Debating Islam

In the War of Ideas it helps to know your enemy’s tactics. Take a look at this incredible List of 93 Fallacious Arguments created by Don Lindsay


WikiIslam’s page on Islam and Propaganda will arm you with the facts


Stealth jihadists use language deceptively. Learn the definitions of Islamic terms here: Islam’s Deceptive Use of Western Terminology


Hugh Fitzgerald: Islam and the Propaganda War (Part II): The Debater’s Handbook


Twelve Tactics of Taqiyya – lying and deception for the benefit of Islam


 Watching others debate is very instructive:

Oxford Union Debate On Islam


Robert Spencer, perhaps one of the most adept at debating Islam, gives an excellent rebuttal to Mehdi Hasan’s speech here: Mehdi Hasan tries, fails to prove that Islam is a peaceful religion


Islam is a Religion of Peace- Intelligence Squared U.S.


David Wood has an extensive collection of his debates on his Answering Muslims website.


The Religion of Peace provides this helpful guide to : Games Muslims Play


Bill Warner answers objections raised by a Rabbi Islam apologist: Subjective Fundamental Errors


From Citizen Warrior:

Answers to Objections When You Talk About Islam:

BELOW IS a list of responses you are likely to get when talking about the terrifying brilliance of Islam to someone who knows little about it. Most of the responses link to an article giving you suggestions about how to effectively respond. In the next few months, we will add answers to the unlinked ones.

If you ever come across a response not on our list, and you have difficulty answering it, please let us know; we’ll work on it and add it to the list.

The good news is that the responses you will typically get are a fairly small number. You’ll hear the same few objections over and over. When you have some good answers to these objections ready at hand, you will be able to answer smoothly and with poise, without feeling tense or antagonistic.

We’re hoping you will add more possible responses or advice in the comments on the articles linked below. And if you have any possible answers to the unlinked responses below, we’d love to hear them (email us).

A extended version of the following list complete with answers is available at No Compulsion so you could print it out to share with others.

When you talk about Islamic supremacism with people, they are likely to say one of the following:

1. But it is just a small minority of extremists.

2. My friend is a Muslim and he’s really nice.

3. What you’re saying is racist.

4. Aren’t you being religiously intolerant? People in this country have a right to worship as they please. Isn’t religious tolerance one of our most important principles?

5. Christianity is just as bad.

6. Not all Muslims are terrorists.

7. We can’t go to war with 1.3 billion Muslims!

8. Are you an Islamophobe?

9. Isn’t this bigotry?

10. Are you a hatemonger? I don’t believe in promoting hatred.

11. You should really talk to some Muslims. You’re getting all this from books.

12. There are peaceful passages in the Qur’an too.

13. People take what they want from any writings. You can pretty much justify anything if you quote it out of context.

14. There are millions of Muslims in this country and they’re not blowing things up.

15. My family and my community is Muslim, and none of us are terrorists.

16. Fundamentalism is fundamentalism.

17. Haven’t mosques and churches and synagogues sat side-by-side in the Middle East for a thousand years?

18. You’re taking the verses of the Quran out of context.

19. But jihad is an internal struggle.

20. Criticizing Islam will push the moderates into the arms of the extremists.

21. You’re cherry-picking verses out of the Quran.

22. Wouldn’t it be better to support the peaceful Muslims (than to criticize the violent ones)?

23. What about the good verses in the Quran?

24. You are a xenophobe.

25. The majority of Muslims are peace-loving people.

26. Who are we to tell Muslims to change their beliefs?

27. What can we do about it?

I also have an all-purpose response to any objection you get. Simply ask: “How did you learn about Islam?” Your question will probably reveal to both of you how little the other knows about Islam, and that is a good place to start.

For more good responses, check out Frequently Asked Questions from Islam 101. The author, Gregory M. Davis, provides some good answers.


 Factual Persuasion: Changing the Minds of Islam’s Supporters

By: Dr. Bill Warner, Center For The Study Of Political Islam

factual-persuasion-bill-warnerFactual Persuasion is a 62 page booklet written to help people argue effectively with Islam apologists. It is available to purchase or download on his website and at Amazon.

This book will give you the facts you need as well as the debating strategy to go up against the most PC minded apologists as well as Islamists using taqiyya. All of the most common arguments you are likely to be met with are listed with fact based rebuttals to shoot them down. Dr. Warner even gives advice on how to maintain your emotional cool and remain confident and in control. This tiny little 62 page booklet is packed with valuable information and should be in every countetrjihadist’s arsenal to study and practice.

12 thoughts on “Debating Islam

  1. “A Faith Unchallenged is Mere Assumption” michaEL S. Smith
    This is true of ALL faiths. I. personally, like to have my faith challenged because if what I
    belive is not true, then I do not want to believe it. It’s as simple as that. This is freeing as it allows me to explore ideas without fear. Truth is my main objective.

  2. I have just stumbled upon your site, and have read very little because I know for sure that Muslims are not “bad”, Islam is not “bad”, people are bad. So while I sympathize with all who have lost due to radical jihadist, your fight is not with the “Islam”, religion.
    This is where my activism begins.
    Sherry Selvaggio

    • I Think this is the common misjurgement, islam is not bad. Any ideologi that say we are winners, the rest are loosers. Is bad. Any grup that tells u to kill who ever leaves it is bad. I have One simpel quistion for u sherry, Can u leave islam if u wanted .? What Will the price be for u?

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