Threat to Free Speech

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Warning Your Freedom is Under Attack:




In this national webcast, ACT! for America documents the growing worldwide clamor for suppression of speech perceived as “offensive” to Islam, and what ACT! for America is doing to combat this increasingly serious threat to the First Amendment.

Americans United to Defend Free Speech part1:

Americans United to Defend Free Speech part 2 with Deborah Weiss:

Americans United to Defend Free Speech part 3:

The David Horowitz Freedom Center held its 17th Restoration Weekend November 15 – 18, 2012 at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Here is the panel discussion on Free Speech vs. Anti Blasphemy:

Robert Spencer:

Pamela Geller:

Deborah Weiss:

Brooke Goldstein:

Question and Answer:

Frank Gaffney –  “Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), is the most dangerous Sharia-jihadi group”

Center for Security Policy:

Over a decade following 9/11, MAJ Steve Coughlin was one of the U.S. governments most astute and objective analysts, and an expert in the connections between Islamic Law, terrorism and the jihadist movement around the globe.

Through knowledge of published Islamic Law, MAJ Coughlin had a demonstrated ability to forecast events both in the Middle East and domestically and to accurately assess the future threat posture of jihadist entities before they happen.

He has briefed at the Pentagon, for national and state law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and on Capitol Hill for members of Congress.

Today he is Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. His book, Catastrophic Failure, will be released in late 2012.

With this series of presentations, the general public has access to a professional standard of intelligence training in order to better understand the jihadist threat:

Islam Hijacking the UN Human Rights Council:

Due to Muslim Voting Blocks in the UN’s Human Rights Council  there have been some changes to the definition of “Human Rights”

(1) Human rights surrounding women’s rights are off the table, (2) Countries in gross violation of human rights are spared selection as targets of Human rights investigations if the Human Rights Violations occur in the name of Islam (e.g. Sharia Punishments and Sharia courts “gamed” against women and Non-Muslims), and (3) Blasphemy is equated with Defamation – Blasphemy being speaking out against a religion, specifically the religion of Islam – becomes a new bonafide Human Rights violation.

The UN Human Rights Council has 3 year terms.

Heritage Foundation Video: U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18: Respect for Religions or Anti-Freedom of Expression?


Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Human Dimension
Implementation Meeting (HDIM) in Warsaw 2012 Wrap-Up

Brussels Process Launched By The International Civil Liberties Alliance On 9 July 2012

2012 Brussels Declaration

To Preserve Free Speech, Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Democracy, against all efforts to injure and usurp those universal principles, we call upon leaders in all nations to support this 2012 Brussels Declaration to Safeguard Individual Liberties and Human Rights:

Reasserting that Human rights and liberties are universal, individual, equal, inalienable, and self-evident irrespective of philosophical, cultural or religious considerations, as a matter of long-held principle;

Considering that any honest defender of Democracy has the right and the duty to uphold and defend free speech, civil liberties and human rights;

Affirming the irrefutable fact that sharia law as articulated and applied is incompatible with and destructive to free speech, civil liberties and human rights and as such is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy (as stated in the 13 Feb 2003 judgment of the ECHR);

Acknowledging that the declaration known as “Cairo Declaration of Human Right in Islam” also commonly referred to as the “Cairo Declaration” curtails all human rights under sharia law and sharia normative behavior restrictions (CDHRI Articles 22, 23, 24)on the pretense that  “All human beings form one family whose members are united by their subordination to Allah”(CDHRI Article 1);

Observing that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), being the creator of Cairo Declaration and its current main proponent has, by its  continuous and single-minded activity, proven to be the principal international politico-religious organization working to restrict free speech, civil liberties and human rights and to enforce sharia  in the world;

Asserting that any official endorsement or promotion of the Cairo Declaration or any cooperation with OIC that leads, by the test of consequences, to more enforcement of sharia anywhere in the world identifies its perpetrator as an active opponent of Democracy, freedom of speech, civil liberties and human rights;

Noting that such an identification renders illegitimate  any attempt by the perpetrator to discuss or negotiate matters involving freedom of speech, civil liberties and human rights in any local, national or international forums;


The signatories solemnly require of their governments and civil society:

1)      To commence a process, to be known as the Brussels Process, to implement the content of this declaration through education and policy initiatives at all levels of government and sectors of civil society, in order to safeguard the future liberties and rights of our nations and our children, so that all members of the human family may prosper as free individuals.

2)      To decline any invitation to participate in any local, national or international forum to discuss civil liberties, free speech or human rights, if the organizers – individual persons or organizations – are known proponents of the Cairo Declaration or societal sharia enforcement unless the negotiated or discussed topic  is a transition of their codification and implementation of human rights to the UNDHR definitions and away from the Cairo Declaration definitions.

3)      To protest against any kind of participation in a local, national or international meeting dedicated to civil liberties, free speech or human rights’ discussions or negotiations by any known proponents of the Cairo Declaration or societal sharia enforcements, unless they are only attending in an observational capacity or negotiating their entry in the Brussels Process.

4)      To initiate a thorough inquiry before any bilateral or multilateral cooperation about civil liberties, free speech or human rights related matters, in order to clearly identify any participants who are proponents for the Cairo Declaration or sharia law, or who have cooperated or collaborated with the OIC or its associated organizations.

5)      To reject and forbid any public funding for promotion of the Cairo Declaration or of any sharia societal implementation and enforcement, because such promotions are a direct attack against our most fundamental democratic principles and human rights.

6)      To stop any cooperation with all known proponents of the Cairo Declaration at a national or international level, when that cooperation has as its aim or result, a restriction of civil liberties, free speech or human rights in a democratic country, until those proponents repudiate the Cairo Declaration.

7)      To extend cooperation and support in all forums to former proponents of the Cairo Declaration who repudiate the suppression by the OIC and sharia law of civil liberties, free speech and human rights, and who assert that human rights and liberties are universal, individual, equal, inalienable, and self-evident irrespective of philosophical, cultural or religious considerations.

8)      To engage with civil society and official organizations that work to safeguard  individual liberties from suppression by shariah law, especially those located in nations that are signatories of the Cairo Declaration or members of the OIC, to encourage dialogue, education and understanding on individual liberties and human rights, as these terms have been historically understood before the Cairo Declaration.

11 thoughts on “Threat to Free Speech

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  3. I hope you do get the buy in and active participation you need from local and national governments and political parties.
    To my mind, the fact that a sharia compliant territory doesn’t automatically have it’s voting rights at the UN suspended is a travesty and makes the UN unnecessary for democracies as a forum.

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