2 thoughts on “Islamic Texts

  1. When are we going to initiate referendums in all States that will make it clear in the Constitutions that Sharia will not be considered in any Court in the USA? The only way to bring this matter to the People is through a referendum. The only way for the People to hear the threat of Islam is through Muslims opposing the referendum. Let us not continue to fight this war on an intellectual or a political level and leave the masses in the dark.

    • I don’t know if anything to help reverse what Obama has done is possible. He seems to be putting all his chess pieces in the perfect spot that no one can undo. He is surrounded by muslims in the white house. They are infiltrating everything and everywhere and seem to be attacking us from within our own country. I would love to fight this fight but at this point I just feel like I’m bobbing in the water aimlessly.

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