Pamela Geller: “the essential battle in all of this throughout history is individualism vs. collectivism”

Pamela Geller, author of Freedom or Submission

Pamela Geller, author of Freedom or Submission

Pamela Geller at the CPAC “Uninvited” panel Q&A:

This is the unending and continual battle of the human condition. This is an unending battle. It comes in a different costume, it comes in a different cloak, but the essential battle in all of this throughout history is individualism vs. collectivism. This is the battle. A hundred years ago it was communism or Stalinism, the National Workers Socialist Party, Nazism and Islam. There is no unique soul in Islam. This is collectivism, the state versus the individual. That is the essence of this battle. And I think that we are losing it. I think America has lost her way. I don’t think America understands. I don’t think our children are taught about individual rights. It is the key, it is the key to everything and you have to speak. People say, “what do I do?”…you must speak, you must speak every day. You’re in the bakery… you must speak. I am sure that you hear things that make you wince and you don’t say anything. No more silence, SPEAK!

via Pure Deliciousness! “Uninvited at CPAC” by Pamela Geller:

I have been dive-bombing into CPAC since 2008 – holding events on subjects that this body of the conservative movement refuses to address. And what CPAC omits is immense. There was little or no discussion of jihad in America; Shariah (close to half of the state legislatures are currently enacting or considering foreign law – why no discussion at CPAC?); the rise of Islamic supremacist regimes throughout the Middle East and Africa; the case for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East with a shared value system of governance: life, liberty, individual rights; how college students can handle the vicious anti-American bias on university campuses – the list goes on and on.

But more than this, at CPAC there is no discussion of philosophy. And without a basic understanding of our system of thinking – the nature of knowledge – we are cooked.

Indeed. Tocqueville wrote in “Democracy in America” that no country in the civilized world had paid less attention to philosophy than the U.S. He observed that Americans had no philosophical school of their own and little interest in those of Europe. But this was our genius, because our philosophy was our sense of life. We shared the same premise, conducted our understanding in the same manner, governed by the same rules – without taking the time or trouble to define the rules.

We must first go back to square one and learn why capitalism is the greatest and most benevolent of all economic systems. Capitalism is individual rights. We should have taught the 10,000 great Americans who came to CPAC why we think the way we do. Our story is a great one, the greatest. Individual rights. The U.S. the first really moral government in history based on that premise. And everything glorious and magnificent and supreme that we achieved was a rational fidelity to that principle.

Individual rights is the basis of my work. Individual vs. statism. This is the unending battle of the human condition. Communism, Nazism and now Shariah. There is no individual soul under Islam. And the Shariah is diametrically opposed to freedom.

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