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Political Islam, by Bill Warner, March 7, 2017:

Kafir Net is a new type of web site that allow us to work together to defeat political Islam. Watch this video for an introduction to a new concept for victory.

EMISCO and the Ongoing Push Against “Islamophobia” by the OSCE


Gates of Vienna, by Baron Bodissey Sept. 26, 2016:

The following report was written by the Counterjihad Collective after several members attended an EMISCO side event today at the OSCE/HDIM conference in Warsaw.

bulentsenayThe forum was structured so that the closing statements, given by Bülent Şenay, were delivered after the question-and-answer period to ensure a final word. The panel seemed defensive, with panel members making strident statements about various political parties, labeling them as “racist” and “Islamophobic”. Building on narratives emphasized in 2014, their efforts were aimed at escalating the Islamophobia rhetoric in the guise of racism and gender, with all of the women appearing in head coverings, amid a constant reference to the wearing of headscarves. Also of note was a peculiar omission: the materials associated with side event did not provide the names of the briefers.

Because EMISCO and the Turkish complement were force to acknowledge that the term “Islamophobia” lacks a definition, this question was presented again in this forum. The other question concerned the definition of “new form of racism not based on skin color” and “manifestations of racism” as well. The panel did not answer the question on racism. Quraishy answered that Islamophobia was not about reasonable disagreements. In his closing remarks, however, Bülent Şenay became visibly agitated, went off his prepared notes (he said) and forcefully declared that our asking the question was both Islamophobic and ridiculous because “we all know what it means” and hence “I won’t define it.” He went on to insist, however, that “we must define Islamophobia as a crime.” Of course, defining Islamophobia is an issue because criminalizing an activity that lacks a definition is a serious civil rights and verges on the criminalization of thought.

Professor Bülent Şenay speaks under color of some authority, which makes his observations something more than just the comments of a professor. The professor sits on the OSCE Human Rights Advisory Council, is a founding member of the Governing Board of EMISCO, and was the Diplomatic Counsel¬or for Religious and Cultural Affairs at the Turkish Embassy in The Hague from 2008 to 2012. In September 2013, Professor Şenay oversaw the drafting of a declaration that defined Islamophobia as “a groundless fear and intolerance of Islam and Muslims” that is “detrimental to international peace” such that there “should be recogni¬tion of Islamophobia as a hate crime and Islamophobic attitudes as human rights violations.” The declaration was written for the “International Conference on Islamophobia: Law & Media” in Istanbul, which was co-sponsored by Turkey’s Directorate General of Press and Information and the OIC. At the conference, Turkish President Erdoğan stated that “Islamophobia” is a “kind of racism” that is “a crime against humanity.” In 2014, Şenay felt comfortable chiding the Western audience by saying, “if I were to present a particular favor, this would be the title, ‘A New Cultural ISIS — International Strong Ignorance Syndrome’” as he presented his briefing with the title, “Is¬lamophobia in the 21st Century: International Strong IgnoranceSyndrome in Europe (ISIS).” In doing so, Şenay was suggesting that the extremism was in the reactions of the West, not in the acts of ISIS.


Stephen Coughlin at OSCE today by Vlad Tepes

Some may remember Stephen Coughlin’s intervention at a 2015 OSCE meeting where they openly admitted that hate speech should be a criminal matter and that the truth can indeed be hate speech.

Stephen went back to the OSCE “Human Development Implementation Meeting” today and spoke again to this committee, who seem bound and determined to use the language of cultural-Marxism to turn free societies into totalitarian Marxist and communist ones.


Clare Lopez on Islamic antisemitism at the OSCE – Turkish response follows by Vlad Tepes

This is Clare Lopez’s presentation at the OSCE, the European body that seeks to criminalize criticism of Islam as hate speech, today in Warsaw.

According to those watching the conference via live stream, this odd set of remarks by the Turkish delegate was a response to Clare’s presentation, as well as the rest of the interventions by Center for Security Policy personnel.


Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff OSCE Human Dimension Implementation meeting Warsaw 2106


Tundra Tabloids:

At the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe in Warsaw Poland, Atheists Ireland spokesman denounces the term “Islamofauxbia” as a fraudulent term.


Vlad Tepesblog:

Dave Petties OSCE presentation September 27 2016


Vlad Tepesblog:

Stephen Coughlin OSCE Sept 27

Panel Discussion at the “Can Islam Co-exist With the West” Conference

American Freedom Alliance sponsored conference in Los Angeles, “Islam and Western Civilization: Can they Coexist?”

“Islam in the Culture” Panel

Bosch Fawstin is an American cartoonist who won Pamela Geller’s “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas May 3, 2015 that experienced a Muslim terror attack that resulted in local police killing the two attackers. A self-proclaimed “recovered Muslim”, he was born into a Muslim family and raised in the faith before leaving it in his teens, becoming an atheist. He discussed how mainstream comic books are propaganda tools for Islam. 

Fawstin says, “We’ve gone from kicking the enemy’s ass to kissing it.” (truthrevolt.org)


Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-American human rights activist and critic of Islam, senior Fellow at the Center For Security Policy and president of Former Muslims United and Arabs For Israel. Activist Carol Washington gave a nice description of Nonie’s talk on Facebook, “Others explain Islamic Doctrine with citations; Nonie Darwish offers a window to the Islamic nightmare.This is a beautiful description of Biblical Values and where Islam and the koran get it all backward and wrong with a vengeance.”


Trevor Loudon, author of “The Enemies Within – Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” gives his dire warning for the upcoming US elections.


Morton Klein is a German-born American economist, statistician, and pro-Israeli activist.  He is the president of the Zionist Organization of America.  Conference attendee Douglas V. Gibbs said Klein’s rousing speech had people on their feet.  “He pulled no punches, telling it like it is about Islam.”


 Lt Col (ret) Roy White, Chairman of Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition, gives an eye opening presentation on how Islamist organizations are affecting American public schools and textbooks.

Daniel Greenfield: The Lie is Coming Apart

Daniel_Greenfield_imageGates of Vienna, by Baron Bodissey, Aug. 28, 2016:

On August 21 the American Freedom Alliance sponsored a conference in Los Angeles, “Islam and Western Civilization: Can they Coexist?” Daniel Greenfield, a.k.a. Sultan Knish, was one of the featured speakers.

Many thanks to Henrik Clausen for recording, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


“You’re Living Under the Sharia, and You Don’t Even Know It”

05af84ef275dce4f1cc31034ddc245c8123baaf8Gates of Vienna, by Baron Bodissey, Aug. 25, 2016:

As we reported on Monday, last Sunday the American Freedom Alliance sponsored a conference in Los Angeles, “Islam and Western Civilization: Can they Coexist?” Among the most prominent speakers at the event were Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Below is a video of their back-to-back speeches.

Many thanks to Henrik Clausen for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading it:

Also see:

The Daily Bailey 3/24/16 – Part 2

There is strength in numbers… Please forward this to others…

Thank you for coming to the defense of America… Dave



President Barack Obama was pictured dancing the tango this evening at a state dinner in Buenos Aires as he pushed ahead with his two-day state visit to the country despite intensifying calls for him to return home following the Brussels terror attack

Obama dances while Brussels burns: President and Michelle take to the floor to TANGO during glitzy state dinner in Buenos Aires as he ignores calls to come home in wake of terror attacks

Chris Pleasance and Francesca Chambers           The Daily Mail (UK)        24 March 2016

Obama would rather dance with a beautiful woman than deal with the grand jihad…

…understandable… there’s just one thing…

You can’t do that when you are the Leader of the Free World…     Dave

In Brussels police are still desperately hunting a dangerous terrorist after he fled a triple-suicide bombing in the city that left 34 dead, as officials search for news on U.S. citizens who went missing during the attack and medics tend to nine more Americans lying wounded in hospitals.

Meanwhile in Buenos Aires President Barack Obama was dancing the night away with wife Michelle at a glitzy state dinner alongside Argentine President Mauricio Macri and his first lady Juliana Awada as part of a two-day state visit.

Despite increasing calls from the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the President to return home in the wake of the Brussels attack, Obama showed his determination to carry on regardless Wednesday night.

At the end of the state dinner, the Obamas were pulled abruptly onto the dance floor by a pair of Latin dancers providing the entertainment.

At first, the woman in the shimmering gold dress seemed content to twirl with her partner, but then she made a beeline for the president and beckoned him to the floor.

The president, who has been known to break into song on occasion but has rarely shown off his moves, declined her invitation several times, but she wasn’t to be deterred and she soon had him sashaying across the floor. It was unclear if the slightly clunky President had been having lessons. Mrs Obama meanwhile tangoed with the male dancer nearby…


ISIS: 75 attacks. 20 countries, 1,280 killed

Killed at least 1,200 people, injured more than 1,700

Not bad for a “JV Team” of bloodthirsty terrorists…    Dave

Ray Sanchez, Tim Lister, Mark Bixler, Sean O’Key, Michael Hogenmiller and Mohammed Tawfeeq      CNN/KTVZ (Oregon)        March 22, 2016 

Since declaring its caliphate in June 2014, the self-proclaimed Islamic State has conducted or inspired nearly 75 terrorist attacks in 20 countries other than Iraq and Syria, where its carnage has taken a much deadlier toll; those attacks outside Iraq and Syria have killed at least 1,280 people and injured more than 1,770 others.

It can be difficult to divine the precise role that international terrorists play in this or that attack. The person who killed four U.S. Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in July 2015, for example, was “motivated by foreign terrorist organization propaganda,” FBI Director James Comey says, though he added that it’s hard to say which terrorist group motivated the killer.

Regardless, it is clear the deadly tentacles of ISIS have spread quickly, from the terrorist group’s epicenter in Iraq and Syria to points around the globe.

Here’s a look at terrorist attacks outside Iraq and Syria believed to have been inspired or conducted by ISIS or its regional affiliates, along with context about the known connections to ISIS:


May 24, 2014 –Three people are killed and another seriously injured in a shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium. The suspect was identified as Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old Frenchman from Roubaix in the Pas-de-Calais region of northern France. Nemmouche, who had spent a year in Syria, is a radicalized Islamist, according to the chief prosecutor of Paris…


Syrian army reaches outskirts of IS-held town of Palmyra

While Obama is dancing around in Argentina…

Putin deals with the ISIS threat…

…cutting at the head of the snake…

…where the attack on Brussels was planned…

It is not that Putin is good…

It is that Obama is that bad…     Dave

Albert Aji              Associated Press              Mar. 23, 2016

DAMASCUS, Syria— Syrian government forces backed by Russian airstrikes advanced swiftly in central Syria on Wednesday, seizing high ground around Palmyra and positioning themselves to recapture the historic town held by the Islamic State group. The troops, supported by pro-government militias, approached to within 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of the town, according to state TV. A Lebanese television station close to Damascus broadcast footage of the troops advancing single-file through a desert as helicopter gunships provided cover.

“God willing, within a few hours we will enter and secure the town,” one officer told the Syrian Ikhbariya TV, as a group of soldiers broke into chants in support of President Bashar Assad. The station was broadcasting live from a road reportedly on the outskirts of Palmyra.

The town is home to impressive Roman-era ruins and was one of Syria’s leading tourist attractions before the 2011 uprising. IS captured Palmyra last May and has destroyed some of the ancient monuments…

The government forces have been advancing on Palmyra since last week. Recapturing the town would be a major victory for Assad. Russia began withdrawing most of its forces and aircraft from Syria last week after a months-long bombing campaign that succeeded in turning the tide of the war again in the government’s favor. Moscow says it will keep its bases in Syria and continue to carry out airstrikes against IS and other extremists.

Syrian forces are pushing in from the west and south of Palmyra and are also closing in on the IS-held town of Qaryatain in central Syria, Homs governor Talal Barazi said. “There is continuous progress by the army from all directions,” Barazi told The Associated Press by phone, adding that he expected “positive results” over the next few days…


Bernie Sanders Goes on Late Night TV and Blames Trump For Islamophobia

According to Bernie…

“Islamophobia” is not a natural and rational response to murderous jihadist attacks…

No, no, no… It is Trump’s fault…    Dave

Lawrence Bonk              Independent Journal              March 23, 2016

As the world reeled from the terror attacks in Belgium, candidate Bernie Sanders appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Sanders had some unkind words for Donald Trump, seeming to blame him for the rise of Islamophobia: “At the end of the day, we cannot allow the Trumps of the world to use these incidents to attack all of the Muslim people in the world… That is unfair—to imply that because someone is a Muslim they are a terrorist, that is an outrageous statement, equally so when he talks about Mexicans coming over the border as rapists or criminals. That is not what this country is about.”

Donald Trump posted a series of tweets after the attack in Brussels that ranged in tenor…

4 Wycliffe Associates Bible Translators Brutally Murdered by Radicals; 2 Sacrificed Bodies to Save Lead Translator

Stoyan Zaimov                  Christian Post                  March 21, 2016

Four Wycliffe Associates workers have been killed in an attack by radicals in the organization’s office in the Middle East. Wycliffe explained in a statement that the attackers, who are yet to be identified, shot and destroyed all the equipment in the Bible translation office, but the hard drives containing the translation work for eight language projects was saved.

Two of the Wycliffe workers were apparently killed by gunshots, while two others laid on top of the lead translator and died while “deflecting bludgeoning blows from the radicals’ spent weapons,” and managed to save his life. Mae Greenleaf, prayer coordinator for Wycliffe Associates, said that several other people were also injured in the raid.

The organization explained that the remaining team has vowed to re-double their effort to translate, publish and print the Gospel for the eight language communities that they had been working on. “Please ask the Lord to mend the hearts and wounds of the translation team who have gone through this horrible ordeal. Pray that God will strengthen their minds, their hearts, and their bodies to be able to continue the translation of the gospel for their people,” Greenleaf asked…


Obama Calls GOP Approach to Muslim Terrorists “Un-American”

Michael Ware                Constitution.com                March 23, 2016

O cartoon

In politics, like life, people get stuck on one thing once they see it works. It becomes their failsafe, their go-to. It worked the last time, why not use it again? For President Obama, his has been to call anything his opponent or critics say “un-American.”

Deny healthcare, that’s un-American. Stop paying people not to work; that’s un-American. It is a catch-all. It has become a little redundant. But he has used it to deal with the issue of terrorism.

Breitbart reports: “Wednesday at a joint press conference with and President Mauricio Macri of Argentina, President Barack Obama said the proposals for fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) by both Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) were un-American and counterproductive.”

Not that I am for Cruz’s suggestions, it does seem that Obama has been calling it in of late. He has done little thinking about particular issues. Especially on this occasion, where Obama might be more off base than ever. I mean, does he know any American history?

This comes out more clearly when we know exactly what he said. Breitbart continues: “We should not do is take approaches that are going to be counterproductive. So when I hear somebody saying we should carpet bomb Iraq or Syria, not only is that inhumane, not only is that contrary to our values. . .So any approach that would single them out or target them for discrimination is not only wrong and un-American, but it also would be counterproductive because it would reduce the strength, the antibodies that we have to resist terrorism.”

First, I have one word for the President: Dresden. Dresden Germany was utterly destroyed by U.S. and British bombers. The doctrine of “strategic” or carpet bombing has been a bloody part of American history. There is no doubt that at least since 1920, this has in fact been a very American concept.

The History News Network writes: ‘the American B-17 bombers were indeed precise in destroying the targeted city of Dresden (as they had Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and many other enemy cities) in pursuit of the official doctrine of “strategic air warfare,” often called “carpet-bombing.”’

As far as not discriminating against Muslims being un-American, ask the Germans living in America during WWI, the Japanese in the second world war, or Korean-Americans during the Forgotten War. No, these things are not un-American, we just wish they were not necessary. We want that they had not needed to happen, but unfortunately, they did and may still do…


Trump questions U.S. financial backing for NATO

Trump chose a really bad time to talk about backing away from our NATO allies…   Dave

Mark Hosenball and Emily Flitter             Reuters              Tue Mar 22, 2016

WASHINGTON  — The United States should significantly cut spending on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said on Monday, questioning a policy that has underpinned U.S. foreign relations for nearly 70 years. Trump, whose world views have been rebuked by a section of the Republican establishment, made the comments as he unveiled a partial list of foreign policy advisers, who are relatively little known.

“We are paying disproportionately (for NATO). It’s too much and frankly it’s a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea,” Trump said in an interview on CNN. “We have to reconsider. Keep NATO, but maybe we have to pay a lot less toward NATO itself.”

NATO, now consisting of 28 members, was formed after World War Two as a Western military alliance against the Soviet bloc.

The comments reinforced Trump’s relatively isolationist stance on foreign policy. The New York billionaire businessman has alarmed establishment Republican foreign policy thinkers with comments denigrating Muslims and Mexican immigrants, and with his vows to tear up international trade deals.

Announcing his foreign policy advisers in an interview with the Washington Post editorial board, he said the United States should not be “nation-building anymore,” adding that Washington could not afford to keep funding NATO at current levels. “We certainly can’t afford to do this anymore,” he said…


Ted Cruz Attacks Donald Trump after Brussels Jihadist Attacks

Cruz came down hard on Trump, and Trump deserved it…

Trump’s pledge to defend America is starting to sound like…

…the America Firsters during World War II…

  • Trump refuses to take sides with Israel – our best ally in the Middle East…
    …because he wants to be an “
    honest broker” between Israel and the Palestinians…
  • Trump proposed that the U.S. should back away from NATO…”
    …just a day before the Brussels bombing…

Trump has made national defense his top issue…

And yet he proposes to through our key allies under a bus???

One more point: Trump’s advocates have been saying…

…that Cruz blamed Trump for the Brussels attack in this video…

This is simply not true…

What Cruz said is that if America backed away from NATO as Trump proposed…

…it would hand ISIS a major victory…

This is absolutely true…   Dave

Fox News Alert with Sen. Ted Cruz              Fox News              Mar 22, 2016

Ted Cruz Attacks Donald Trump after Brussels Jihadist Attacks…

Donald Trump reacts to Brussels attack (Full CNN interview)

Trump had an opportunity to correct the record on his NATO position…

…and rebuff Cruz’s accusation in this CNN interview…

While Trump says all of the right things in terms of defining the enemy…

…and national defense…

…he completely ignores NATO…

Watch the interview and be amazed…

The idea of standing with our allies never occurs to him even once

He is an America Firster, and that is a big strategic mistake…

National defense is incredibly important…

…and so is coming to the defense of our allies who are fighting ISIS over there…

…before a victorious ISIS turns its sights over here…    Dave

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, with guest Donald Trump         CNN               Mar 22, 2016

Donald Trump talks to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium, and what he would do as president to prevent a similar attack from happening in the U.S…

Iranian-Backed Shiite Militia Vows to Attack U.S. Forces in Iraq

Never mind that the militia’s enemy is also ISIS. In the tangled web of the Middle East, the “enemy of my enemy” is not necessarily my friend.

Meira Svirsky              The Clarion Project              Tue, March 22, 2016

O toon

One of the most powerful and deadly Shiite militias in Iraq has vowed to attack American troops fighting the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). Never mind that the militia’s enemy is also ISIS. In the tangled web of the Middle East, the “enemy of my enemy” is not necessarily my friend, but more likely my enemy.

Especially when Iran is added to the equation. Asaib Ahl al-Haq, the militia in question, is controlled and funded by Iran. The militia, whose name means “League of the Righteous,” is under the direct supervision of Qassem Suleimani, a leading general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Force, answerable only to the ayatollah, Iran’s “supreme leader,”  himself.

The militia announced on its television network al-Ahd, “If the U.S. administration doesn’t withdraw its forces immediately, we will deal with them as forces of occupation.”

U.S. Marines have deployed in Iraq to assist Iraqi forces preparing to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city that fell to the Islamic State in the summer of 2014. Their presence was revealed when a rocket attack over the weekend killed an American who was part of a Marine Expeditionary Unit stationed to provide artillery support for Iraqi troops.

The statement by the militia continued, “The forces of occupation are making a new suspicious attempt to restore their presence in the country under the pretext of fighting their own creation, Daesh [ISIS]… The occupation’s coward soldiers should understand that however protective their vehicles are, these vehicles will become an obstacle for them and they will burn to death inside them.”

Threats by the militia should be taken seriously. In the aftermath of the Iraq war to topple Saddam Hussein, the group launched over 6,000 attacks on U.S. forces between 2006 and 2011…


DOJ to announce charges against several Iranians in 2013 hacking of New York dam

Matthew Dean            Published March 23, 2016            FoxNews.com

The Department of Justice will announce charges against as many as five individuals with ties to the Iranian government for computer hacking-related crimes in connection with the 2013 hacking of a New York dam, a law enforcement source told Fox News Wednesday.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara are expected to make the announcement Thursday morning at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI have been investigating the incident at the Bowman Avenue Dam in Rye Brook, N.Y., which targeted the dam’s command and control system.

In December, The Wall Street Journal reported that officials at the Department of Homeland Security believe that hackers infiltrated the Bowman Avenue Dam through a cellular modem that enabled them to access the control system.

The breach raised fears of the vulnerabilities of the United States’ infrastructure to foreign hackers. It also came at a time that the Iranians were on the offensive in attacking U.S. banks.

It was believed at the time that the hackers never took control of the dam, but were able to probe the system, the report said…


Obama Admin Engaged in Secret Talks to Pay Iran Nearly $2 Billion

Officials admit delays in informing Congress, say more payments to come

This is an outrage…

Obama is taking two billion dollars, received by the U.S. from the Shah of Iran…

…and giving it to the government that overthrew him…

…which sees American as “the Great Satan” and wants to destroy us…    Dave

Adam Kredo            The Washington Free Beacon                 March 23, 2016


The Obama administration has spent three years engaged in secret talks with Iran that resulted in the payment of nearly $2 billion in taxpayer funds to the Islamic Republic, with more payouts likely to come in the future, according to a recent letter issued by the State Department and obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon. The administration’s disclosure came in response to an inquiry launched in January by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.), who was seeking further information about the Obama administration’s payment of $1.7 billion in taxpayer funds to Iran, which many viewed as a “ransom payment” for Iran’s release that month of several U.S. hostages.

The administration’s official response to Pompeo was sent earlier this week, just days after a Free Beacon report detailing a months-long State Department effort to stall the lawmaker’s inquiry. “We apologize for the delay in responding,” Julia Frifield, an assistant secretary for legislative affairs, states in the letter’s opening.

Obama administration officials first began talks to settle a number of outstanding legal claims leveled against the United States by Iran in 2014. The administration predicts that more taxpayer-funded payments are likely to be granted to the Islamic Republic in the future, according to the letter. Frifield in her letter goes on to defend the $1.7 billion payment to Iran and discloses that the administration is open to providing Tehran with more money if it is willing to settle these decades-old legal disputes with the United States.

“We are confident that this was a good settlement for the American taxpayer,” the State Department said.

Iran’s legal row with the United States surrounds the breakdown of a massive arms deal that was nixed in the aftermath of Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, which resulted in the capture of the U.S. embassy and American personnel stationed there…


Iran’s Executions And Human Rights Abuses Reach Record Levels After Nuclear Deal

Russ Read                 The Daily Caller               03/15/2016

Iran showed few signs of moderating its human rights policies after inking a nuclear agreement with the permanent members of the U.N Security Council and Germany last July. The Islamic Republic engaged in several human rights abuses and executed nearly 1,000 people in 2015, the highest number in over 20 years.

Ahmed Shaheed, the special rapporteur for Iran, told the U.N. Human Rights Council Monday “at least 966 persons — the highest rate in over two decades — were executed in [Iran in] 2015.” Last year’s executions represented an increase of 213 from the 753 executed in 2014.

“At least 73 juvenile offenders were reportedly executed between 2005 and 2015,” said Shaheed. “At least 160 others are awaiting the same fate on death row.”

Iran’s harsh crackdowns have not been limited to state executions, according to Shaheed. He said that as of January, at least 47 journalists and activists were imprisoned in the country. As many as 270 internet cafes were also closed for their supposed “threat to societal norms and values.”

Amnesty International’s report on Iran for 2015/2016 details many of the various human rights abuses the country continues to engage in, despite the renewed relationships it has made with the world since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (known as the Iran nuclear deal) was inked last July. Iran’s violations range from the aforementioned executions to freedom of speech, and everything in between.

“The authorities continued to severely restrict freedoms of expression, association and assembly,” said Amnesty’s report. “They blocked Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites, closed or suspended media outlets including the Zanan monthly women’s magazine, jammed foreign satellite television stations, arrested and imprisoned journalists and online and other critics, and suppressed peaceful protests.”

The report also noted that Iranian police engage in torture of prisoners during interrogations to illicit confessions. Sentences for those found breaking Iran’s strict penal code include a range of public punishments including “flogging, blinding and amputations.”

Religious persecution continued to be a mainstay in the country. Baha’i, Christians and Sunni Muslims continue to be arrested regularly and are hampered when trying to gain employment, education and the ability to practice their respective religions. Ethnic minorities continue to live under similar conditions…


Catholic school allows prominent Islamist activist to present Islamophobia propaganda to Catholic school students.

Florida Family Association             March 21, 2016

Ahmed Bedier

Click here to send email that expresses concern to officials at the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg Florida regarding Ahmed Bedier’s presentation to students in their care.

Creepingsharia.com published a report on March 16, 2016 titled Florida: Terror-linked, ex-CAIR Thug Addresses Catholic School Kids.  The article reports in part…


David Miliband’s IRC to seed Montana with refugees (soon!) US State Dept. gives go ahead

Ann Corcoran               Refugee Resettlement Watch         March 24, 2016

The Mayor, city council and county commissioners of Missoula County Montana have given their blessing to the New York City-based International Rescue Committee headed by former British Foreign Secretary and globalist David Miliband (good friend of both George Soros and Hillary Clinton) to begin the colonization of Montana with third world refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Asia beginning in Missoula.


Don’t be fooled, your local Miss Mary will not be choosing refugees for Montana, it will be Brit David Miliband at the IRC. Here Miliband is awarding George Soros the IRC’s highest honor—Freedom Award—in 2013. http://www.rescue.org/blog/freedom-award-honoring-george-soros

I have so much to say, where to begin?  First, if you are a new reader, see all of my previous posts on Montana by clicking here. Remember the driver for these new offices (this article says Tallahassee, FL just got a new office) is that Obama has upped the number of refugees to be resettled this year from the recent 70,000 a year to 85,000 for FY2016 (runs from Oct. 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016) and frankly they are running out of ‘capacity’ in existing resettlement cities.

Cities are overloaded and experiencing problems with such things as inadequate housing and not enough jobs for refugees.  Tensions are building in overloaded cities and they are looking to get a foothold into fresh territory.

So, since we learn in this article that the approval for the resettlement was granted for this fiscal year, it should happen quickly, AND it also means that the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has already sent a R & P Abstract to the US State Department.

The Abstract is the document that is supposed to have been created with consultation with local elected officials.  Did that happen?

Where is the plan?…


Yemen conflict: US air strike ‘kills al-Qaeda militants’

Glad to hear it, but what is the over-all plan??? What does victory look like?

How does defeating Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula…

not hand territory to the Iran-backed Houthis???

Without a grand plan, tactical victories lead to defeat…    Dave

BBC News              23 March 2016

At least 40 militants have been killed in a US air strike on an al-Qaeda training camp in south-eastern Yemen, local officials and medics say. Another 25 militants were wounded when the camp in Hajr, west of the port city of Mukalla, was bombed on Tuesday…

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has exploited the current conflict in Yemen to expand the territory under its control. Over the past year, the Houthi rebel movement and military units loyal to the former president have been battling a US-backed, Saudi-led coalition supporting the internationally-recognised government.

Almost 6,300 people, half of them civilians, have been killed in the fighting.

‘Denying AQAP safe haven’

The US has continued its campaign of drone and missile strikes against AQAP throughout the conflict, resulting in the deaths of a number of senior figures, including the group’s leader Nasser al-Wuhayshi in June and its combat operations chief Jalal Baleedi last month…


Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Hillary’s Shady BlackBerry Use

It is ridiculous to think Clinton didn’t know how to use a desktop computer…

What was she doing all those years before Blackberries existed???

She used to work at a law firm…

They were all computerized back in the 1980s…

Clinton had two motivations for using her Blackberry…

  • To conceal her communications from FOIA requests…
  • A reckless devotion to her own personal convenience…


Chuck Ross               The Daily Caller              03/23/2016

Much of the focus on Hillary Clinton’s email use as secretary of state has focused on the mystery that is the private email server that was set up in the basement of her New York home. But Clinton’s BlackBerry — which was not issued by the State Department — is also a crucial piece of the puzzle.

State Department emails published last week add to records that have been released over the past few months to paint a better picture of just how Clinton came to solely use that personal BlackBerry. Some of the emails show that State Department officials strongly urged Clinton and her aides against using non-secure devices. And others suggest that Clinton threw caution to the wind and used her BlackBerry in countries like Russia and China, a move which cyber security experts say put her at great risk of being hacked…

The initial request. Days after Clinton took office in Jan. 2009, her aides began pushing for a souped-up BlackBerry like the one that the National Security Agency (NSA) designed for President Obama, emails obtained by Judicial Watch show.

In a Jan. 23, 2009 email Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills asked Lewis Lukens, the executive director of the State Department’s executive secretariat, about obtaining a special BlackBerry…

..Lukens wrote. “Also think we should go ahead (but will await your green light) and set up a stand alone PC in the Secretary’s office, connected to the internet (but not through our system) to enable her to check her emails from her desk.”

The idea for Clinton to access her emails through a desktop system appears to have fizzled out, however, because Clinton was unable — or unwilling — to use a computer. “She says problem is hrc does not know how to use a computer to do email — only bb,” Lukens wrote, referring to the BlackBerry…

NSA denies Clinton’s request…

Official cautions against BlackBerry use…In a March 2 memo to Mills, Boswell wrote that the bureau of diplomatic security had conducted a review and reaffirmed its belief that “vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of Blackberries in the Mahogany Row [redacted] significantly outweigh the convenience their use can add to staff that have access to the unclassified OpenNet system on their desktops.”

Boswell also appeared to suggest that Clinton could sync her BlackBerry with OpenNet, the State Department’s unclassified email network. “Those Blackberries can be synchronized with your OpenNet Microsoft Outlook accounts, provide full cellular, e-mail, and internet functionality, and provide unclassified mobile technology when you are away from Mahogany Row.”

Clinton never did use an OpenNet system, however. She opted instead for an email system that utilized an email server maintained in her personal residence. Boswell also laid out the risks associated with using an unclassified BlackBerry…

As a recent Daily Caller investigation revealed, Clinton’s emails show that she sent and received dozens of messages during several trips to Russia and China, two nations which have robust spy agencies and capabilities. (RELATED: INVESTIGATION: Hillary Sent Dozens Of Emails On Her BlackBerry From Russia And China)

Aide loses personal BlackBerry. Just over a year later, Mills lost her personal BlackBerry. Emails obtained by TheDC show that on March 20, 2010 she emailed Bryan Pagliano to ask for help in transferring her contact list. Pagliano was the State Department IT specialist who managed Clinton’s private email system.

Mills appears to have used a Gmail account which was synced up to her BlackBerry. The trove of Clinton emails released by the State Department show that Mills received two now-classified emails on that personal account.

Clinton aides reject Department-issued BlackBerry. Other emails show that Clinton was provided an opportunity to begin using a Department-issued BlackBerry and a State.gov email account in the summer of 2011. But Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin, nixed the idea. She told Mull in an Aug. 31, 2011 email that providing Clinton with a government-issued BlackBerry “doesn’t make a lot of sense.”…

Mull then offered to provide Clinton with a second Department-issued BlackBerry that would operate a State Department email account. The new email account “would mask her identity” but it “would also be subject to FOIA requests,” he wrote. Clinton was never issued the government BlackBerry.

A surprise admission. Separate and apart from Clinton’s use of a BlackBerry is her claim that she did not send or receive classified information while in office. But video emerged in January showing Wendy Sherman, who served as under secretary for political affairs in the Clinton State Department, openly admitting that agency officials often used their BlackBerries to view information that “would never be on an unclassified system.”

Things appear on your Blackberries that would never be on an unclassified system, but you’re out traveling, you’re trying to negotiate something,” Sherman said during a 2013 conference for the American Foreign Service Association…


Int’l Advertising Group Helped Whitewash Saudi Crimes

A U.S. advertising powerhouse worked with Saudi Arabia for 10 years to whitewash the Saudi’s human-rights record, the UK’s Independent says.

The Clarion Project               Tue, March 22, 2016

One of the world’s largest advertising firms has been accused of helping Saudi Arabia whitewash its terrible human-rights record, according to an exclusive report by the UK newspaper The Independent.

Following the execution of 47 protesters in January, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir took to U.S. media to defend Saudi Arabia’s reputation. The Independent tracked the output of the Saudi-owned news outlet Arabia Now in pushing the Saudi regime’s agenda.

In an op-ed duly placed in Newsweek titled The Saudis Are Fighting Terrorism, Don’t Believe Otherwise, Al-Jubeir argued the wealthy Gulf kingdom had “arrested extremists within its borders, tried them before specialised courts and imposed the ultimate penalties on those convicted.”

The piece was distributed by Qorvis MSLGroup, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Publicis Groupe, the French conglomerate that owns brands which include Saatchi and Saatchi. The company has worked with Saudi Arabia for over a decade, helping with “media relations, advertising, government relations, grass-roots action and online communications,” according to a page about that relationship on the group’s website…


Post-Jihad Gesture Theater: Je Suis Sick of It

Michelle Malkin              Center for Individual Freedom              Wednesday, March 23 2016

Je Suis

While homicidal, suicidal and genocidal jihadists are busy plotting the next soft-target terror attacks on the West, docile Westerners are busy shedding cartoon tears and doodling broken hearts on social media. European artists rushed to fill Twitter and Instagram with images of Belgian comic book character Tintin weeping after vengeful Muslim terrorists left the Brussels airport and subway system buried in rubble and dead bodies.

Residents of the besieged city — which recklessly opened its doors to mass Muslim immigration and criminalized the vocal dissent of those who’ve objected over past decade — meekly protested the Quran-inspired violence by leaving pastel-colored chalk messages pleading for “peace no war.”

Echoing the “Je Suis Charlie” and “Je Suis Paris” rallying cries that followed the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo jihad attack and the November 2015 jihad massacres in Paris and Saint-Denis, tens of thousands of people spread the “JeSuisBruxelles” message with their thoughts, prayers and memes. And, of course, there will be flags lowered and monuments lit up all over the world this week in the national colors of Belgium to show “solidarity” with Tuesday’s victims of The Perpetrators Whose Religion Shall Not Be Named.

To borrow a useful phrase coined by British journalist James Bartholomew last year, we have reached the oversaturation point of post-terrorism “virtue signaling:” Hashtags, avatars and animated GIFs ad nauseam. These are the easy advertisements and maudlin displays of one’s resolute opposition to an unidentified something that must be stopped somehow by unspoken means…


Watch As The Hungarian Prime Minister Speaks Out Against Islam [VIDEO]

Constitution.com             March 23, 2016

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who opposes taking in Muslim migrants, is speaking out about the “destruction of Europe.” Orban claims that because Europe is not free, the “truth is not allowed to be said.”

“It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terror to our countries,” Orban said.

“It is forbidden to say that the arriving masses from other cultures are a threat to our way of life, our culture, our habits and our Christian traditions. Mass migration is a low water which erodes the shore with a persistent flow. It masquerades as a humanitarian issue but its true nature is to occupy space.”

KIIITV reported, “Orban, speaking under a steady rainfall, said that while earlier ‘opponents of freedom’ like the Soviet system resorted to prisons, camps and tanks to impose their will, ‘today the muzzle flashes of the international press, stigmatization, threats and extortion are sufficient.’”

In 2015, he told migrants: “Do not come to Hungary.”

Orban warned the European Union Member states that the “hundreds of thousands” of migrants today will become “tens of millions” of tomorrow. Hungarians don’t want Europe to be transformed into an Islamic state. Orban also declared that refugees were a “GERMAN PROBLEM.”…

Subtitled speech and transcript at The Rebel – WATCH: Hungarian PM denounces political correctness, mass Muslim migration

Police and Special Forces on standby for possible ten-strike terror attack on London

Counterterrorist units and Army regiments plan to combat simultaneous assaults

Tom Barnes              The Sun (UK)                   19 Mar 2016

COPS and Special Forces are preparing for up to ten simultaneous attacks on London, it was reported last night. Army regiments have been put on standby to help the Met and SAS amid fears the number of venues targeted could be in double figures. The National Crime Agency has also been ordered to make a crackdown on firearms a priority. Counterterrorist bomb disposal has been beefed up to be ready for a chemical or biological attack.

A minister familiar with the proposal told The Sunday Times: “We used to plan for three simultaneous attacks but Paris last November has shown you need to be ready for more than that. We are ready if someone tries with seven, eight, nine, ten.”

It is also feared terrorist prisoners will try to film an attack against prison guards and post it online.

A multiple attack would be the first on British soil since 7/7 in 2005…


Girls at UK Trojan Horse School Barred From Tennis

As administrators and staff tried to Islamisize UK public schools, girls were banned from tennis so that male teachers would not be exposed to ‘jiggling.’

Meira Svirsky             The Clarion Project            Mon, March 21, 2016

Park View, a school at the center of the infamous “Trojan Horse” scandal in Birmingham — where Islamist administrators, teachers and parents covertly Islamisized public schools in the UK — has long been cleaned up. Its governors and curriculum have been changed and it has reopened as Rockwood Academy. Still, as more details emerge, it is clear how – in the secret effort to make the school “sharia compliant,” students – particularly, female students – were marginalized while secular staff was intimidated and subjected to vulgarity.

During a misconduct hearing about the school, Park View’s press officer Susan Packer testified that she complained to the principal, Monsoor Hussain, that the girls at the school had been forbidden to take tennis lessons. Hussain remarked it was because the male teachers “did not want girls to be seen with their bits jumping up and down,” a retort Packer found “shocking” and “inappropriate.”

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. In hearings to disqualify the staff responsible for the “sharia compliance” at the school, the committee heard how 14- and 15-year-old boys at the school were told that Muslim wives must obey their husbands’ demands for sex.

“I couldn’t believe they could be told that, and felt they had empowerment over girls when it came to sex,” Packer said. “Many of the girls would say: ‘Miss, is this right, we are not allowed to say no to sex?’”

Boys and girls were often segregated, with the girls sitting in the back of the classroom and male teachers directing questions only to the boys. Packer told how the girls had complained to her. “I tried to promote equality of treatment and the [then] headmaster, Mozz Hussain, called me in and talked to me like I was something on the sole of his shoe,” she said…


The Daily Bailey 3/24/16

There is strength in numbers… Please forward this to others…

Thank you for coming to the defense of America… Dave



An Inordinate Fear of Terrorism?

Obama wants you to keep cool about jihadist mass murder.

Obama isn’t leading…

He is whistling past a huge graveyard…

…hoping his term ends before the zombie horde comes out…   Dave

Editorial Board Opinion                   The Wall Street Journal                March 22, 2016

o in cuba

Or maybe Obama just doesn’t think that terrorism is all that big a deal…    Dave

Tuesday’s coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels have left at least 30 people dead and more than 200 wounded, shut down the capital of Europe and raised security alarms from Frankfurt to London to New York. (See above.) So maybe it’s time we all get over our inordinate fear of Islamist terrorism.

Believe it or not, that’s the not-so-subliminal message we keep hearing from President Obama, even as he condemned the attacks during his visit to Cuba. “Obama frequently reminds his staff that terrorism takes far fewer lives in America than handguns, car accidents and falls in bathtubs do,”…


‘You don’t send a picture of yourself laughing while people have just been blown up’: 9/11 Mayor Rudy Giuliani hits Obama for attending baseball game in Cuba after Brussels bombings

To summarize Obama’s message to our allies…

“I don’t give a rat’s behind about Europe”…

Trayvon Martin? Well that’s a whole ‘nuther thing…    Dave

Francesca Chambers and Nikki Schwab           The Daily Mail              23 March 2016

o at game

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped into President Barack Obama for attending a baseball game in Cuba yesterday afternoon instead of jumping on his plane and coming home after the Brussels attacks

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped into President Barack Obama for attending a baseball game in Cuba yesterday afternoon instead of jumping on his plane and coming home after the Brussels attacks.

‘You don’t send a picture of yourself laughing while people have just been blown up at a level that…is the equivalent of September 11 to our allies,’ said Giuliani, mayor of New York at the time of deadly 20001 terrorist attacks.

Republicans are criticizing Obama for staying in Cuba in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Belgium and going about his day as planned. That included a baseball game, which he was seen at with his family doing the wave and casually chatting with Cuban dictator Raul Castro, at Havana’s Latinoamericano stadium and an am speech cementing the United States and Cuba’s renewed relations. He spent less than a minute addressing the bombings at the top of his remarks



It’s Time To Stop Pretending All Religions Are Equal

Matt Walsh              The Blaze              Mar. 22, 2016

…Of course, the only thing more routine than Muslims slaughtering mass numbers of innocents is how people react to it here in America. The same old arguments, amounting to nothing…

Speaking of amounting to nothing, I vented my frustration on Twitter, because what else can I do? I said I’m sick of hearing about the great benefits of multiculturalism. Europe is drowning in a tidal wave of unassimilated Muslims who are actively hostile to Europe’s culture, or what’s left of it. And for their trouble, Europeans are being gang raped in the street at night and blown to pieces during their morning commute…

…I… said I’m sick of the religious equivalences. Every time Muslims kill a bunch of people, secular liberals start in with their standard attempts to prove Christians are just as bad. It seems nothing will ever convince them that perhaps Islam is somewhat unique in its capacity for violence and atrocities.

So, naturally, my protests against equivalences were met with equivalences. A bunch of leftists told me Christianity and Islam are equal because of, among other things, a series of 11th century military campaigns. And so on and so on and so on.

But it got even more absurd. Leftists are so desperate to draw parallels between Christianity and Islam that one of them attempted to mitigate the Brussels attack by reminding me about the Christians who took over a nature reserve in Oregon a few weeks ago.

Me: “Muslims keep blowing things up.”

Liberals: “Yeah but Christians trespassed on a wildlife refuge  in Oregon!”…


An Islamic Apocalypse in Brussels

Raymond Ibrahim                  March 22, 2016   

Islamic jihad struck Brussels yesterday morning—first at Brussels Airport and then at a metro station 400 meters from EU headquarters—leaving at least 34 people dead and 230 injured. It was an apocalyptic scene according to survivors, “with blood and dismembered bodies everywhere,” even “thrown in to the air.”  One man recalled the “horror. I saw at least seven people dead. There was blood. People had lost legs. You could see their bodies but no legs.”

Witnesses heard the attackers yelling in Arabic moments before the bombs—one of which contained nails—detonated.  Other jihadi trademarks—including an unexploded suicide vest and a Kalashnikov rifle beside the body of a slain terrorist—were found.  Islam’s ancient war tactic of blending in with non-Muslims was also implemented.

Horrific as the attack is, its inspiration and Western responses to it are all too typical—meaning, as I opined last year after the Paris massacre, “many more such attacks and worse will continue.  Count on it.”

First, as happened on 9/11, Muslims around the world—those unnamed millions the media refer to as “ISIS supporters”—celebrated, including by once again handing out candy and shouting Islam’s victory war cry, “Allahu Akbar.” Yes, that ancient Islamic hate was back in the air and rampant on social media.  “We are not just clapping, but we are happy again. We are smiling, we are laughing and we are joyful like it’s a day of celebration,” tweeted one ISIS sympathizer.  Another wrote: “#Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response.”  Another wrote: “What a beautiful day today.  F*** Belgium.” Yet another wrote, “A lot of duas [Muslim prayers] were answered today.”

Still, most Muslim sympathizers were quick to portray their bloodlust as a product of grievances against the West: “the most common remark under the hashtag was ‘You declared war against us and bombed us, and we attack you inside your homeland.’ Another popular reaction from ISIS supports on Twitter was that the Brussels attacks were intended to avenge the Muslims’ blood that was spilled in Mosul in a series of airstrikes by the Western coalition over the weekend.”

Meanwhile, and as usual, in its communiques to fellow Muslims, ISIS articulated the attack through a distinctly Islamic paradigm.  It even signaled the attack with the words, “We have come to you with slaughter”—an assertion based on the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s words to a non-Muslim tribe that refused to submit to Islam: “I have come to you with slaughter.”

If this assertion is not clear enough concerning the intent and mission of Muhammad—and those who seek to follow him—another canonical assertion attributed to him and regularly quoted by jihadis, including over a decade ago in the opening paragraph of al-Qaeda’s “Declaration of War against Americans,” has the prophet saying…


Hillary Clinton, terror warrior

The O’Reilly Factor with guest Rudy Giuliani          Fox News         Mar. 23, 2016

Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points 3/23; Plus reaction from Rudy Giuliani…

The video…

Gingrich: When will our leaders realize we are at war?

Hannity, with guest Newt Gingrich           Fox News            Mar. 23, 2016

Democrats slam Republicans for tough responses to terror; Former House speaker reacts on ‘Hannity’ …

How To Respond

Gary Bauer             American Values              March 23, 2016

Responding to the Islamist attacks in Brussels yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz said that law enforcement in this country should more closely monitor Muslim neighborhoods for signs of extremism. What might seem like common sense to many was greeted with ridicule and derision by many left-wing activists and their media allies. Cruz’s comment was labeled “incendiary,” “un-American,” “dangerous” and “racism-fueled xenophobia.”

Some even suggested that American Muslims are not like those in Europe. One commentator dared Senator Cruz to “name one community, one city where we have a large group of radicalized Muslims.” How about Minneapolis?

The first question we should be asking is, “In which communities do we have radicalized mosques?” There are many. Mosques built with Saudi money often have imams trained in radical Islamic theology.

It is amazing how far we have drifted since 9/11. We used waterboarding after 9/11 and it saved lives. Now elite opinion insists that waterboarding is beyond the pale. But beyond that, we have drifted so far from a wartime mentality that we can’t even get an iPhone opened.

After the San Bernardino attack, we learned that there was a monitoring program in place that might have prevented that attack. But the Obama Administration shut it down over fears of profiling.

There were plenty of warnings about the Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan. But our military leaders were too worried about their careers, too afraid of left-wing political orthodoxy to do anything about it.

Who in the government was fired after the Fort Hood attack? Who was fired after the Boston Marathon bombing? Who was fired after the Chattanooga shooting? Who was fired after San Bernardino?

Here’s the bottom line: There is no price to be paid if the government fails to stop an attack. But anyone who dares to suggest steps that might prevent terrorist attacks is likely to pay a heavy price in public scorn and ridicule.

Belgium’s 9/11

Belgium is a relatively small European nation with a population of 11 million people. The United States has roughly 30 times Belgium’s population. Comparing the casualties proportionally to our respective populations would be like the U.S. suffering more than 900 people dead and 6,000 wounded.

My point is this: Yesterday’s attack in Brussels, the headquarters of NATO, was Belgium’s 9/11. And that event warranted only 51 seconds of Barack Obama’s time yesterday. After a brief press conference in Havana, the president took in a baseball game. He even did the wave with Raul Castro.

This is not evidence of Obama being tone deaf or frivolous. He is a very serious man. This is his approach to Islamic terror — ignore it as an inconvenient distraction.

As he told ESPN yesterday, “You want to be respectful and understand the gravity of the situation. But the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people’s ordinary lives.”…

Yucking it up with a communist dictator on a day of such tragedy fits Obama’s pattern. After the Benghazi attacks, Obama made a brief statement and then flew off for a fundraiser.

Obama dismissed ISIS as a “junior varsity team.” After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, world leaders streamed to Paris to march arm-in-arm. But not Obama. This is a deliberate effort to downplay and ignore the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

Bankrupting Nuns

There is one kind of “religious extremism” Obama is all in on fighting — slapping down the beliefs of Christians who take their faith seriously.

Yesterday in Cuba, he legitimized a regime that routinely throws Christians in jail. Today, his lawyers are arguing before the Supreme Court that the Little Sisters of the Poor, if they remain faithful to Catholic teaching, should be bankrupted, even though they serve constituents the president claims to care about…


BREAKING: What Castro Just Said While Standing Feet From Obama Is Jaw Dropping

“That’s why its removal will be of the essence.”

We knew it all along…

So far, we have been able to thwart Obama’s plans…

…to close Gitmo and give it to the Castros…

Obama was not able to hand Gitmo to Castro at this visit, as planned…

His time is not up though… stay vigilant…   Dave

Randy DeSoto              Western Journalism               March 21, 2016

Cuban President Raul Castro called on the United States to hand over the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base at the joint press conference in Havana with President Obama on Monday.

Castro said that Guantanamo Bay is being “illegally occupied,” though the territory was granted to the U.S. as part of Cuban-American Treaty of Relations in 1903. The United States won Cuba its independence during the Spanish-American War: the island was a colony of Spain prior to that time.

The U.S. and Cuba affirmed America’s right to the facility in another treaty signed in 1934, which granted the land as part of a perpetual lease.

In addition to returning Guantanamo Bay, Castro called on the United States to lift its trade embargo against his nation. “The blockade stands as the most important obstacle to our economic development and the well-being of the Cuban people. That’s why its removal will be of the essence,” the Cuban leader said, Politico reported...


Trump Gets Blunt With Anchor on Radical Islam: ‘You Have to Deal With the Mosques, Whether We Like It or Not’

Jon Street             The Blaze            Mar. 22, 2016

Donald Trump said in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks Tuesday that “we have to deal with the mosques,” renewing his controversial call for more government surveillance of Islamic mosques in the U.S.

Trump was defending his earlier call to ban all Muslims seeking to enter the U.S. and criticized New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio for stopping surveillance of Islamic mosques in the city. In November, Trump called for a “complete and total shutdown” of Muslims coming into the U.S. following the Paris terror attacks.

“Frankly, look, we’re having problems with the Muslims, and we’re having problems with Muslims coming into the country,” Trump told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

“You need surveillance. You need to deal with the mosques whether we like it or not,” Trump added…

The video…

Global Jihad’s Deadly Calendar

There’s not a day that goes by without an Islamist attack somewhere.

This author is low-balling…

Islam Update readers learn about several attacks per day…    Dave

Sohrab Ahmari              The Wall Street Journal                 March 22, 2016

Islamist terror struck at the heart of the European Union on Tuesday. Islamic State jihadists staged a triple-bombing in the Belgian capital—two at the Brussels airport and a third at a metro station downtown—that killed at least 30 people combined. It was the latest reminder that Islamic terrorism is now a permanent and ubiquitous hazard to life in every city, on every continent.

In coming days European authorities will level reproaches about the missed warning signs, security lapses and the larger failure to integrate Belgian Muslims. Commisioins will be formed. Sympathetic memes will proliferate on social media. Je suis Belge.

This routine has become numbingly familiar. And these habitual responses, while understandable, defer a reconing with a larger truth: Not a single day now goes by without an Islamist suicide bombing, rocket attack, shooting spree, kidnapping or stabbing somewhere in the world. Consider the past 10 days. On Sunday, March 13, jihadists sprayed gunfire on sunbathers in Grand Bassam, a resort town in the Ivory Coast popular with Westerners and wealthy Ivorians. The attack, which was claimed by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, killed 16 people, including Burkinabe, Cameroonian, French, German, Ivorian and Malian citizens.

On Monday, March 14, two Palestianians fired on Israilis waiting at a bus stop in Kiryat Arba, in the West Bank…

On Tuesday, march 15, al Qaeda’s Somali franchise, al-Shabaab, kidnapped three Red Crescent aid workers in the country’s southwest, according to thelocal media. The abductions followed al-Shabaab’s seizure of a village in central Somalia, amid a broader Islamist resurgence in the Horn of Africa…

On Wednesday, march 16, a pair of female suicide bombers blew themselves up at a mosque in Nigeria, killing 24…


Belgian Intelligence Had Precise Warning That Airport Targeted for Bombing

Attack in subway likely also known in advance by Belgian and Western agencies; attack plan was formulated at de-facto ISIS capital of Raqqa, in Syria.

Amos Harel               Haaretz (Israel)             Mar 23, 2016

The Belgian security services, as well as other Western intelligence agencies, had advance and precise intelligence warnings regarding the terrorist attacks in Belgium on Tuesday, Haaretz has learned. The security services knew, with a high degree of certainty, that attacks were planned in the very near future for the airport and, apparently, for the subway as well.

Despite the advance warning, the intelligence and security preparedness in Brussels, where most of the European Union agencies are located, was limited in its scope and insufficient for the severity and immediacy of the alert.

As far as is known, the attacks were planned by the headquarters of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Raqqa, Syria, which it has pronounced as the capital of its Islamic caliphate.

The terror cell responsible for the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday was closely associated with the network behind the series of attacks in Paris last November. At this stage, it appears that both were part of the same terrorist infrastructure, connected at the top by the terrorist Salah Abdeslam, who was involved in both the preparation for the Paris attacks and its implementation…


DATA: Young Muslims in the West Are a Ticking Time Bomb, Increasingly Sympathising with Radicals, Terror

Raheem Kassam                Breitbart News              22 Mar 2016

On the back of the Brussels terror attack it is worthwhile remembering that while a majority of Muslims in the West appear to have no truck with terrorism or extremism, there are a significant number who sympathise with terrorism and repeatedly attempt to justify attacks on the West.


An ICM poll from 2006 revealed that 20 per cent of British Muslims sympathised with the 7/7 bombers who brought terror to the streets of the British capital, killing 52 and injuring hundreds. This number rose to one in four British Muslims, according to NOP Research for Channel 4. With a British Muslim population of over 3 million today, that translates to roughly three quarters of a million terror-sympathising people in the UK.

The number rises for younger British Muslims – a sure sign that radicalisation through schools, mosques, and prisons (often via Saudi-funded groups) is creating a long-term problem in Europe. Thirty-one per cent of younger British Muslims endorsed or excused the 7/7 bombings of 2005, with just 14 per cent of those over 45 doing so.

Twenty-seven per cent of those polled in the United Kingdom say they had sympathy with the attacks on Charlie Hebdo – the French satirical magazine that published cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammed last year, with 78 per cent supporting punishment for the publication of cartoons featuring Muhammed and 68 per cent supporting the arrest and prosecution of British people who “insult Islam.”

And this number pales in comparison to global Muslim population figures. According to World Public Opinion (2009) at the University of Maryland, 61 per cent of Egyptians, 32 per cent of Indonesians, 41 per cent of Pakistanis, 38 per cent of Moroccans, 83 per cent of Palestinians, 62 per cent of Jordanians, and 42 per cent of Turks appear to endorse or sympathise with attacks on Americans or American groups.

A 2013 study found that 16 per cent of young Muslims in Belgium believed that state terrorism is “acceptable,” while 12 per cent of young Muslims in Britain said that suicide attacks against civilians in Britain can be justified


Muslim police refuse to protect French synagogues

Muslim police officers refuse to protect synagogues or to observe a minute of silence to commemorate victims of terror attacks.

Shoshana Miskin               Israel National News             3/21/2016

Muslim police in France refuse to protect synagogues as growing support for Jihad is affecting law enforcement, according to a Gatestone Institute report. The report claims that a leaked confidential memo from the Department of Public Security, published by Le Parisien, detailed 17 cases of police officers radicalized between 2012 and 2015, noting that the police officers listen to and broadcast Muslim chants while on patrol.

According to the anti-terrorist unit of the French Interior Ministry, as of January 2016, France is already host to 8,250 radical Islamists (a 50% increase in one year). Some have gone to Syria to join ISIS while others have infiltrated all levels of society, including the police and the armed forces.

Some of these police officers have openly refused to protect synagogues or to observe a minute of silence to commemorate the deaths of Jewish victims of terrorist attacks.

The fact that police officers are armed and have access to police databases only intensifies the anxiety among France’s Jewish communities.  One policewoman allegedly incited terrorism on Facebook, calling her uniform a “filthy rag of the Republic” while wiping her hands on it. Moreover, after the January 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Hypercacher kosher supermarket, which left 17 people dead, the same officer wrote on her Facebook page: “Masked attack led by Zionist cowards… They need to be killed.”…


From Syria to Brussels

Terrorism spreads from the failure to destroy Islamic State.

This article is an example of politically correct wishful thinking…

It shows that even the usually honest Wall Street Journal can be infected…

The author pretends that our problems can be solved…

…if we simply “destroy the Islamic State”…

ISIS is not the problem…

It is a symptom of the problem…

We already know this because Obama killed Osama and “decimated” “core al-Qaeda”

Yet the problem of jihadist attacks is bigger than ever…

The real problem is ISIS’s broad appeal to Muslims…

ISIS has an authentic interpretation of Islam based on Islam’s unholy texts…

Time and again Islamist movements rise up and menace parts of the world…

They are often defeated, only to rise up again under a new name…

The root problem is Islamic ideology itself…

…and until Westerners are honest about this…

…we will continue to play a wasting and deadly game of whack-a-mole…

…with the Islamists of the world…

The only solution is to go after Islam the way we went after Shintoism in World War II…

The time is approaching when we will have to force Islamists…

…to either leave…

…or renounce the divine connection of Islam’s emperor…Muhammad…    Dave

Editorial Board Opinion              The Wall Street Journal                   March 22,

Authorities warned for months that Brussels was likely to be the target of an Islamist terrorist attack, but that didn’t lessen the shock when it happened Tuesday morning. At least 30 were killed by a suicide bomber at the Brussels airport and in another bombing barely an hour later on a subway train near the European Union’s main office complex. Dozens more were injured…


State Department issues warning to all Americans travelling to Europe to be vigilant and stay away from crowds during Easter celebrations amid fears of further attacks

Jihadists attacking Easter celebrations???

Oh, but Obama says that Islam has nothing to do with it…

And besides, the Crusades…    Dave

Chris Pleasance             The Daily Mail               23 March 2016

The State Department has warned Americans travelling to Europe to be vigilant and stay away from large crowds during the Easter celebrations following the Brussels suicide bombings.

Officials issued a Europe-wide travel alert on transport networks and at tourist sites after the triple-bombing in Belgium on Tuesday that left 34 people dead. ‘Terrorist groups continue to plan near-term attacks throughout Europe, targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants, and transportation,’ it said in a statement.

U.S. citizens have also been urged to take precautions in public places, avoid crowded areas and to use extra caution during religious holidays and at large events – hinting at Easter this weekend. Meanwhile security has been beefed up across America over fears the suicide bombings in Brussels could prompt copy-cat killings or inspire lone wolf-style attacks, such as the one in San Bernardino.

Security has been ramped up at major airports and transit hubs around the country including in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Philadelphia. Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, said there is an increased police presence at airports and transport hubs around the city, but also on bridges and major tunnels…


Good News for France=> 25% of French Teenagers are Muslim – 1 in 5 Support ISIS

Jim Hoft             The Gateway Pundit              Mar 22nd, 2016

A new study released in February found that 25% of French teenagers are Muslim.
One-in-four are Muslims.
ME Forum reported:

An investigation of the French youths’ religious beliefs was conducted last spring by Ipsos. It surveyed nine thousand high school pupils in their teens on behalf of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Sciences Po Grenoble.

The data was released on February 4, 2016, by L’Obs, France’s leading liberal newsmagazine. Here are its findings:

  • 8% of French youths do not identify with a religion.
  • 2% describe themselves as Christian.
  • 5% call themselves Muslim.
  • 6% identify as Jewish.
  • Only 40% of the young non-Muslim believers (and 22% of the Catholics) describe religion as “something important or very important.”
  • But 83% of young Muslims agree with that statement.

Worse yet– One in six French residents support ISIS (That’s more than Gaza…   Dave).

Muslim poll on ISIS

CNS News reported: “A survey done by ICM research, found that nearly 16% of French citizens have a favorable view of ISIS. To add some context to that number,  French president Francois Hollande currently has an approval rating of 18%


The Dark Path to Brussels

David Ignatius             Real Clear Politics             March 23, 2016

WASHINGTON — The value of catastrophic events is that they can help people face up to problems that are otherwise impossible to address. Maybe this will be the case with Tuesday’s horrific attacks in Brussels.

Europe is facing a security threat that’s unprecedented in its modern history, at a time when its common currency, border security and intelligence-sharing are all under severe stress. If Europe were a stock, a pragmatic investor would sell it, despite the sunk cost and sentimental attachment. Without radical restructuring, it’s an enterprise that’s headed for failure.

The European Union needs to reinvent its security system. It needs to break the stovepipes that prevent sharing information, enforcing borders and protecting citizens. In the months before Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels, “the system was blinking red,” as George Tenet, the former CIA director, famously described the period before Sept. 11, 2001. Yet Belgium (like pre-9/11 America) couldn’t connect the dots.

The jihadist wave rolling back toward Europe is dizzying: U.S. intelligence agencies estimate that more than 38,000 foreign fighters have traveled to Iraq and Syria since 2012. At least 5,000 of them came from Europe, including 1,700 from France, 760 from Britain, 760 from Germany and 470 from Belgium, according to official data collected by the Soufan Group, a security consulting firm. Relative to its population, Belgium spawned the largest number of these fighters.

Belgian authorities couldn’t find Salah Abdeslam, the logistical planner of the November Paris attacks, for more than 120 days — until they finally nabbed him last Friday a few blocks from where he grew up in the Arab enclave of Molenbeek. He was hiding in plain sight. But Belgium’s failure was cooked into the system: The jihadists move stealthily, and the Belgians didn’t collect or share enough of the intelligence that was there. The authorities had allowed Molenbeek to become a safe haven — more dangerous to Belgium than even the jihadists’ sanctuaries in Syria, Iraq and Libya…


Rise of patriotic populists challenges Muslim invasion

Germany rocked by surging anti-immigrant party

World Net Daily          March 17, 2016

As the Continent reels from the continuing surge of Islamic refugees Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is sounding the alarm about the “destruction of Europe.” The fiery eastern European leader, who has emerged as the de facto leader of the resistance to the Islamic “refugee” influx, called for Europeans to unite and put the “brakes on Brussels” in a recent speech. And his comments come at a time when the leader most responsible for welcoming the Muslim migrants, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has suffered a stunning political defeat.

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union was shocked earlier this week as angry Germans rallied to a once fringe populist and anti-immigration party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which won sizable percentages of the vote in three regional elections, including more than 24 percent in the east German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

AfD also won 15 percent in Baden-Württemberg and 12.5 percent in Rhineland-Palatinate, buttressing the controversial party’s claim it represents a sizable national constituency. According to polls from last fall, AfD is the third most popular political party in the country. Its image has been helped by its youthful female leader, the pixie haired Frauke Petry, who took to social media after the vote to boast the AfD “made an important first step in the right direction to break the cartels of consensus parties.”

While Merkel has pledged to stay the course and accept more and more refugees, even the mainstream press has turned on her policies, with the German magazine Der Spiegel arguing Merkel created a “German society that is more divided and disgruntled than it has been in years… [and] a Europe that is no longer united.”

But don’t expect Merkel to back down. In fact, WND columnist and internationally renowned anti-Islamization activist Pamela Geller expects Merkel to respond with further repression.

“Merkel’s migrant policy is wildly unpopular,” Geller told WND. “She has already conspired with Mark Zuckerburg to censor dissent from her policies on Facebook. She will crack down further. She cannot win debates or convince people of the rightness of her course, because it is so wildly wrong. Force is all that’s left for her to employ.”

Geller, the author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” argues the elections show the German people are resisting Merkel’s plan to import thousands of refugees. However, she does not expect the elections to change Merkel’s course of action…


Geert Wilders For Breitbart: ‘We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’

Oliver JJ Lane               Breitbart News             22 Mar 2016

Dutch Party For Freedom (PVV) leader and prominent counter-Islamist campaigner Geert Wilders has spoken exclusively to Breitbart London in the aftermath of this morning’s major terror attack and has lamented it is just the beginning of growing Islamist violence.

Mr. Wilders said: “I fear that we ain’t seen nothing yet. According to Europol 3,000 to 5,000 European jihadists, who went to Syria to fight in the ranks of IS and similar terrorist groups, have meanwhile returned to Western Europe. Some of them hid among the hundreds of thousands of Islamic asylum seekers that entered Europe from Asia and Africa. Two of last November’s terrorist in Paris had fought in Syria. So had the terrorist who, last August, attempted to attack the high speed train between Amsterdam and Paris. So had the two terrorists who, in January 2015, massacred the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo. So had the terrorist who, in May 2014, shot four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels”.

Belgian police have recently said at least 90 returned fighters from the Islamic State are living at liberty in Brussels, many of them in the infamous Molenbeek neighbourhood. European Commission insider Hermann Kelly told Breitbart Radio this morning he was concerned so many lived just miles from the political capital of the European Union. Mr. Kelly said: “This is amazing to me that these people can kill people abroad, come here, and then walk free in the centre of Brussels”.

On this, Mr. Wilders remarked: “Returned Syria fighters are a huge threat. They are dangerous predators roaming our streets. It is absolutely unbelievable that our governments allow them to return. And it is incredible that, once returned, they are not imprisoned. In the Netherlands, we have dozens of these returned jihadists. Our government allows most of them to freely walk our streets and refuses to lock them up. I demand that they be detained at once. Every government in the West, which refuses to do so, is a moral accessory if one of these monsters commits an atrocity. The government must also close our national borders. The European Union’s Schengen zone, where no border controls are allowed, is a catastrophe. The Belgian Moroccan Salah Abdeslam, the mastermind of last November’s bloodbath in Paris, travelled freely from Belgium to the Netherlands on multiple occasions last year. This is intolerable. Open borders are a huge safety risk. Our citizens are in mortal danger if we do not restore control over our own national borders”…


Cruz campaign clarifies call to ‘patrol and secure’ Muslim neighborhoods

Published March 22, 2016                 FoxNews.com

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign on Tuesday clarified controversial comments suggesting surveillance in Muslim neighborhoods should be intensified following the deadly bombings on Brussels’ airport and subway. Earlier in the day, the Texas senator said in a statement: “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.”

After facing criticism for the comments, the campaign said Tuesday afternoon that the candidate is trying to say that police should have “every tool available” to provide security.

“We know what is happening with these isolated Muslim neighborhoods in Europe. If we want to prevent it from happening here, it is going to require an empowered, visible law enforcement presence that will both identify problem spots and partner with non-radical Americans who want to protect their homes,” campaign Press Secretary Catherine Frazier said in a statement. She went on to cite the example of New York City pulling back on law enforcement efforts with Muslim communities, and said: “Ted Cruz will never allow political correctness to drive decisions about our security. … The police should have every tool available to follow leads and take action against those who would do us harm.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, earlier had condemned Cruz’s suggestion of surveillance, saying it sends “an alarming message to American-Muslims who increasingly fear for their future in this nation and to all Americans who value the Constitution and religious liberties.”…


Bill to Designate Brotherhood as Terror Org Gains More Support

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act now has bipartisan support. Over 50 members of Congress are now in favor it.

Ryan Mauro              The Clarion Project              Tue, March 22, 2016

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act now has bipartisan support and over 50 members of Congress are cosponsors and/or have voted in favor it. It passed the Judiciary Committee in February and directly calls out the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a Brotherhood front with links to Hamas.

The Clarion Project thanks all the readers who responded to our requests to contact their congressmen and Senators to ask for position statements and to facilitate briefings for their staff.

See below for a list of members of Congress who have endorsed the legislation, those who have declared opposition to it and those on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who have yet to take a position.

If passed, the bill would state that Congress believes that the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria of a Foreign Terrorist Organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189).

It gives the Secretary of State a period of 60 days to provide a detailed report explaining whether the Brotherhood meets the standard for Foreign Terrorist Organization designation and why. The legislation contains a mountain of evidence in support of designation.

The legislation explicitly identifies the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) as U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities and includes evidence tying them to a Hamas support network.

The bill (HR3892) was introduced by Rep. Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and referred to the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. Three members are cosponsors (Reps. King, Buck and Trott). The Senate version (S2230) was introduced by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and referred to the Foreign Relations Committee, where only Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has signed on. Johnson is also the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

We encourage readers to contact their representatives and Senators and ask them for a position statement. Please forward any official statement to the Clarion Project so we can update readers on where they stand on the Muslim Brotherhood. A statement of opposition is just as important to know as a statement of support…


ACTION ALERT: Urge Your Senators to Support Muslim Brotherhood Bill

Brigitte Gabriel                ACT for America         March 10, 2016

Send an email or make a phone call to your U.S. Senator in support of this bill.

Last week, we sent out an email asking you to contact your Senators and Representatives in support of S.2230 and H.R. 3892, Senate and House bills stating that Congress believes the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria of a Foreign Terrorist Organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189).

H.R. 3892, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act, has been introduced by Representative Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL). S.2230, the companion bill under the same name, has been introduced by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  At this time, the Senate bill has only two cosponsors, Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and Ron Johnson (R-WI).

If you have already contacted your elected officials in support of these bills, thank you.  Due to the efforts of our members, H. R. 3892 now has bipartisan support in the House, with Representative Colin C. Peterson (D-MN) signing on as a cosponsor.

The legislation lists U.S. groups that include the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) as groups under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Again, the Senate bill only has two current cosponsors.  Below, please see the list of Senators on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (the Committee with jurisdiction over the legislation) who have yet to take a position on S. 2230.

If your Senator is on the list below, we urge you to contact him/her to ask for support in the form of co-sponsorship of S.2230! (Note: “supporting” a bill is not enough.  We need these Senators to cosponsor the bill!)

  • Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
  • John Barrasso (R-WY)
  • Ben Cardin (D-MD); Ranking Member
  • Christopher Coons (D-DE)
  • Bob Corker (R-TN); Chairman
  • Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
  • Cory Gardner (R-CO)
  • Johnny Isakson (R-GA)
  • Tim Kaine (D-VA)
  • Edward Markey (D-WA)
  • Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
  • Chris Murphy (D-CT)
  • Rand Paul (R-KY)
  • David Perdue (R-GA)
  • James Risch (R-ID)
  • Marco Rubio (R-FL)
  • Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)
  • Tom Udall (D-NM)

The Bridge Initiative’s failed attempt to ‘debunk’ Federal evidence

Center for Security Policy            March 8, 2016 .

The Bridge Initiative, part of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, delivered a broadside against what it described as a “Conspiracy Theory” around the piece of Muslim Brotherhood archival history known as the “Explanatory Memorandum”, by Mohammed Akram Adlouni, a senior U.S. Muslim Brotherhood member.

We have highlighted the ties the Bridge Initiative shares with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood previously. In particular, we’ve noted that its head, Professor John Esposito, was an advisory board member for the Hamas-linked think tank the United Association of Studies and Research (UASR), along with a myriad of other Brotherhood associations. We’ve also previously highlighted their association with the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a group with ties to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and even Al Qaeda.

The Bridge Initiative is anxious to debunk the Explanatory Memorandum perhaps because it was quoted last week by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), as part of his opening statement supporting H.R. 3892, calling on the State Department to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

The Bridge Initiative attempts to use guile, misdirection and ad hominem attack in its effort to protect the Muslim Brotherhood’s reputation, but fails miserably.

Firstly, the Bridge Initiative assertion dishonestly describes the Holy Land Foundation Trial in which the Explanatory Memorandum was submitted as evidence, as a “money laundering” trial. In fact it was a trial over a conspiracy to materially support the terrorist group Hamas. Every defendant was convicted on charges of conspiring to provide material support for terrorism, in addition to charges of money laundering. It is intentionally misleading to describe the HLF case as simply a “money laundering case”…


The Daily Bailey 3/23/16

There is strength in numbers… Please forward this to others…

Thank you for coming to the defense of America… Dave



This cartoon has already become iconic…

…I think it sends the wrong message…

It projects weakness… Jihadists triumph in their victims sufferings…

Instead, I think it is time that the West decided to kick some Islamo-Nazi ass…

…and eject the Islamists from our midst…

Why should we wait until they turn the West into the same kind of hellhole…

…that they made of the Middle East and North Africa? 

Let us remember the spirit that won World War II…    Dave


Chilling footage shows moment terrified passengers cower under desks and run for their lives after suicide bomb blasts rock Brussels Airport in series of attacks that killed 34 across the city 

Simon Tomlinson, Martin Robinson, Julian Robinson, John Stevens, Mark Duell    The Daily Mail                  22 March 2016

Cowering under desks and running for their lives, this is the terrifying moment passengers were caught up in an ISIS suicide bomb attack at Brussels Airport today in a series of blasts that have killed at least 34 people and injured 170 across the city.

Witnesses described apocalyptic scenes with blood and ‘dismembered bodies everywhere’ after two blasts rocked the terminal at around 8am (7am GMT), killing at least 14 people and injuring dozens of others.

Then 79 minutes later at 9.19am, at least 20 people were killed and scores injured, some critically, when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU headquarters in the city centre.

At the airport, there were reports of a firefight between police and the attackers who shouted in Arabic moments before detonating their bombs, one of which was understood to contain nails…


Missed red flags? Brussels airport attackers acted, dressed like terrorists, expert says

Malia Zimmerman                Published March 22, 2016               FoxNews.com

The three terror suspects seen on surveillance video Tuesday moments before bombs exploded at Zaventem Airport in Brussels should have raised alarms with security officials and even a vigilant public, said U.S. experts with foreign intelligence.

While it might be easy to sport red flags in retrospect, the trio believed responsible for an attack and came minutes before a coordinated attack at a nearby Metro station acted and dressed like terrorists, said Don Hubbard, a private security expert who once headed security worldwide for Trans World Airlines. Two wore black shirts and single gloves that investigators believe may have hidden detonating devices.

“If I saw men in the check in area, wearing a single glove, that alone would have been enough for me to take them aside and subject them to further scrutiny,” said Hubbard, a former FBI agent. “If I didn’t like how they answered questions, security would have potentially stopped any attack.”…


At least 9 Americans wounded in Belgium attacks, officials say

Published March 22, 2016              FoxNews.com

Officials revealed details Tuesday on at least nine Americans wounded in the deadly explosions at the Brussels airport and a subway station in the city, with one of the victims identified as a U.S. Air Force officer.

The unnamed officer and five of his relatives were wounded and “some are critical,” a defense official told Fox News. U.S. officials told The Associated Press the officer is a lieutenant colonel.

“Our priority at this time is the safety and well-being of our airmen and their families,” Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James told reporters. U.S. European Command said it would not release details of the service member’s injuries due to privacy concerns.

Mormon church officials said three missionaries from Utah were seriously injured in the airport attack and have been hospitalized. A fourth wounded missionary is a French woman.

State Dept. spokesman John Kirby says investigators are still working on a final count of all the Americans who were hurt…


Obama ‘Welcomes’ Communist Castro’s Criticism of America While Giving a Big Speech in Havana

It is sickening to see that the President of the United States so out of touch…

Watch the video of MSNBC’s split-screen news report…

…showing emergency crews in Belgium…

…as Obama makes a chummy speech to Castro and the Cubans…   Dave

Kate Bennett                Independent Journal               March 22, 2016

Obama cuba

In a lengthy speech in Havana today, President Obama praised democracy and reconciliation, shoring up his legacy as the president who after 50 years sought to repair relations with Cuba.

He spoke directly to the Cuban people, as the speech was televised live on the Cuban national station; President Raul Casto looked on from a box in the upper tier…

Obama used his time to ingratiate himself and the United States to Cuba, in the spirit of diplomacy and shoring up his legacy…

The video and more…

obama dictator love

Belgium is Attacked by ISIS, and This is What Obama Calls a Response?

Tad Cronn              Constitution.com               March 22, 2016

If the day’s news had been about some random shooting, you could count on President Obama to be among the first liberals to be calling for more gun control, in a lengthy speech possibly peppered with some comments about how “tired” everyone in America is of gun violence.

But that wasn’t what happened today. Instead, Brussels was hit by a series of terrorist bombs that ISIS has claimed responsibility for, killing at least 34 people, according to news accounts as of this writing.

So what we get to see instead is the bored Obama who could only expend 51 seconds of a prepared speech to say a little something about the latest atrocity in the War on Terror that the White House seems to think ended the moment President Messiah landed in the Oval Office.

It was pure Obama boilerplate: “The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the people of Belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, Belgium, in bringing to justice to those who are responsible. And this is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together, regardless of nationality, or race, or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. We can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world.”

I think the world has seen by now what the president means when he “stands in solidarity” with someone — pretty much nothing…


John Kerry Condemns Brussels Attacks, Never Mentions Islam

Brittany M. Hughes           Media Research Center                March 22, 2016

In a press statement Tuesday morning condemning the terror attacks in Belgium that killed at least 30 people and left 100 others injured, Secretary of State John Kerry managed to address the deadly incident without ever mentioning Islam, Muslims, jihad or any other term linking the attacks to Islamic terrorism.

Here’s Kerry’s press release, in full: “Today’s abhorrent attacks in Brussels are an assault against the Belgian people and the very heart of Europe. Our thoughts are with all those in Brussels, including the injured and the loved ones of those who were killed, and with the first responders and security personnel who are working tirelessly to keep Brussels safe. The U.S. Embassy in Brussels is making every effort to account for the welfare of American citizens in the city, and in the days ahead we stand ready to provide whatever support the Belgian Government may require. As I made clear this morning in a conversation with Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders, the United States stands firmly with our ally Belgium and with all of Europe in the face of this tragedy. Attacks like these only deepen our shared resolve to defeat terrorism around the world.”

The attacks in Brussels, in which Islamic militants set off explosions at both the Zaventem Airport and a city metro station, were quickly labeled as terrorism and immediately linked to radical Islam. Local reports stated there were shouts in Arabic and gunfire along with the explosions, and a suicide belt was found at the scene.

But regardless of the fact that Islamic radicals are hell-bent on blowing up anything and everyone around them, we certainly wouldn’t want to offend anyone…


Clinton calls for more surveillance, police after Brussels attacks

Just like Obama and Kerry…

…Clinton makes no mention of Islam at all

What she proposes is to play more whack-a-mole…

…with better and more expensive mallets…

By refusing to see the underlying ideology behind all jihadist attacks…

…she can only see criminal behavior, not warfare…

Her blindness would prevent us from ever going on offense against the jihadists…    Dave

Eric Bradner                CNN                Tue March 22, 2016

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton says the United States must increase its surveillance to avert Brussels-style attacks on unprotected “soft” targets.

“We have to toughen our surveillance, our interception of communication,” the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential contender said Tuesday in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer… “We have to also toughen, as you say, ‘soft targets,’ with greater police presence — there is no getting around that.”

Her comments come in the wake of the latest strike on European soil for which ISIS has claimed responsibility. At least 30 people were killed in the attacks in Belgium’s capital.

Clinton said terrorists are “getting more sophisticated” in their construction of explosives to escape detection. “We have to continually be learning and getting ahead of these thugs and criminals in order to prevent them doing what they did in Brussels,” she said.

In the interview, Clinton called for increased information-sharing between the United States and European countries. She broke with Donald Trump’s Monday criticism of the U.S. role in NATO. The Republican front-runner had declared that the United States is spending too much money in the trans-Atlantic organization.

“I’m a very strong supporter of NATO. It’s the best international defense alliance I think ever,” Clinton said. “We have to keep adjusting and changing its mission to meet the new threats that we as members of NATO face. I think it would be a grave error to walk away from Europe, to walk away from NATO.”

She added: “I think NATO has a role to play. I would certainly as president and commander-in-chief be looking to define that role, to make sure that the capacity, the tools and assets that NATO has are at the disposal of member nations like Belgium during this terrible event that they are experiencing, and then let’s see what more we can do.”…

The video and more…

Report: FBI ‘increasingly certain’ Clinton broke the law

Rudy Takala                 The Washington Examiner            3/21/16

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is losing confidence in Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of a private email server, a New York Post columnist suggested on Sunday.

“FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private e-mail server,” Charles Gasparino said career agents had told him.

“Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces a formidable obstacle: the political types in the Obama White House who view a Clinton presidency as a third Obama term,” Gasparino added. “With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence Clinton broke the law.”

Clinton is facing a federal indictment over charges that she mishandled classified information during her tenure as secretary of state by storing it on a personal email server. The FBI earlier this month granted immunity to Bryan Pagliano, a Clinton aide who helped to establish the server in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York home, as part of its investigation into the matter.

“You don’t start granting people close to Clinton immunity unless you are seriously looking at charges against your target,” Gasparino quoted one former official as saying…


Cruz on Brussels attacks: “We don’t need another lecture on Islamophobia”

Hot Air            March 22, 2016             Ed Morrissey

Ted Cruz demanded an end to any plans of absorbing Syrian refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, and a more robust response from Barack Obama than just “another lecture on Islamophobia.” In his press conference in Washington, Cruz declared the vetting program in place at State “woefully inadequate,” and ripped Obama for participating in Raúl Castro’s propaganda stunts in Cuba and “enthusiastically agreeing with the Castros on their attacks on America.” Instead, “President Obama should be planning to travel to Brussels” to show unity with our Western allies — a gesture that Obama rejected after the Paris attacks.

Fox News carried the presser:

Townhall’s Cortney O’Brien reported on Cruz’ presser as it happened:

“Today’s attacks in Brussels underscores this is a war,” Cruz said. “This is not a lone war. ISIS has declared jihad.”

“It is way past time we have a president who will acknowledge this evil and will call it by its name and use the full force and fury to defeat ISIS,” he continued. “Until they are defeated, these attacks will continue. Their target is each and every one of us.”

Cruz, one of five remaining presidential candidates, urged America needs a leader who is not afraid to speak about terrorism in bold terms.

“We need a president who sets aside political correctness,” Cruz insisted. “We don’t need another lecture about Islamophobia.”

Cruz also rebuked Donald Trump for suggesting that the US should “retreat from NATO” in the middle of the war. “Even Barack Obama hasn’t gone so far” as to make that suggestion, Cruz said, calling it a “pre-emptive surrender.” It’s the toughest criticisms that Cruz has made against his Republican rival for the nomination, at least outside of a major debate.

However, it’s clear that most of Cruz’ frustration and disgust was aimed at the current occupant of the White House, and the Democrats’ frontrunner for their nomination, Hillary Clinton. The response to Trump came as an answer to a question from the press, but Cruz went after the Obama-Hillary “political correctness” of the past seven years unprompted.

The only way to eliminate these threats is to defeat ISIS as soon as possible, Cruz argues, and it’s difficult to argue against that position. Sitting back and setting up security pickets clearly hasn’t worked, and ISIS recruitment in the West grows in proportion to their staying power in Iraq and Syria. The West, and especially the Obama administration, hasn’t taken the “jayvees” seriously until it was far too late, and we will suffer the same kinds of attacks soon if we do not elect leadership with a serious grasp of the threat radical Islam poses…

The video…

Cruz Hits Liberal Media for ‘Nervous’ PC Stance on Radical Islamic Terrorism

Monica Sanchez             Media Research Center               March 21, 2016

During an interview on CNN Monday evening, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called out the liberal media for getting “nervous” when discussing radical Islamic terrorism.

“I recognize that folks in the media get really nervous when you actually call out radical Islamic terrorism,” said Cruz. He went on to defend putting on his list of foreign policy advisers Frank Gaffney, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration, who has repeatedly spoken out against radical Islam.

“Frank Gaffney is someone I respect,” said Cruz. “Frank Gaffney is a serious thinker who has been focused on fighting jihadism — fighting jihadism across the globe. And he’s endured attacks from the left, from the media, because he speaks out against radical Islamic terrorism.”

“Let’s be precise,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interjected. “When he said back in 2009, ‘Barack Hussein Obama would have to be considered America’s first Muslim president.’ Do you agree with him on that?”

“Listen, I don’t know what he said in 2009,” said Cruz. “I don’t have the full context. I’m not interested in playing the media ‘gotcha’ game of here’s every quote every person who’s supporting you has said at any point [and] do you agree with every statement. That’s silliness.”

“Here’s my view,” he went on. “We need a Commander in Chief that defends America, and defending America means defeating radical Islamic terrorism and defeating ISIS. What is completely unreasonable is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s consistent pattern of refusing even to say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’”…

The video…

‘Shut our borders’: Donald Trump calls for the surveillance of Muslims on US soil and advocates waterboarding terror suspects after Brussels attack

To see Trump’s interview click here

Wow… this is a major breakthrough…

The two leading Republican candidates…

…have loudly adopted the top policies we have been pushing for…

Meanwhile… Obama is in Cuba for photo ops with Castro, watching baseball…   Dave


Ted Cruz comments on Obama’s behavior:

Chris Spargo            The Daily Mail             22 March 2016

Donald Trump commented on the suicide bombings that occurred in Brussels Tuesday morning just hours after the brutal terror attacks.

‘Do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels was. Not anymore, it is from a different world! U.S. must be vigilant and smart!’ wrote the Republican front-runner on Twitter.   Trump then said in an interview on Fox News the US needs to ‘shut the borders,’ a statement he repeated later in the morning while appearing on Today.

In that appearance he also told Matt Lauer he is a firm believer in using torture to get information from people behind attacks like the one in Brussels, stating; ‘Waterboarding is fine.’

Hillary Clinton called into Today as well two hours after Matt Lauer said she declined an interview and criticized Trump’s comment, saying; ‘We don’t need to resort to torture.’

Trump also called into Mornings with Maria Bartiromo saying that the US must have surveillance of Muslims in this country, particularly at mosques…


Flashback: Trump Calls Brussels a ‘Hellhole’

Trump and Cruz are completely right about Islam…

…but then again, anyone who has been paying attention…

…and dared to speak the truth…

…would say the same thing…

The problem is that so few politicians do this

They are cowards who fear to alienate any possible constituency… such as Muslims…

Cruz speaks in the style of a practiced attorney and constitutional scholar…

…with facts and logical precision…

Trump, with his years on reality TV…

…knows how to please the crowd with his plain-talk style…

My predictions for November are…

  • We can be certain that more terrorist attacks will strike the West…
    …between now and Election Day…
  • By then the Democrats will look like idiots, if not downright evil…
  • Either Cruz or Trump will be elected president…
    …depending on whether the country is in the mood…
    …for a 10th-degree black belt or a street brawler…   Dave

Brittany M. Hughes            Media Research Center             March 22, 2016

Back in January, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump called out the city of Brussels for its “assimilation” of Muslims, claiming the Belgian capital is “like living in a hellhole right now.”

Trump told Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo at the time: “There is something going on, Maria. Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. Go to different places. There is something going on and it’s not good, where they want Sharia law, where they want this, where they want things that — you know there has to be some assimilation. There is no assimilation. There is something bad going on.”

“You go to Brussels — I was in Brussels a long time ago, 20 years ago, so beautiful, everything is so beautiful — it’s like living in a hellhole right now,” he continued. “You go to these different places. There is something going on.”

Trump caught a good amount of flak for the comments, igniting a firestorm of backlash on Twitter and spawning the hashtag “#hellhole.”

In an article titled “Donald Trump Finds New City to Insult: Brussels,” The New York Times reported


Donald Trump on Syrian refugees in US: They’re going back

Hannity, with Donald Trump               Fox News            Mar. 22, 2016

On ‘Hannity,’ presidential candidate shares his thoughts…

The video…

Ted Cruz on battling terror

O’Reilly Factor with Sen. Ted Cruz           Fox News          Mar. 22, 2016

GOP presidential hopeful joins ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to discuss his strategy for defeating ISIS…

Immigrants from terror hubs claiming ‘credible fear’ to seek US asylum

William La Jeunesse              Published March 22, 2016              FoxNews.com

Hundreds of illegal immigrants from terror hotspots are using what critics describe as loopholes in U.S. immigration policy to try to remain in the country indefinitely, according to data obtained by Congress.

Taking a page from the playbook used by Central American women and children to gain U.S. entry, hundreds of immigrants from Egypt, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran and Syria caught entering the U.S. last year made asylum claims to avoid deportation – and, in doing so, asserted they had a “credible fear of persecution.”

This phrase is important because it allows them to be released and work in the U.S. Prior to 2009, the U.S. held in custody many asylum seekers entering the U.S. illegally until their cases were resolved in court — but an Obama administration policy change allowed those fearing persecution to be released.

The finding that asylum seekers from turbulent Middle Eastern and African countries are now using this phrase to gain entry and remain on U.S. soil has raised security concerns on Capitol Hill.

“These numbers illustrate vulnerabilities throughout our immigration system,” Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., said Tuesday. “Dangerous criminals and potential terrorists are gaming the system without consequence. The Obama administration is compromising our national security and safety for its political agenda.”…


ACTION ALERT: #OpenEyesSaveLives

Brigitte Gabriel                 ACT for America              March 22, 2016

In light of the news from Brussels this morning where 31 have been killed and more than 150 injured due to yet another horrifying terrorist attack, we need to keep our eyes and ears open now more than ever. Now is the time to remain vigilant and throw political correctness in the garbage. Lives are at stake here and we must do our part to report any suspicious activity.

In our #OpenEyesSaveLives campaign, we hope to remind you of important tips that you need to keep in mind as we all try to do the best we can to protect our communities and our loved ones. What happened in Brussels this morning could happen in any city in the United States.

As the world watches Europe right now, we have to to keep our eyes open in communities as the on-going threat of terror remains. New York City as well as DC and other major cities in the U.S. have now raised the terror alert to the highest levels. The time to be vigilant is now. Stay alert, be aware, and speak up.

Remember the Times Square bomber back in 2010 who left his SUV running with the keys in it un-attended. It took a street vendor seeing the unusual SUV with smoke coming from it and notified authorities. He literally saved thousands of lives in Times Square that day. It was the quick reaction of a citizen who noticed something and took action that helped saved lives.

It is imperative that we stay alert and understand what to actually look for.

If you see or notice any of the below or additional suspicious activities, please contact the local authorities immediately. Remember, you can do so anonymously.

Here are a few more national security tips on what to look for, as well as a few important reminders:

  • Unusual clothing in a particular setting.
    • If you live in a warm state such as Florida or Arizona and see someone dressed in an overcoat or unusual clothing for the season and the place, they may be hiding or packing explosives or a suicide belt. Report anyone appearing unusual to the authorities immediately.
  • Backpacks, bags, and luggage left unattended. Be aware if a person strategically places and leaves a bag.
  • Unusual activity in or around your neighborhood. (You know best!)
    • The signs you heard about in the news in connection with the San Bernardino attack is the perfect example.
  • Take note of a person taking pictures or recording of a building’s side doors, loading dock, cameras and back alley.
    • This includes any sporting event, concert, stadium or arena.
  • Always trust your instincts
    • We cannot emphasize this point enough. Better safe than sorry. If you strongly feel uncomfortable about a situation or a person, please do not hesitate to call the authorities and bring it to their attention. This is critical.
  • You can send information to authorities anonymously. 

If you do see suspicious behavior, do not confront the individuals involved.
Take note of the details and remember “Salute”:

S – Size (Jot down the number of people, gender, ages, and physical descriptions)
A – Activity
(Describe exactly what they are doing)
L – Location
(Provide exact location)
U – Uniform
(Describe what they are wearing, including shoes)
T – Time
(Provide date, time, and duration of activity)
E – Equipment
(Describe vehicle, make, color etc., license plate, camera, guns, etc)

Suspicious activity is often recalled after an event. We must train ourselves to be on the lookout for things that are out of the ordinary and arouse suspicions.

Staying alert is NOT about becoming paranoid. Staying alert is being aware of one’s surroundings. Be alert to indications of possible trouble.

Stay tuned to ACT for America, the nation’s largest national security-focused grassroots advocacy organization, as we continue with our #OpenEyesSaveLives campaign. Political correctness is costing lives. Help us keep Americans alert and safe!

We need you. America needs you. Be the eyes and ears America needs to help keep our country safe. YOU can be the difference.

The “Open Eyes, Save Lives” campaign from ACT for America is more important today than ever before, but we need your help! Please help by donating today or setting up a monthly donation so that we are able to reach millions of Americans and help save lives.

Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know. 

Stay tuned for more specific tips, reminders, and articles on what to look out for regarding national security in our #OpenEyesSaveLives email series. You do NOT want to miss these!

Brussels Terror Attacks Bring Guerrilla War to the Heart of Europe

Coordinated attacks on Brussels this morning may signal the start of an ISIS-led guerrilla warfare campaign in the West.

Christopher Dickey            The Daily Beast           March 22, 2016

PARIS — As explosions rocked the airport and the metro in Brussels this morning, fears grew that the threat of terrorism is morphing into the threat of guerrilla war in Europe.

The attacks, which killed more than 20 people, came four days after the arrest in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, a member of the terrorist cell that attacked Paris cafés, a sports stadium, and a concert hall in November, slaughtering 130 people. On Sunday, the Belgian foreign minister warned that Abdeslam was planning a new attack.

Some reports suggest that this attack, clearly coordinated in the style of the Paris carnage, was what was in the works, and went ahead without Abdeslam. It was known that at least two of his associates were still on the run. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said it was clear Europe was no longer simply the victim of a series of isolated terror attacks. “We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war,” he said. “We are at war.”

As French scholar Gilles Kepel has pointed out, the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS, which carried out the Paris attacks and which presumably was involved in today’s bombings, is following a playbook written more than a decade ago: The Call for an International Islamic Resistance by Abu Musab al Suri, a Syrian jihadi…


French President Francois Hollande: This Was an Attack on All of Europe

Katie Pavlich             Town Hall                Mar 22, 2016

Just four months after the horrific Islamic terror attacks in Paris, French President Francois Hollande made a statement Tuesday just hours after terrorists attacked the airport and subway system in Brussels with suicide bombs.

“Through the attacks in Brussels, the whole of Europe has been hit ,” Hollande said. “France will implacably continue the fight against terrorism both on the international level and at home.”

The attack on the Brussels metro station today sits under the European Parliament building and near the U.S. Embassy, striking at the heart of Europe and surely chosen by ISIS to make a larger statement.

The border between French and Brussels has been shut down in an attempt to keep accomplices of the attack from fleeing into France. Hollande called an emergency meeting to discuss the ongoing scourge of Islamic terrorism in Europe as attacks from ISIS start to become normal…


90 More Suicide Bombers Ready to Attack Europe

The Clarion Project              March 22, 2016

A chilling internal French police report has revealed that as many as 90 ‘kamikazes’ may be roaming the EU ready to attack. An officials also reveals that although borders are open, European countries are not sharing intelligence…

The video…

Police charge 2 people in Sydney with funding Islamic State

ISIS isn’t just fighting a war against Europe

ISIS is fighting a global war…

Welcome to World War IV…

It resembles a Cold War…

…like the one that was our World War III (1947 – 1991)…

…but it is so different from any other we have fought…

…that the public is only beginning to realize that this is a World War…     Dave

Published March 21, 2016                  Associated Press

SYDNEY –  Police have charged a 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old school girl in Sydney with raising money for the Islamic State group.

New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn said the pair were arrested in the western suburb of Guildford on Tuesday. She says they will appear in a Sydney court on Tuesday charged with financing terrorism, an offense which carries a potential maximum 25 year prison sentence.

Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan said 14 people had now been charged under the Operation Appleby counterterrorism investigation since 2014…


Brussels: What We Can Learn From Today’s Attacks

Terrorists attacked Brussels airport and a metro station in the center of the city March 22. Here’s what we can learn from the attacks.

Elliot Friedland           The Clarion Project            Tue, March 22, 2016

Europe is reeling from the latest terrorist attacks, this time against Brussels, now confirmed to be terrorist attacks.  Three blasts have been reported so far, two in the Zaventem Airport and one at the Maelbeek metro station some 500 meters from the European Parliament.

Here are three takeaways from this most recent tragic attack.

  1. This Fight Impacts Everyone. The attack in Brussels follows Saturday’s attack on Istanbul by an Islamic State suicide bomber that killed four. Countries attacked so far this year by Islamist terrorists either working for groups or in lone wolf attacks (and remember it’s only March) include: Afghanistan, Belgium, Cote D’Ivoire, Chad, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Somalia, France, India, Libya, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, Cameroon, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Syria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Russia, Philippines, Thailand, Uruguay, Canada

That’s attacks on 26 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and East Asia in just three months. This is a problem everywhere. It is no longer possible to argue it doesn’t impact you or that there is nothing you can do about it.

  1. Terrorism Works If You Let it. This one is difficult to internalize. Terrorism operates by creating an outsized reaction to a highly publicized event. It works to create “terror” in a population by stripping citizens of their feeling of safety, inculcating an atmosphere where people feel they can be attacked anywhere and at any time.

Societies respond with security measures designed to protect the citizenry and these can at times be heavy handed and worsen community relations, driving more people into the arms of terrorist groups. Public confusion and panic exacerbates the problem. One of the aims of groups like the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is to create a backlash of anti-Muslim bigotry and thus instigate a war between Muslims and everyone else. Chaos, hatred and confusion is the favored working environment of terrorists and Islamists since it enables them to advance their goals under the cover of the fog of war…

  1. This will not stop until the ideology is defeated. The countries that have been attacked do not share a cohesive foreign policy platform or common causes except being opposed to the ideology of Islamism.

This Islamist ideology, which seeks to conquer the world and implement sharia governance under a theocratic Islamist caliphate gives people who are drawn to acts of violence an outlet for their grievances and an opportunity to justify crimes on an international scale.

In addition to the military steps needed to tackle violent groups, an international civil society effort to correctly label, deconstruct and intellectually discredit the underlying ideology that justifies such heinous acts will bring an end to the international wave of violence committed in its name…

The video and more…

ISIS Attacks Brussels

Gary Bauer              American Values            March 22, 2016

Once again, jihadists have struck in the heart of Europe, this time in Brussels, Belgium. Reports indicate that at least 30 people were killed and more than 180 were wounded after coordinated attacks at an airport and subway station. ISIS has taken credit for the attack.

The Brussels attack follows a bombing over the weekend in Istanbul, Turkey, in which a suicide bomber stalked a group of Israelis. He blew himself up as they were leaving a restaurant, killing four people, including two Americans.

Brussels is the headquarters of NATO. The subway bombing occurred at the station that serves the European parliament. This attack targeted the heart of the European experiment in open borders and multiculturalism. (See more below.)

Paris. San Bernardino. Istanbul. Brussels. Thanks to radical Islam, the ripped flesh and broken bodies of the innocent is becoming the new normal.

Around the world, an increasing number of nations are subjected to organized attacks planned and executed by the soldiers of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, along with increasing numbers of so-called “lone wolf” attacks here in the United States.

While the radical Islamists are solely responsible for the carnage, the flaccid policies of multiple governments, including our own, are making the danger far worse.

Open Borders

For decades now, Europeans have attempted to create a world that does not exist, and their citizens are dying as a result. That world is essentially defined as a continent in which nation-states no longer matter, and borders are seen as an impediment to the free flow of goods and people.

It is a nice theory, as long as everybody ignores reality. Some borders run along the old and reemerging Russian empire. Others are near the boiling cauldron of North Africa and the Middle East. The free flow of goods and people has allowed an invading army of unknown size to embed itself in every major European city.

In spite of the growing stack of corpses, political parties in Europe that say the obvious — you can’t have open borders when you are at war with barbarians– are labeled as “fascist” and ostracized by elite opinion. In the United States, any politician who dares to suggest that our borders be secured risks similar scorn.


Not only is Europe encouraging large numbers of people from different cultures to come to the continent, it is failing miserably to integrate them into European values. As a result, there are growing neighborhoods that can be thought of as “Little Baghdad” or “Little Kabul.” In these “no-go zones,” strict interpretations of Islam prevail, and the infection spreads throughout Europe as more and more ISIS fighters return to the continent.

Here in the U.S., while the process is not as far along as it is in Europe, liberal elites bristle at the idea that English should be our official language. They constantly smear our country and history as oppressive (see Obama in Cuba), and they promote separatism, rather than unity, in multiple ways.

We are by no means immune to the same radical Islamic virus that has infected Europe. Minneapolis, Minnesota, of all places, is a center of Somali immigration. It has provided more recruits for Islamic jihad than any other city in America.

When conservatives have dared to suggest that we should be monitoring mosques more closely, elite opinion makers are aghast and repulsed. But a new study finds that textbooks affiliated with hundreds of Islamic schools right here in the U.S. are critical of America and biased against Israel.

Meanwhile, through his rhetoric and actions, Barack Obama continues to feed the notion that American Muslims are victims, that Middle Americans are bigots and that there is an epidemic of anti-Islamic hate crimes in America…


If Europe is at War with ISIS What will they do to Win?

Michael Ware                Constitution.com                  March 22, 2016

Benjamin Franklin once said, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” There could be no truer words spoken in the area of terrorism. With fresh attacks rocking Europe, and no leadership coming from America, what will Europe and the rest of the world do to defend themselves?

The Washington Post reports: ‘The triple terrorist bombings that killed at least 31 people on Tuesday morning in the heart of Brussels — the European Union’s capital — prompted a swift reactions from European leaders, with France’s prime minister declaring that “we are at war” and Britain’s prime minister asserting that “we will never let these terrorists win.”’

And here is the problem. What do these statements mean? We knew that they meant when they were spoken in Churchill’s day. We knew a hundred years before that even. What seems to allude us is what does being at war and winning that war look like.

The reason is simple. We have sat back in our armchairs, arrogant and smug and cast judgments on history and the decisions made in a different time. We feel sorry for the Japanese, who were bussed into camps. This has made us swear never to make this cruel mistakes again, but at what cost?

Is 250 plus dead and wounded high enough a price to feel good about ourselves? What about the thousands who have lost their lives just since 9/11? When will we finally realize that there are people who hate us and will stop at nothing to destroy all that we have built?

These leaders are speaking boldly about their commitment to fighting a war, what are they willing to do to win that war? It is not enough to recognize that you are fighting a war, you actually have to fight to win. Will they, with us, have the will to say that they we never give in the fascism of our age? Will they, like Churchill before them swear never to surrender?

Listen to what real resolve sounds like…

The video…

Yes, America, it’s war. Here’s how we can stop losing and start winning

K.T. McFarland               Published March 22, 2016            FoxNews.com

The January 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks were a wakeup call to take radical Islam seriously.  The November Paris attacks put that call on a loudspeaker. The December San Bernardino attacks showed it could happen here, too. The Brussels attacks are proof that radical Islam has spread throughout the European continent. There are likely to be more terrorist attacks in the months ahead.  How long are we going to ignore the obvious?

Global Islamist jihad is at war with all of Western Civilization.  President Obama and other western leaders may not see it as a war, but the other sides does.  Left largely unchecked over last seven years, radical Islam has exploded worldwide.  According to the head of EUROPOL, 5,000 Europeans have travelled to Syria & Iraq to train and fight with ISIS and since returned to Europe.  They are sleeper agents setting up sleeper cells.

A guerilla army has invaded Europe. We have seen that there are terrorist cells in the United States.  Radical Islamists now savage Africa, the Levant, the Middle East, the Saudi Peninsula, and all the way to Pakistan and South Asia.

Not all the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are extremists or terrorists, not by a long shot.  But even if just ten percent of one percent are radicalized, that’s still a staggering one million six hundred thousand people bent on destroying Western Civilization and the values we hold dear. The fascists wanted to control the world, so did the communists, but the Islamists want to brutally kill a significant percentage of the world – and that is anyone standing in the way of their end-times Caliphate.

We have been one step behind this enemy for years.  We’re still tongue-tied by political correctness, while they’re setting off bombs at train stations, airports and community centers. We are losing this war, and our losses grow greater every day, while terrorists recruit off the images of the West’s most innocent and vulnerable fleeing in horror.  The hour is already late to defeat this growing scourge.  But if we are to defeat radical Islam will only be with a multifaceted, comprehensive strategy that calls on all the aspects of the national power of ourselves and our allies – like we summoned to defeat the Nazis in WWII or the Communists in the Cold War.

Our strategy needs…


The Daily Bailey 3/22/16

There is strength in numbers… Please forward this to others…

Thank you for coming to the defense of America… Dave



Farouk Shami, (in white, with Donald Trump, centre,) on the TV show Celebrity Apprentice [Photo courtesy of Farouk Shami].

Donald Trump and the Muslim hair magnate

Palestinian American Farouk Shami is an associate who says the Republican candidate would make a “great president”.

It is very interesting to see what Al Jazeera

…is telling its Muslim audience about Trump…    Dave

Ray Hanania             Al Jazeera              19 Mar 2016


Farouk Shami and Donald Trump [Photo courtesy of Farouk Shami]

I bet you’ve been wondering what the secret to Trump’s hair is…   Dave

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may have angered many Muslims when he said that he would ban Muslim immigration to the United States, but a close Muslim business associate, Palestinian American Farouk Shami, says he suspects Trump would moderate his views if he were to become president.

Shami emigrated to the US from a village near Ramallah, Palestine, with only $71 in his pocket in 1965, and went on to build one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of haircare products, Farouk Systems. His products have been featured on Trump’s television shows and Shami says that he first met the property mogul when he sponsored Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2003…

“As Trump becomes the Republican candidate, I plan to connect with him and donate to his campaign and try to get him Muslim votes,” Shami told Al Jazeera. “If we do that, he will be open for us and soften his talks about immigrants and Muslims.”…

“Media in [the] USA have been marketing anti-Islam for a long time, and much more since 9/11.”

Shami said that he believes Trump has tapped into that sentiment among those who have been “brainwashed” to oppose Islam and immigration, but also believes he has support “from those who are tired of typical politicians”.

Despite this, he added: “In my personal opinion, Trump does not believe in what he said.”…


arab friends

Always remember this image when you think of how Trump’s business dealings…

…could influence a Trump presidency…     Dave

What Hillary Clinton Forgot to Mention at AIPAC About Why Negotiations Are So Difficult

Jeff Dunetz             Media Research Center             March 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton certainly threw around some flowery words of friendship during her speech at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) today. If one ignored her past, she may have even seemed like a supporter of the Jewish State. But, the truth is the “red meat” she tossed out at the AIPAC conference wasn’t Kosher; it was nothing but rancid lies. And even when she was being truthful she was omitting the key parts of the story that would make her look…well…unfriendly to Israel.

For example, at one point in her speech, the former secretary of state spoke of the difficulty in getting Israel and Palestine to sit down for peace talks. She left out the part about it being largely her fault. Per the transcript she issued prior to the speech, Ms.Clinton said:

But inaction cannot be an option. Israelis deserve a secure homeland for the Jewish people. Palestinians should be able to govern themselves in their own state, in peace and dignity. And only a negotiated two-state agreement can survive those outcomes.

If we look at the broader regional context, converging interests between Israel and key Arab states could make it possible to promote progress on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Israelis and Palestinians could contribute toward greater cooperation between Israel and Arabs.

I know how hard all of this is. I remember what it took just to convene Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas for the three sessions of direct face-to-face talks in 2010 that I presided over. But Israelis and Palestinians cannot give up on the hope of peace. That will only make it harder later.

The Democrat forgot to mention that, during the Bush administration, peace talks were frequent. In fact, at one point, Israel offered a deal that gave President Abbas almost everything he wanted. But, the Palestinian president rejected the offer. The reason talks were difficult during the first Obama administration was that Ms. Clinton decided to make “settlements” an issue.

One of her first actions as secretary of state was to demand a total building freeze in existing settlement communities. Her demand broke a US/Israel agreement made during the Bush administration.  While she said there was never an agreement between Israel and the US about natural expansion of existing settlements,  Elliot Abrams, who negotiated the agreement for the United States, said Ms. Clinton’s contention is simply not true…


What the next president has to do to save America

The O’Reilly Factor              Fox News              Mar. 21, 2016

Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points 3/21; Plus reaction from Charles Krauthammer…

The video…

US firebase in Iraq attacked again, two days after rocket fire killed Marine

Lucas Tomlinson              Published March 21, 2016             FoxNews.com

Two days after a U.S. Marine was killed in an ISIS rocket attack at a new firebase in northern Iraq, the base came under attack again Monday, a U.S. military spokesman told reporters. No Americans were killed or wounded in the latest attack, according to Col. Steve Warren, a U.S. military spokesman based in Baghdad.

A “squad-sized” element of ISIS fighters, likely under 10, crept in close enough to attack the U.S. base, known as Firebase Bell, using small-arms fire. Two of the fighters were killed and the others ran off, the spokesman added.

Warren says he believes the U.S. Marines were specifically targeted in the rocket attack over the weekend and thinks further attacks are likely. “We’re in a dangerous place, and there’s a war going on. So, we have to expect that there will be attacks,” he said.

Despite President Obama’s pledge of “no boots on the ground” against ISIS, some U.S. lawmakers say it’s been unclear where the advising mission ends and combat begins…

The video and more…

Snookered! Russia Will Veto Any UN Security Council Sanctions for Iran Missile Firings

Jeff Dunetz                Media Research Center                March 18, 2016

putin obama

That was 2013… This is now…    Dave

Last week, Iran launched several ballistic missiles across the country, which his in violation of United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR) 2231. While it is technically not a violation of the P5+1 deal, UNSCR 22331 approved the nuclear deal and limits their ballistic missile activity. The United States has been raising the issue of sanctions at the Security Council since Monday, but it now seems that Iran is going to get off scot-free. Neither Russia or China, both of which have a veto in the UN Security Council, will allow any resolution punishing Iran to be passed.

Making things worse, because of a last minute U.S. concession in the P5+1 talk, Russia and China may be on firm footing in their decision. According to What in Blue, the disagreement stems from the U.S. collapse on ballistic missile sanctions that happened in the final negotiation round in Vienna last summer. When the talks began, UNSCR 1929 was in force and the language which banned Iran’s program read: “Iran shall not undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles.”

A few days into Vienna the Iranians demanded that the ban be lifted. The Americans collapsed in two ways: 1st, they agreed to sunset the entire ban in 8 years, 2nd they agreed to change the language that would apply over the next 8 years from “Iran shall not” to the “Iran is called upon not to” develop ballistic missiles.

Iran and its friends on the Security Council claim that “shall not” is an enforceable ban, but “called upon” is a request. Additionally, the language was narrowed from applying to all “missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons” to just “missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons.”

The Russians are using the weakened language to claim Iran didn’t violate anything with the tests


Russia says might use force to cease-fire violators in Syria

Nataliya Vasilyeva and Jamey Keaten            Associated Press             Mar. 21, 2016

MOSCOW — Russia on Monday warned the United States that it will start responding unilaterally to cease-fire violations in Syria if the U.S. refuses to coordinate rules of engagement against violators. A U.S. official contended the issues were being discussed “in a constructive manner.”

The Russian military has accused the U.S. of dragging its feet on responding to Moscow’s proposals on rules for joint monitoring of the Syria cease-fire and response to violations. It said that further delays are leading to civilian casualties.

Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian General Staff said in a statement on Monday that if the U.S. fails to respond to its proposals on a joint response, the Russian military will have to start unilaterally using force against those who break the cease-fire, starting Tuesday. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a separate but similar statement.

But in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press, a U.S. official in Geneva said: “We have seen the media reports on alleged Russian concerns over cease-fire violations. Whoever is making such statements must be misinformed, because these issues have been discussed at length already, and continue to be discussed, in a constructive manner.”…


Amb. Khalilizad: Obama squandered success of the Surge

Fox News Alert with Amb. Zalmay Khalilizad             Fox News           Mar. 21, 2016

Former ambassador to the U.N. under George W. Bush provides insight…

The video…

Obama Snubbed Again

Gary Bauer            American Values            March 21, 2016

Barack Obama landed in Havana, Cuba, yesterday, becoming the first American president to visit the island nation in nearly 90 years. You’d think his outreach and historic visit would have the regime bending over backwards to welcome him. Not exactly.

When Obama walked off Air Force One and onto the tarmac at Jose Marti International Airport, Cuban President Raul Castro was not there to greet him, even though the communist thug routinely greets foreign dignitaries at the airport.

Think about Obama’s foreign policy for a moment. What has it accomplished? Did the Obama “reset” with Russia result in a more peaceful, cooperative Vladimir Putin? Not at all. Putin occupied Ukraine and sent Russian military forces into Syria.

Did the Obama outreach to Iran result in the Islamic Republic renouncing terrorism or recognizing the right of Israel to exist? Nope. We got a terrible nuclear deal, a ban on U.S. products and continued animosity from the ayatollah

And when it comes to relaxing relations with Cuba, Obama can’t even get Castro to meet him at the airport. Instead, Barack Obama went to meet the communist dictator at his presidential palace. It was disgusting to see the president of the United States posing in front of a huge sculpture of Che Guevara, a terrorist and mass murderer.

At a joint press conference today, Raul Castro launched into tirade against America and demanded Obama return the “illegally occupied” territory of Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile, there has been no change in the regime’s behavior, as it cracks down on dissidents and pro-democracy activists…


Sen. Kirk: Guantanamo keeps Americans safe. We must fight Obama’s plan to close it

Great idea at bottom…    Dave

Sen. Mark Kirk              Published March 21, 2016             FoxNews.com

As the Obama administration announces the next phase of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a detainee released from the facility nearly four years ago has reemerged as a prominent terrorist leader. Fox News recently reported that since Ibrahim al Qosi, a former aide to Osama bin Laden, was released from Gitmo and transferred to Sudan – a state sponsor of terror – he has risen through the ranks of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The intelligence community agrees 30 percent of the terrorists released from Guantanamo are known or suspected to have already re-joined the fight against Americans – a statistic that translates to a horrific reality.

Last month at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, I asked Secretary of State John Kerry about al Qosi’s role of recruiting new terrorists. Kerry responded that “he’s not supposed to be doing that” and promised “consequences,” but he offered no concrete proposal to go after al Qosi or punish the Sudanese government that allowed him to return to terrorism. In fact, Secretary Kerry said the administration is considering dropping Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Because sending terrorists to live in state sponsors of terror and other dangerous countries defies common sense, I plan to introduce a bill to block the transfer of Gitmo detainees to terror hotspots such as Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Iran.

Additionally, I have suggested that Congress cut foreign aid if a country accepts a detainee transferred from Gitmo and the detainee escapes custody or re-engages in terrorism


Members of ‘Leavenworth 10’ languish in military prison, while Gitmo detainees freed

Perry Chiaramonte              Published March 21, 2016          FoxNews.com

The Obama administration is emptying the military’s Guantanamo Bay detention facility of avowed terrorists captured fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, but several American service members languish in another military prison for actions on those same battlefields that their supporters say merit clemency, if not gratitude. Among the prison population at Fort Leavenworth, in Kansas, are remaining members of the so-called “Leavenworth 10,” convicted service members doing terms ranging from 10 to 40 years for heat-of-the-battle decisions their supporters say saved American lives.

“The very people who protect our freedoms and liberties are having their own freedoms and liberties taken away,” said retired U.S. Army Col. Allen West, a former congressman and political commentator. “I think it’s appalling and no one is talking about this issue.”

The “Leavenworth 10” is the name given to a fluctuating number of men housed at Leavenworth for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan that their supporters say were justified. Over the years, a handful have been paroled, and more have been incarcerated.

Among the more well-known cases is that of Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, who is serving a 20-year sentence for ordering his men to shoot two suspected Taliban scouts in July 2012 in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. Lorance had just taken command of the platoon after the prior leader and several others were killed days before. The Taliban suspects were on motorcycles and matched descriptions given by a pilot who flew over the area earlier and spotted them as scouts…


FBI may have found way to unlock San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone

Published March 22, 2016                 FoxNews.com

A federal judge canceled a hearing Tuesday in the legal battle to force Apple to break into an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernadino attackers, after federal officials said in a court filing they may have found another way to access the device.

In a filing late Monday, federal prosecutors said “an outside party” has come forward and shown the FBI a possible method for unlocking the phone used by one of the shooters in the Dec. 2 terror attack.

In a statement, U.S. Justice Department spokeswoman Melanie Newman said the government is “cautiously optimistic” that the possible method will work…


Uber-big problem: Muslims ‘raping U.S. women in taxis’

Drivers accused of preying on female passengers

Leo Hohmann              World Net Daily                March 21, 2016

Uber rapists

Hassan Ibrahim, left, and Salim Salem, right, were charged in East Lansing, Michigan

A growing number of drivers working for Uber, Lyft and similar taxi services have been accused of sexually assaulting female passengers. And many of them have Muslim names.

Two Uber drivers – Hassan Ibrahim, 48, and Salim Salem, 47 – were charged last week in connection with sexual assaults against female college students at Michigan State University, the Detroit Free Press reported. The two men are accused of using their Uber driver jobs to prey upon college students.

Ibrahim faces one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with a Feb. 14 incident, according to East Lansing police. He turned himself in March 11 after a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Salem faces two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct related to a Jan. 16 incident, and he turned himself in Tuesday. Both were released on $5,000 bail. Salem’s bail includes a condition that he not work as an Uber driver or cab driver in the future.

East Lansing police said in late February they were investigating two drivers who allegedly made unwelcome sexual advances toward female MSU students, the Free Press reported. Multiple women complained of inappropriate touching…


Assimilation is long road for Somalis in Colorado town

The Associated Press shills for Muslims again…

…ignoring the obvious risks…     Dave

Associated Press              Saturday, March 19, 2016

FORT MORGAN, Colo. — For the last decade, Somali refugees have flocked to this conservative farm town on Colorado’s eastern plains. They’ve started a small halal mini-market and a restaurant, sent their children to the schools and worked at a meat processing plant run by Cargill Inc.

As much as Fort Morgan’s small town feel reminds many of their rural villages back home, some say they will feel like outsiders until they get what has so far eluded them: a permanent mosque. They are renting two small rooms for a makeshift version, for now.

They say they’ve tried to buy property to build a mosque but believe no one wants to sell to them. “If we can own a mosque here, we will be more a part of the community,” said Abdinasser Ahmed, a local Somali leader and public schools teacher who fled war-torn Mogadishu, Somalia, in 2003, arrived in Fort Morgan in 2009 to work at the plant and is now a U.S. citizen.

Some longtime residents say they don’t want one in their city of 12,000, a step too far especially at a time when fears of terrorism have grown following the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif. Putting a mosque “right in the center of town” would be a symbol “as if to claim the town,” said Candace Loomis, who runs a coffee shop and whose grandparents settled this country of sweeping horizons in a two-room sod house.

Divisions have been exacerbated by rhetoric on the Republican presidential campaign trail, including talk by Donald Trump and others about banning fellow refugees and Muslims from the U.S…


Tolerance! Islamic Migrants Violently Attack Sympathetic ’60 Minutes’ Crew…

It is much harder to shill for Muslims when reporters actually visit places that Muslims control…

Reporters could get beat up or run over…

…or gang raped like Lara Logan…

Despite the abuse they suffer, though, reporters must never change their tune about Islam…

If they do, they’ll be set up for career destruction… just ask Lara…    Dave

Steven Crowder                 Louder with Crowder                Monday March 21 2016

It’s nice when leftist news outlets like 60 Minutes want to tell the story of the poor migrants and their plight as they travel across Europe. In the past, 60 Minutes in the past has invariably attempted to present a politically correct, sympathetic view of the  refugee crisis, bordering on propaganda. The tone has shifted very recently however, and It’s karma when they find out a few inconvenient truths.

An Australian news crew reporting on the “migrant crisis” in Stockholm, Sweden, was violently attacked by African Muslims in what was described as an Islamic enclave in the country’s capital city.

Upon entering an area inhabited by “mostly Somali migrants,” the news crew was accosted. At one point, the narrator states that a Somali motorist attempted to “deliberately [run] down” her cameraman. Following this incident, the news crew contacts the local police.

“[Swedish police] feel their presence will be provocative,” reports the narrator, indirectly evoking the growth of lawless Islamic ghettos across Europe resulting from left-wing policies of multiculturalism and mass immigration.

Prior to entering the minority ethnic ghetto, a male Swedish police officer advises the crew to leave him behind lest his presence be perceived as an affront to its residents. The police opt to observe the camera crew from a distance…


Despite a “Terror Recruitment Problem”, Obama Continues Importing Nearly 1,000 Somalis Each Month

Doug Ross              Journal              March 20, 2016

US-map-Somali refugees

Despite fears that dozens of Somali immigrants have disappeared from Minnesota communities and believed to have joined ISIS, Barack Obama’s efforts to import more Somalis into the U.S. continues unabated. Over 700 Somali colonists arrive each year and are distributed into select communities around the country.

Is your city due to have its own Molenbeek (the Islamic section of Brussels)?

The Islamic State’s Cyber Army used an online cellphone app to post a “kill list” of names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information on 36 police officers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

The FBI said this week it is investigating the case but analysts say it’s obvious why ISIS chose to target the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The area is home to America’s largest Somali refugee community and has been a hotbed of Islamic terrorist recruitment dating back to at least 2007. Since then more than 34 young Somalis have left Minnesota to join the ranks of foreign terror groups, including the Islamic State in Syria and al-Shabab in Somalia. Others have been convicted of sending material support to overseas terrorist organizations…

…The [radicalization] problem has only gotten worse since 2009. Andrew Luger, the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota, admitted last spring, after six more Somalis were arrested for trying to board planes bound for Turkey with plans to join ISIS, that his state has “a terror-recruitment problem.”

Yet, the Obama administration has kept the pipeline of new Somali “refugees” well-oiled. They continue to come at a rate of 700 per month, most of them coming from United Nations’ camps in Kenya – camps that the Kenyan president has threatened to shut down because of their suspected ties to terrorist attacks inside his country…


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Brigitte signature

Canadian Left Denies ISIS’s Genocide Of Christians

The concept of war crimes was created to justify interventions…

…to stop large scale atrocities from taking place…

When liberal don’t want to intervene…

…they find excuses for not recognizing war crimes…

…thus making the whole concept of war crime useless…

For liberals, laws are applied to serve political aims…

…and can be ignored when inconvenient…    Dave

Harry Khachatrian               The Daily Wire             March 21, 2016

Canada’s two primary left-wing wing parties – The Liberals  and the New Democrats – are denying that ISIS’s ongoing barbarous massacre of Christian minorities in the Levant amounts to genocide.

Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry officially acknowledged that ISIS is in fact carrying out genocide in the Middle East. His Canadian counterpart, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion, has arrived at a different conclusion. Last Friday, Dion’s press secretary said, “Canada strongly condemns the crimes perpetrated by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, including those committed against religious and ethnic minorities.”

Besides Canada’s governing Liberal Party, the socialist New Democrats followed suit in denying ISIS’s acts of genocide. Unable to distinguish between law enforcement and war, Foreign affairs critic Hélène Laverdière called ISIS’s actions “war-crimes” while calling for “investigations” and “prosecutions” of Islamic State terrorists.

“ISIS has committed horrible acts against civilians, and from the beginning of our involvement in Iraq and Syria, the NDP has called for Canada to help uphold international law by providing support for the investigation and prosecution of war crimes in the region,” said Laverdière.

The New Democrat Party of Canada had strongly supported ending Canada’s mission against the Islamic State. Party Leader Thomas Mulcair has said, “We will immediately stop the bombing mission and bring those troops home.” This partially explains the party’s unwillingness to recognize ISIS’s brutality as genocide, as it makes military withdrawal more politically palatable


Islamic State shows signs of wearing down following setbacks


In response to deadly attacks by ISIS in Ankara…

…Turkey is tightening its borders to stop the flow of extremists into Syria???

In other words, up till now they have been de facto collaborating with ISIS!!!    Dave

The Associated Press                   03/21/2016

BAGHDAD — After months of losing ground in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State group is showing signs of wear and tear, and its opponents say they have seen an increase in desertions among the extremists. But the jihadists appear to be lashing back with more terrorist and chemical attacks.

Under a stepped-up campaign of U.S.-led and Russian airstrikes, as well as ground assaults by multiple forces in each country, the jihadists are estimated to have lost about 40 percent of their territory in Iraq and more than 20 percent in Syria. At their highest point in the summer of 2014, the group had overrun nearly a third of each country, declaring a “caliphate” spanning from northwestern Syria to the outskirts of Baghdad.

At that time, the extremists were riding high, known for their courage, experience, readiness to die and brutality. Now, those battling them on the ground say they appear to be flagging.

“What we are witnessing is that Daesh are not as determined as they used to be,” Lt. Col. Fares al-Bayoush, commander of a Syrian rebel faction, said, using an Arabic acronym to refer to the Islamic State. His 1,300-strong Fursan al-Haq Brigade has been fighting against the Islamic State and Syrian government forces for more than a year. “Now there are members who surrender, there are some who defect. In the past, they used to come blow themselves up,”…

Brett McGurk, President Barack Obama’s envoy to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State, said last week at a conference in northern Iraq that Islamic State desertions have increased recently and more are expected, but he did not provide figures.

The setbacks began over a year ago, when the fighters were forced out of the northern Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani by local Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led airstrikes. In all of 2015, the jihadists lost 14 percent of their territory in Syria, according to IHS, an analysis group that monitors the conflict. In the past three months, they lost another 8 percent, a sign that the erosion is accelerating. The IHS figure roughly matches an estimate of a 20 percent loss given last week by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Deadly attacks in Turkey that killed scores of people also spurred Ankara to tighten its closure of the border, making it difficult for the extremists to cross into Syria…


Turkish police hunt for 3 ISIS militants plotting ‘sensational’ attacks

Published March 21, 2016                FoxNews.com

Police in Turkey were on the hunt Monday for three men linked to the Islamic State terror group who investigators say plotted to unleash “sensational” attacks in crowded areas across the country, just two days after a suicide bomber killed four tourists including two Americans in Istanbul.

Haci Ali Durmaz, Yunus Durmaz and Savas Yildiz are members of an ISIS-affiliated local cell, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency reports. Investigators did not specify whether they believed the men were in Istanbul or another city, but they put out the alert to all of Turkey’s provincial police departments.

Saturday’s attack killed two Israeli-Americans, an Israeli and an Iranian in Istanbul’s busiest pedestrian shopping street. Turkey has been rocked by six suicide bombings since last summer…


Migrant Gangs Leave Severed Head On Amsterdam Street

Chris Tomlinson              Breitbart News                 20 Mar 2016

In Amsterdam a severed head was found laying in the open street. It is just the latest gruesome murder in what is being called the “MOCRO War” involving North African migrants from Morocco.

Amsterdam resident Stan Koeman made the discovery. He first thought it may just be a bag laying on the ground but he soon realized what lay in front of his deli was much worse: “But then, I saw: sh*t it looks like a head,” he told Dutch media according to Welt.de

Police are tight lipped about the case and didn’t want to confirm many details as the investigation is still ongoing but it is known in the area that more such incidents have occurred and that at least one person was shot near the shisha bar in 2014.

Since 2012 there have been dozens of attacks by members of the so-called “MORCO mafia” against each other. Nearly 20 people have been killed since the beginning of the conflict but Nabil Amzieb is the youngest killed so far. Over the past year police released statistics showing the scale of the gang war. They showed 396 fire arms seizures and six murders, which was down from the average of ten per year since 2012.

Amsterdam’s Mayor Eberhard van der Laan compared the violence to the notorious Mexican drug cartels saying: “We usually see these things on television series like “Narcos” or in places like Columbia, not in Amsterdam, but it was in Amsterdam.”…


Muslim woman finally agrees to lift her veil in German racism trial but the judge sides with the defendant she says abused her 

The punch line is at the bottom… we should memorize it…

Islam’s “holy” scriptures do not require women to cover themselves like this…

Such coverings are, at best, a cultural practice…

…that people who move to the West should be expected to discard…

…just like female circumcision…

This garb makes people impossible to identify…

…or read for emotional cues that indicate lying…

It is not acceptable…

Equally important, it is a political act…

…an act of defiance to Western values that asserts Islamic supremacy…

By refusing to remove her Niqab…

…Behari proclaimed that she put Islamic law above German law…

…even though Islamic law does not even require her to wear a Niqab…

The lesson of this story for Muslims is…

Never try to BS a Judge who is sick and tired of your BS…    Dave

Imogen Calderwood and Allan Hall            The Daily Mail            18 March 2016

A Muslim woman at the centre of a German racism trial finally agreed to lift her veil today – only to be told that the judge sided with the defendant who she claimed had abused her.

Amira Behari, 43, had previously refused to remove her niqab to testify in a Munich court.  But she was warned by the judge that if she did not do so, she would face time behind bars. Despite removing her veil at a fresh trial, the the man she had accused of insulting her in the street was ultimately acquitted.


Ms Behari claimed that she had been shouted at in the city’s central train station, by the 59-year-old defendant identified only as Kai O. She claimed the man shouted ‘you people are a***holes’ at her, before adding ‘you don’t belong here’.

Ms Behari initially refused to reveal her face at the State Court in Munich in November. Judge Thomas Mueller said at the original hearing he wanted to see her face to ‘read her emotions’, adding: ‘I need to see you otherwise there will be considerable problems in adjudicating your case.’

Ms Behari refused, saying: ‘I have a God at the end of the world who will see me right at the end. I will not do this.’

In court she wore a niqab – like a burka with only a gap for the eyes – as well as gloves and a long leather coat.  Judge Mueller gave up and said he had no alternative but to find the accused not guilty. But his decision enraged judges and prosecutors in Germany who appealed the decision and scheduled a retrial for this morning.

As Ms Behari arrived at the court today, accompanied by a police officer, she had her face and head covered.  Judge Claudia Bauer gave her the option of withdrawing her case, meaning she would not have had to reveal her face. But Ms Behari rejected the suggesting, insisting ‘he attacked me’. She then lifted her veil to show her face to Judge Bauer, while members of the public sitting behind her couldn’t see it.

When asked by the judge whether she is often insulted on the street, she replied: ‘Why does that matter to you?’ She then added that she is often spat at and attacked verbally. However, the judge ultimately sided with the defendant and he was again acquitted…

The prosecutor’s office in Munich consulted with Koranic experts who said it was permissible for a woman to remove her niqab before the judicial authorities such as judges, police, prosecutors on the basis of needs and damage prevention


Aftermath of Paris attacks reveals troubling lack of intel

Of course there is a troubling lack of intel…

Western political elites refuse to recognize that the root problem is Islam

And now the intel problem is getting worse for a new reason…

Jihadists have been able to multiply so freely…

…that the cost of monitoring them is becoming prohibitive…

This is what Somalization looks like in the beginning phase…    Dave

Happening Now              Fox News          Mar. 21, 2016

Insight from Michael Balboni, former Homeland Security adviser for New York state…

The video…

BASKET CASE BRUSSELS: Now EU could be sued by its OWN MEPs over plan to stop migrants

BRUSSELS could be sued by its own MEPs over plans to halt the migrant tide by sending all asylum seekers back to Turkey, it emerged today.

Wow… and we thought we had it bad with Obama…     Dave

Nick Gutteridge               The Express (UK)                  Mon, Mar 21, 2016

A senior Portuguese politician has vowed to halt the measure in its tracks by hauling EU bureaucrats up before their own court on human rights grounds. In a furious rant left-wing MEP Ana Gomes said Europe “needs migrants” and decried the measure, agreed by EU leaders last week, as “illegal, immoral and indecent”.

Her blistering threat exposes the cavernous divide opening up between different member states over Brussels’ highly controversial plan to bring the migrant crisis under control.

Under the measure, which was cooked up by the all-powerful European Council, all migrants arriving in Greece will be required to either claim asylum or be put on a boat back to Turkey. For every Syrian returned across the Mediterranean one will be taken from a refugee camp within Turkey to be resettled in Europe.

The legality of the plan has already been questioned by human rights groups and the UN, who say it breaches numerous international laws of refugees. But the possibility of a lawsuit being brought by MEPs themselves would be a remarkable and unprecedented blow to the Brussels project, which has lurched from crisis to crisis in recent years.

During a fractious debate One MEP even branded countries including Hungary and Bulgaria “second-rate members” and suggested they did not deserve to be part of Schengen because of their attempts to halt the migrant tide by building border fences…



Donald Trump and Counter-Jihad

gty_donald_trump_face_cf_160112_12x5_1600 (1)American Thinker, by Danusha Goska, March 20, 2016:

Counter-jihadis are frustrated people. We see truths that others ignore. Jihad’s death toll increases daily. We hope for a turning point, perhaps a charismatic public champion or a social media icon to propagate our movement.

The perfect public relations gimmick can change the landscape overnight. Relatively few people were thinking about, or donating money for research to cure amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in spring of 2014. By summer of 2014, a social media fund-raising gimmick called “the ice bucket challenge” inspired millions to participate in raising $115 million for ALS — five times more than had been raised the year before. Counter-jihad needs that moment: when the landscape changes, and millions join the cause.

One might think that high-profile jihad attacks, such as 9-11, or ISIS’ sexual enslavement of girls, might create a public relations tsunami, bringing leaders into the counter-jihad camp. Alas, the opposite has occurred. “Islam is peace,” President George W. Bush said six days after 9-11, speaking in a mosque, accompanied by CAIR. “ISIL is not Islamic,” said Barack Obama on September 10, 2014.

In 2010, a New Jersey Muslim man who had raped and tortured his arranged, teenage wife was exonerated by a New Jersey judge, on the grounds that the husband’s behavior was consistent with Islamic belief and practice. Also in 2010, Derek Fenton was fired from New Jersey Transit for burning three pages from a Koran. In both cases, Americans applied sharia’s standards. In spite of these events in his own state, Governor Chris Christie insisted that any question of sharia in the U.S. is nonsense. “This sharia law business is crap. It’s just crazy. And I’m tired of dealing with the crazies.”

Americans, beneficiaries of the freedom of speech as granted in the first amendment, inheritors of Western Civilization and its emphasis on truth as the highest value, now engage in the same process of decoding of news items that slaves of the Soviet system used to resort to. We hear of an explosion, a stabbing, a plot or a decapitation – the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, the 2014 decapitation in Moore, Oklahoma, the July, 2015 shootings in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the November 2015 UC Merced stabbing – and we all wonder when and if we will learn the suspect’s name. The name is not released for hours or days. Officials rush to insist that the incident was not terrorism, but, rather, workplace violence.

Tremendous resentment, confusion and frustration are building up. People are angry. People are afraid. People don’t know whom to trust.

But wait! There’s good news. Very good news. The rhetorical landscape has slowly changed since 9/11.

Fifteen years ago, there were far more people who were eager to play the cultural relativism card and excuse away jihad and gender apartheid. As time has gone on, more and more people, in spite of the PC indoctrination that permeates schools, churches, politics and media, have concluded that there is something about Islam that poses a challenge. People are eager to learn more. When I give talks about Islam, audiences grant me a uniquely intense level of focus and concern. Audiences are much more likely now than in the past to have self-educated, and to know the differences between Islam and other world faiths, and to be able to refute standard-issue apologias for jihad.

The gap still exists, though, between average people’s openness and awareness and the elite. Political correctness demonizes and punishes people who speak the truth about Islam. Heroes like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders must wear Kevlar and be surrounded by armed guards. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are targeted and slandered by the incorrectly named Southern Poverty Law Center.

Speech could be used to work out solutions the problem jihad and gender apartheid present. Speech could be used to release resentments, frustrations, fear, and rage. But political correctness suppresses speech. Politically correct suppression of the truth about Islam combined with public frustration and fear are tinder, kerosene, and a match, all waiting for the spark. This volatile situation could be exploited by a demagogue.

The freedoms Americans cherish depend on a stable civil society. When people feel afraid, and conclude that there is no one at the steering wheel – that leaders are shirking their duties – people become willing to surrender their freedom and dignity to an authoritarian who will promise them safety and order. Such an authoritarian might target not only low-hanging fruit like innocent Muslims, but non-Muslims, as well. Authoritarians don’t like free speech – or freedom of assembly or association. Authoritarians begin by targeting one population as their scapegoats, but they eventually bring the hammer down on everyone. We’d all suffer. The revolution eats its young.

On December 7, 2015, at a rally in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, a Republican presidential candidate stated of himself, “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

At a November 12, 2015 rally, Trump said that his opponents were saying, “Trump doesn’t have a plan for ISIS! …I’m gonna win… I said to my wife, I have to tell ’em about my plan, because otherwise I’m not gonna win. They’ll think I have no plan… I would bomb the shit out of them.” The audience laughed and cheered.

In a March, 2016 debate, Trump said he would torture “these animals over in the Middle East” and “take out” their families. When informed that his plan would require military members to commit war crimes, Trump insisted, “They’re not going to refuse me. If I say do it, they’re going to do it. I’m a leader. I’m a leader. I’ve always been a leader. I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re going to do it. That’s what leadership is all about.”

In a March 9 interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump said, “I think Islam hates us. There is something – there is something there that is a tremendous hatred there. There’s a tremendous hatred. We have to get to the bottom of it. There’s an unbelievable hatred of us…You’re going to have to figure that out. OK. You’ll get another Pulitzer, right? But you’ll have to figure that out. But there’s a tremendous hatred. And we have to be very vigilant. We have to be very careful. And we can’t allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the United States.”

Some counter-jihadis see Trump as our champion and his statements as the “ice bucket challenge” moment when counter-jihad finally goes viral. They are mistaken.

Trump receives a gargantuan proportion of media attention. When Trump opens his mouth about Islam, he becomes the de facto face and voice of counter-jihad to millions of media consumers. Donald Trump’s statements about Islam and Muslims have tarred counter-jihad with the mark of buffoonery, intellectual flaccidity, and uninformed xenophobia. That is exactly how Islam-apologists want to depict counter-jihad: as uneducated yahoos eager to hate, without any reason other than their own uninformed bile, the next “other.”

Look again at Trump’s statement on immigration. Look at the timing. Ask yourself if Donald Trump had made any significant contribution to counter-jihad before that moment.

Robert Spencer is the one indispensable hero of counter-jihad. In a July 30, 2015 essay, Spencer identified Trump as “a blowhard and boor,” and “the poster child of American decline.” Spencer described Trump’s rhetoric as savage, stupid and clumsy. He called Trump “a foe of the freedom of speech.” Trump’s campaign, Spencer wrote, is “an Oprah show of celebrity worship, lurid grandstanding, logorrheic superficiality, and tabloid scandalmongering.” Spencer pointed out that Trump had insulted counter-jihad heroine Pamela Geller.

“I watched Pam earlier,” Trump said, “and it really looks like she’s just taunting everybody. What is she doing drawing Muhammad? I mean it’s disgusting. Isn’t there something else they could be doing? Drawing Muhammad? …They can’t do something else? They have to be in the middle of Texas doing something on Muhammad and insulting everybody? What is she doing? Why is she doing it? It’s probably very risky for her – I don’t know, maybe she likes risk? But what the hell is she doing?”

Pamela Geller has shown that Trump has extensive business dealings in the Muslim world. There’s nothing wrong with doing business with Muslims; we all do, as participants in the petroleum economy. The problem is this. Trump had not been part of the counter-jihad movement. Suddenly he made his December 7 announcement about Muslim immigration. Why? Because on December 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, California, jihadis Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered fourteen innocent Americans and wounded twenty-four others. Trump made his immigration announcement five short days later. He exploited a tragedy to boost his presidential campaign.

It doesn’t matter if he is exploiting a tragedy to advance himself, as long as he is advancing the cause of counter-jihad, you may be thinking.

Look again at Trump’s statement on Muslim immigration: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” He actually referred to himself as “Donald J. Trump.” That sounds silly and pompous. Trump’s verbal faux pas may not matter to Trump’s base. Polls have shown that Trump supporters tend to have less formal education. Trump’s “savage, stupid and clumsy” rhetoric, as Robert Spencer called it, does matter to millions of others – other people who could and should be on the counter-jihad team. Trump put his own name first in an important policy announcement. This policy, if enacted, would have an impact on America’s character and America’s perception around the world. Beginning such a pronouncement with his own name, and never offering any justification or support, sounds like the speech pattern of an egotist, a potentate, a petty dictator, not a serious thinker.

An intelligent case can be made for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. That case can be made with facts. One might simply ask, “How does it benefit America to allow more Tashfeen Maliks, more Mohamed Osman Mohamuds, Tamerlane Tsarnaevs, Faisal Shahzads, and Mohamed Attas to enter the United States? Have a look at the photo of eight-year-old Martin Richard, murdered in the Boston Marathon Bombing. What can you say that justifies his death? We know that most Muslims are not active jihadis, but we have no way of differentiating. Other immigrants from other groups offer all the benefits of immigration that Muslims do without the risks. There is currently a worldwide resurgence of jihad, and there are terrorist groups from Boko Haram in North Africa to ISIS in the Middle East to the Caucasus Emirate in Russia to MILF in the Pacific. During a previous war, Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued presidential proclamation 2525 suspending naturalization based on nationality alone. Let us have a serious discussion on this matter.”

Instead of a reasoned argument that might win over those on the fence, Trump issued a fiat, leading with the name of the great man superseding and ignoring all reason. It’s a Trump-centric, anti-intellectual, Constitution-is-so-superfluous-we-need-not-mention-it approach. This great-man, fact-free approach does not serve counter-jihad.

Trump’s chat with his wife, ending with his decision to “bomb the shit out of them,” is similarly not helpful. Perhaps Trump has not noticed, but we have bombed the shit out of them. A 2013 study estimated that the Afghanistan and Iraq wars would eventually cost the U.S. six trillion dollars. That’s a lot of bombs and American blood. Muammar al-Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar are all dead. Jihad still menaces.

Trump said, “I would just bomb those suckers. And that’s right, I’d blow up the pipes. I’d blow up the refineries. I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left, and you know what, you’ll get Exxon to come in there, and in two months, you ever see these guys how good they are, the great oil companies? They’ll rebuild that sucker brand new. It will be beautiful. And I’d ring it, and I’ll take the oil. And I said I’ll take the oil.” Is Trump running for president or the latest Marvel Comics superhero?

Note these three words: “I’d ring it.” Trump’s magic ring would consist of American troops stationed on the ground in the Middle East, between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Trump says that he will take the oil. In fact, in this scenario, it would require massive American troop presence to take the oil. Trump’s answer to the question of American energy independence is blood for oil. How many American soldiers would die to make Trump’s id-fueled fantasy of omnipotent revenge real? Which Trump supporter will be first to volunteer to die to sustain the illusion that Trump is a serious person saying serious things?

Any real approach to jihad must involve two features: energy independence that eliminates our funding of jihad through our petroleum purchases, and vast cultural change. Right now discussion of jihad and gender apartheid is controlled by cultural relativism. This cultural relativism is a religious dogma among politicians, journalists, academics, elementary and secondary school teachers, and even Christian clergy.

Cultural relativism is a cultural phenomenon that has a beginning and that can have an end. A hundred and seventy years ago, an Englishman, Charles James Napier, could say of the Indian custom of sati, or burning of widows, “This burning of widows is your custom… But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property… Let us all act according to national customs.” Napier insisted that Western culture was superior to the custom of sati. He insisted on enforcing Western custom on Indians.

That kind of boldness died out in the post-World-War-II era. Nazism, followed by the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S., overwhelmed the West. Suddenly, Westerners felt an overwhelming sense of shame. Cultural relativism, an idea advanced by anthropologist Franz Boas in the early twentieth century, became dogma.

Of course Nazism and Jim Crow were evil and deserved to die – but they were not the alpha and the omega of Western Civilization. We need to be proud of, and to cherish, what we have gotten right. If Franz Boas were alive today, he would be horrified at how far we have taken cultural relativism.

Young people need to be educated in the gifts of Western Civilization. Our guide must not be arrogant, ignorant chauvinism, but objective reality. Just one such reality: high sex ratios. Throughout the Muslim world, there are more men than women. Females die off at a rate disproportionate to the West. These statistics hold true even in wealthy Muslims nations. Dead women and girls: that’s an inescapable reality. Compilations of the worst countries for women, citing UN statistics on literacy, life expectancy, and safety, generally list Muslim countries as among the worst. That’s reality.

The Koran contains many verses calling for jihad. Mohammed was a warriorwho ordered targeted killings of innocent people. Islam spread through violent conquest. These are objective facts.

Mention any of these facts on a college campus, or in a church meeting, or in an article to be published in a mainstream newspaper, or while running for office, and risk opprobrium. The schoolmarms of PC insist that you attribute unhappy facts about Islam to the evils of colonialism. Or that you say that Christians are worse. Or that you say that, with time, Islam will “reform.” Authentic counter-jihadis are not raving about “bombing the shit” out of the “animals” in the Middle East. Counter-jihadis are changing America so that we can speak the truth. We can’t defeat what we can’t name; we can’t defend what we don’t value.

“Islam hates us”: Islam is a belief system, and as such it cannot hate. The correct sentence would be, “Islam teaches hatred of non-Muslims.” Trump is a billionaire, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Bill and Hillary Clinton attended Trump’s wedding to his third trophy bride. Even so, Trump’s fourth-grade speaking style convinces fans that Trump is an outsider, a man of the people. Trump’s fans also love Trump’s egotism. When asked who he consults on foreign policy, Trump replied, “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things… my primary consultant is myself and I have a good instinct for this stuff.” People who aren’t Trump fans won’t take a grown man seriously who can’t speak a coherent sentence in his native language about an important topic, and who doesn’t take the time to learn objective facts that exist outside his own ego. Human lives are at stake, and Trump can’t even be bothered to speak English correctly or consult with an adviser. Why give such a self-indulgent slow learner the nuclear codes?

When Anderson Cooper pressed Trump to support his assertion about Islam’s hate, Trump could not. When Trump brings massive attention to counter-jihad and then speaks foolishly, conspiracy theorists can be forgiven for wondering if Trump is not a mole for the other team. Every camera in the world is focused on Trump. Every microphone is pointed at him. What a dropped ball, what a missed chance, what a setback.

In 2013, Robert Spencer was interviewed by the BBC. The interviewer asked Spencer to support his critique of Islam. Spencer immediately, and without hesitation, recited several violent and hateful Koran verses and hadiths. He did so calmly and authoritatively. He did not then – nor has he ever – call Muslims “animals” or recommend that we “bomb the shit out of them.”

Anyone listening to Spencer’s BBC interview would rapidly learn that the problem is not Western racism or imperialism but jihad, jihad as taught in the Koran and hadith. Spencer’s intellectual acumen, his lack of hate, and the courtesy he showed his interlocutors put the focus on jihad, not on any alleged Western racism.

Trump has a huge and unshakeable fan base. As Trump himself said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Outside the fan base, Trump has the highest negative ratings ever recorded. Now is the time for counter-jihadis to reach out to, to convince and to recruit, mainstream Americans. Now is the time to harness facts to overturn the cultural relativism. We cannot squander this historical moment to allow buffoonery to become the face of counter-jihad.

The Daily Bailey – 3/19/16

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Obama's strategy cartoon

Kerry Sees The Obvious

I’m still suspicious about Kerry’s announcement…

The House of Representatives voted unanimously for the genocide designation…

…so Kerry had to do it…

To do otherwise would have been political suicide for the Obama gang…

The question is…

What will the Obama gang do now to act upon the genocide designation?

My fear is that Obama will say…

“We called it a genocide, now get off our backs!”…   Dave

Gary Bauer                American Values            March 18, 2016

After seven years of radical Islam rampaging across the Middle East — massive killings, pledges by ISIS to drive Christians out of the region, beheadings and crucifixions — Secretary of State John Kerry has finally decided that genocide is taking place. Yesterday, Kerry officially designated the atrocities committed by ISIS against Christians and other religious minorities in the region as genocide.

In view of that, let’s reevaluate our refugee program. Earlier this month we reported that just three Syrian Christians had been accepted as refugees since the Paris and San Bernardino attacks. Ninety-nine percent of the Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. in the same period were Muslims, even though Christians accounted for 10% of Syria’s population.

Perhaps now with this genocide determination, the number of Syrian Christians in the refugee program will more accurately reflect their percentage of the population. By the way, more than 100 Muslim refugees in the United States have been arrested on terrorism charges…


The Next Disaster: Islamic State Expands as Libya Descends into Chaos

With two separate governments waging war against each other, Libya is crumbling. Islamic State is taking advantage of the turmoil to put down roots in the country. The US is weighing intervention.

Christoph Reuter              Spiegel International (Germany)               March 16, 2016

The brass band starts playing. The musicians march along the Corniche, their blue uniforms starched and instruments polished and shining. The foreign minister has arranged for the celebration of several grand openings. Shops and cafés have opened their doors and red-black-green flags have been strung up all over, marking the fifth anniversary of the revolution.

Nothing in the capital city of Tripoli hints that Libya is in the throes of a civil war.

Still, an advance car equipped with a signal jammer that is supposed to block the detonation of any remote controlled explosives drives ahead of the foreign minister’s motorcade. And there are only a few consuls from neighboring countries walking along with the parade. After a brief address, the foreign minister plants an olive tree and then inaugurates a new low-rise government building. As he does so, secret service operatives dressed in civilian clothing go after a cameraman from the US TV station HBO. His offense is having filmed one of their white automobiles parked on the side of the road, though around three-quarters of all cars in Libya are white. They jerk the camera away from him amid the loud protestations of his crew. The band continues playing and then cake is served.

The scene is reminiscent of an operetta. Ali Abu Zakouk is the foreign minister of a government that is not recognized internationally. Politicians in Tripoli act as though they are running a state — but it is one that has in fact already broken into three pieces and is now on the verge of coming undone completely. The militaries of two Libyan governments are threatening each other, an array of militias and clans are involved as well, and the population is divided. Meanwhile, amidst this chaos, Islamic State (IS) is expanding…


Russia ready to cooperate with U.S.-led coalition in fight for Syria’s Raqqa: Interfax

Reuters             March 14, 106

MOSCOW  – Russia is ready to coordinate its actions with the U.S.-led coalition in Syria to push the Islamic State group out of Raqqa, Interfax news agency quoted Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying.

“We are ready to coordinate our actions with the Americans, because Raqqa is in the eastern part of Syria, and the American coalition is mainly … acting there,” Interfax quoted Lavrov as saying in an interview with the Ren-TV television channel. “Perhaps, this is no secret, if I say that at some stage the Americans suggested performing a ‘division of labor’: the Russian Air Forces should concentrate on the liberation of Palmyra, and the American coalition with Russian support will focus on the liberation of Raqqa,”…


Obama Ignored Entire National Security Team on Egypt

Obama decided to back the Muslim Brotherhood-led rebellion as being “on the right side of history.”

Counter Jihad                March 17, 2016

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates described the meeting in which President Obama made the decision to back the Arab Spring mobs overthrowing the established Egyptian government.  That government, a key US ally for decades, made way for elections that swept the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt.  The Brotherhood was removed from power by another coup following their attempt to subvert the Egyptian constitution and replace it with sharia law.

“Literally, the entire national security team recommended unanimously handling Mubarak differently than we did,” Gates said. “And the president took the advice of three junior backbenchers in terms of how to treat Mubarak. One of them saying, ‘Mr. President, you gotta be on the right side of the history.’…

Although President Obama often speaks of being ‘on the right side of history,’ in fact history does not have a clear message.  No one knows what the future holds.

But even if one believes in the moral importance of being on the right side of history, how strange to have chosen this side as the wave of the future.  The reason for the unanimity of the National Security Team was that it was clear to everyone that displacing the allied Egyptian government would lead to the rise of a government led by the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood is not interested in aspiring to the future, but rather in the restoration of an Islamic past…


Source: Secret meeting with White House led to Rice, Rhodes Benghazi testimony

Catherine Herridge             Published March 18, 2016           FoxNews.com

Appearances by top presidential advisers Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes before the House Benghazi committee earlier this year weren’t always a sure thing – the testimony was only secured after a secret meeting in January between panel head Trey Gowdy and White House officials, a source tells Fox News. The source familiar with the negotiations said the White House originally said no to the request to have National Security Adviser Rice and deputy Rhodes speak to the committee probing the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

But Gowdy, R-S.C., stepped in to personally negotiate for their appearances at the secret meeting, held late January in Charlotte, N.C., with members of the White House Counsel’s office. It was during that meeting, where both parties traveled outside of Washington, where the details were finalized and agreed to.

Rice and Rhodes, considered central witnesses in the investigation particularly over their role in crafting the administration’s faulty narrative blaming protests over an anti-Islam video, ended up testifying individually for four hours apiece…


Hillary Has an NSA Problem

The FBI has been investigating Clinton for months—but an even more secretive Federal agency has its own important beef with her

John R. Schindler               Observer                 03/18/16

For a year now, Hillary Clinton’s misuse of email during her tenure as secretary of state has hung like a dark cloud over her presidential campaign. As I told you months ago, email-gate isn’t going away, despite the best efforts of Team Clinton to make it disappear. Instead, the scandal has gotten worse, with never-ending revelations of apparent misconduct by Ms. Clinton and her staff. At this point, email-gate may be the only thing standing between Ms. Clinton and the White House this November.

Specifically, the Federal Bureau of Investigation examination of email-gate, pursuant to provisions of the Espionage Act, poses a major threat to Ms. Clinton’s presidential aspirations. However, even if the FBI recommends prosecution of her or members of her inner circle for mishandling of classified information—which is something the politically unconnected routinely do face prosecution for—it’s by no means certain that the Department of Justice will follow the FBI’s lead.

What the DoJ decides to do with email-gate is ultimately a question of politics as much as justice. Ms. Clinton’s recent statement on her potential prosecution, “it’s not going to happen,” then refusing to address the question at all in a recent debate, led to speculation about a backroom deal with the White House to shield Ms. Clinton from prosecution as long as Mr. Obama is in the Oval Office. After mid-January, however, all bets would be off. In that case, winning the White House herself could be an urgent matter of avoiding prosecution for Ms. Clinton.

That said, if the DoJ declines to prosecute after the Bureau recommends doing so, a leak-fest of a kind not seen in Washington, D.C., since Watergate should be anticipated. The FBI would be angry that its exhaustive investigation was thwarted by dirty deals between Democrats…


Ted Cruz Faulted for Adviser With Anti-Islam Views


The courageous Frank Gaffney has signed on with Ted Cruz…

…as one of his experts on foreign policy…

This is giving conniptions to all the right people…

…like the liberal and lefties at the New York Times…

…and the Southern Poverty Law Center…    Dave

Dylan Baddour            The New York Times                Thursday, March 17, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz came under fire on Thursday after unveiling a list of national security advisers that included Frank Gaffney Jr., a former member of the Reagan administration who is now best known for holding extreme views about Islam.

Mr. Gaffney was introduced as part of a “high profile” coalition of experts that will offer Mr. Cruz counsel on foreign policy. The inclusion of Mr. Gaffney, who once wrote an op-ed in The Washington Times suggesting that President Obama is Muslim, raised eyebrows among many who consider him to be a fringe conspiracy theorist.

“It’s a terrible mistake for anyone to seek advice from Frank Gaffney on matters of foreign policy or much of anything else for that matter,” said Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “His world is one of conspiracy, where the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the highest reaches of our government and our country is on the verge of adopting Shariah law.”…


CJR – Here is a more positive piece on the announcement:

Cruz Dismisses Political Correctness, Assembles Badass Foreign Policy Team To Take On Islamic Extremism

Daily Wire, by Michael Qazvini, March 18, 2016
In a direct rebuke to political correctness, GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz has assembled a foreign policy advisory team consisting of some of the country’s most vociferous voices against radical Islam. Leftists have already started calling foul play, labeling Cruz’s team as outside the mainstream. On Thursday, Clinton-friendly Politico even published an article entitled “Cruz draws from anti-Islamist fringe.” The article begins, “Ted Cruz’s new team of foreign policy advisers includes several fringe conservative activists and fervid anti-Islamist hardliners — but few of the GOP establishment elites…” While the tone here is clearly one of disdain, most conservatives probably wouldn’t see Cruz’s choices as “fringe.” For the PC-obsessed Leftist, anything that realistically asseses Islamic extremism must be out of line. Conservatives may see it differently though. more…

More evidence that jihadists are hijacking black grievance in America…   Dave

Lee Stranahan             Breitbart News            16 Mar 2016

“Young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots,” and Donald Trump’s election in November would mean there “aint no more rules,” say messages on Twitter to “white people,” from Tef Poe, a noted pro-Palestinian rap-artist and Black Lives Matter activist.

Mr. Poe’s recent Tweets read in full:

Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know. — War Machine III (@TefPoe) March 16, 2016

Trump wins aint no more rules fammo. We’ve been too nice as is. — War Machine III (@TefPoe) March 16, 2016

“Fammo” is likely a reference to Mr. Poe’s associates and extended family members.

Mr. Poe was a prominent Ferguson activist who was closely associated with Ashley Yates. Mr. Poe and Ms. Yates are the co-founders of the social justice Hands Up United, who also sell T-Shirts and accept donations on their website.

Ms. Yates recently posted a flyer on Twitter that described appropriate clothing to wear in the riot. As Breitbart News reported, that flyer was written in both English and Arabic.

jihadi fashion

Mr. Poe travelled to the Middle East as part of a “solidarity demonstration” with prominent Black Livers Matter activists in 2015. That trip

A description of a video for their trip reads: “In Nazareth, the delegates decided to do a solidarity demonstration as a call for support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign that was called for by Palestinian civil society in 2005.”…


Black Lives Matter and a History of Islamist Outreach to African-Americans

Having successfully oriented themselves to activism, the Islamist groups in the U.S. are continuing to advance incrementally towards “the final stage.”

Kyle Shideler                 CounterJihad                    March 17, 2016

Once the dust settled, last week’s protest of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago demonstrated a growing nexus between Islamist groups in the United States and the radical leftist “Black Lives Matter” movement. This rhetoric of unity between these movements was clearly on display at the 2015 joint conference of the 2015 Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). MAS was described by federal prosecutors as the “overt arm” of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, and ICNA is recognized as the front for the Pakistani Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) founded by one of the foremost thinkers on modern Jihad, Syed Abul A’la Maududi.

At the event, MAS leader Khalilah Sabra openly discussed the importance of Muslim support for Black Lives Matter, and urged “revolution.” Comparing the situation in the United States to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Arab Spring revolutions, she asked, “We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?”

Reporting on this merging “revolutionary” alliance goes back as far as the first outbreak of disorder in Ferguson. Few may recall the attendance at Michael Brown’s funeral of CAIR executive director Nihad Awad. Awad was identified in federal court as a member of the Palestine Committee, a covert group of Muslim Brothers dedicated to supporting Hamas in the United States.

CAIR joined other groups named by federal law enforcement as Muslim Brotherhood organizations and lined up behind the Ferguson protests. In November of 2014, Fox News reported on an effort by CAIR Michigan Director Dawud Walid to link the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police and the death of Luqman Abdullah, a Detroit imam shot during an FBI raid.

Abdullah was described by the FBI as a leader of a nationwide Islamic organization known as “The Ummah,” run by convicted cop-killer Jamil Abdullah Amin. Abdullah’s group engaged in criminal activity in order to raise funds in order for an effort to establish Sharia law in opposition to the U.S. government.

Amin and CAIR have a long association together, with CAIR providing funding for Amin’s legal defense, and issuing numerous press releases in support of the Georgia radical imam and former Black Panther…


CJR – Kyle posted this on his facebook page yesterday. It is a very informative interview:


FBI findings in Calif. stabbing attack continue pattern of downplaying terror, say critics

Malia Zimmerman              Published March 18, 2016             FoxNews.com

More than four months after a black-clad loner with an Islamist-themed manifesto and a printed ISIS flag in his backpack stabbed four people on a California college campus, the FBI wrapped up its investigation Thursday by saying “it may never be possible to definitively determine” what motivated the bloody rampage.

The inconclusive findings from the probe of the Nov. 4, 2015 attack at the University of California Merced campus followed months of hesitation by local and federal law enforcement to link Faisal Mohammad’s stabbing spree to terrorism.

“Every indication is that Mohammad acted on his own; however, it may never be possible to definitively determine why he chose to attack people on the UC Merced campus,” the FBI’s Sacramento office said in a statement that avoided calling the attack an act of terrorism.

Critics say it followed a pattern in which the federal government downplays domestic terrorism even when there are seemingly obvious links. The flag, the manifesto annotated with reminders to pray to Allah in between stabbings – all reported in November by FoxNews.com, yet not confirmed by the FBI until this week, pointed early on to the 18-year-old Mohammad having been radicalized, say terrorism experts. Even the stabbings themselves, which came as a wave of terrorist blade attacks occurred in Israel, were indicators of an extremist motivation, say experts.

“The Department of Justice is avoiding stating the obvious, which is that an individual who commits violence in the name of ISIS is a terrorist,” said Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for the New York-based nonprofit terrorism research institute Clarion Project. “If someone commits violence and has an ISIS flag and jihadist manifesto in their backpack, they are telling you what their motive was. It’s as iron-clad as a suicide note.”…


Iraqi-born refugee charged in US with supporting terror

Published March 18, 2016                  Associated Press

An Iraqi-born Palestinian man previously charged with lying to investigators about traveling to Syria was indicted Thursday on the more serious allegation of trying to support a terrorist group. A federal grand jury in Illinois indicted Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, of Sacramento, on the new charge two months after he was arrested in California on accusations of lying about traveling to fight against the Syrian government.

That charge could have brought him up to eight years in prison, but he now faces a maximum 15-year term if convicted of attempting to provide material support to terrorists.

Al-Jayab flew from Chicago to Turkey on Nov. 9, 2013, and then traveled to Syria, federal prosecutors said. Authorities say he joined a group later affiliated with the Islamic State group, though he told investigators he was just visiting his grandmother in Turkey.

Al-Jayab migrated to the United States as a refugee in October 2012, authorities say. He lived in Arizona and Milwaukee until November 2013, when he went back overseas. He moved to Sacramento in January 2014 and registered as a computer science major at a Sacramento community college last fall…


Somali ‘refugee’ influx continues unabated

Obama sending 700 per month to U.S. cities despite admitted ‘terror-recruitment problem’

Leo Hohmann           World Net Daily               March 18, 2016

O on refugees

The Islamic State’s Cyber Army used an online cellphone app to post a “kill list” of names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information on 36 police officers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. The FBI said this week it is investigating the case but analysts say it’s obvious why ISIS chose to target the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The area is home to America’s largest Somali refugee community and has been a hotbed of Islamic terrorist recruitment dating back to at least 2007. Since then more than 34 young Somalis have left Minnesota to join the ranks of foreign terror groups, including the Islamic State in Syria and al-Shabab in Somalia. Others have been convicted of sending material support to overseas terrorist organizations.

It’s not as though Congress hasn’t been warned about the festering radicalism of Somali youth. Back in March 2009 the Senate Homeland Security Committee heard testimony that Somali youth were being radicalized in Minnesota.

The 2009 hearing highlighted the case of Shirwa Ahmed, a 27-year-old Somali who came to Minnesota as a refugee and was radicalized in his adopted country by al-Shabab – which convinced him to travel to Somalia and blow himself up along with 29 others.

“The idea that Ahmed was radicalized in the United States raised red flags throughout the U.S. intelligence community,” CNN reported at the time. The incident – the first suicide bombing by a naturalized U.S. citizen – was the “most significant case of homegrown American terrorism recruiting based on violent Islamist ideology,” then Sen. Joseph Lieberman said at the Senate hearing.

The problem has only gotten worse since 2009. Andrew Luger, the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota, admitted last spring, after six more Somalis were arrested for trying to board planes bound for Turkey with plans to join ISIS, that his state has “a terror-recruitment problem.”

Yet, the Obama administration has kept the pipeline of new Somali “refugees” well-oiled


Labrador and Goodlatte Introduce Broad Refugee Reform Legislation

Bill to be marked up on Wednesday, March 16

Press Release                 House of Representatives Judiciary Committee             March 14, 2016

Sowel on illegal immigration

Washington, D.C.  – Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee Vice Chairman Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) today introduced the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act (H.R. 4731). The bill reforms the refugee program by curbing fraud and strengthening public safety and national security. It also provides state and local governments the power to decide if refugees are to be resettled within their communities and gives Congress, not the President, the authority to set the overall refugee ceiling for each year. The House Judiciary Committee will mark up this legislation on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.

Below are statements from the authors of the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act on the introduction of the bill.

Congressman Labrador: “Our bill makes common-sense reforms to improve and modernize the refugee program. It restores congressional power and respects the decisions of elected officials closest to the people. Importantly, the bill gives Congress, rather than the President, authority to decide how many refugees to admit. It boosts protections against fraud and requires rejection of those guilty of serious crimes.

“The bill improves prospects for success by placing refugees in communities that have the infrastructure to support them and by giving priority to persecuted religious minorities. To continue America’s long history of welcoming those in need, we must restore confidence in the safeguards protecting our security…


Muslim Group Asks Bedke to Block Anti-Foreign Law Bill

Nathan Brown            MagicValley.com (Idaho)              Updated Mar 17, 2016

A Muslim civil rights group has sent a letter to House Speaker Scott Bedke urging him to block a bill that would ban foreign law in Idaho. The bill, introduced by Rep. Eric Redman, would forbid the consideration or application of any foreign law by an Idaho court, but the main purpose of the bill is to ensure courts can’t use Muslim Shariah law.

The bill was printed by the House Ways and Means Committee on a 4-3 vote a week ago, with the Republicans in favor and the Democrats opposed. Similar bills have been introduced in many states and passed in more than a dozen.

William Burgess, senior staff attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, wrote Bedke on Tuesday that laws that do not have “a genuine and primary secular purpose” are unconstitutional, and that Redman’s bill doesn’t have one.

“In this case, Mr. Redman, as the sponsor of the bill, admitted that, while the ‘bill isn’t just about sharia law … sharia law is a major concern,’” Burgess wrote. “He included ‘pictures of a severed hand and a man about to be beheaded … in the information packet [he] distributed to legislative leaders considering the proposal,’ with the pictures ‘pasted in between definitions of Shariah law’ and statements disparaging the Prophet Muhammad.”…


Drug-fueled orgies at Islamic school funded by taxpayers

Prosecutors probe Muslim kindergarten that allegedly doubled as nightly hot-spot

Douglas Ernst               World Net Daily              March 18, 2016

Prosecutors in Austria are investigating an Islamic kindergarten that allegedly doubled as a nightly hot-spot for drug-fueled orgies – all at taxpayers’ expense.

Officials in Vienna have charged a man know as “Abudullah P” with fraud after a whistleblower told police he found out about the parties through an online dating site, Breitbart London reported Friday. The building, which was obtained in December 2015 after its previous owner filed for bankruptcy, is adjacent to a warehouse where police recently found a huge cache of marijuana.

Austria’s Kronen Zeitung originally reported on Abdullah P. Thursday, saying the Turkish immigrant’s schools collected over $2 million from the government between May 2013 and May 2015. The newspaper added that Abdullah P. faced legal troubles in the past after schools and “integration centers” were suspected of fomenting radical Islamic beliefs…


Who’s Afraid Of The Dark?

Gary Bauer             American Values             March 18, 2016

Pig power

How the Hungarians are enforcing border security…    Dave

Ostersund, Sweden, cancelled its annual “Earth Hour” celebration this year. All the lights in the city are turned off during the one-hour event to symbolize the “green” goal of being 100% fossil fuel free.

The city cancelled the event this year because it has been inundated with Muslim migrants and has experienced an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Some victims have been as young as 10 years old. As a result, residents of Ostersund are now afraid of the dark.

Here’s a thought: Instead of fretting about becoming fossil fuel free, how about becoming barbarian free and limiting the number of radical Islamists coming into your nation?



Geert Wilders’ Statement before the Hague District Court March 18, 2016: Acquit me

Jerry Gordon            New English Review              Friday, 18 March 2016

The following is a translation of Geert Wilders’ remarks before a three judge panel in the Hague District Court today, March 18, 2016 at the opening of his trial.  He is  charged with  violating alleged hate speech laws, saying,  “fewer Moroccans” at a Dutch Freedom Party campaign rally at the Hague in  March 2014…

Read Wilders’ statement before the Hague tribunal and wonder how far the West has fallen when it seeks to punish free speech in defiance of judicial standards of fairness:

Mr. President, Members of the Court,

For more than eleven years, I have been living under death threats. Every day, I am reminded of this. Even today. This morning, I was driven here in a convoy of armored cars, with sirens, flashing lights, and surrounded by bodyguards. And not only today, but every day.

I will be brought home in the same way. Home is a safe-house. My office is a shielded room. And when I have to stand in court, it is here, in a bunker at Schiphol.

For more than eleven years already, I have been paying a heavy price. And I think that you as well as I know why. I am paying that price for the same reason as why I am standing in the dock for the second time. Because I dare to criticize Islam and mention the Moroccan problem.

“Freedom is the power that we have over ourselves,” said the great Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius. His statue stands at the entrance of the Supreme Court in The Hague. Hugo Grotius is the symbol of Dutch law. But once he was on trial himself. He was sentenced to life because he had fought on the side of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt for Dutch freedoms. But Grotius escaped in a coffin and fled to Antwerp.

Sometimes I wish that I could escape myself. But I know that I cannot. I would have to pay a price which I do not want to pay. I would have to shut up. And I cannot. I do not want that. And I will not do it. Freedom of expression is the only freedom I still have. And, forgive me, I will never give it up.

So here I stand again…


How terror attacks drive politics in Ankara

Metin Gurcan              Al Monitor             March 16, 2016

Twenty-five days later, about a kilometer (half a mile) from the scene of the Feb. 17 bombing, there was another suicide bombing, again with a moving vehicle. However, this attack, at the central square of the city, was against civilians. The March 13 attack killed 37 people, wounded 125 and shook the country to its core.

That was the third suicide attack in Ankara, following the Oct. 10 Islamic State (IS) attack near the central train station and the Feb. 17 explosion.

As I emphasized in a Dec. 30 column titled “Are clashes spreading to western Turkey?” the government is engrossed in long-term sieges of towns such as Yuksekova, Sirnak and Nusaybin to disrupt the logistics lines of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and its newly established youth wing, the Civil Defense Units. Ankara is bent on undermining the Kurdish resistance by combat.

The plan is to first clear out the trenches and barricades in towns and then deploy forces based in permanent outposts to restore state authority over the restive neighborhoods. The PKK has only one card to play to confront Ankara’s increasing pressure, and that is to carry the battles to western Turkey.

The Ministry of Interior announced that the key perpetrator of the March 13 Ankara attack was Seher Cagla Demir, a female university student. Demir joined the PKK in 2013, went to northern Syria in December of that year for military training and joined the clashes there. There are also media reports that a second perpetrator was a male Turkish citizen named Ozgur Unsal, whose linkage with the PKK has not yet been established.

Among 29 people detained in Istanbul, there are nine lawyers, including Demir’s lawyer, Huseyin Bogatekin. Demir was actually on trial for belonging to the PKK, but had not been detained during the proceedings. In nationwide anti-PKK operations after the Ankara bombing, 320 people have been rounded up so far…


Israeli army: 2 Palestinians stab Israeli and are shot dead

Associated Press             The Washington Post             March 17, 2016

JERUSALEM — Two Palestinian assailants stabbed a female Israeli soldier in the northern West Bank before security forces killed them Thursday, the army said. The army said the woman was injured in her upper body and is in moderate to serious condition. The stabbing took place at Ariel Junction in the northern West Bank. The mayor of Beit Fajjar in the southern West Bank identified the two assailants as village residents Ali Taqatqah, 19, and Ali Thawabteh, 20…


Philippines hostages claim captors will kill them in one month if demands aren’t met

Published March 11, 2016               FoxNews.com

A recent video released by Islamist militants that depicted three foreign hostages and a Filipino woman pleading for their lives is nothing more than a ploy to relieve the military pressure that is “getting closer” to them, a Philippines army spokesman said Friday.

Brigadier-General Restituto Padilla told Reuters that army units are hot on the trail of the band of Al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf militants, who kidnapped two Canadians, a Norwegian and the woman from a beach resort in the Philippines nearly six months ago.

In the video, the three men — all bearded and shirtless — were videotaped while on their knees being threatened by a militant wielding a knife, the New York Times reports. The men said they would be killed in a month if their captors’ demands were not met, though no specific ransom was mentioned.

In a previous video clip that was released in November, one of the captives said the militants wanted $21 million in ransom for each hostage, Reuters reports.

“We’re getting closer to them, hence, they needed to expedite the demand for ransom in order for them to escape from the hands of the law, which is closely catching up,” Padilla said. He added that the “policy on no negotiations with kidnappers includes no payment of ransom.”

The four hostages are believed to be held in a jungle on Jolo island, a stronghold of the militant group known for its bombs, beheadings and kidnappings. Abu Sayyaf militants are also holding one person from the Netherlands, one from Japan, and an Italian missionary, Reuters reports. The group has killed at least two foreign hostages in the past, and another was killed in an army rescue mission…


Dave BaileyDave Bailey is a former professional engineer with an MBA from the Wharton School of Business who worked until 1992 as a researcher for IBM. At that time he left IBM to start a nonprofit organization called Education Transfer, whose purpose was to help middle schools and high schools organize Career Days that would typically bring together approximately 100 local professionals representing students’ career interests to speak with hundreds of students, representing an entire grade level.

By 2001 his organization was serving numerous schools from Delaware to New York, including several schools on Long Island – schools with families that were devastated by the 9/11 terrorist attack. Dave felt a compelling need to understand the Islamic ideology behind that attack and, since retiring from Education Transfer in 2010, he devotes his time to helping others comprehend the forces within Islam that threaten the West.

His first book on the subject, “Dare to Speak: Islam vs. Free Democracy and Free Enterprise,” is available on-line at several websites. His second book, “Shock and Alarm: What It was Really Like at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq,” is available for purchase from Amazon.com. He co-wrote this book with Hugh Iwanicki, a friend and former emissary at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

The Daily Bailey

Today I would like to share with you the email list of Dave Bailey who I met at an ACT! for America conference several years ago. Many of my readers are no doubt familiar with him and benefit from his news digests which include his wise commentary and always feature great cartoons.


Dave BaileyDave Bailey is a former professional engineer with an MBA from the Wharton School of Business who worked until 1992 as a researcher for IBM. At that time he left IBM to start a nonprofit organization called Education Transfer, whose purpose was to help middle schools and high schools organize Career Days that would typically bring together approximately 100 local professionals representing students’ career interests to speak with hundreds of students, representing an entire grade level.

By 2001 his organization was serving numerous schools from Delaware to New York, including several schools on Long Island – schools with families that were devastated by the 9/11 terrorist attack. Dave felt a compelling need to understand the Islamic ideology behind that attack and, since retiring from Education Transfer in 2010, he devotes his time to helping others comprehend the forces within Islam that threaten the West.

513J+yl1BsL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_His first book on the subject, “Dare to Speak: Islam vs. Free Democracy and Free Enterprise,” is available on-line at several websites. His second book, Shock and Alarm: What It was Really Like at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq,” is available for purchase from Amazon.com. He co-wrote this book with Hugh Iwanicki, a friend and former emissary at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

The following is today’s email. As Dave likes to say, he scours the news so you don’t have to! If you are interested in receiving his his digests just email him at daveb@educationtransfer.com


There is strength in numbers… Please forward this to others…

Thank you for coming to the defense of America… Dave


Islamic State ‘committed genocide’, says US


Congratulations, activists….

The political pressure you helped create has made a difference…

Let’s keep it up, and turn the tables on the Islamists…     Dave

BBC News              March 17, 2016

The US says the Islamic State (IS) group has committed genocide against Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims. US Secretary of State John Kerry said IS was “genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology and by actions”. He also said the group was responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing in areas it controls in Syria and Iraq.

“Naming these crimes is important, but what is essential is to stop them,” Mr Kerry said.

Mr. Kerry admitted that a lack of access to IS areas meant the US did not have a “complete picture” of the atrocities that had been carried out.  He said the “full facts” must be sought by an independent international investigation. The US, he went on, would “strongly support” efforts to collect evidence of IS atrocities and brings those responsible to account.

“The fact is that Daesh kills Christians because they are Christians, Yazidis because they are Yazidis, Shia because they are Shia,” he said, using an Arabic acronym for the group. “This is the message it conveys to children under its control. Its entire world view is based on eliminating those who do not subscribe to its perverse ideology.”…


Tennessee Lawmaker Says That ISIS Should Be Able To Recruit On College Campuses

There are limits to free speech…

Recruiting for genocidal terrorist organizations is beyond the pale…

This is where the libertarian branch of Republicanism embarrasses everyone else…   Dave

American Military News                    March 17, 2016

In what surely will be the most insane story you’ve heard all day, one lawmaker’s call to open campus dialogue to more points of view turned into a thumbs-up for the terror group ISIS to recruit at the University of Tennessee!

The bill was put forth by Representative Martin Daniel (R-18th District); House Bill 2063, called “The Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act.” In theory, the bill is a good one, requiring college campuses to adopt policies that allow students to exercise their First Amendment rights.

In the era of “safe spaces” and speakers getting run off campus for disagreeing with the liberal majority, this bill seemed like it may just be passed. Rep. Daniel spoke on his bill during a House Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee meeting in which he cited a rule at Middle Tennessee State University that requires a permit be given 5 days in advance of any literature being handed out on campus. He also said the school encourages bias reporting, stating:

“They have a web page devoted entirely to bias reporting. What is that? Do they have people sitting in a room somewhere taking in bias reporting incidents?”…

“I’m not seeing a lot of encouragement to express one’s self on college campuses in the state of Tennessee. I’m hearing a lot of ‘Don’t say this because it might offend someone’.

Rep. Daniel’s speech caused Rep. John DeBerry to stand up and ask: “Should someone be able to stand in the market place or in the town square at University of Tennessee, University of Memphis… and recruit for ISIS?”

Rep. Daniel adamantly replied: “Yes. So long as it doesn’t disrupt the proceeding on that campus, yes sir. They can recruit people for any other organization or any other cause. I think it’s just part of being exposed to differing viewpoints.”…


American ISIS fighter captured in Iraq is a ‘gold mine’ of intelligence and could provide vitals clues into the jihadis’ command structure, terror expert says

Corey Charlton               The Daily Mail                 17 March 2016

The American ISIS fighter captured by Kurdish forces in Iraq could provide a ‘treasure trove’ of information about how the bloodthirsty jihadist group operates, it has been claimed. U.S. officials are extremely interested in interviewing Mohamad Jamal Khweis, who is believed to be the first American fighting with the group to have ever surrendered in the field.

The surrender took place three days ago on the front lines near the town of Sinjar, which was retaken by Iraqi forces from ISIS militants late last year.


Khweis (left), whose driver’s license (right) states he is from Alexandria, Virginia,

is believed to be the first American fighting for ISIS to surrender in the field

Seamus Hughes, a former U.S. National Counterterrorism Center official, told NBC News he would be an ‘intelligence goldmine’.

‘He could provide a window into the ISIS command structure. Who does he report to? What does his daily routine look like? And the most important thing – how did he get there?’

Major General Feisal Helkani, of the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga forces, claimed Khweis was ‘lurking near the peshmerga lines’ since Sunday night, and his troops had first tried to shoot him, assuming he was a suicide bomber. Helkani said he was carrying with him a large amount of cash, three cell phones and three forms of identification, including a U.S. driving license registered to Virginia.

In grainy cell phone footage, also posted on social media shortly after the surrender, the man is seen surrounded by Iraqi Kurdish troops and confirming that he is from the United States and that he is Palestinian…


Gruesome new ISIS video show executions of six ‘spies’, including one man getting his head blown clean off with explosive wire

Defections are becoming a big problem for ISIS… No surprise…

They are getting desperate…

Defectors who tell the truth about ISIS make life hard for the propaganda department…    Dave

Sara Malm            The Daily Mail             17 March 2016

ISIS has released a new video depicting the executions of six alleged ‘spies’ in the terrorist group’s besieged ‘stronghold’ Falluhjah, in Iraq’s Anbar Governate. The men are all accused of leaking information to the Iraqi government, which has been advancing on ISIS in the area in recent months.

One of the men, a hospital worker accused of leaking information on injured ISIS fighters is decapitated using explosive wire tied around his neck.

ISIS defector

Executed: The latest ISIS video shows the murders of six men in the city of Fallujah, all accused of spying for the Iraqi Government

The video names the man as Mohamed Mahmoud Dayih, claiming that he had used his position as a clerk at the Fallujah General Hospital to send information to the Iraqi Interior ministry. ISIS accuse him of handing over information on the medical staff working for ISIS at the hospital, taking pictures of them and giving information on dead and wounded ISIS fighters.

The video shows him kneeling on the ground while ISIS terrorists tie a blue wire around his neck, evidently packed with explosives. Seconds later, the camera pans out to show the moment the bomb-rope is detonated, decapitating the man.

The second execution shown is that of two policemen, allegedly arrested by ISIS as they tried to leave Fallujah to pass on information about ISIS fighters to the Iraqi Army…


Dozens Of Defeated ISIS Cowards Captured Trying To Hide Among Women And Children

Russ Read            The Daily Caller             March 16, 2016

After suffering humiliating defeats to the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the U.S.-led Operation Inherent Resolve coalition, 149 Islamic State fighters were recently captured attempting to hide among women and children fleeing the Euphrates River valley. As part of Operation Desert Lynx, Iraq’s mission to recapture territory near the Euphrates River valley from ISIS, U.S. and coalition forces dropped thousands of leaflets on cities and towns in order to demoralize ISIS fighters and give civilians an opportunity to evacuate the area before fighting occurs. Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman U.S. Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters that as many as 35,000 civilians have been able to flee the area in response.

“The ISF detained 149 ISIL [ISIS] fighters who were attempting to blend in among the fleeing civilians,” said Warren during a Wednesday press conference at the Pentagon. “These cowards are now in ISF custody and will be prosecuted by the Iraqi government.”

The pamphlets gave civilians instructions on where to they could seek safety and read “CTS Lions are close,” an apparent reference to Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service. Warren said the intention for the leaflet air drop was to both aid the civilian population as well as to degrade the morale of ISIS fighters. “As we see ISIL morale begin to crack, as we see ISIL begin to take increased losses, as some of our messages begin to penetrate, as ISIL fighters wake up and realize the caliphate isn’t exactly the land of rainbows and unicorns they thought it was when they went to show up, they throw down their guns and they run away,”…


ISIS opposition ‘at gates of Raqqa’ as Syrian Democratic Forces reclaim villages from their control

The Syrian Democratic Forces have been celebrating a string of victories as they reclaim villages from Isis control, putting them within 20 miles of Raqqa

ISIS’s stolen wealth is running out…

…and they don’t have the technology to repair their damaged oil infrastructure…

Defeating the Islamists is easy…

…once we get serious about doing it…

Russia gets credit for turning the situation around…

…with its serious bombing campaign

Obama is just tagging along after the fact…     Dave

Samuel Osborne           The Independent (UK)             Mar 15, 2016

Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces are moving closer to the gates of Raqqa, Isis’s de-facto capital in Syria, reports say. The armed groups, made up mostly of Kurds from the YPG and YPJ fighting units, along with Arabs and Christians, are now 20 miles from Raqqa, Sky News reports.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been celebrating a string of victories as they reclaim villages from ISIS control. In the hopes of retaking communities from Isis those suspected of being Isis militants are arrested and men are often taken aside for questioning.

With the help of coalition air strikes, the soldiers advanced from al-Shaddadi to link up with a second group from the SDF, who were attacking from Saluk, near the Turkish border. The move cut off nearly 4,000 square miles of ISIS land.

Rizgar Serekani, an SDF commander, told Sky News: “We’re trying to create a barrier between here and Raqqa, to stop Isis movement and clear the area of all ISIS.”…


Moscow’s drawdown in Syria sends a strong message to Assad

Putin is in the driver’s seat…

Obama is in the back seat…       Dave

Zeina Karam               Associated Press               Mar. 15, 2016

BEIRUT — Russia’s plan to withdraw forces from Syria is sending a strong message to President Bashar Assad, whose hard-line stance is diverging from Moscow’s interest in declaring its intervention in the country a success while also accelerating peace efforts. Having dramatically turned the tide of war in Assad’s favor with five months of intense bombardment of his foes, President Vladimir Putin is pressuring the Syrian leader to engage them in more meaningful dialogue in talks that have begun in Geneva.

“There was an overlap in interests in the last few months. Now they (the Russians) are telling Assad, ‘this is where we start to diverge, and you’ve got to step up to your responsibilities, you can’t rely on us forever,'” said Maha Yahya, acting director of the Carnegie Middle East Center.

With an announcement that appeared to take even senior Russian commanders by surprise, Putin ordered most of the estimated 3,000 to 6,000 personnel to begin withdrawing from Syria on Tuesday, a step that raised hopes for progress at newly reconvened U.N.-brokered peace talks in Geneva.

At a televised meeting Monday with his foreign and defense ministers, Putin said Moscow’s intervention had fulfilled its objectives by allowing Assad’s military to “radically” turn the tide of war. He added that the move should help serve as a stimulus for Syria’s political talks…

The timing of the Russian withdrawal, just as peace talks were resuming, offered Putin an opportune moment to declare the bulk of Moscow’s involvement to be over, while acting as a peacemaker and helping ease tensions with NATO member Turkey and the Gulf monarchies vexed by the Kremlin’s military action.

By also pacifying the opposition, Putin has set up the groundwork for what is shaping up to be the best opportunity so far to advance the talks between the two warring sides…


Putin: Russia can rebuild its Syria forces in ‘a few hours’ if needed

Published March 17, 2016                       Associated Press

MOSCOW –  President Vladimir Putin warned Thursday that Russia can again build up its forces in Syria “in a few hours” if necessary, and will continue striking extremist groups. Putin, who ordered a partial withdrawal of Russian warplanes from Syria earlier this week, said that Russia has kept some forces in Syria to support the Syrian army’s action against the Islamic State, the Nusra Front and other extremist groups. He also emphasized that the Russian military will be ready to use an array of air defense missile systems it has in Syria “against any targets that would threaten our servicemen.”

Putin’s statement underlined Russia’s intention to maintain a strong military presence in Syria to keep its gains after a 5 ½-month air campaign that has helped turn the tide of war and allowed Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces to make significant advances.

Speaking during a Kremlin ceremony honoring Russian military officers who have taken part in the Syrian campaign, Putin said that the action in Syria has demonstrated Russia’s “leadership, will and responsibility” in fighting “enemies of civilization.”

Russian warplanes have conducted more than 9,000 combat missions since the air campaign began on Sept. 30, allowing the Syrian army “to gain strategic initiative,” Putin said. He said the action in Syria cost the military about about $480 million, adding that the Defense Ministry already had those funds earlier earmarked for maneuvers and used them instead to finance the Syrian campaign. “There is no more efficient way of training than real combat,” he said, adding that the military action in Syria allowed the Russian armed forces to test its long-range cruise missiles and other new weapons in real action for the first time…


Senior IS commander dies of wounds from US strike in Syria

Qassim Abdul-Zahra and Bassem Mroue            Associated Press                Mar. 15, 2016

BAGHDAD — Omar al-Shishani, a top Islamic State commander who was a magnet for fighters from the former Soviet Union, has died of wounds suffered in a U.S. airstrike in Syria, a senior Iraqi intelligence official and the head of a Syrian activist group said Tuesday. Al-Shishani, who was wounded in a U.S. airstrike earlier this month, died on Monday evening outside the Islamic State group’s main stronghold of Raqqa in Syria, the two told The Associated Press. A U.S. military spokesman confirmed the reports.

The IS-affiliated Aamaq news agency cited an unnamed source as denying that al-Shishani was wounded or killed, without providing any evidence that he was still alive.

The red-bearded al-Shishani, who was in his 30s, was one of the most prominent IS commanders, appearing in several online videos leading fighters into battle. He served as the top commander in Syria before being appointed to lead three elite units that carried out special missions in Syria and Iraq, according to Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi scholar who closely follows the group.

Al-Shishani, whose real name was Tarkhan Batirashvili, was born in the Pankisi Valley, a predominantly ethnic Chechen region within the former Soviet republic of Georgia. He did military service in the Georgian army but was discharged after an unspecified illness, a former neighbor told The Associated Press in 2014. Georgian police later arrested him for illegal possession of arms, the neighbor said. Upon his release in 2010, Batirashvili left for Turkey. He first surfaced in Syria in 2013 with his nom de guerre, which means “Omar the Chechen” in Arabic, leading an al-Qaida-inspired group called “The Army of Emigrants and Partisans,” which included a large number of fighters from the former Soviet Union.

Some 1,500 battle-hardened fighters from the Caucasus region joined IS because of al-Shishani, al-Hashimi said…


The Islamic State has lost more than a fifth of its territory, says report

Ishaan Tharoor              The Washington Post             March 16

ISIS territory map

The Islamic State has lost about 22 percent of its territory in Iraq and Syria in the past 15 months, according to a new study. In 2014, the extremist group exploited the power vacuums racking the region, surging into major cities on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian desert border. Since then, its brutal massacres and myriad acts of destruction have sparked global outrage and prompted more than a year of airstrikes by a U.S.-led coalition.

Now, according to a report from IHS Jane’s 360, the tide is decisively turning against the extremist organization. Despite a territorial advance last summer in parts of Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State has suffered significant setbacks — as the regions marked in red in the map above show. IHS estimated that the Islamic State lost about 14 percent of the territory under its control in 2015 and a further 8 percent in the first three months of this year.

[The Islamic State holds about 3,500 slaves in Iraq]

The monitoring group attributes these defeats to a changing strategic landscape. The loss of the pivotal Syrian border crossing of Tal Abyad took out one of the Islamic State’s chief access points for smuggling in weapons, materiel and new fighters. Tighter Turkish border controls also have thinned out cash flows, as well as the numbers of foreign recruits seeking to join the group.

Airstrikes by the U.S.-led campaign and an ongoing Russian mission in Syria have pinned the Islamic State back. With that support, Syrian Kurdish factions allied with a number of Arab outfits have pushed against the militants in Syria’s northeast; the Iraqi military, backed by Iranian-sponsored Shiite militias, has reclaimed key cities in the heart of Iraq; and government troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are approaching the central city of Palmyra, home to an ancient heritage site the Islamic State seized and started ransacking last year…


Liberal, Taxpayer Funded Media says Muslims should Act Like Muhammad – Conservative Lays Epic Smackdown

This will make you facepalm so hard you’ll hurt yourself…    Dave

Onan Coca           Eagle Rising               14 March 2016

The extremely liberal, taxpayer funded (yes, that means paid for by you) media from National Public Radio (NPR) just ran one of the most patently ridiculous stories of 2016. In a story titled Fighting Extremism with Knowledge: Learning the Lessons of Muhammad author Tom Gjelten argues that the best method for combatting Islamic extremism is the life of Muhammad. Gjelten writes that “some Muslim leaders” seem to believe that if only the young people being influenced by terrorist groups only had a better understanding of the life of Muhammad, perhaps they wouldn’t get sucked into these radical groups.

They don’t consider him divine, but they follow his teachings closely. Good Muslims are taught to emulate the prophet in all matters, personal, spiritual and worldly. Perhaps no time in recent history has it been more important to do as the Prophet Muhammad did — and not as someone says he did.

With terror groups like ISIS now invoking his name, many Muslim leaders say radicals who cite the prophet to justify violence misrepresent his teachings. Some Muslim leaders argue that young Muslims need a firmer grounding in their own faith and the prophetic tradition, both to equip them better to counter religious propagandists and also to bind them more closely to Islam.

Gjelten sites one Islamic scholar in particular, Sheikh Hassan Lachheb, from Knoxville, Tenessee, who believes that radical Muslims must not understand Muhammad…


Trey Gowdy Blasts out a Letter That Reveals the Shady Way Democrats Are Blocking Benghazi Investigation

Joe Perticone             Independent Journal                March 17, 2016

hillary comic

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi continues to interview witnesses and individuals with considerable knowledge of the September 11, 2012, terrorist attacks, Republicans and Democrats on the committee are routinely at odds.

Now, a letter written Wednesday from committee chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to the ranking member, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), revealed that Democrats have refused to promise that they will not leak important information from the hearings.

In a statement Wednesday, Gowdy said Cummings refused to not selectively leak the investigation’s crucial witness transcripts: “As recently as this afternoon, I offered Mr. Cummings total, unfettered access to, and control of, transcripts if he simply agreed he would not selectively leak them. He would not give me that assurance.”

Gowdy added that he has “no choice but to protect past witnesses, future witnesses, confidential material and the integrity of the investigation by allowing the Democrats equitable access but not control.”

The statement coincided with a letter to Cummings, in which Gowdy outlined the various intentional breaches and leaks by Democrats on the committee. He wrote that Democratic members and staffers on the committee “refused to agree not to selectively release witness transcripts before the Committee completes its investigation and issues its report.” Gowdy maintained that he wants to release the witness transcripts in due time, but such information must first be carefully evaluated.

In response to Gowdy’s letter, Cummings issued a statement that committee Democrats “will not agree to conditions that prevent us from putting out the facts that witnesses have told the Committee in order to rebut the conspiracy theories about Benghazi.”…


Petraeus to appear for second closed door interview with Benghazi Committee

Published March 17, 2016                FoxNews.com

The House Benghazi Committee will interview former CIA Director David Petraeus for a second time this upcoming weekend at the Capitol, Fox News learned exclusively on Thursday. The second session will take place in a secure area of the Capitol at 10 a.m. ET on Saturday. Few members of the committee will be there, officials told Fox News. The meeting will be mostly counsel for the committee.

Petraeus appeared for four hours at a closed door session of the Benghazi Committee on Jan. 6 for an initial interview, but the committee wanted more time. Most other major witnesses have spent anywhere from six to ten hours with the Benghazi Committee. Officials told Fox News in January that there would be an effort to bring Petraeus back for additional questions from investigators, even off-campus or in New York City.

The Saturday meeting will not be the first time the nation’s former top spy negotiated strange circumstances for his appearance. The House Intelligence Committee also heard from Petraeus in a bizarre, pre-dawn, clandestine hearing on November 16, 2012, which came barely two months after the Benghazi attack and shortly after Petraeus’s dalliances with Paula Broadwell came to light…


KENT, WA: Volunteer Attorneys Needed

ACT for America                   March 17, 2016

Dear Patriots and Friends,

If you have read our emails in the last week, you know by now we have been working and supporting a father, a fellow patriot, and a hero in our midst, fighting to preserve our freedoms and American values in Washington State. When this individual saw that his daughter’s school had begun serving lunches based on Islamic dietary guidelines he confronted the school and pushed them to follow the Constitution of our nation rather than buckling to pressure from Islamic groups. This action took bravery and continuing the fight requires resolve.

We have shared this story with you for the past few days and you have provided incredible support through emails and calls to the school. In doing this, however, we realized that individuals with the courage to speak up deserve even more support as our enemies have demonstrated a willingness to attack them and their families without remorse. As such, ACT for America is requesting volunteers from our membership in states around the country that would be willing to provide pro bono legal support to heroes such as this.

If you are a licensed lawyer please email us at info@actforamerica.org and include LAW in the subject header. We want to be able to reach out to you in case we encounter issues like this with schools nationwide and need to run something by you to get your legal advice.

Our enemies are incredibly well funded and have a very strong legal support system. Help us develop the same. Thank you all.

May God Bless America,

Thomas Louis
Executive Director

Two Wealthy Sharia Muslims Kept Slaves In Their Texas Home. They Told A Judge That Mohammed Had Slaves And Punishing Them Was “Islamophobic”.

U.S. Chronicle                February 21, 2016

A Texas couple has been found guilty of engaging in forced labor of their two “servants,” and a judge, who was disgusted with their actions, has banished them from the United States. Hassan al-Homoud, 46, and his wife Zainab al-Hosani, 39, pleaded guilty to the crimes of holding a person against their will, and forced labor, otherwise known as SLAVERY. They tried to convince the judge that their actions were acceptable because their Prophet Muhammad, the creator of the religion of Islam, kept slaves of his own. Therefore, any punishment that they received would be Islamophobic.

District Judge Orlando Garcia was having none of that. Nor did he chance having the couple go to an American prison where they might be out on good behavior, and then possibly resume their religion inspired actions. He knew that, as followers of Sharia Law, the couple posed a danger to the United States, and as such, banished them from the country. Before they left, however, the judge ordered that the slave-owners pay each of their victims a sum of $60,000 to compensate their efforts.

According to the complaint prepared by Homeland Security’s Special Agent Edward Acuna, the problems are believed to have begun when al-Homoud applied for visas for two individuals, one from Indonesia, and the other from Bangladesh. In the application for the visas, al-Homoud stated the two would be paid as a housekeeper, and a personal servant, and would collect a monthly income of $1573.87. This was a lie as al-Homoud paid his slaves nothing, but it does point out the fact that the applications that visa seekers, immigrants, and refugees fill out in order to gain access to the country, the same ones that Obama has heralded as foolproof in thwarting terrorists from exploiting, can easily be deceived with faulty information…


FBI: California college stabbing suspect may have been self-radicalized, had ISIS propaganda

Published March 17, 2016                FoxNews.com

The California college student who stabbed four people last fall in a campus spree that ended when he was killed by campus police had ISIS propaganda on his laptop and may have been “self-radicalized,” the FBI announced Thursday. Faisal Mohammad, who carried out the attack at the University of California Merced on Nov. 4, 2015, had “pro-ISIL propaganda” on his laptop and “had visited ISIL and other extremist websites in the weeks prior to his attack,” according to the FBI’s Sacramento office.

“At the time of the stabbings, Mohammad was carrying a backpack which contained a two-page, hand-written plan detailing his intentions to include taking hostages and killing students and police officers. Investigators also found a photocopy of an ISIL flag and a list of items he thought he would need for an attack such as zip ties, glass breaker, and a knife among his belongings,” the FBI said in a statement.

During the investigation, officials did not find any evidence showing Mohammad had worked with or been directed by anyone from ISIS. They did find that he began his preparations for the attack at least one week in advance. “Every indication is that Mohammad acted on his own; however, it may never be possible to definitively determine why he chose to attack people on the UC Merced campus,” the FBI said in a statement…


Pizzeria owner who recruited for ISIS sentenced to more than 22 years in prison

Published March 17, 2016                Associated Press

A New York pizza shop owner who admitted he tried to recruit people for the Islamic State group has been sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison. Mufid Elfgeeh was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Rochester.

Elfgeeh pleaded guilty in December to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. Authorities say he tried to recruit three people to join the Islamic State group to fight in Syria. He was operating a convenience store and pizza shop in Rochester at the time…


Saudi Aramco, Shell plan to break up Motiva, divide up assets

Uh oh…    Dave

Kristen Hays and Erwin Seba           Reuters              Wed Mar 16, 2016

HOUSTON – Royal Dutch Shell and Saudi Aramco announced plans on Wednesday to break up Motiva Enterprises LLC in a deal that ends a partnership of nearly two decades and hands control of the biggest U.S. refinery to the Saudi state oil giant.

News that the two energy companies will divide assets in their oil refining and marketing joint venture had been expected by many as they navigated an often-frayed relationship where their respective interests sometimes diverged.

An early sign of a pending breakup emerged last summer when Motiva announced plans to set up its own oil products trading operation separate from Shell… The divorce also comes as the Saudi government considers selling shares in the world’s largest oil firm…


Extremist Country Of Bahrain Detains Human Rights Activist & Her 1-Year-Old Son

American Military News                March 16, 2016

A Bahraini human rights activist has been arrested along with her 15-month-old son. The Human rights watchdog group, Human Rights First, reported that “Zainab Al Khawaja and her baby were seized from her home today by security officers.”

The Monday arrest came as Al Khawaja was facing a three year sentence for several charges including tearing up pictures of Bahrain’s King Hama bin Isa Al Khalifa, The Guardian reported. Bahraini officials would not comment on the arrests, but Khawaja’s sister later said a warrant indicated the detention was connected to the prison sentence.

Basic human rights like free speech, freedom of association and assembly, free expression, and freedom of religion have been under attack in Bahrain for years.

Al Khawaja’s father was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for his role in ‘Arab Spring’ demonstrations. Bahraini Arab Spring protests focused largely on achieving political freedom and equality for Shias who make up a majority of the population in a country ruled by a Sunni monarchy…


Man in attack on Canadian Forces members in Toronto said ‘Allah’: Sources

Political Correctness makes people blind to the obvious…     Dave

Maryam Shah , Joe Warmington                 Toronto Sun             Monday, March 14, 2016

TORONTO – A brazen knife attack that sent two Canadian soldiers to hospital was disturbing enough, but police sources say it was the attacker uttering the word “Allah” that prompted Toronto Police to call in terror experts. Chief Mark Saunders told reporters outside of the federal building at 4900 Yonge St., north of Sheppard Ave., Monday that the male suspect used “certain comments” that were as concerning as the violent attack. He did not elaborate, but several police sources say witnesses told them “Allah” was used.

“Some heard him say, ‘Praise Allah’ and others heard ‘Allah’ or ‘Aly,’” a police source told the Sun. “Several heard the man use this terminology. It’s not something you take a chance on and this is why the call was made to the police agencies who handle terror issues.”…

After being subdued and restrained by at least six Canadian Forces members on duty at the Joseph Shepard Building, the unidentified man was taken into custody but has yet to be charged. Police sources say investigators are poring through details of his background. “He appears to be of Middle Eastern decent and was presenting himself as if he is Muslim, but it is so early in the investigation and all of that needs to be confirmed,” said a police source.

Saunders said a man armed with a knife entered the building around 3:30 p.m. and injured a Forces member. Other employees in uniform subdued the man, but a second Forces member was injured in the process…


Latest Survey Finds 25% of French Teenagers Are Muslims

Westerners… start having children!

Your futures depend on it…    Dave

Pamela Geller               Atlas Shrugs                March 16, 2016

This is just the beginning. The future that Europe has chosen for itself is one of civil war and bloodshed. And then — sharia.

The French see René Descartes, a 17th century philosopher, scientist, and mathematician, as the truest expression of their national mind. I am afraid they are right. Descartes rejected authority in intellectual life and insisted on reconstructing knowledge on plain sense and strict reasoning, hence his famous motto, cogito ergo sum (“I think and therefore I am”). However, he also disdained experience as long as it could not be boiled down into logical and mathematical terms. This approach, so much at odds with the empirical and pragmatic approach favored in the Anglo-Saxon world, is indeed a hallmark of French culture — including politics.

The French elites relish in abstract, “élégant,” symmetrically organized concepts; they have problems with hard, rough, irregular facts. And should it come to pass that facts do not fit with concepts, they would rather ignore the former than question the latter. Even if major aspects of reality are being denied in the process, and the concepts themselves turned into inert dogmas or voided of any meaning…

One of the most striking cases of reality denial in contemporary France is demography: issues like birthrate, life expectancy, immigration, and emigration. On the face of it, you can hardly ignore such things, since they constantly reshape your environment and your way of life. Even without resorting to statistics, you are bound to perceive, out of day-to-day experience, what is the current balance between younger and older people, how many kids are to be found at an average home, the ethnicity or religion of your neighbors or the people you relate to at work or in business.

The French elites, however, either Right or Left, managed for five decades at least to dismiss the drastic demographic changes that had been taking place in their country, including the rise of Islam, since they clashed with too many political concepts — or fantasies — they had been brainwashed into…


The Future Of Denmark: Women May Be Stoned If They Cheat On Their Husbands

John Hydenius                 Return of Kings           March 6, 2016

The Danish TV channel TV2 has aired a two-part documentary called “The mosques behind the veil.” Reporters go undercover as Muslims who just arrived in Denmark, and use hidden cameras to expose how Danish imams say one thing to the media and another thing to their devoted mosque-goers.

One imam at the Grimhøjvej mosque in Aarhus, Abu Bilal, preaches that adulterous Muslim women should be either stoned to death or whipped, according to Sharia law. The imam also says that leaving the faith or denying any of the religious rules is punishable by death: “Anyone who withdraws from the religion, who is an apostate, he must be killed. Or a denial.One who denies fasting or do not believe in fasting. His verdict is that he is a disbeliever. If he is stubborn and will not fast, he will be killed.”

“I hope that ISIS wins”

The hidden camera captures him lecturing women and children about Islamic law and how it should be applied in an ideal Islamic state. He says that the “eye for an eye” rule should be applied to those who hurt Muslims: “If you kill a Muslim, you shall also be killed.”

Abu Bilal’s teachings depart from the mosque’s official line. The chairman, OussamaEl–Saadi, says in an interview that they follow Danish laws and encourage Muslims to take an active part in society: “We can accept everything that is happening around us, and we can cooperate with the people of this country without problems.”…


VIDEO Interview׃ Turkish Muslims want to kill non-believers, “I shall stab them one by one wherever I find them”

This video got removed from its original location…

You can still view it here…     Dave

Pamela Geller                Atlas Shrugs            March 14, 2016

video screen shot

This video is very revealing. A citizen journalist interviews a number of Turkish citizens about non-believers. Every person questioned appears to be your ordinary, normal man on the street. There is no religious garb or other “tells.” And yet their responses are shocking to those unfamiliar with the Quran and Islamic texts/teachings.

Islam, it’s not like other religions… Here are some of the answers:

Man #1: “Catch them and kill them. They don’t believe in Allah or the Quran.”

Man #2: “They [the unbelievers] are animals. They are not human. They’re not human. They are not like us.”

Man #3: “God damn them. They don’t believe in Allah. To hell with them.”

Man #4: “God damn them. I shall stab them one by one wherever I find them.”

Sounds like he is quoting Quran, “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”

There’s more. Watch it. Send it to your liberal friends (if you still have any).

And Chancellor Merkel is expediting Turkey’s membership into the EU. Truly the final nail in Europe’s coffin…


The fourth strategy

Caroline Glick              Friday, March 11th, 2016

This week we learned that Lebanon is no more. It has been replaced by Hezbollah’s Iranian colony in Lebanon.

Two weeks ago, Saudi Arabia listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and canceled its $3 billion aid package to the Lebanese military. The Gulf Cooperation Council followed suit. Rather than support the move by his sponsors and allies, Saad Hariri, the head of the anti-Hezbollah March 14 movement, flew to Syria to meet with Hezbollah leaders.

Saudi Arabia’s decision to end its support for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) doesn’t mean that Saudi Arabia is making peace with Hezbollah. It means that the Saudis are no longer willing to maintain the fiction that with enough support, the LAF will one day challenge Hezbollah’s effective control of Lebanon.

Hezbollah and its bosses in Tehran don’t seem too upset about the Sunnis’ decision to acknowledge that Hezbollah is a terrorist group. And they are right not to care. In essence, the Saudi move is simply an admission that they have won. Lebanon is theirs.

Hezbollah’s isn’t the dominant force in Lebanon because it has better weapons than the LAF. Unlike the LAF, Hezbollah has no air force. It has no armored divisions. Hezbollah is able to dominate Lebanon because unlike the LAF and the March 14 movement, Hezbollah is willing to destroy Lebanon if doing so advances its strategic goals.

This has all been fairly clear for more than a decade. But it took the war in Syria to force the truth above the surface. And now that it is clear to everyone that Lebanon has ceased to exist and that the country we once knew is now an Iranian colony, the time has come for Israel to reckon with the lessons of its own misadventures in our neighbor to the north.

Since the mid-1990s, Israel has implemented three strategies in Lebanon and in Syria. All of them originated on the Left. All of them failed.

The first strategy was appeasement…


CPAC 2016: Center for Security Policy panels on migration, jihad, shariah

CPAC 2016 counterjihad panelVia Breitbart TV, March 3, 2016:

Panel 1: “Obama’s Dangerous National Security Legacy and How it Must Be Reversed”

CSP President and CEO Frank Gaffney leads this panel of national security experts, composed also of Former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, and 20 year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, and VP for Research and Analysis at CSP Clare Lopez. They will analyze the grievous toll the policies of the Obama administration have taken on our nation’s defenses, and how those policies might be mitigated by the next president.

Fmr. Adm. James “Ace” Lyons
Clare Lopez
Frank Gaffney

Panel 2: “The Global Jihad Movement in America and the Counterjihad Campaign”

Panelist will argue free speech is the indispensable tool in confronting jihad and Islamic shariah law. Author and historian Lars Hedegaard of Denmark founded the Danish Free Press Society and International Free Press Society, and has been a fierce critic of the encroachment of shariah law on freedom of expression in the West. He has faced persecution by his own government and survived an assassination attempt in 2013.  The UK’s Paul Weston leads the Liberty GB party, and is a strong voice against creeping sharia in his homeland. In 2014, he was arrested on “suspicion of racial harrassment” after quoting verbatim a passage about Islam written by Winston Churchill. CSP Executive Vice President Jim Hanson will outline a new initiative against these and related threats, the Counterjihad Campaign.

Paul Weston
Lars Hedegaard
Jim Hanson

(the panels are reversed in the video)

Introducing CounterJihad, CAIR’s Worst Nightmare



Breitbart, by Jordan Schachtel, Feb. 22, 2016:

Secure Freedom, an initiative of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), will be launching a new campaign called CounterJihad, an endeavor that hopes to empower readers with the intellectual firepower to fight back against the radical Islamic current that is coming over this nation, and the rest of the world.

CounterJihad’s mission statement, posted on its website, is to educate all Americans regarding the radical Islamist threat the nation faces today. “We are a movement of American citizen-activists dedicated to safeguarding the country from the danger posed by Islamic Supremacists,” it states.

“We are all aware of the barbaric acts of ISIS, al Qaeda and the others flying the Black Flag. Sadly their violence continues to kill innocents around the world and here at home. They fight in the cause of Jihad to impose their totalitarian religion on all people,” a statement on the CounterJihad site reads.

“But they are not the only ones working toward that goal,” the initiative warns. “There are other Islamist groups who seem much less dangerous on the surface, but actually represent an even more insidious threat to free western society. They seek to use our very freedoms as weapons against us.”

The CounterJihad initiative hopes to provide the American people intellectual firepower against the Islamic forces that seek to undermine western values. Moreover, The CounterJihad project hopes that everyday Americans will spread its message far and wide, from the city blocks of Manhattan to the rural backcountry of this nation.

In a world destabilizing rapidly, Islamist radicals have seized power vacuums opened by the West’s unwillingness to stand up to the forces antithetical to freedom. Far-left and anti-free speech totalitarians have empowered these groups by condemning any and all criticism of radical Islam, labeling individuals and groups who do so as ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes.’

From the powers fueling the so-called Arab Spring, to the Muslim Brotherhood’s temporary seizure of power in Egypt, to the rise of the Islamic State and the Ayatollah’s theocracy in Iran, radical jihadi outfits have sprung up exponentially in this second decade of the 21st century.

Islamist entities have also secured footing in the United States. Among the more prominent is the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which poses as a Muslim civil rights organization while maintaining ties to Islamist groups worldwide. CAIR operatives have met with White House officials, yet they have previously demanded the silencing of their critics in accordance with Sharia law.

CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation’s Hamas-funding operation. In December, an FBI chart, along with governmental testimony, surfaced that alleged CAIR was a Hamas-related organization.

Jim Hanson, CSP’s executive vice president, tells Breitbart News the new campaign is “a response to the incursion by dangerous Islamist groups and their intolerant ideology into the American way of life. We will educate the public and explain how concerned Americans can help stop this.”

CounterJihad will focus on educating the American people about Sharia; Violent Jihad; Civilization Jihad; the Muslim Brotherhood in America; Slander, Blasphemy and Censorship; Migration; Threats To The Electric Grid; and the Iranian Threat Doctrine.

CounterJihad is not designed in any way, shape, or form to target Muslims, Hanson explained. “We’re not anti-Muslim, but we strongly oppose those Muslims who believe they are divinely called to impose totalitarian sharia doctrine on others.”