Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Chelsea Bomber Is ‘A Man Who Has Taken Sides in a War,’ Not ‘Just Another Criminal’

Fox News/Screengrab

Fox News/Screengrab

Breitbart, by John Hayward, Sept. 23, 2016:

Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, addressed the idea of treating Chelsea bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami as an enemy combatant, rather than a criminal, in a Fox News appearance.

“I think it’s very compelling to make an argument that this isn’t just another criminal,” Gorka told host Neil Cavuto. “This isn’t a member of the Mafia, this isn’t a bank robber. This is a man who has taken sides in a war, and he is on the side of an enemy entity – in this case, the Islamic State, the new caliphate, run by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

“If you look at World War II, we did not treat enemy agents captured on U.S. soil as just common criminals,” he pointed out. “In fact, they were treated as enemy combatants, and if they were U.S. citizens, the treason statutes applied. So if you believe we’re at war, Neil, then there’s a very compelling case to be made that you don’t treat this guy just like a common criminal.”

Cavuto noted that Rahami apparently will be treated as a criminal, with defenders of the practice arguing that other terrorists have been handled through the criminal courts successfully.

“It’s a question of perspective: do you think we are at war?” Gorka maintained. “I think we are. I think we are now in the 16th year – we just had the 15th anniversary of 9/11, and we are in the longest war America has ever waged, since 1776.”

“This isn’t just a bunch of random criminals. They’re not people making profit. These aren’t psychos. This isn’t Jeffrey Dahmer. These are jihadis who wish to destroy America and Western civilization. As such, i think they should be treated as enemy combatants, and not enjoy the rights and privileges that Americans enjoy, who are citizens of this nation, and don’t wish to destroy this nation.”

Cavuto asked Gorka if he thought Rahami had help, “maybe a lot of help.”

“Oh, my gosh. This is a man who, I’ve read the contents of the journal, this man was not just a consumer, he was a propagator of jihadi narrative,” Gorka responded, referring to the notebook taken from Rahami after his capture.

“Not only did his father turn him in, or try to turn him in, he made blatantly anti-American statements in public. He made blatantly homophobic statements. And then what does he do? He travels to South Asia and he visits Quetta. Quetta is the hotbed of jihadism,” he said.


Andrew McCarthy, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of N.Y., discusses calls for Ahmad Khan Rahami to be treated as Enemy Combatant

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Political Correctness Starts at DOJ HQ, Not FBI

Fox News/Screencap

Fox News/Screencap

Breitbart, by John Hayward, Sept. 21, 2016:

During a Tuesday night appearance on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, joined human-rights attorney and former State Department official David Tafuri to discuss the Chelsea bombing.

Gorka said that from his travel records, we now know that bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami visited Quetta, “the hotbed of Salafi jihadism,” and home base of the Afghan Taliban’s leadership, the Quetta Shura.

“The fact that we have reports that he made anti-American statements here, and homophobic statements – I think an interview or two would have been very, very wise,” he suggested.

“There’s an amazing similarity between Rahami and the Orlando bomber, Mateen,” observed David Tafuri. “Both were disaffected Muslims, both were home-grown terrorists. Both came on the radar screen for the FBI. The FBI investigated both – but, apparently, the FBI concluded after investigating both that they did not think either of them were a threat to the U.S. That’s where the FBI made a mistake.”

“The FBI can’t get into the minds of these home-grown terrorists, but we would hope that the FBI will change its procedures, and look at threats like this more closely,” Tafuri added.

Gorka suggested there were several possible explanations for why “balls are being dropped in terms of national security.”

“One is simply a manpower issue. The director of the FBI himself has said there are 900 cases they’re investigating that are linked to ISIS alone, in every state of the union. That’s a huge labor-intensive exercise,” he noted.

“Secondly, we have seen that there are certain sensitivities, a certain political matrix being forced upon our operators, our investigators – which isn’t really often from the FBI,” Gorka continued. “If you dig deeper in these cases where something was spotted, and people were pushed back from the investigation – you saw this with Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter – the nexus of the political correctness that is pushed down is usually from the Department of Justice itself, and from the Civil Rights Division.”

“It could be a case of someone getting into the FBI’s protocols and saying, ‘no, we’re not going to focus on this right now,’” Gorka speculated.

Tafuri expected there would be some political fallout from these security lapses, including another mentioned by guest host Brett Baier, the Department of Homeland Securityerroneously granting citizenship to hundreds of illegal aliens who were facing deportation.

“None of these home-grown terrorists are actually refugees, as far as we know, so they did not come here as part of the refugee resettlement process,” said Tafuri. “And, in fact, no refugee so far has committed terrorism in the United States. But specifically look at the Syrian refugees, who are a hot-button political topic right now. No Syrian refugee who has been resettled in the United States has committed terrorism.”

“That doesn’t mean that the U.S. government hasn’t made mistakes with respect to immigration,” he added, calling the DHS story mentioned by Baier a “very important one.”

“We’ve allowed over a thousand people to go from a list where they were supposed to be deported, to somehow a different list, and they re-applied under a different name, and were mistakenly admitted. That is a significant error that needs to be corrected,” Tafuri said. “Luckily, the U.S. government has identified it, and is hopefully correcting it very quickly.”

Gorka agreed with Baier that the DHS debacle “backs up some of the things Donald Trump has been saying on the trail.”

“Again, just go to the chief law enforcement officer who’s talked about this,” said Gorka. “Director Comey said, when you have people coming from a war zone like Syria that is not friendly to us – on the contrary, we’re bombing them – there is no way to vet individuals from Syria, because there’s no database to vet them against. The Syrians aren’t going to give us the data.”

“So what’s the alternative?” he asked. “My parents were refugees. They escaped a dictatorship during the Cold War. There was no way to get information about who they were. So what happened? They spent weeks in a refugee camp, undergoing counter-intelligence interrogations to prove their bona fides. Again, incredibly labor-intensive protocols. Perhaps we don’t have the capabilities.”

Tafuri agreed that “we have to have significant vetting process for refugees, and I’m glad Sebastian pointed out, he’s a refugee.” (In fact, Dr. Gorka is not a refugee, and did not claim to be one; he said his parents were refugees.)

“Refugees have contributed a lot to this country. Donald Trump talked about how we defeated fascism in World War II. Part of the way we defeated it is, we had refugees who contributed to the nuclear program that helped us get out of World War II. Refugees do contribute so much, and so far, refugees have not been a source of terrorism. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to vet them significantly. But the refugee resettlement program has a significant vetting process. It takes 18 to 24 months to come here as a refugee. There are multiple interviews. There are background checks. And so far, it has worked,” Tafuri argued.

Here is the interview:

FBI Training Questioned in Recent Terror Attacks

This notebook recovered in the arrest of suspected bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami mentions deceased al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki / AP

This notebook recovered in the arrest of suspected bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami mentions deceased al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki / AP

Washington  Free Beacon, by Bill Gertz, Sept. 22, 2016:

Recent domestic terror attacks by Islamic extremists are raising questions among officials and security experts about whether FBI counterterrorism training is deficient.

The chief suspect in the New York City homemade bombing attacks last weekend, Ahmad Rahami, was probed for several weeks by the FBI in 2014 after his father alerted authorities to his terrorist leanings.

Rahami’s father, Mohammad Rahami, told reporters this week that he informed the FBI about concerns about his son after Rahami stabbed one of his brothers in a domestic dispute.

“Two years ago I go to the FBI because my son was doing really bad, OK?” the elder Rahami said. “But they check almost two months, they say, ‘He’s okay, he’s clean, he’s not a terrorist.’ I say OK.”

“Now they say he is a terrorist. I say OK,” Mohammad Rahami said.

The FBI acknowledged dismissing concerns that Rahami posed a terrorism threat. “In August 2014, the FBI initiated an assessment of Ahmad Rahami based upon comments made by his father after a domestic dispute that were subsequently reported to authorities,” the bureau said in a statement. “The FBI conducted internal database reviews, interagency checks, and multiple interviews, none of which revealed ties to terrorism.”

An FBI spokeswoman did not respond to questions about counterterrorism training.

Rahami is charged with setting off a bomb in downtown New York City that injured 29 people. Other bombs were planted nearby and in New Jersey. He was arrested after being wounded in a shootout with police.

Evidence gathered in the case reveals Rahami carried out the bombing in support of the terrorist groups Islamic State and al Qaeda.

A notebook found on Rahami mentioned ISIS terror leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Syria last August. The terror leader was quoted by Rahami as instructing sympathizers to kill non-Muslims.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, plans to question FBI Director James Comey about its counterterrorism work at a hearing Wednesday.

“From San Bernardino to Orlando to the most recent terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota, the United States has experienced a rise in radical Islamic terrorism and we must ensure that the FBI has the resources needed for its counterterrorism efforts in order to thwart these heinous plots and protect Americans from harm,” Goodlatte said in a statement.

Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo said the FBI does not lack resources but has failed to understand the nature of the Islamist terror threat and thus has prevented proper training of counterterrorism agents over misplaced concerns of discrimination against Muslims.

“Obviously the FBI’s training program is catastrophically broken,” Guandolo said, noting the string of recent domestic attacks involving terrorists who were at least familiar to FBI counterterrorism agents because of indications they were linked to Islamists.

Six earlier terrorist attacks, among them mass murders at an Orlando nightclub and killings on a military base in Texas, were preceded by FBI investigations or inquiries into the attackers or their immediate family members.

The list of those recent attacks includes:

  • The 2009 shooting at a U.S. military recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas, by a Muslim extremist who had been investigated earlier by the FBI
  • The 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, by Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 people. Hassan was known to the FBI in 2008 through communications he had with an al Qaeda terrorist in Yemen
  • The 2013 Boston Marathon bombings were carried out by two Islamist terrorists from Russia who were the subject of terrorism warnings provided to the FBI by the Russian government
  • The 2015 shootings at military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, carried out by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, whose father had been placed on a terrorism watch list in the past
  •  The 2015 shooting in Garland, Texas, by two terrorists, one of whom was known to the FBI in 2009 as a potential terrorist
  • The 2016 Orlando nightclub killings of 49 people by Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen who was investigated twice by the FBI prior to the attack

Counterterrorism expert Sebastian Gorka said the FBI’s counterterrorism division has created excellent counterterrorism training courses since the 2009 Fort Hood attack.

“That is not the problem,” said Gorka, professor of strategy and irregular warfare at the Institute of World Politics. “The issue is the courses aren’t being held.”

Since last year, Justice Department funding for counterterrorism training was slashed by nearly 50 percent, Gorka said. As a result, the “Terrorism: Origins and Ideology” course designed specifically for Joint Terrorism Task Force members—whose mission is to catch people like Rahami before they kill—were reduced from eight courses per year to less than four.

“As a result our law enforcement officers are less prepared just as the threat has increased,” Gorka said.

Michael Waller, an expert on unconventional warfare, said the FBI is missing the bad guys in advance of their attacks due to a policy that prevents monitoring jihadists before they become violent.

“This policy began under the previous FBI director, Robert Mueller, and for years has had a chilling effect throughout the bureau,” said Waller, an analyst with the research firm Wikistrat.

Waller says the FBI made a strategic error after the September 11 terror attacks by reaching out to Muslim Brotherhood Islamists and their front groups in the United States to court “moderate” Muslims.

“That’s equivalent to the FBI asking the KGB for help in fighting Communist subversion and violence,” he said, referring to the Soviet-era political police and intelligence service.

“The administration’s whole approach to ‘countering violent extremism’ literally keeps avowed jihadists off the FBI watch list, as long as they are not ‘violent,’” Waller said. “So while the FBI does investigate some of these jihadis in advance, too often it lets them go, or misses them completely, until they murder and maim.”

Waller noted that any expression of Islamic extremism poses a threat to the Constitution because, whether violent or not, it advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government.

“Such individuals, by statute, are proper targets for arrest and prosecution,” he said. “The FBI’s job—like any federal agency’s job—is to defend the Constitution ‘against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ In this regard, the FBI has failed.”

The FBI did not have information about the terrorists in advance of last year’s shooting in San Bernardino, California, in which a married couple pledging loyalty to ISIS murdered 14 people. However, the couple had communicated privately on social media about waging jihad, or holy war, before the attack.

A common tie between the perpetrators of several recent Islamist terror attacks, including the New York bombings, was English-speaking online al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al Awlaki, who was killed by a U.S. drone strike in 2011 but whose recruiting videos are available on the Internet.

Awlaki was an inspiration behind the shootings at Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando, as well as the New York bombings, according to investigations of those attacks.

Court documents in the New York and New Jersey bombing case reveal that Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Afghan descent, had made “laudatory references” to Awlaki that were found in a journal he carried at the time of his arrest after a shootout with police.

Rahami also praised Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 people during the Fort Hood attack.

The FBI complaint against Rahami indicates that he constructed several pressure cooker bombs planted in a two-state bombing spree. The bombs contained homemade explosives and were meant to be triggered remotely by cell phones.

Similar pressure cooker bombs were used in the Boston Marathon bombings. Plans on how to manufacture the devices have been published in an al Qaeda magazine called Inspire.

Guandolo, the former FBI agent, noted that the FBI complaint against Rahami states that he received “instructions of terrorist leaders” to “attack nonbelievers where they live.”

Additionally, Rahami stated in a personal journal that “guidance came [from] Sheik Anwar”—a reference to Awlaki.

“From whence did that ‘extremist’ idea come?” Guandolo said, noting that the Koran directs Muslims to “fight and slay the unbelievers where you find them and capture them, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush.”

Rahami’s notebook ends with the passage that “the sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets. Gun shots to your police. Death to Your OPPRESSION.”


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Today there will be a hearing of the Homeland Security Oversight and Management Efficiency subcommittee, looking at the failure to successfully identify the enemy in our current fight. Former HIPSC Chairman Pete Hoekstra and Anti-Islamist Muslim formers Zhudi Jasser and Shireen Qudosi will be going up against DHS hack and former Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee grievance monger George Selim and Pro-terror Islamist law professor Sahar Aziz. – David Shideler, follow @ShidelerK for running commentary on the hearing

Hearing: “Identifying the Enemy: Radical Islamist Terror.” livestream:

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Anyone Surprised by Weekend’s Islamic Terror Attack ‘Has Been Asleep for the Last Two Years’

Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images

Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images

Breitbart, by John  Hayward, Sept. 19, 2016:

On Monday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, Dr. Sebastian Gorka said, “All of the attacks over the weekend, all three of them, and the detonation of a backpack that we had just now, is part and parcel of the new jihadi tactic that we’ve seen in the last two years.”

Gorka added:

ISIS has encouraged, since it declared the Caliphate, the use of classic guerilla warfare. It’s not like al-Qaeda. It’s not about giant spectacle. It’s not 9/11-style attacks. It’s cheap, low-investment, high-yield return.

We have seen, literally, scores of knife attacks in Israel since September. They’ve taken a leaf out of the Palestinian playbook. We’ve seen the attack, the murder of the French priest. We’ve seen the lorry attack, the truck attack in Nice, France.

These are all very, very simple to do, and the ISIS mantra, from their magazine Dabiq, has been clear: look for high concentrations of unarmed civilians. What did we see? We see a food court in St. Cloud. We see in New Jersey a Marine Corps five-mile run. If those pipe bombs had detonated when the runners were going past – by the grace of God, the runners had been delayed at the registration desk – it would have made the weekend’s events much worse.

Another bit of “connective tissue” between these terror attacks highlighted by Gorka was the use of pressure-cooker bombs, similar to those favored by the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston. “A lot of people miss the fact that when they were being chased by the police, after the marathon attack, they also used pipe bombs,” he added. “They threw pipe bombs at the police officers that were trying to neutralize them.”

“Anybody who says they’re surprised by what happened over the weekend has been asleep for the last two years,” he declared.

Marlow trenchantly noted that Hillary Clinton seemed to have literally been asleep during the latest round of terror attacks: “sleepwalking through it, she can barely keep her eyes open as she first declares it a bombing and then condemns Donald Trump for using the word ‘bomb.’”

Gorka addressed Marlow’s point about the danger of Americans growing accustomed to terrorist atrocities:

Let’s just look at the numbers. Three attacks, okay? Eleven devices. There were five that were found in a backpack just last night. There were four; only one detonated in New Jersey. Then we have the two pressure-cooker bombs, and on top of that, we have the knife attack. This is the kind of density of attack and devices that we recall from the Cold War. This is like the IRA period.

The war is real, and the war has arrived at America’s shores, and I think it makes the November decision all the more a decision about which candidate you think is going to be the more effective commander-in-chief, who takes this war seriously, and who doesn’t have just incredible gaffes, like Johnson, or just complete non-sequitur oxymoronic statements, such as Secretary Clinton?

Gorka said there are two big reasons the Left is more obsessed with policing language than stopping terrorism:

Number one, if they admit this is a jihadi threat coming from Arab or Muslim communities or Egypt, then the whole multicultural narrative is proven to be bankrupt. Number one is this huge failure, for the last 30 years, of politically correct multicultural narratives.

And secondly, the other reason the administration, and people like Secretary Clinton,have to deny the reality of the escalating threat is the natural conclusion everybody will draw. So what does that mean about the last seven-and-a-half years of your counterterrorism policy? It means it is an utter, abject failure.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is the National Security Editor for Breitbart News, and the author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.

Breitbart News Daily airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.



ISIS Video Features Children Who Aspire To Martyrdom, Says They Are Being Prepared To Conquer Rome, Spain (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

29973MEMRI, Sept. 5, 2016:

An Islamic State (ISIS) video released online on September 6, 2016 showcased a shari’a school that it operates in its Al-Khayr Province, featuring its young pupils – “the cubs of the Caliphate” – discussing their aspirations of martyrdom, instructing citizens on approved clothing and grooming, and fighting on the front lines. The video states that these children will “become the vanguard of the army of the Caliphate, Allah willing, and… the generation that will conquer Damascus, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Mecca, Al-Madina, Dabiq, Rome, and Andalusia.”

To view this video, click here.

The following is the transcript of the video:

Narrator: “The Caliphate’s Generation

“In the lands of the tyrants, the children are asked, from a very early age: ‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’ If a child says that he wants to be a mujahid, or a student of religion, or an imam, or to work in the field of da’wa, his words are frowned upon and he is held in disdain. But if a child says that he wants to be a minister or an MP, a judge, a pilot, a soldier, or a policeman, they rejoice, laugh, and praise him. This way, the secular education system instills these aspirations in the souls of Muslim children from a very early age, so that they are raised on heresy and on fighting Islam and the Muslims, and they view things in a distorted way, using misnomers. The child who wanted to become a fighter pilot realizes his dream, thanks to the secular education he received in the education systems of the tyrants. He sees nothing wrong with receiving orders from the American Crusaders, or with honoring them with a military salute. He is not ashamed to fly over Muslim cities, and to rain rockets and bombs down upon them, killing vulnerable women and children.

“On our tour of a shari’a institution, run by the Islamic State in the Al-Khayr Province, we asked the cubs of the Caliphate about their dreams and aspirations.”


Child 1: “I want to be a martyrdom-seeker for the sake of Allah, thus heeding the words of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘The martyrs that Allah loves most are the ones who fight in the front lines, and do not turn their backs until they are killed.'”

Child 2: “I want to be a martyrdom-seeking religious scholar, like my brother was.”

Narrator: “Parents undoubtedly play a role in their children’s deviation from the right path. You see some of them hastening to enroll their children in Western schools, artistic groups and clubs, and singing competitions. They do not care about the harm these cause to the faith of their children. You see them elated with happiness if their sons win a song or dance competition.

“On the other hand, in the Islamic State, parents take their children to shari’a institutions. They urge their children to study the Quran and religion. You see them happy if their children learn part of the Quran or a religious text by heart. How great is the difference between those raised on monotheism and the Quran and those raised on listening to songs and music.”

Child 3: “My brother, Allah bless you, you are not allowed to swim in these clothes, because your private parts can be seen. If a woman passes you by, would you like her to see you this way? Put your shirt on.”

Child 4: “Assalaam alaykum.”

Man: “Assalaam alaykum.”

Child 4: “How are you?”

Man: “Fine, Allah be praised.”

Child 4: “Uncle, you need to grow your beard, in order to comply with the words of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘Trim your mustaches and grow your beards.'”


Narrator: “The cubs do not engage only in activities in the field of shari’a. They join their brothers fighting on the front lines. Just as they are humble towards Muslims, they are harsh towards the infidels. From a very young age, they are raised on harshness, hatred, and animosity toward the infidels.

“The tyrants strive to make the sons of Muslims deviate from their religion, to open the gates of apostasy for them, to obstruct the fountains of goodness and promote Satan’s merchandise, so that these children will become soldiers of the Crusaders, and will fight Islam and the Muslims, or so that they will become humiliated and subjugated, steeped in secularism and its values, like respect for the infidel ‘other,’ and rejecting the ‘violence’ that Allah called ‘Jihad.’ It reached the point that when the tyrants closed in on them, killed thousands of them and raped their women, all they did was say: ‘Our peaceful [protests] are stronger than bullets!’

“At the same time, the Caliphate is teaching its cubs about their religion, so that they become the vanguard of the army of the Caliphate, Allah willing, and so that they will become the generation that will conquer Damascus, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Mecca, Al-Madina, Dabiq, Rome, and Andalusia, Allah willing.29977

“The Islamic State is proud to have planted true Islam within these cubs, who will be in the midst of the battles in a few years, Allah willing. Even if we are all eradicated and no one survives, these cubs will carry the banner of jihad and will complete the journey. By Allah, with these young men, we will make the infidels forget the whispers of Satan.”



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ISIS Awakens the Ghosts of Hitlerjugend. The John Batchelor Show audio of interview with Dr. Sebastia Gorka and Katharine Gorka:


“…ISIS’s Use of Children: By the Numbers

Children are being recruited or abducted by the Islamic State at alarming rates.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, ISIS targeted schools and mosques to recruit 400 children in 2015 alone.14 In addition to those recruited, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq estimated in June 2015 that ISIS had abducted between 800 and 900 children between nine and fifteen years old.15 Of grave concern are the estimated 700,000 refugee children out of school at the end of September 2015 as a result of the Syrian Civil War. That is a large and vulnerable population that the Islamic State is likely tapping into, providing services and education that the children otherwise would not receive and in turn recruiting countless more Lion Cubs. One expert estimated thatthe Caliphate has at least 1,500 children in its ranks….”


Debate: Is ISIS Winning?

14354939_10154493845331585_1522849311249616413_nOn Thursday, September 15, 2016, The McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University hosted the debate: “Is ISIS Winning?”

Since January 2015, ISIS has lost 22 percent of its territory inside Iraq and Syria. Iraqi forces are moving toward re-taking Mosul, ISIS’s key remaining stronghold inside Iraq. Several top commanders have been killed, and defections have increased. According to U.S. officials, the number of ISIS fighters is at its lowest level since 2014.

At the same time, ISIS is responsible for attacks in the United States, France, Belgium, Germany, Pakistan, Libya and dozens of other countries. More than 1,200 people outside of Iraq and Syria have been killed in attacks inspired or coordinated by the Islamic State. The number and pace of global attacks by ISIS seems to be growing.

Fifteen years after the September 11 attacks, are civilized societies winning or losing in the global war on terrorism? What does winning even look like? What strategies should we pursue?


Peter Bergen – Vice President, New America Professor, Arizona State University

Sebastian Gorka – Vice President and Professor of Strategy and Irregular Warfare, Institute of World Politics

The Honorable Mary Beth Long – CEO, Metis Solutions, LLC, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs

Douglas A. Ollivant – ASU Senior Fellow, Future of War Project, New America

Moderator: The Honorable Juan Zarate – Chairman of the Financial Integrity Network, Former Deputy National Security Advisor for CT

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DHS whistleblower: Why did Obama form ‘alliance’ with Muslim Brotherhood?

muslim_brotherhoodWND, by Paul Bremmer, Sept. 13, 2016:

WASHINGTON – As a Customs and Border Protection officer, Philip Haney knew the Obama administration was growing close to leaders of several Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States.

He knew that in January 2010 Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano met with several American Muslim leaders, including leaders of two Muslim Brotherhood front groups and another known Muslim Brotherhood affiliate.

The meeting was even hosted by the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, which allowed attendees to help develop the nation’s counterterrorism policy.

But why would the administration willingly partner with the Muslim Brotherhood or any of its affiliates?

“The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is wa-a’iddu, which means ‘prepare,’” Haney told the audience during a panel discussion over the weekend at the Values Voter Summit. “Prepare for what? Well, the word is derived from Quran 8:60 – l-anfal, ‘the spoils of war’ – in my opinion, the most violent chapter in the entire Quran. Prepare to do what? Prepare to terrify your enemies and to defeat them in war.”

If that is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, as emblazoned on the organization’s logo, then Haney has just one question.

“My simple question to the Obama administration is, why would you form an overt political alliance with a group that has stated plainly that they intend to overthrow our form of government and alter or abolish it?” Haney asked. “Why would you do that?”

Haney, who worked for the Department of Homeland Security from its founding in 2003 until his retirement in 2015, chronicled his experience as a whistleblower in his tell-all book, “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”

Haney spent years gathering a cornucopia of valuable intelligence on the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic organizations. However, in 2009 his superiors ordered him to eliminate critical “linking information” from about 820 records he had entered into CBP’s internal database. They told him they were no longer allowed to have any information in their database that connected Muslim Brotherhood members or affiliates to terrorism.

Haney also spent years gathering intelligence and developing a case on members of an Islamic movement known as Tablighi Jamaat. He told the Values Voter Summit crowd there were 1,200 law enforcement actions taken on this case against 1,600 individuals or organizations affiliated with Tablighi Jamaat. Haney himself was credited with finding 300 individuals affiliated with terrorism related to Tablighi Jamaat. Furthermore, he discovered 25 percent of Gitmo detainees were affiliated with Tablighi Jamaat.

However, the Obama State Department refused to designate Tablighi Jamaat a terrorist group. In fact, the administration erased all 67 of Haney’s records on this particular case, claiming the case was violating the civil rights and civil liberties of the Muslims involved.

“The case included individuals that were affiliated with the San Bernardino mosque, Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiya San Bernardino, and therefore my plausible premise is that the [December 2015 San Bernardino] attacks could have been stopped or averted.

“The same with the Fort Pierce Islamic Center [Orlando shooter] Omar Mateen was part of, and his father is the vice president of. That mosque was also part of the same Tablighi Jamaat-Deobandi network.”

Haney felt stinging regret and anger that the Obama administration shut down investigations that could have prevented two massacres.

“Why did they shut them down? That’s what I’m here to ask today,” he told the Values Voter Summit crowd.

Then, addressing the Obama administration, he launched into a series of questions: “Why did you eliminate the records from the system that led directly to the deaths of American citizens? Why are you protecting the civil rights and civil liberties of people like Tashfeen Malik? You said you did not query her social media because you were concerned about her civil rights and civil liberties. Why are you putting the rights of these people above the liberties and safety of American citizens?”

“I’d like you to ask your congressman that,” he implored the crowd.

(Haney at 14:28) (Q&A at 34)

Haney admitted this issue is personal to him. He was, after all, investigated nine times by his own agency and stripped of his weapon. At one point, he lost his security clearance and access to all the systems he had used over the course of his career. All for daring to point out the terrorist threat posed by certain Muslim individuals and organizations.

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, during a congressional hearing on June 28 at which Haney testified, told Sen. Ted Cruz he did not know Haney and had not taken time to look into his claims. Johnson dismissed Haney’s concerns as a question of labels and an interesting political conversation.

That cold shoulder really set Haney off.

“The people in San Bernardino and Orlando and Fort Hood are not interesting political conversations or labels!” Haney exclaimed. “They are people that died because of the ideology of the global Islamic movement, which is to implement Shariah and to replace or oppose any form of human legislation, and that includes the U.S. Constitution.”

Haney does not regret that he saw something and said something, even if he got into trouble for it. When he joined the DHS, he took a vow to defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all threats both foreign and domestic. Although he is now retired, he still intends to keep his oath.

“I will go where my vow leads me,” he assured the crowd. “I am not deterred. I will stand up and fight for our constitutional right for liberty and life and the pursuit of happiness in opposition to the strategy of the global Islamic movement, which is implementation of Shariah law, and the progressive leftists who seek to alter or abolish our form of government.”

Rising Threat: The Islamic States’s Militarization of Children


Threat Knowledge Group, September 2016


Rising Threat: The Islamic State’s Militarization of Children (pdf)

Dr. Sebastian L. Gorka
Katharine C. Gorka
Claire Herzog

The rate at which the Islamic State is recruiting, training, and exploiting children presents a new set of challenges for U.S. warfighters and law enforcement.

Not only do we risk overlooking the threat posed by children, assuming their innocence, but we also run the risk of moral injury and increased rates of PTSD to those who must confront this threat.

This paper looks at how the Islamic State is militarizing children in order to better prepare the United States to face this new and rising threat.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Americans Will Vote for the Candidate Who Will Keep Them Safer, and ‘They Understand the Danger of Choosing Hillary’

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Breitbart, by John Hayward, Sept. 8, 2016:

On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Dr. Sebastian Gorka told Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow that he believes the 2016 election will be focused on national security issues and which Commander-in-Chief will keep America safer.

“I’m biased by my field, but I really believe this will be a national security election,” Gorka predicted.

“If somebody had told you, two years ago, or three years ago, that this is a national security election, you would have laughed at them,” he said. “You would have talked about ObamaCare, the economy. No, the majority of Americans, I believe, when they go into that polling station, will be making a very simple choice: Is my family, is America, going to be safer under the Commander-in-Chief guidance of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? And I think they understand the danger of choosing Hillary.”

Gorka thought Clinton’s “statements on Iraq, that she’s sorry that she kind of took responsibility for the disaster that is the withdrawal from Iraq, and American Iraq policy, is going to hurt her in the long run.”

“I also think the new lies cut from whole cloth, with regard to the emails, are just stunning,” Gorka added. “We’ve had excuse after excuse, and now we have another excuse made up about the headers of the information.”

“So I think there’s very little she could point to that’s going to bring her back in the polls, because she fumbled. She fumbled yesterday, and I think that will not serve her well, when it comes to the American people,” he concluded.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is the senior National Security editor for Breitbart News, and author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War. [And recently became Vice President and Professor of Strategy and Irregular Warfare at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC.]

Breitbart News Daily airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.



More Gorka: Knowing the enemy

World Magazine, by  | September 7, 2016

The current issue of WORLD Magazine features a Q&A with Sebastian Gorka, one of the world’s leading counter-terrorism experts and author of the 2016 New York Times bestseller Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War. Here are additional excerpts from our interview that we didn’t have space for in the print edition.

How can the United States know itself and the enemy? First, we have to rediscover ourselves. We have to understand it’s not our partnership with Israel or our foreign policy that makes people want to behead us. It’s what we stand for: the principles of the founding, the values of man created in the image of his maker. Second, we have to get politics out of the threat assessment—none of this political correctness censoring what you’re allowed to say about the enemy. The attorney general of the United States, after 49 Americans are murdered in Orlando, tried to censor the 911 dispatchers’ transcripts to remove mention of Islamic State, Islam, and jihad. During World War II, if you’d tried to edit a Nazi communication to remove the word “Nazi” or “Hitler,” you would have been court-martialed or perhaps tried for treason.

Why is the idea of root grievances fueling terrorism absurd? If you push the [Obama] administration on where terrorism comes from, they say it is unemployment and lack of education. As anybody with beyond a double-digit IQ can tell you, this is utterly absurd and fallacious. If poverty and lack of education caused terrorism, then half of India would be terrorists—but they’re not. What’s missing? The ideology, the catalyst that takes the individual who is aggrieved, perhaps, and turns him into a person willing to kill his fellow man or woman. This administration cannot admit that truth because they’ve stated as an article of faith, not fact, that religion can have nothing to do with this war. They’ve painted themselves into this absurd corner where they deny the Islamic State is Islamic.

Why do you say there is no such thing as lone-wolf terrorism? Lone-wolf terrorism is a phrase that is designed to make Americans stupid. The idea that a person is an upstanding American citizen on Monday and then on Tuesday suddenly becomes a raving jihadi decapitating his fellow man is absurd. It doesn’t happen. The connection between Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood, the Chattanooga shooter, the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, or Omar Mateen in Orlando is the ideology of jihad. It’s not about a mastermind in a cave somewhere operating a joystick 8,000 miles away. It’s sharing the same belief set.

What can the average person do to defeat the global jihadist movement? Every American who loves the Republic has a role to play in this war. Buy a Quran and read it. Educate yourself about the enemy. Read their publications, like Inspire from al-Qaeda and Dabiq from ISIS. Prepare your friends and the people around you for what is going on. If you have the mental fortitude and it’s legal, think about getting a license to carry a firearm. Take responsibility for your safety and practice the rights we’ve been given. Even if you can’t do that, take the “if you see something, say something” seriously. If the neighbors of the San Bernardino shooters had done so, we probably would have prevented that massacre.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Extreme Vetting Is ‘Hugely Important’ to ‘Find Those People Who Don’t Share the Values That Americans Share’


Breitbart, by John Hayward, Sept. 4, 2016:

On Thursday night, Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, appeared on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” to discuss presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal for “extreme vetting” of immigrants.

Dr. Gorka called it a “hugely important idea.”

“Before I had the honor of becoming an American citizen, I had to come to America on the visa waiver program,” he recalled. “You fill out a little green form on the plane, and one of the things it asks you is, ‘Have you ever been a member of the National Socialist Party of Germany?’ So we’re asking people right now, in 2016, if they were Nazis. I get it. I get it. But why aren’t we asking them if they’re connected to al-Qaeda, to ISIS, to the Muslim Brotherhood? This is what Donald Trump is talking about.”

Gorka conceded that few active members of ISIS are likely to identify themselves as such on a visa questionnaire, but he noted that “if you lie on a federal form, you’re starting a paper trail.”

“It’s really important. You’ve got to make the connection. You’ve got to find those people who don’t share the values that Americans share. You’ve got to look at what they actually have as their guiding ideology,” he said.

“This is a war against a totalitarian ideology, global jihadism,” Gorka pointed out. “You interview people. You have professionals interview them. You push them, and you find whether or not they share our values. This is part of counter-terrorism. It’s not just arresting people. It’s identifying what values they have, before they go kinetic.”

As a presidential candidate, Trump has begun to receive security briefings. Gorka said the nature of those briefings would depend on “which agency’s briefing, and who the individual briefer is.”

“I would expect updates on the domestic ISIS threat, so what do we have in terms of intelligence chatter, in terms of terrorist potential activity. And I am pretty sure there’s going to be some information on what Russia is doing,” Gorka predicted. “Russia has now massed 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, so there’s bound to be somebody who’s looking at the European theater as well, and there could be some other things about China, and so forth.”

Gorka said that only people with the proper clearances would get to be in the room during those briefings, so only a few people will know exactly what the briefings cover. He said Trump would be able to choose who he wishes to accompany him into the briefings, but “those people have to be vetted by the briefing agencies.”

“For example, General Flynn, I had lunch with him yesterday – he has the clearances, former director of the DIA, he is advising Mr. Trump. So people like General Mike Flynn will be in that meeting,” Gorka said.

He explained that such security briefings are designed to fill in the candidates on “the latest broad-brush intel – not about what we’re going to do, or the operational details of our response but things that you wouldn’t necessarily read in the Washington Post, or on Fox News. Something that goes a little bit deeper on global trends.”

Sebastian Gorka: Fighting the war on terror

gorka23WORLD Magazine Q&A | How history could help us beat jihadism, by J.C. Derrick, September 2, 2016:
In 1950, 20-year-old Hungarian informant Paul Gorka received a life sentence in a communist prison after Soviet spy Kim Philby, a British intelligence officer, outed him and other dissidents. The 1956 Hungarian Revolution failed to overthrow Soviet oppressors, but it succeeded in freeing Gorka, who escaped to Great Britain with his future wife.

Today, the couple’s son, Sebastian Gorka, is a U.S. citizen, one of the world’s leading counterterrorism experts, and author of the 2016 New York Times bestseller Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.

How has your father’s story shaped you? I was born and raised with a very specific understanding that liberty is as fragile as it is precious. That really informs my outlook on the threat today and is one of the reasons I wrote Defeating Jihad.

What parallels do you see between the war on terror and the Cold War? I saw the 9/11 attacks a little differently from my fellow Americans. It wasn’t just about terrorism or Muslim extremism. It was about a return of the totalitarians. The jihadis of today—whether al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Orlando shooter, the Boston Marathon bombers—represent a new type of totalitarianism. The link between the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, Stalin and the Soviet Union, and the Islamic State: They’re all totalitarians. Either you agree with them, or you will be enslaved or killed.

Can you summarize NSC-68 and its relevance today? The Cold War shows how to defeat totalitarians. George Kennan in 1946 sent a secret cable from Moscow to D.C. explaining why communism was a global threat to America. Then a genius State Department strategist, Paul Nitze, wrote NSC-68, the top-secret plan to defeat the Soviet Union. It was a masterpiece of strategic thought that detailed what it was going to take to win—the nonkinetic, psychological, informational things that would help us delegitimize our enemy, and then the physical things we have to do to help our allies help themselves. Those two things form a model for how to fight groups like ISIS today.

‘In the long term, you defeat totalitarians by destroying their ideology. You delegitimize the message.’

Why is 1979 significant? If you really want to understand why 9/11 happened, why the Boston Marathon bombing happened, why Fort Hood, you really must understand that ’79 is that catalytic year in modern jihad for three reasons. The Iranian revolution proves to the world that theocracy is possible. The invasion of Afghanistan is hugely significant because, from the fundamentalist’s point of view, an atheist nation invaded sacred Muslim soil, and that requires a jihad. The thing most Americans have never heard of is the siege of Mecca. Three hundred jihadis, young Muslim hotheads with automatic weapons, besieged the holiest site in Islam, the Grand Mosque at Mecca, and basically declared war on their fellow Muslims—not the infidels. They said Islam had lost its way, was not faithful to Allah, and the way to purge Islam was to re-establish the caliphate in a jihad, and first by attacking false Muslims, like the Saudi king. After the siege was lifted, the Saudi regime made a Faustian bargain with the clerics who had sponsored this jihad: Promise there will never be jihad anywhere in Saudi Arabia ever again, and we’ll make you clerics to the House of Saud and sponsor the export of your jihadi ideas. Totalitarian jihad became a global enterprise that Saudi Arabia helped promote. That’s one of the ways we arrived at Sept. 11.

What should the United States have done after 9/11? If you’re serious about terrorism after 9/11, it’s Afghanistan and then Saudi Arabia and Iran. Saudi Arabia could have probably been settled behind closed doors with some very stiff, undiplomatic speak from the Bush administration. But we didn’t do it, and the problem got worse. Iran for the last 20 years has been the greatest state sponsor of terrorism, and we should have facilitated a revolution, a change from the inside, just as we did during the Cold War. In the long term, you defeat totalitarians by destroying their ideology. You delegitimize the message. Today, if you went to Washington and walked down the reflecting pool waving a giant Nazi banner, you would be an eminently uncool individual. We have to make the black flag of jihad as uncool as the swastika or the peaked, white hood of the KKK.

What role does communication—propaganda—play? Three-part plan: (1) Talk honestly about the threat, (2) empower our Sunni allies in the region, who really need to be on the face of this war, and (3) use the same tools we used during the Cold War. Ultimately it was a war of ideas. We win that war with massive, strategic counter-propaganda operations—Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Voice of America. The CIA owned whole publishing houses in Europe to counter the message of Marxism, the message of socialism, and show it for what it was—a hollow, soulless, destructive ideology.

You write about hundreds of Muslims across North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia who are risking their lives to argue publicly against radical Islam. Is the United States supporting them? They should be the front line of this war, because they’re the people who can best undermine the message of jihadis. Unfortunately, because they talk about religious themes, they’re not supported by the U.S. government. These people have been treated as pariahs, and they’re the ones who need our help the most.

Why are we, as you write, losing this war “spectacularly”? We’ve spent trillions of dollars and had thousands of American servicemen and women killed. We’re 15 years into this—longer than Vietnam, Korea, World War I, World War II—and where are we? We’re losing. ISIS now controls territory in multiple countries of multiple regions. The latest report from the National Counterterrorism Center says there are fully operational ISIS affiliates in 18 nations around the world. Two years ago the State Department said it was seven. According to SITE Intelligence Group, since June 2 of this year, outside of Iraq and Syria war zones, there has been a jihadi attack somewhere in the world every 84 hours.

Can you contrast the two major presidential candidates? Out of 320 million people, we have slim pickings. The Democratic candidate is either going to be a third term of Barack Obama or even worse. Clinton has said she refuses to associate the threat of terrorism with any religious concepts. After Nice, she was painted into a corner and used the term “radical jihadism”—as if there is a moderate form of jihadism. So what’s left? We have a presidential candidate for the Republican Party who I advised last year (I’m not part of his campaign) and has his own deficiencies. He’s not a national security person. He’s hired people, some of whom are excellent, and hopefully he’ll listen to them. I can’t judge that right now, but I can judge one thing: This is a man who can’t stand political correctness, admits we are at war, and clearly wants to win. Those three things alone are not enough to win the war, but they’re a good foundation.

Refuting the denial of religious motivation for Jihad

Islamic State jihadis (Photo: video screenshot)

Islamic State jihadis (Photo: video screenshot)

What Drives Foreigners to Join the Islamic State?

Clarion Project, by Ryan Mauro, Aug. 30, 2016:

Almost 15 years after the 9/11 attacks, the West is still debating the cause of such terrorism even as repeated studies and common sense points in one direction:  Islamist ideology based on certain religious interpretations.

Now we can add another study to this heap of evidence, as a new study of foreign fighters has confirmed that ideology is the primary factor.

The new study released by the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society is based on interviews with 40 foreign fighters who went overseas to join Islamist terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria and 100 other relevant players, such as their family members and online supporters.

Of these, 15 joined the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), 12 joined Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda’s Syrian wing), three joined the Free Syria Army and 10 joined other rebel groups, mostly jihadist in nature.

Here are five of the most important findings from the study:

The primary factor is religious interpretation.

“As our interactions with these individuals are so heavily mediated by a religious discourse, we also think that religiosity (i.e., sincere religious commitment, no matter how ill-informed or unorthodox) is a primary motivator for their actions. Religion provides the dominant frame these foreign fighters use to interpret almost every aspect of their lives.”


“There is a real concern with real moral issues, with knowing and doing the right thing—again, not as determined by the seeming apathetic and corrupt surrounding society but by some higher or transcendent authority.”

This is the obvious conclusion that many observers have sought to deny, such as when former State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said ISIS is caused by unemployment and subsequently defended her comments. She was laughed out of her job, but her illogical understanding of the problem remains pervasive as many Westerners desperately seek to find a more comforting and relatable cause than Islamism for Islamist terrorism.

One Western Muslim told the authors, “The zeal of jihad always struck me when I would sit in my room and read Quran with English translation. I would wonder how jihad was fought today.”

The political gripes of the Islamist terrorists are a subset of their religious gripes.

“[Most] provided justifications for being a foreign fighter that were largely moral and religious in character, more than explicitly political.”

The researchers found that the decision to become a foreign fighter was more about rejecting Western governments and societies than a decision to combat Western foreign policy.

The common mantra that Islamist radicalization is simply a religious expression of political protests over Western “imperialism” is false. The primary factor is the adoption of the ideology and those that hold that ideology will become exponentially more infuriated over the West’s foreign policy. If you believe in resurrecting the caliphate, then you’ll rage against the West’s presence in the Middle East that stands in your way.

It’s not about inequality.

“None indicate, directly or indirectly, that forms of socio-economic marginalization played a significant role in their motivations to become a foreign fighter.”

Here we have yet another study finding no connection between Islamist radicalization and unemployment, poverty, lack of education, broken families, mental illness, etc. About half of the foreign fighters in this sample went to university and one-third graduated.

The study identified five “ecological niches of homegrown terrorism:” Late modernity (our Internet-driven society); the immigrant experience (most come from Muslim immigrant families); youthful rebellion; ideology and group dynamics.

The linkage between Islamism and lack of integration is overemphasized.

“The correlation between marginalization or lack of integration and radicalization are not as robust as commonly assumed.”

Previous studies have shown a linkage between a lack of assimilation and Islamist radicalization. For example, Marc Sageman’s pivotal study based on 400 biographies of Al-Qaeda members found that 80% “were, in some way, totally excluded from the society they lived in.”

This study doesn’t deny that a correlation exists, but rather that the correlation is played up too much. The authors refer to how some respondents described feeling out of place in the West as they saw how it conflicted with their faith. In these cases, the religious belief is prompting the individual to marginalize himself, as opposed to Western society marginalizing the individual and pushing him towards radical beliefs.

They aren’t lone wolves.

“The process of self-radicalization needs to be legitimated to be complete.”

The researchers found that, in most cases, “outside mentors” enter the Islamist’s life and guide him into becoming a foreign fighter. They are not lone wolves if they are being led, even if it is online.

The West can either craft a strategy for each Islamist terrorist group it goes up against, starting over and over with each new manifestation or it can target the common variable between all of them. This study, like others before it, finds that the common variable is Islamism and its foundational religious interpretations.


Robert Spencer on the Obama/Clinton war against the reality of the jihad threat:


Secure Freedom Radio with Jim Hanson Aug. 30, 2016:

SEBASTIAN GORKA, Chairman of the Threat Knowledge Group, author of “Defeating Jihad: the Winnable War”:

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • ISIS is totalitarianism centered around religion
  • What does it take to win the war against Jihad?
  • Jihadist use of both kinetic and subversive methods against western civilization

Also see:

How America Will Be Attacked: Irregular Warfare, the Islamic State, Russia, and China

mr-article2bThe Gorka Briefing, by Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Aug. 26, 2016:

An article I wrote that was published in the latest issue of Military Review: The Professional Journal of the US Army. The articles is a primer on the roots of unconventional war theories behind the current Islamic insurgency being conducted by the Islamic State, Russia’s current approach to warfare, and the progress of Chinese unrestricted warfare.


“[The Future Operating Environment] “will feature the erosion of sovereignty, weakened developing states, the empowerment of small groups or individuals, and an increasingly contested narrative environment favoring agile nonstate actors and state actors demonstrating persistent proficiency in the irregular domain.” —ARSOF Operating Concept: Future Operating Environment, U.S. Army Special Operations Command

“You may not be interested in War but War is interested in you.”—Apocryphally attributed to Leon Trotsky

As this paper is being written, the U.S. national security establishment is under significant internal and external pressures: internally from the consequences of prosecuting the longest war in the Republic’s history, which has seen unprecedented post-Cold War operational tempos, matched by constant downsizing of our forces and sustainment budgets; externally from the events occurring in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Africa, which has included the rise the Islamic State (IS), the most powerful jihadist organization of the modern age, and the concurrent displacement of more than sixty-five million refugees, a historic world record surpassing even World War II. These pressures are not going to abate, which will most probably lead to the reality of our armed forces having to accomplish more missions with less resources.

At the same time, both nonstate and nation-state adversaries of the United States who have become supremely adept at exploiting irregular warfare (IW) and unconventional modes of attack will exploit these forces. This article is an introduction to three of the most important enemies we face today and who we will also face in the future, and how these actors use IW and unconventional warfare (UW) against our interests: the Islamic State, China, and Russia. . . . (read the article)

Listen to John Batchelor interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka:


ISIS & Mao: Institutionalizing Savagery.

“Phase One: The Vexation Phase (IS four years

ago). In the initial stage the jihadist organization will

apply IW to execute dramatic terror attacks against

the infidel and his regional partners. The goal here is to

attrit and weaken the infidel and apostate governments

and prepare the battlespace for Phase Two….”



‘The War Is Here’: Trump & Gorka Warn of Worsening ISIS Threat


Fox News Insider, Aug. 18, 2016:

Donald Trump joined Sean Hannity tonight for an exclusive town hall conversation about the threats of ISIS and radical Islam.

Counterterrorism expert and author Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined Trump and Hannity onstage at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, declaring that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and those who think like them simply don’t understand the dire threat we’re facing.

“The war is real and the war is here,” Gorka said. “This is a threat that is real and is escalating every day.”

He pointed out that not only has ISIS turned Iraq and Syria into a “hellhole,” there is now an ISIS-related attack abroad every 84 hours.

Gorka said that Trump’s proposals will “absolutely” keep Americans safer than those of Obama or Clinton.

“If you don’t have borders, you don’t have security,” Gorka said. “If Hillary Clinton becomes the commander-in-chief and continues the policies of this administration, American lives will be endangered.”


Trump Meets Victims of Radical Islamic Terror at ‘Hannity’ Town Hall

During a “Hannity” town hall event tonight, Donald Trump spoke to several victims of radical Islamic terror.

Karen McWatters, who lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, said that we need leaders who will speak openly and honestly about the threats facing our country.

Trump said that unlike President Obama and Hillary Clinton, he actually wants to do something to protect Americans from radical Islamists, and that’s why he’s advocating “extreme vetting” of any immigrants coming into the U.S.

Kris Paronto, one of the heroes of Benghazi, and Dorothy Woods, whose husband Ty Woods was killed in the 2012 terror attack, agreed that there’s no doubt that we’re at war with radical Islam in the U.S. and abroad.

“I believe in the vetting process,” Paronto said. “Not all Muslims are bad, but the Muslim community in America – they are Americans because they’re here – they need to start speaking out publicly and condemning.”


Trump on ‘Extreme Vetting’: Orlando Shooter’s Dad Should Be ‘Thrown Out’

The Orlando shooter’s father should be “thrown out” of the United States, Donald Trump said in a Hannity town hall event that aired last night.

Trump, who earlier this week laid out his plan for “extreme vetting” of those who want to emigrate from Middle Eastern nations, was asked about how he would handle Seddique Mateen.

“I’d throw him out,” said Trump, mentioning Mateen’s attendance at a Hillary Clinton rally in Florida earlier this month.

“He’s got a big smile on his face throughout the whole thing. He obviously liked what he heard from her,” said Trump.

Hannity noted that Mateen, whose son murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub, had expressed “radical” views in the past and support for the Taliban.

Trump said Muslims living in the United States need to help authorities in identifying possible terrorists before they strike.

“If they’re not gonna help us, they’re to blame also,” he said.

Trump argued that in San Bernardino there were warning signs about the couple that carried out the attack on an office building last year. But he said that neighbors did not call policebecause they didn’t want to be seen as racially profiling the couple.

Watch the whole thing:

Dr. Sebastian Gorka Talks ‘Defeating Jihad’ on Glazov Gang

This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the author of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War and Professor of Strategy and Irregular Warfare at the Institute of World Politics.

Dr. Gorka unveils the winning strategy against Jihad, unmasks the Radical-in-Chief, describes the horrific scenario of a Hillary victory, and much, much more.


Dr. Sebastian Gorka said  on his  facebook  that he will be appearing at this special FOX townhall event in Milwaukee Tuesday with Sean Hannity and Donald Trump: