Report Debunks “Cold-Blood” Claim on Palestinian Deaths

Saeb Erekat

Saeb Erekat

by IPT News:

When recent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks broke down, some Palestinian officials, including chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, cited a spike in Palestinian deaths at the hands of Israeli security forces as a factor.

Israelis, Erekat said, “killed 66 Palestinians in cold blood” since negotiations started last summer. A new report, however, investigates the backgrounds of those killed, finding that a majority were members of radical terrorist organizations.

B’Tselem, an Israeli monitoring group, lists 43 Palestinians who were killed by the IDF from August 2013 through the end of March. In his report, Lt. Col (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs finds an overwhelming majority of those killed were combatants from radical Islamist terrorist organizations.

Those terrorist groups include Hamas and its al-Qassam Brigades military wing, the Al-Quds Brigades (Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s military wing), al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s military wing), the al-Qaida associated Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

It is important to note that the nine people who were not affiliated with an organization were killed in response to standard military procedures. Three were killed as they approached a military outpost at the Gaza border and three others were killed participating in violent demonstrations. After firing at an IDF force, a Palestinian man was killed and another instance included a woman shot by return IDF fire following an initial escalation of violence emanating from Gaza.

The information won’t be persuasive to Erekat and others in the Palestinian Authority. In an April interview, Erekat insisted Hamas is “a political organization” and not a terrorist group. That view seems to extend to the entire Palestinian Authority, which recently accepted a unity agreement with Hamas.

Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh made it clear on Saturday that the deal changes nothing when it comes to the group’s devotion to violence over peace.

“We emphasize now that we will not retreat from [our] plan to liberate our lands and ensure the right of return and the release of [terrorist] prisoners,” he said.

That is the context to bear in mind when Palestinian officials decry Israeli military action. If Palestinians work with terrorist groups, that’s righteous political activity. If Israelis kill someone who is waging an attack or facilitating violence, that’s cold-blooded.

To read Halevi’s report, click here.

New Palestinian Government Refuses to Renounce Violence

Mahmoud Abbas / AP

Mahmoud Abbas / AP

By Adam Kredo:

A top Hamas official said that the newly announced Palestinian unity government “will not recognize ‘Israel’ and will not give up the resistance,” throwing into jeopardy the new ruling government’s access to U.S. assistance and other measures.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to dissolve the long ruling Palestinian Authority and and has now surprised observers by forming a government with the terror group Hamas, which rules over the Gaza Strip.

Hamas and Fatah—Abbas’s political party that controls the West Bank—surprised Middle East observers on Wednesday morning by announcing that the rival groups would put aside differences to form a unity government with elections scheduled for later this year.

The move tossed another wrench into the fledgling peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and prompted sharp responses from U.S. officials.

Events took another surprising turn this afternoon when top Hamas official Hassan Yousef announced that the terror group would not renounce its commitment to violence and the destruction of Israel, according to Palestinian groups monitoring the situation.

Hamas will not recognize Israel—a chief sticking point in peace talks with Abbas—and “will not give up the resistance,” which is widely interpreted to refer to Hamas’s ongoing terror attacks against Israeli civilians and military personnel.

The announcement of the unity government came just days after Abbas threatened to completely dissolve the PA should peace talks come to a complete halt.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to the news with skepticism.

“The Palestinian Authority, which just yesterday spoke about its dissolution, is now talking about reconciling with Hamas,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying. “They should decide what they want—dissolution to reconciliation? They should let us know when they want peace, because we want a true peace.”

Netanyahu said on Wednesday following news of the unity government that Abbas is siding with terror over peace.

“Does he [Abbas] want peace with Hamas or peace with Israel?” he asked. “You can have one but not the other. I hope he chooses peace, so far he hasn’t done so.”

State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki warned that the move could demolish the peace talks as well as America’s relationship with the PA.

“A great deal of effort has gone into building Palestinian institutions by Palestinians as well as the international community, and it would certainly not be in the interests of the Palestinian people for all of that to be lost,” Psaki told reporters.

Such a move would jeopardize U.S. assistance to the Palestinians, which has topped $100 million in recent years.

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UK Politicians Collaborate with Muslim Brotherhood Islamists?

by Samuel Westrop:

Speakers at the upcoming Global Peace and Unity conference can be categorized as follows: 65% are anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic and pro-terror preachers, 20% are public servants offering political legitimacy and moral credibility to the other speakers, while the remaining 15% could perhaps claim to be part of the conference’s “project dedicated to creating a more harmonious world.”

“Peace and unity…thanks be to Allah…a fantastic thing.” — Simon Hughes MP, speaking to the Conference in 2008

At the end of this month, on November 23-24, UK politicians, in a crushing betrayal of Britain’s moderate Muslims, are planning join many of Britain’s most outspoken Islamist groups and preachers at the sixth Global Peace and Unity conference, due to be held in London. Tens of thousands attend these conferences; journalists applaud the initiative, and cabinet ministers, political commentators and other policy-makers address its crowds.

Mohamed Ali Harrath, a leading figure in the British Muslim community, founded and organized the Global Peace and Unity conferences in 2005. He claims the events are designed to “promote dialogue, exchange ideas and information, and work towards dispelling misunderstandings surrounding the multiculturalism and co-existence of faiths.”

Speakers at this annual event, however, have included Ebrahim Rasool, a vocal supporter of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, who has described its founder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, as an “inspiration;” as well as Zakir Naik, an Indian Islamist preacher recently banned from entering the UK, who has expressed support for suicide bombings and claims that Jews “as a whole” are the enemies of Muslims.

In 2010, the Daily Telegraph reported that, “items glorifying terrorism were on open sale [at the conference] … Also available were ‘shahada headbands’ as worn by many Palestinian suicide bombers… The headbands contain the personal testimony of the suicide bombers.”

Harrath, incidentally, has a conviction in Tunisia for terrorism-related offenses, and the television station of which he is CEO, the Islam Channel, has been accused by a Muslim think tank, the Quilliam Foundation, of promoting extremist groups and encouraging hatred towards women, Jews and minority Muslim sects.


Mohamed Ali Harrath (centre) with Ismail Haniyeh (right), leader of Hamas in Gaza, in 2008. (Image source: Harry’s Place)

This year, Veritas Consultancy — a company that also provides services to groups such as Interpal, a US-designated terrorist organization — is handling the logistics of the conference. Veritas Consultancy, however, has just one director: Mohamed Ali Harrath.

Harrath is a leading Muslim Brotherhood member; and the wealth of evidence that ties the conference, its affiliates and the proposed speakers to Islamist networks seems inescapable. Paul Goodman MP has described the conferences as the “Royal Ascot of the British Islamist calendar.”

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UK Charity Commission Permits Hamas Charity

by Samuel Westrop:

Since the time that the Charity Commission chairman promised to punish groups which promote extremism, Interpal has nevertheless organized a number of events that once again, demonstrate that extremist organizations continue with impunity to abuse their charitable status.

On 12 September, William Shawcross, chairman of Britain’s Charity Commission, addressed a crowd of leading experts and representatives from the British charitable and financial sectors, and announced that:

We are stepping up our work to prevent and tackle terrorist abuse of charities. The misuse of charities for terrorist purposes represents a despicable inversion of everything charity stands for and we will fight that without quarter. And we have put out very clear guidance to charities about extremist and controversial speakers. It is unacceptable for charities to promote the views of individuals who promote violence and terrorism.

We should welcome, then, the promise by Shawcross that pro-terror organizations will no longer be free to employ the moral monopoly afforded by charitable status to shroud their extremist activities.

Unfortunately, however, charities accused of extremism do not appear to be concerned by any of the proposed changes. Interpal, for example, a leading British charity supported by a number of British politicians and cabinet members, is, in the United States, designated a terrorist organization. A comprehensive profile of Interpal, written by this author and published by the Gatestone Institute in January 2013, examined the charity’s links to terrorist groups as well as its trustees and staff’s expressed support for extremist ideas.


Interpal trustee Essam Yusuf exchanges warm greetings with Hamas terror leader Ismail Haniyeh, in Gaza.

This is not the first time action has been promised. Back in June, Shawcross stated: “We in the commission know that evil often tries to subvert the innate generosity of the charitable impulse for terrorist purposes. The whole country has been appalled by the acts of terror we have witnessed in recent years. We shall redouble our efforts against terrorist subversion of charities.”

Since the time that the Charity Commission chairman promised to punish groups that promote extremism, Interpal has organized a number of events that, once again, demonstrate that extremist organizations continue to abuse their charitable status without sanction.

On 21 September, Interpal hosted an event entitled “Courage and Compassion in Crisis” at the Queens Park Community Centre in Bradford. The speaker was Uthman Lateef, an Islamist preacher who holds a Masters degree in “Crusader Studies” from Damascus University. In one audio recording obtained by the Gatestone Institute, Lateef advocates the violent destruction of the non-Muslim world and expresses support for convicted terrorists.

In 2009, Lateef spoke on the same platform as the late Al Qaeda leader Anwar Awlaki at the London Muslim Centre (in 2011, Awlaki was killed in a U.S. drone strike). Lateef claims that the Dajjal [Anti-Christ] will be a Jew, who will lead 70,000 Jewish soldiers in an apocalyptic attempt to destroy the Muslim people.

Lateef is a vocal supporter of Muhammad Hamid, whom he describes as “our dear brother … locked up unfairly under false terror charges.” Hamid is a convicted “terrorist instructor” who is a serving a prison sentence after running military-style camps for would-be suicide bombers and other terrorists. Hamid, who called himself ‘Osama bin London’, was involved with the 2005 tube bombers as well as the Woolwich killer Michael Adebolajo.

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Egyptian General: Hamas Smuggled Rockets to Muslim Brotherhood

Palestinians look at homemade rockets during a Palestinian heritage exhibition a festival marking the 61st anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe) on April 27, 2009, in Gaza (photo credit: Abed Abed/Flash90)

Palestinians look at homemade rockets during a Palestinian heritage exhibition a festival marking the 61st anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe) on April 27, 2009, in Gaza (photo credit: Abed Abed/Flash90)

by John Rossomando: