Report Debunks “Cold-Blood” Claim on Palestinian Deaths

Saeb Erekat

Saeb Erekat

by IPT News:

When recent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks broke down, some Palestinian officials, including chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, cited a spike in Palestinian deaths at the hands of Israeli security forces as a factor.

Israelis, Erekat said, “killed 66 Palestinians in cold blood” since negotiations started last summer. A new report, however, investigates the backgrounds of those killed, finding that a majority were members of radical terrorist organizations.

B’Tselem, an Israeli monitoring group, lists 43 Palestinians who were killed by the IDF from August 2013 through the end of March. In his report, Lt. Col (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs finds an overwhelming majority of those killed were combatants from radical Islamist terrorist organizations.

Those terrorist groups include Hamas and its al-Qassam Brigades military wing, the Al-Quds Brigades (Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s military wing), al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s military wing), the al-Qaida associated Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

It is important to note that the nine people who were not affiliated with an organization were killed in response to standard military procedures. Three were killed as they approached a military outpost at the Gaza border and three others were killed participating in violent demonstrations. After firing at an IDF force, a Palestinian man was killed and another instance included a woman shot by return IDF fire following an initial escalation of violence emanating from Gaza.

The information won’t be persuasive to Erekat and others in the Palestinian Authority. In an April interview, Erekat insisted Hamas is “a political organization” and not a terrorist group. That view seems to extend to the entire Palestinian Authority, which recently accepted a unity agreement with Hamas.

Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh made it clear on Saturday that the deal changes nothing when it comes to the group’s devotion to violence over peace.

“We emphasize now that we will not retreat from [our] plan to liberate our lands and ensure the right of return and the release of [terrorist] prisoners,” he said.

That is the context to bear in mind when Palestinian officials decry Israeli military action. If Palestinians work with terrorist groups, that’s righteous political activity. If Israelis kill someone who is waging an attack or facilitating violence, that’s cold-blooded.

To read Halevi’s report, click here.

New Palestinian Government Refuses to Renounce Violence

Mahmoud Abbas / AP

Mahmoud Abbas / AP

By Adam Kredo:

A top Hamas official said that the newly announced Palestinian unity government “will not recognize ‘Israel’ and will not give up the resistance,” throwing into jeopardy the new ruling government’s access to U.S. assistance and other measures.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to dissolve the long ruling Palestinian Authority and and has now surprised observers by forming a government with the terror group Hamas, which rules over the Gaza Strip.

Hamas and Fatah—Abbas’s political party that controls the West Bank—surprised Middle East observers on Wednesday morning by announcing that the rival groups would put aside differences to form a unity government with elections scheduled for later this year.

The move tossed another wrench into the fledgling peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and prompted sharp responses from U.S. officials.

Events took another surprising turn this afternoon when top Hamas official Hassan Yousef announced that the terror group would not renounce its commitment to violence and the destruction of Israel, according to Palestinian groups monitoring the situation.

Hamas will not recognize Israel—a chief sticking point in peace talks with Abbas—and “will not give up the resistance,” which is widely interpreted to refer to Hamas’s ongoing terror attacks against Israeli civilians and military personnel.

The announcement of the unity government came just days after Abbas threatened to completely dissolve the PA should peace talks come to a complete halt.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to the news with skepticism.

“The Palestinian Authority, which just yesterday spoke about its dissolution, is now talking about reconciling with Hamas,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying. “They should decide what they want—dissolution to reconciliation? They should let us know when they want peace, because we want a true peace.”

Netanyahu said on Wednesday following news of the unity government that Abbas is siding with terror over peace.

“Does he [Abbas] want peace with Hamas or peace with Israel?” he asked. “You can have one but not the other. I hope he chooses peace, so far he hasn’t done so.”

State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki warned that the move could demolish the peace talks as well as America’s relationship with the PA.

“A great deal of effort has gone into building Palestinian institutions by Palestinians as well as the international community, and it would certainly not be in the interests of the Palestinian people for all of that to be lost,” Psaki told reporters.

Such a move would jeopardize U.S. assistance to the Palestinians, which has topped $100 million in recent years.

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Hamas Trains 13,000 Teens to Emulate ‘Suicide Martyrs’

Israelis: NATO Ally Turkey Now Hamas’ Top Funder

UK Politicians Collaborate with Muslim Brotherhood Islamists?

by Samuel Westrop:

Speakers at the upcoming Global Peace and Unity conference can be categorized as follows: 65% are anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic and pro-terror preachers, 20% are public servants offering political legitimacy and moral credibility to the other speakers, while the remaining 15% could perhaps claim to be part of the conference’s “project dedicated to creating a more harmonious world.”

“Peace and unity…thanks be to Allah…a fantastic thing.” — Simon Hughes MP, speaking to the Conference in 2008

At the end of this month, on November 23-24, UK politicians, in a crushing betrayal of Britain’s moderate Muslims, are planning join many of Britain’s most outspoken Islamist groups and preachers at the sixth Global Peace and Unity conference, due to be held in London. Tens of thousands attend these conferences; journalists applaud the initiative, and cabinet ministers, political commentators and other policy-makers address its crowds.

Mohamed Ali Harrath, a leading figure in the British Muslim community, founded and organized the Global Peace and Unity conferences in 2005. He claims the events are designed to “promote dialogue, exchange ideas and information, and work towards dispelling misunderstandings surrounding the multiculturalism and co-existence of faiths.”

Speakers at this annual event, however, have included Ebrahim Rasool, a vocal supporter of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, who has described its founder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, as an “inspiration;” as well as Zakir Naik, an Indian Islamist preacher recently banned from entering the UK, who has expressed support for suicide bombings and claims that Jews “as a whole” are the enemies of Muslims.

In 2010, the Daily Telegraph reported that, “items glorifying terrorism were on open sale [at the conference] … Also available were ‘shahada headbands’ as worn by many Palestinian suicide bombers… The headbands contain the personal testimony of the suicide bombers.”

Harrath, incidentally, has a conviction in Tunisia for terrorism-related offenses, and the television station of which he is CEO, the Islam Channel, has been accused by a Muslim think tank, the Quilliam Foundation, of promoting extremist groups and encouraging hatred towards women, Jews and minority Muslim sects.


Mohamed Ali Harrath (centre) with Ismail Haniyeh (right), leader of Hamas in Gaza, in 2008. (Image source: Harry’s Place)

This year, Veritas Consultancy — a company that also provides services to groups such as Interpal, a US-designated terrorist organization — is handling the logistics of the conference. Veritas Consultancy, however, has just one director: Mohamed Ali Harrath.

Harrath is a leading Muslim Brotherhood member; and the wealth of evidence that ties the conference, its affiliates and the proposed speakers to Islamist networks seems inescapable. Paul Goodman MP has described the conferences as the “Royal Ascot of the British Islamist calendar.”

Read more at Gatestone Institute

UK Charity Commission Permits Hamas Charity

by Samuel Westrop:

Since the time that the Charity Commission chairman promised to punish groups which promote extremism, Interpal has nevertheless organized a number of events that once again, demonstrate that extremist organizations continue with impunity to abuse their charitable status.

On 12 September, William Shawcross, chairman of Britain’s Charity Commission, addressed a crowd of leading experts and representatives from the British charitable and financial sectors, and announced that:

We are stepping up our work to prevent and tackle terrorist abuse of charities. The misuse of charities for terrorist purposes represents a despicable inversion of everything charity stands for and we will fight that without quarter. And we have put out very clear guidance to charities about extremist and controversial speakers. It is unacceptable for charities to promote the views of individuals who promote violence and terrorism.

We should welcome, then, the promise by Shawcross that pro-terror organizations will no longer be free to employ the moral monopoly afforded by charitable status to shroud their extremist activities.

Unfortunately, however, charities accused of extremism do not appear to be concerned by any of the proposed changes. Interpal, for example, a leading British charity supported by a number of British politicians and cabinet members, is, in the United States, designated a terrorist organization. A comprehensive profile of Interpal, written by this author and published by the Gatestone Institute in January 2013, examined the charity’s links to terrorist groups as well as its trustees and staff’s expressed support for extremist ideas.


Interpal trustee Essam Yusuf exchanges warm greetings with Hamas terror leader Ismail Haniyeh, in Gaza.

This is not the first time action has been promised. Back in June, Shawcross stated: “We in the commission know that evil often tries to subvert the innate generosity of the charitable impulse for terrorist purposes. The whole country has been appalled by the acts of terror we have witnessed in recent years. We shall redouble our efforts against terrorist subversion of charities.”

Since the time that the Charity Commission chairman promised to punish groups that promote extremism, Interpal has organized a number of events that, once again, demonstrate that extremist organizations continue to abuse their charitable status without sanction.

On 21 September, Interpal hosted an event entitled “Courage and Compassion in Crisis” at the Queens Park Community Centre in Bradford. The speaker was Uthman Lateef, an Islamist preacher who holds a Masters degree in “Crusader Studies” from Damascus University. In one audio recording obtained by the Gatestone Institute, Lateef advocates the violent destruction of the non-Muslim world and expresses support for convicted terrorists.

In 2009, Lateef spoke on the same platform as the late Al Qaeda leader Anwar Awlaki at the London Muslim Centre (in 2011, Awlaki was killed in a U.S. drone strike). Lateef claims that the Dajjal [Anti-Christ] will be a Jew, who will lead 70,000 Jewish soldiers in an apocalyptic attempt to destroy the Muslim people.

Lateef is a vocal supporter of Muhammad Hamid, whom he describes as “our dear brother … locked up unfairly under false terror charges.” Hamid is a convicted “terrorist instructor” who is a serving a prison sentence after running military-style camps for would-be suicide bombers and other terrorists. Hamid, who called himself ‘Osama bin London’, was involved with the 2005 tube bombers as well as the Woolwich killer Michael Adebolajo.

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Egyptian General: Hamas Smuggled Rockets to Muslim Brotherhood

Palestinians look at homemade rockets during a Palestinian heritage exhibition a festival marking the 61st anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe) on April 27, 2009, in Gaza (photo credit: Abed Abed/Flash90)

Palestinians look at homemade rockets during a Palestinian heritage exhibition a festival marking the 61st anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe) on April 27, 2009, in Gaza (photo credit: Abed Abed/Flash90)

by John Rossomando:


Sheikh Qaradawi’s Visit To Gaza

Youssef Qaradawi

Youssef Qaradawi

By :

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) has published a nice summary of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi’s recent visit  to Gaza and titled “Sheikh Qaradawi’s Visit To Gaza”  ” The JCPA report begins:


May 14, 2013 Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, visited Gaza on May 7-10 at head of an entourage of 45, including senior officials of the organization. In the past, Qaradawi was a candidate for leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, and over the years he has acquired the status of spiritual leader of this movement and of its Palestinian branch, Hamas.

Qaradawi received a warm welcome, especially from the Hamas leadership. They saw the visit as an important affirmation, by the longstanding and supreme religious authority of the Sunni Muslim world, of Hamas’ rule in Gaza. The visit affirmed Hamas as a faithful exponent of the Palestinian people and the jihadist enterprise, aimed at conquering the State of Israel and making it part of the Islamic state of Palestine – eventually to be one of the provinces of the Islamic caliphate whose capital will be Jerusalem.

Qaradawi’s visit was extensively covered in the Hamas government’s media, which again highlighted the ‘sheikh of jihad’s’ (as Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called him) backing for this Palestinian movement.

On May 10, the headline of the official Hamas daily Falastin was worded in that spirit: ‘Qaradawi calls for liberating the soil of Palestine.’ The subhead was a quotation of the most important statement he made: ‘We will never concede Palestine and we will never recognize Israel.’

During the visit, Qaradawi set forth his political outlook, thereby offering a sort of vision for the future (as well as a sort of last will and testament, given his advanced age (86) and his own recent remark that his days are numbered). The following are the main tenets of that outlook:”

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch reported during the visit that:

  • Upon his arrival, he was greeted by the Hamas Prime Minister and called immediately for “Jihad to death” against Israel.
  • Qaradawi made comments in which he denied Israel’s right to exist and waxed enthusiastically about Hamas rocket fire into Israel.

We also reported that during Qaradawi’s visit, the  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood held its first ever anti-Israel rally since coming to power, surely no coincidence and likely an attempt to avoid being upstaged by Qaradawi.

Read more at Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

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Video: Hamas Pledges Allegiance to Muslim Brotherhood

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh

by Ryan Mauro:

A YouTube video showing Hamas leaders declaring allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood is being widely posted on anti-Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Islamist Facebook pages, according to an Egyptian-American source that forwarded the video to The video was uploaded on May 29, 2012, but it is unclear when it was originally recorded.

The video shows Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on stage towards the end (1:12 minutes into the video), apparently taking the pledge with his hand raised. The video is below:

The following is a translation of the video:

“We stand behind our leader, Mr. Abedlfattah, with one voice.”

(Abdelfattah comes on and asks everyone to raise their right hand and repeat after him)

“I swear [or strike a covenant] with God (3x) Almighty that I hold fast and commit to the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood to embark on jihad on behalf of the group and to uphold all the rules of its membership.

I declare complete loyalty to its leadership and to adhere and comply with its principles and rules. This, I swear [or declare] and may God be witness to what I utter.”

(He then asks them to say “Allahu Akbar” or “God is Greatest.”)

The source did not know who Abdelfattah is.

This video is a reminder of the irony that the Muslim Brotherhood is often considered “moderate” while its Palestinian branch, Hamas, is considered a terrorist group. The video shows that the two are inseparable.

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The Absurdity of Treating a Terrorist Gang Like a State

By Bruce Thornton

The currently suspended missile duel between Israel and Hamas exposes yet again the surreal absurdity of the way the international community handles this conflict between a democratic state and a terrorist gang. Yesterday’s cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas is another example of the folly of treating a bunch of murderers like a legitimate government.

Consider, for example, the way a terrorist outfit like Hamas, self-defined in its charter by its genocidal goals, is treated as if it were a legitimate state. But Hamas is not a government that rules over a sovereign territory defined by international borders. If you want a recent graphic illustration of Hamas’ true nature, peruse this video of the aftermath of the summary execution of 6 accused “collaborators.” Or consider Hamas’ official television coverage of this week’s terrorist bombing of a bus in Israel. Or contemplate the barbarity of using its own “citizens” as human shields for its munitions dumps and rocket launchers. Calling Hamas honcho Ismail Haniyeh a “Prime Minister,” as virtually every world government and news organization does, doesn’t mean he is actually a prime minister, no matter how many elections are held. These titles and voting procedures do not constitute a legitimate government that should be recognized as such by the world community as though it respects international laws and treaties like the Geneva Conventions. Let alone should this façade of political legitimacy rationalize the millions of dollars Western governments give to Hamas under the guise of U.N. aid for social services, freeing up funds for purchasing weapons and munitions.

The same pretence of state legitimacy is equally absurd in the case of Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas, the holocaust-denying head of the Palestinian Authority, which is recognized as the sole representative of the Palestinians instead of the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization ever since the cosmetic makeover brought about by the 1993 Oslo Accords. The PA is still just another terrorist gang, as demonstrated by its frequent honoring of terrorist murderers by naming streets and parks after them, and its clinging to the goal of destroying Israel through demands for territorial concessions and the “right of return” for an endlessly growing number of “refugees.” As such, the PA’s main functions include peddling to the international community the “two-state” and “nationalist aspirations” canard in order to delegitimize Israel and obtain money, and to distribute to its people whatever international financial aid is left over after PA fatcats have skimmed their take. Yet today as in the past, the U.S. is intervening in the current conflict to ensure that Abbas rather than Hamas is the “primary interlocutor with the international community,” as the Wall Street Journal reported, because it allegedly is more “legitimate” and “moderate”––the only sign of its moderation being that it believes Israel should be destroyed later rather than sooner.

Of course, totalitarian regimes for decades have appropriated the government titles and offices of legitimate governments, but at least a state like the laughably named Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea actually controls a recognized territory defined by international borders (except for the armistice line in the south). That hypocrisy is bad enough, but extending it to terrorists whose sole foundation for existence is the destruction of a neighboring legitimate nation compounds hypocrisy with delusion. It demands that superficial nomenclature substitute for reality. After all, as Plato pointed out, a gang of thieves behaves “democratically” when it divvies up the loot. But that machinery does not signify the presence of the principles and beliefs that constitute legitimate government.

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Arabic Newspaper Says Hamas Opening Office In Cairo

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi meets Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Cairo, July 26 (photo credit: MOHAMMED AL-OSTAZ/Flash 90)


A London-based pan-Arab newspaper is reporting that the  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has agreed to let Hamas open an office in eastern Cairo and establish a joint committee with Hamas to discuss issues of security along the Gaza-Egypt border. According to an Israeli media article citing the report:

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 Less than one year after closing its headquarters in Damascus, Hamas’s ‘outside’ leadership has found a new home in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. Hamas leaders are split between Gaza, where they took violent control in 2007, the West Bank, where they seek to gain control, and elsewhere in the region. London-based daily Al-Hayat reported Tuesday that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood administration has agreed to open a Hamas office in eastern Cairo and establish a joint committee with Hamas to discuss issues of security along the Gaza-Egypt border. Hamas’s Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh will meet with his counterpart Hisham Kandil in Egypt on Thursday, the daily said.m Relations between Egypt and Hamas experienced a sharp decline after August 5 when gunmen attacked an Egyptian army outpost near the border, killing 16 Egyptian soldiers, before storming into Israel. Egypt blamed Gaza for allowing Islamist terrorists to cross over into Sinai unnoticed through smuggling tunnels along the border. Al-Hayat reported that the new security committee will exchange intelligence information regarding the border area. Prominent members of Hamas will be part of the new committee, including Ahmad Ja’abari, commander of the Al-Qassam Brigades (the movement’s military wing); Moussa Abu-marzouq; Bassem Na’im; and Ayman Taha, a security adviser to PM Ismail Haniyeh. During his visit to Cairo on Thursday, Haniyah will discuss the creation of a free trade zone near the Rafah Border Crossing and the connection of Gaza to a regional electric grid, rendering it independent of Israeli energy. In return, Al-Hayat reports, Hamas agreed to hand over a number of suspects in the August attack to Egypt.

This development, if confirmed, was foreshadowed by an earlier report that Hamas had been seeking even closer ties to the new government in Egypt:

JERUSALEM, Israel — Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh would like to strengthen ties with the new Islamist government in Egypt while diminishing ties with the ‘Zionist enemy.’ Egypt’s more than 30-year-old peace treaty has been on shaky ground since the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak last year. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has alternately called for abrogating the treaty and promising to uphold it. Hamas has no ties with Israel. On Sunday, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi phoned Haniyeh to wish him well on Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan. The terror chief thanked Morsi for his support and told him security issues should be handled between ‘brothers,’ with Israel excluded. ’Yes, we want security coordination with our brothers and strategic depth and not with the Zionist enemy,’ the Jerusalem Post quoted Haniyeh in Sunday’s speech.

Read more

Egypt, Hamas to Share Intelligence on Israeli Border

By Daniel Greenfield:

After the “attack” that allowed the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Cairo to seize power and depose the military while cracking down on the press, the building blocks for the reintegration of Hamas run Gaza into Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt are falling into place.

Less than one year after closing its headquarters in Damascus, Hamas’s “outside” leadership has found a new home in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. London-based daily Al-Hayat reported Tuesday that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood administration has agreed to open a Hamas office in eastern Cairo and establish a joint committee with Hamas to discuss issues of security along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Al-Hayat reported that the new security committee will exchange intelligence information regarding the border area. Prominent members of Hamas will be part of the new committee, including Ahmad Ja’abari, commander of the Al-Qassam Brigades (the movement’s military wing); Moussa Abu-marzouq; Bassem Na’im; and Ayman Taha, a security adviser to PM Ismail Haniyeh.

The significance of all this is that the policy of isolating Hamas is done. Egypt and Gaza are now both run by the Muslim Brotherhood which are not about to isolate each other. On the Egyptian side, look for the Brotherhood to extend some kind of defense agreement over Gaza as the march to a new war between Israel and Egypt begins.

The new Democratic platform, even with the added language, makes no mention of isolating Hamas and does not mention the Palestinian Authority, only a “Partner”, which means that Obama is paving the way for full recognition of Hamas. Hamas knows what’s coming and is training a diplomatic corps, which it would not need unless it had good reason to expect that Obama will end its isolation shortly.

Iran however is responding in predictable fashion to being dumped by Hamas by finding more terrorist groups in Gaza to support. The secret of the Muslim world is that groups like Hamas or Al Qaeda are completely disposable. They’re just conduits of money, weapons and training to the body of available fighters. And if you provide the money and weapons, then the terrorist groups will form themselves.

Hamas is claiming that it is fighting its own splinter groups. This may be a dodge to avoid responsibility with Hamas splitting off some of its military arms and trying to pass them off as “extremist splinter groups” , a policy that worked well for the Palestinian Authority. But it may also be true. With Egypt linked to Gaza and Iran linking to anyone willing to kill Israelis, Gaza, already a splinter of the so-called Palestinian state, may be about to splinter internally with a civil war between Egyptian and Iranian backed terrorist groups.

My Neighbor, the Hamas Leader

By Patrick Poole:

Back in March, my friend and colleague Erick Stakelbeck of CBN News emailed me a link to an article in Tablet Magazine and asked: “Hey — isn’t that your neighbor with the head of Hamas?” Sure enough, it was. My former neighbor Salah Sultan was standing right beside Ismail Haniyeh — the Hamas “prime minister” of Gaza — as Haniyeh left a meeting with Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Cairo (purple shirt):

Stakelbeck knew about my neighbor Sultan because Erick and I had worked together on a video segment highlighting Sultan’s activity and residence in my hometown of Hilliard, Ohio, back in 2007. That was more than a year after I had first written about returning home to Ohio to discover that I had an internationally known Hamas cleric living about a mile from my own house. Not only that, but Sultan was the religious director at the local Islamic school, Sunrise Academy, which had taken over the former public library building in town. Sultan was also the resident scholar of the newly built Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Hilliard.

As I later recounted, the Columbus Dispatch attacked me as a racist and a bigot, characterizing me as a Christianist Neo-Nazi. This after I had identified Sultan’s rabidly anti-Jewish remarks, his calls for violent jihad, his open support for Hamas, his ties to Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, and his association with international Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

The Dispatch article encouraged readers to attend an open house set up in response to my article at the local Islamic school. The relevant section of the Dispatch article responding to my claims was titled “Hostile Assertions”:

The condemnations not only came from my local paper, but also from the “interfaith leaders” in town — namely the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio – who had arranged the Dispatch hit piece. They also came from local residents, who felt free to vent their fury in phone calls made to my family members. One local columnist wrote an article titled “Muslim Basher, Patrick Poole, Preys on People’s Fears.”

Two weeks after the Dispatch article appeared defending Salah Sultan as a well-respected Islamic scholar and local interfaith leader (curiously, the Dispatch article can no longer be found on their website), he appeared on Al-Risala TV where he claimed that the 9/11 attacks were a U.S. government plot to victimize Muslims. He also defended designated terrorist and al-Qaeda cleric Abdul Majid al-Zindani:

Needless to say, the Dispatch never followed up, even after I sent the reporter and editors a copy of Sultan’s video translated by MEMRI.

Last year at PJ Media, I revisited some of Salah Sultan’s activities since that time. I was driven to do so after he appeared last August on Al-Jazeera issuing a fatwa authorizing the assassination of any Israeli in Egypt. I titled that review “Yes, my neighbor really was a racist, terror-supporting Muslim Brotherhood cleric.”

As a demonstration of how correct I was, take note of the picture below of Sultan being chummy with Khaled Meshaal –the head of Hamas and a specially designated global terrorist according to the U.S. government — that was posted on Sultan’s Facebook page on May 6 this year:

In law enforcement circles, this is what is known as an “investigative clue.”

In case the folks at the Columbus Dispatch still have any doubts about his Hamas connections, here Sultan is again with Ismail Haniyeh in March, just days after the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) — where Sultan sits on the board – greeted Haniyeh as a member:

But what about my prior claims about Sultan’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Well — Sultan was actively involved in the Egyptian elections, appearing regularly with the Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi (who, I noted here, first became a Muslim Brotherhood member while in the United States studying at the University of Southern California).

Here’s a picture of Sultan and Morsi at a campaign event dated May 13:

Here is one of Morsi’s campaign flyers noting Sultan’s support (top row, second from the left):

 In case there was any remaining uncertainty about Sultan’s ties to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Sultan led a Muslim Brotherhood rally and gave a fiery speech in Tahrir Square on a live June 21 broadcast on Al-Jazeera:

No doubt officials at the Columbus Dispatch will say I’m an Islamophobe for mentioning Sultan’s exercise of democracy on behalf of his preferred political party in his native homeland of Egypt.


Whatever happened to the respected Islamic scholar and interfaith moderate Salah Sultan, for whom the Columbus Dispatch was driven to publicly castigate me for daring to call him a terror-loving, terrorist-associating, racist Muslim Brotherhood leader?

He was a figment of the newspaper’s imagination, fed to them by their friends in the local Islamic community and by Sultan himself, and aided in no small measure by soothing narratives of interfaith peace and harmony many hold to despite all the conflicting evidence.

All along, he really was who I said he was. But it’s doubtful that the local media will correct the record.

But why does the record need to be corrected? Since his activity is entirely outside the U.S. now (he’s been banned from reentering the country), surely there’s really no relation between what happens over there and our communities here? Even though everything I said about Salah Sultan going back to April 2006 has been verified, my stated fears of a “hometown jihad” are nothing more than the paranoid fantasies of a raging, racist Islamophobe, right?

I’ll answer that question here at PJ Media shortly.

Read the entire meticulously researched expose at PJ Media


Egyptian Group Warns: Hamas is Dangerous


Morsi shakes hands with Haniyeh

By Elad Benari

The Justice and Development Organization for Human Rights in Egypt has called to release Gaza from under the rule of Hamas, which violently seized power in a 2007 coup.

The organization released a statement on Monday in the city of Minya, in which it argued that Hamas is an illegal entity and is the main reason for the split in the leadership of the Palestinian Authority as well as for the failure to achieve Palestinian statehood.

The organization also said that the strategic purpose of planting Hamas in Gaza is to realize Iran’s goal for the region, which is to establish a Shiite state extending all the way to Lebanon and Syria. The organization said that it is for this reason that Iran provides Hamas with financial and logistical support.

Nadi Atef, who heads the organization, condemned the frequent visits by Hamas’ leaders, headed by Khaled Mashaal, to Cairo after the recent election victory of Mohammed Morsi. Atef noted that Hamas was one of the allies of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, along with Hizbullah.

Atef warned against the transfer of weapons and missiles from Libya by the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas via the Sinai Peninsula and called to prevent a situation whereby the Sinai Peninsula would become Hamas’s military base. According to Atef, vigilance is required against a scenario in which the Muslim Brotherhood will cooperate with the United States and with the consent of Hamas to settle PA Arabs in Sinai.

Ever since Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, won the presidential election in Egypt, he has been tightening relations with Hamas, which is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi has met with Mashaal, his deputy Musa Abu Marzouq and other members of Hamas’s politburo. During the meeting, Morsi stressed the importance he places on Egypt’s support “for the Palestinian nation’s struggle to achieve its legitimate rights”, unifying the lines between Hamas and its longtime rival Fatah, supplying Gaza with fuel and electricity and easing the restrictions on the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

Last week Morsi met with Gaza’s de-facto Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Hamas has been asking Morsi to open up Egypt’s border with Gaza, but Morsi has yet to agree.

For the time being Egypt has eased the visa requirements for Gazans under 40 who want to travel to Egypt through the Rafiah border crossing into the Sinai.

Until now, residents of Gaza within that age bracket have been unable to travel without a visa due to security concerns.

Arutz Sheva


As Morsi Huddles with Hamas, Blind Sheikh’s Son Threatens Siege of U.S. Embassy


By Andrew C. McCarthy:

Just another Juma in the Arab Spring.

Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, met in Cairo today with Gaza’s “prime minister,” Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas — the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch. As PJM’s David Goldman observes, Morsi is getting ready to have the red-carpet rolled out for him by the Obama White House in September. He should definitely have the Hamas talking-points down by then since he also had a powwow with the terrorist organization’s “political bureau” chief, Khaled el-Meshal, last week.

Morsi will also be ready to press on President Obama his demand for the release of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman. Right after his election, he assured Egyptians that this was among his top priorities. On that score, too, the Brotherhood is rockin’ its familiar terror-leveraged “moderate two-step.” While Morsi works the diplomatic end, theEgypt Independent reports that Sheikhy’s son, Abdallah, has threatened to attack the American embassy and hold its employees hostage in order to extort pop’s release.

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