the old favorite Mammon and his central bankster priesthood) to the pantheon of our national civil religion does not strike me as a winning strategy. But that’s just me.

      • For the United States, continuing on its present trajectory? No. For inhabitants of the United States who are open to pursuing a strategy that promises victory whether or not the USA repents from its current self-destructive path and survives as a nation, yes. In a phrase: “. . . seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”. Matthew 6:33
        It is possible (though unlikely) that enough of the inhabitants of the United States will adopt this path in time to preserve the USA as a nation. However, it will still be available to the survivors even in the event of a USSR-like dissolution. It has been available for some 17 centuries before the USA existed, and has far better prospects of enduring into the 22nd century than this increasingly dysfunctional global commercial empire that emerged from the wreckage of European colonial empires and the collapse of the Ottomans about a century ago..

  15. Dear Mr. Oren-

    I’ve just finished your book Ally, concerning your time in America. I’m glad you enjoyed your work over here and have had the chance to acquaint yourself with our country. I suppose you’re blacklisted now.

    You must be aware that we are currently suffering the most foolish, if not arrogant and incompetent leadership, in our own brief history of <300 years. Your own country’s tradition and existence, with many destructions and resurgences, dwarfs our experience.

    We both have family deeply involved and at risk in these current events. I expect a six hour war, catalyzed in the MidEast, in the near future, and fear it may already be well underway unseen for the last few hours. Such is life. I’ve put together a little website at


    On the site I lay out the current status of forces re: Americans, based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I’m sure you’re very familiar with the work. At each passage I have indicated advantage of either party, either America, or the Allahu SnackBars, in their many forms. You may enjoy reviewing the brief synopsis. I’ve also included as a handy reference file the most recent Laws of Armed Conflict, from 2012, America’s favorite warfighting manual. In close juxtaposition of the works, one can easily see the philosophical rift. I’ve also attached If We Can Keep It, Obama’s briefing guide from 2007 when he took over as our CIC, just one of his many ill worn hats. Chet’s clearsighted analysis is remarkably prescient in forecasting the dimensions of the current imbroglio.

    America is no longer Israel’s ally. It will require many nuclear weapons to inconvenience ourselves, and probably none in Austin as we have no port. Austin is Weird. Maybe San Diego, Tampa, or some more accessible container port. Maybe St. Louis. Maybe Chesapeake. When the nuclear exchange kicks off, we will quickly reorganize our leadership and destroy the aggressor nation, in a few hours. They have no ability to destroy the US in Gotterdammerung style, and they apparently look forward to their own destruction, and their glorious reunion with Mohammad. Israel, as you say, is a one-bomb country, and I fear Israel may be forced through the eye of another needle. A world without Israel is of no concern to this current America.

    Let’s not go there. Let’s adopt new tactics, and reinforce success. We need an effective deterrent. The most successful weapon in common use over there, as reported on icasualty.org, is the Improvised Explosive Device. They can be placed surreptitiously and inexpensively virtually anywhere, and detonation can be most conveniently controlled at almost any desirable time, even by cell phone. They’re very inexpensive. Here’s a thought. Israel could take a few of your nuclear warheads, and surreptitiously place them in widespread locales near Arabic centers of gravity, as TNIED’s. At this point, who really cares? I think a well-marked connx box, with signs in twelve languages to discourage tampering, airlifted almost anywhere in the afternoon while the SnackBars are sleeping, could be used very effectively as deterrent motivators. As Lindsey Lohan’s agent says, ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity.’

    Make it clear that if Jerusalem should blink out of existence at the first strike (or if tampered) the boxes in the various areas would be detonated remotely by the Jewish Remnant and leave nothing but a very radioactive hole in the desert. They could remap the Holy Lands, the Oily Lands, and the Radioactive Lands. In 973 years they could resettle. Be very public. Dig a tunnel over to the west bank and put a few over there also. If you’re already reviewing such a plan, you have my whole-hearted support. If you haven’t considered such a plan, I hope we still have time. Spread this word, surreptitiously.

    Thereafter, we can all go beat our swords into plowshares.

    Go with God, my friend,

    /s/ Dave McCrae

  16. Violent extremism is not unique to any one faith. Fact. Period.

    Now how bout the root cause of world wide conflicts and wars?? how about that USA, UK, Russia, France, China etc. superpowers and such cooky countries are simple MONEY GREEDY and they go to other countries to mess things up for the sake of oil, gas, diamonds, gold whatnot.. how about that huh?

  17. the vast majority of Muslims worldwide support terror and try to blame others – just like you. muslims murder civilians because their book of shit, the koran, commands them to kill. the scale of violence perpetrated by filthy muslims dwarfs anything perpetrated by other religions. how about that, huh?

  18. Hi Leslie,
    I really impressed by your work, you’re doing a commendable job. I belong to Pakistan’s South Punjab, which has key role in breeding terrorism and recruitment of militants from madrasa network. I would happy to help you in sharing information on extremist activism, if you need.

  19. Great work ! Well researched,documented and presented for an ordinary man to understand !! The root cause of the problem lies in the Islamic ideology and its teachings and not with Muslims, Unless the world leaders seriously and collectively start addressing this together the war on Islamic terrorism cannot be won permanently. It is the exposure and conditioning of young minds over several years through these teachings which give shape to Jihadist mindset. Islamism cannot be determined by my good Muslim friend and your bad Muslim friend. The ideology has to be defeated !! US under president elect Trump should begin clearing up places like Minneapolis of illegal Somali migrants, nullify the Arab sheikhs financial influence in US academics esp universities of repute.

    • Not a bad reaction and even hitting the nail on the dot when with ‘Islamic ideology’ the respondent thinks or had forgotten the words “extreme fundamentalist” Islamic Jihad fighters ideology.

      Islam should be a faith of shalaam or peace and not of hate. Muslims also like Jews and Christians should know all have the same roots and same holy places, therefore needing to respect that they all shall have to share those places in love and peace.

      True readers of the Scriptures do know that in the end Jerusalem shall be the capital of the Kingdom of god here on earth. It is form that place that all lovers of God shall be governed by the Messiah. Real Jews, Christians and Muslims should be pleased and looking forward to Israel becoming the place for the People of God (Israel or the Jews) in the Holy Land or nation of Israel (the state Israel) where all, from all sorts of nations and colours, shall come to be united living peacefully together.

  20. Islam is an Abrahamic religion, so basically an offshoot of Christianity and Judaism, with a few extra chapters added to it. To those of you who have gripes with Islam then you should have it with religion in general, because they are all pretty much the same. You can, however, have certain issues within a group of people (ie-moslems) but blaming the actual religion is taking the onus off the people. I sincerely am sorry for your loss and I know your cousin is in a better place, however running a website that basically spews hate won’t bring him back. No, moslems don’t want to take over the world, if they did they would have done so by now. They have been handed wealth on a plate and if united could actually destroy us, but all they have to show for it are corrupt leaders who are basically our puppets. I myself am an atheist (born Catholic) so maybe that’s why I can see things from a logical point of view. My neighbor is moslem and saved my kid’s life (he’s a dr and I woke him in the middle of the night when my son stopped breathing). Do you really think it’s fair to brand the actions of a minority (and yes, it is a minority) and tarnish the reputations of those who have integrated and cause no problems?
    Hatred in general is upsetting.I do see your point, there are those who support extreme views and terrorism and these should be dealt with accordingly, but I don’t agree with the sentiments of this website.

    • David, so many things you said are so wrong that I don’t even know where to start. I will, however, say that you did happen to spew the most ridiculous argument that the apologists always like to throw out there. That is “the minority”. It is not the minority unless you talk about the actual people that commit the acts. The truth is that the majority of muslims do, in fact, support the violence that the “minority” perpetrates. The very definition of the word Muslim would be a good place for you to start. The next word you need to know is hudna. Yes there are of course “Muslims” that integrate into society and likewise their good behavior does not UN-tarnish the behavior of the terrorists. I would also like to know the last time a Christian blew someone up in the name of God.

      • Dear Chad Hansom, I do not know where you got this misinformation that the majority of the Ummah or Muslim community would agree with those Jihad fighters which do a lot of things which are prohibited to do according to our Holy Scriptures (like burning prayer houses or mosques or burning Holy Scriptures like the Qu’ran)

        David Wheeler rightly remarks the connection of Judaism, Christianity and Islamism. Big problem is that like in Christendom the world has found those who prefer to keep to human doctrines and have gone away from worshipping one True God (like the trinitarian Christians worshipping a three-headed god) and having taking all sorts of philosophical instead of Biblical ideas (like torture in a hellfire in Christendom and several Islamic groups) or so called extra surrender values for sins or paying indulgences by martyrdom (in fundamentalist Muslim groups, like it was also done in the Catholic groups in earlier centuries, where many men of power also went on raids and conquest in so called ‘holy wars’ or crusades.)

        Dear David, thank you very much that you remind others that “moslems don’t want to take over the world, if they did they would have done so by now. ”

        It are the extreme groups which are misusing a certain faith, be it the Christian faith (like certain evangelicals are doing in Eastern and Southern countries) or Muslim faith (like we can see lots of groups misusing the Qu’ran and the name of the prophet to bring division and war).

        In the West people should be more aware that AlQaida, ISIS/ISIL, Boko Haram are not made up of real lovers of Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, but are the workers of the adversary of Allah (Satan).

        It are such fundamentalist groups which are only made up of a very tiny proportion of the Muslim world that do try to bring the Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world in trouble making others afraid of them who worship One God instead of false gods.

    • Islam and Christianity are not at all alike, they are opposites. Jesus let himself be slain that we may be saved; Muhammad orders killing of those who don’t bow to Allah and himself. That is just one difference, read chapters 8 and 9 of the Koran and compare them to the New Testament. There is much more to read in the Koran that proves the point, as does the Hadith. Slavery, including sexual slavery, is approved in the Koran and practiced by Muslims today. It is not allowed in Christian countries. The horrors committed by Christians at any time are not practices approved in the New Testament.

  21. http://www.investigativeproject.org/5791/maryland-mosque-lauds-pakistani-assassin

    Here is what Islam is doing, here is what is going on right under your noses. Here is why you are losing the “war on Terror” – while you prattle on about jesus and all the nice peaceful Muslims, this is what is going on right under your noses. Your government does absolutely nothing about this kind of hate speech and it refuses to acknowledge the Koran as the source of Terror that actually is.

  22. Hello, I just started to follow your “report” and I would like to request your authorization to translate and publicized your articles into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Unfortunately, most of South American countries are not engaged on these discussions, nor are they aware of such matters, which threatening their liberties and safety. On the contrary, there is an ideological warfare in the region which the people have just started to dismantle.
    I possess a proven track as a contributor, as well as, the proper academic credentials to formally approach this task. Having you any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me (my contact info is below)
    Thanks for your attention and keep on the good work. We are the front line in the modern battlefield. http://www.linkedin.com/in/pascual-arrechea

    • Pascual, you would have to contact each individual author through the original source. I know Robert Spencer, Bill Warner and Vlad Tepes are always interested in getting translations done. I applaud your efforts!

  23. First page I came to that still allows comments.

    Re the frequent migraines: Get a full thyroid workup (NOT just a TSH test). Intractible migraines are typically caused by hypothyroidism. Follow that with blood calcium screening for hyperparathyroidism (which usually is concurrent to some degree, but doesn’t always go away when thyroid is treated).

  24. I typed out the chapter about Islam from Dr Arthur Janov’s latest and last book, “Beyond Belief”, published in 2016 (Janov died aged 93 in 2017). I would like to email you this chapter for you to read because it explains the relationship between childhood abuse and extreme behaviour in adulthood from a very experienced therapist who has worked extensively with Muslim extremists. If you have seen this book, please advise me. If not, advise how I can let you see the first chapter. I cannot find the Contact form on this site.

  25. Thank you for your devotion to this critical threat that grows day by day. We are in your cousin’s debt.

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