Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Bring Down Egyptian Regime

Egypt protest 2This is an excellent comprehensive report by Ryan Mauro with links to many videos proving violence committed by Morsi supporters:

Over 600 Egyptians are dead after the authorities moved to dismantle two pro-Morsi encampments, sparking international condemnation and the cancellation by the U.S. of planned joint military exercises. The excessive force is deplorable and plays into the Islamists’ hands, but the Muslim Brotherhood are not the modern-day Mahatma Gandhis that the media is making them look like.

The Clarion Project was sent a stream of videos, photos and eyewitness accounts from Egyptian newspapers and social media sites that tell a different side of the story.

Bloodshed of non-combatants is always saddening, but it must be understood that this crackdown was foreseen by everyone — including the martyrdom-seeking Islamists that were there and refused to leave as ordered. The large gatherings had led to bloody clashes, the blocking of travel routes, major economic problems and were, in the words of Raymond Ibrahim, “mini-emirates” where human rights abuses took place.

Egyptian writer and activist Wael Nawara explains:

“For six weeks, yard by yard, the Rabia al-Adawiya encampment expanded its borders, creeping to claim kilometer after kilometer of neighboring streets, including the Autostrade road, which connects Nasr City and the rest of Cairo to the city’s airport. Until one day, Rabia al-Adawiya was no longer a sit-in, but a sprawling town, even a city-state, with fortifications, an  internal police force, complete with torture camps and border control officials. Rabia al-Adawiya came to manifest the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Parallel State.’ ”

On August 1, the Clarion Project reported on how the Islamists were using their children as political props by dressing them up in burial shrouds and encouraging them to declare their desire for martyrdom. In my segment on “Wilkow” on The Blaze, senior Washington correspondent Sara Carter explained that Egyptians who were on the scene told her that the Brotherhood supporters had purposely put women and children in harm’s way.



The Muslim Brotherhood was hoping for a confrontation that would win them international sympathy. The New York Times reports, “Gathering Thursday morning around a mosque used as a morgue for hundreds killed the day before, many Islamists waited confidently for a surge of sympathetic support from the broader public. But it failed to materialize.” [emphasis mine]

Vice President Mohamed El-Baradei was the only official to resign in protest of the use of force. He wrote, “The beneficiaries of what happened today are the preachers of violence and terrorism, the most extremist groups and you will remember what I am telling you.”

Only two non-Islamist political parties condemned the crackdown. The Times goes on to say that “most other political factions denounced the Islamists as a terrorist threat and applauded the government action.” Even the National Salvation Front, the group El-Baradei used to lead, is siding with the government.

The Tamarod movement that led the massive rallies preceding Morsi’s overthrow endorsed the crackdown, as did the Coptic Christian Church. The Tamarod movement is the most popular political party in Egypt right now with a 39% approval rating. The Egyptian military is, by far, the most trusted institution with 93% of Egyptians expressing confidence in it.

Foreign governments and international Islamists may be outraged, but the Egyptians who actually live there have a different opinion. And there is not a single account of a police officer or soldier refusing to carry out orders or defecting, as was the case when Mubarak or Morsi conducted heavy-handed crackdowns.

The non-Islamist Egyptians are obviously seeing things that we in the West are not.

The Egyptian government says that it gave protesters a chance to leave the scene and used tear gas to disperse those who refused. The security forces used loudspeakers to tell the demonstrators to leave and many did (as seen here), some even with police escort. Those that were left behind were the most hardcore Islamists. The violence began after the tear gas was used with each side claiming the other fired the first shot.

Left-wing Middle East expert Juan Cole confirms, “Egyptians tweeting from the scene said that police had encountered armed resistance from some of the Muslim Brotherhood and traded fire with them.” You can see some pictures of armed Islamists at the “peaceful” protests here. There is also a viral video with nearly a half-million views showing Islamists firing their guns.

There is video showing that the pro-Morsi demonstrators stored weapons inside flag-draped coffins that were at the encampments andvideo showing the bodies of 11 security personnel massacred by Brotherhood supporters at Kirdasa Police Station near Gisa. One particularly graphic video shows the dead body of one officer.

There were further gruesome discoveries after the encampments were cleared. Other videos allegedly show the finding of 20 hidden corpses at a pro-Morsi encampment at Rabba el-Adaweya Square, and the Clarion Project recently reported on the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret torture chambers which were recently exposed.

The Cairo-based Maspero Youth Union posted a video on Facebook and emphasized, “We ascertain that the sit-ins of the Muslim Brotherhood were not by any means peaceful. On the contrary, they were armed and threatened state stability and sovereignty.” The video is a collection of videos showing Morsi supporters opening fire, brutalizing an unarmed police officer, throwing a police vehicle off a bridge and setting churches and local government buildings on fire.

Report on Brutality and Killings Committed by the Muslim Brotherhood During Clashes
(Warning: Graphic Images)


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Admin Keeps Calling for Muslim Brotherhood Inclusion as Islamists Incite, Inflate Protest Tolls

By Bridget Johnson:

The U.S. government condemned fresh violence in Egypt and criticized the detention of key Muslim Brotherhood figures even as opponents of Mohamed Morsi say his advocates are both instigating violence and inflating casualty claims.

The National Salvation Front, which was Morsi’s main opposition, said the Brotherhood “has gathered its supporters in Rabaa Al-Adawiya [sit-in in Cairo’s Nasr City] for a month now and claims that confronting the armed forces and the police, attacking private and governmental institutions, and endangering the lives of the Egyptian citizens is jihad for God, and they will receive martyrdom if they [die] in these attacks,” according to Al-Ahram.

The coalition also said the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy is to “increase the conflicts, and cause more innocent Egyptian casualties” with an “inciting hostility approach” to exaggerate the numbers of deaths and injuries during the clashes. This has been backed up for many days by leading Egyptian tweeters who have pointed out that the facts on the ground are not as the Muslim Brotherhood was claiming through its social networking operation.

“Based on reports of the committee, all those responsible must be held accountable, including the minister of interior, if it is proven that the security forces were involved in excessive use of force against protesters,” the NSF statement said, concluding that the “leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were not content that millions of Egyptians [on Friday] took to the streets nationwide to confirm their adherence to the roadmap, announced on 3 July,” and thus the Muslim Brotherhood will try to “exploit the current strife to fuel more conflict and refuse national reconciliation.”

Egypt’s health ministry said 80 were killed in clashes and 722 injured. The Muslim Brotherhood’s official website said at least 200 people were killed and about 5,000 were wounded.

The Muslim Brotherhood, for instance, claimed that pro-Morsi demonstrators near Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in east Cairo were targeted by gunfire from military helicopters and said police on the ground were using live rounds and “intentionally targeting heads and chests.” According to Al-Ahram, Interior ministry spokesman Hani Abdel-Latif said that pro-Morsi protesters had started to block traffic on a bridge, then “clashed with residents of the nearby [working class] Mansheyet Nasr district using live fire and birdshot, and this killed 21 people. The police moved to stop the clashes between the two groups and opened the road again,” but used only tear gas.

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From Walid Phares on his facebook:


Former Ikhwan leader exposes their military tactics: “Division 95 in charge of provoking violent insurgency” 

A former leader from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Tharwat al Khirbawi, who defected from their organization, told al Qahira al Yom TV today that “the Muslim Brotherhood are using their ‘security division 95’ (al Firqa Khamsa teseen) to provoke an all out violent insurgency using tactics we know all too well, and I personally taught years ago.” Khirbawi, who was interviewed for an hour exposed the Brotherhood ‘urban Jihadi doctrine’ and its application against the Egyptian Army and Police. “The Ikhwan plan their demonstrations in a paramilitary manner in a war room with maps and experienced veterans involving Jihadists,” said the former MB official. “They launch their militants in ‘Murabbaat’ or squares of demonstrators, some of whom are armed and tasked with triggering violence at the right time. These squares are designated to include exclusive Brotherhood militants while other circles are open to allies and partisans. In short, the exclusive squares open fire on the security forces and the hide behind the other partisans. The expectation is to force the Army and Police to shoot back and kill demonstrators.” Khirbawi adds that “as soon casualties fall on the ground, the scenes are filmed and photographed by specialized propaganda units, which sends automatically to a network of friends and operatives within the Islamist media and international media.” Kherbawi exposed the tactics at length warning that “the propaganda machine of the Ikhwan is very much extended worldwide. There is an operational link between provoking violence and a propaganda machine very efficient worldwide. There is a making of victimization at the hand of an organization bent on violence, using unparalleled influence in the West, in media and think tanks.”

Kharbawi added that “all current leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, such as Mohammed Badi, Khairat al Shater and Mohamemd Morsi are extremists, known as Takfiris, who are inspired by Sayed Qutb” (the ideologue who also inspired al Qaeda). The former Ikhwan leader said “the Brotherhood constantly maintain a secret paramilitary force which is used partially or fully when needed.” He affirmed that their goal “is to do everything they can, including extreme violence to establish a Caliphate.”

The interview was aired between 12 PM and 12:50 PM EST and 7 PM Cairo Time.



Leading anchor woman in Egypt: “Massive propaganda campaign links Ikhwan to supporters in Western media”

Leading Egyptian anchor Hala Serhan revealed that according to her sources “a massive propaganda campaign is underway after meetings took place in Turkey and attended by AKP representatives as well as Islamist officials from Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya and other countries.” The “Hala Show” on Dream 2 is one of the leading investigative programs in Egypt and the Arab World. Serhan said “it was decided that a network of friendly journalists in the West in coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood will blast the interim Government of Egypt and use sensitive words in their editorials, coverage and media reporting.” Serhan “said over the past 36 hours or so we can see a wave of coordinated attacks from inside Egypt, on al Jazeera and from US and European outlets fed by Islamist propagandists. Words such as Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, McCarthyism, putshists, majority anti-coup are inserted in the narrative in an effort to protect the Muslim Brotherhood under an umbrella of Western concerns.” Serhan argued that “from aggressors, the propaganda machine wants to transform the Ikhwan into victims.” The popular anchor said there is an ongoing Egyptian media investigation of the Brotherhood’s regional and international influence in media, “which will reveal stunning facts.” An observer in New York said “ironic that the most anti-semitic of all Islamists, the Brotherhood, are now trying to protect themselves with words such as ‘Holocaust,’ while they are the greatest deniers on the planet.”

The Obama Administration’s Disgraceful Muslim Brotherhood Policy

aap_3281_MAR04_egyptker2_800x6001-450x337By :

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government, which has the support of the Obama administration, has just issued arrest warrants for five activists on false charges that they allegedly used social media to incite violence against the Muslim Brotherhood.  These activists include a blogger who played a key role in the 2011 revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

Morsi was following through on his threat to the National Salvation Front and other opposition groups, which he issued last Sunday in the wake of clashes between protesters and the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo: “There is a president of the republic and there are emergency measures if any of them makes even the smallest of moves that undermines Egypt or the Egyptians. Their lives are worthless when it comes to the interests of Egypt and Egyptians. I am a president after a revolution, meaning that we can sacrifice a few so the country can move forward. It is absolutely no problem.”

In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood itself filed complaints against 169 opposition figures, which included a former presidential candidate who now works in television.

At the same time, sexual assaults against women have skyrocketed during the Morsi regime’s rule. And the Islamists who have been elevated into power blame the women for the violence against them. For example, an Islamist police general and lawmaker was quoted by the New York Times as proclaiming that “a girl contributes 100 percent to her own raping when she puts herself in these conditions.”

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Egyptian Official: Beating of Naked Man Was Pre-Planned

demonstrators in CairoArutz Sheva:

A former Egyptian presidential candidate told Al Arabiya TV in an interview on Sunday that the brutal dragging and beating of a naked man near the presidential palace last week was previously planned by the interior ministry in an effort to terrorize the public.

Ahmed Shafiq, who lost the presidential race to Islamist President Mohammed Morsi last year, said the widely circulated video of 50-year-old Hamada Saber was intended to send a message of fear to those protesting in the streets against the brutal reign of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The torture is a “new style of exaggerated terrorism used against the Egyptian citizens that will lead only to violence and hatred of the regime,” Shafiq told Al-Arabiya.

Meanwhile, Saber on Sunday blamed police for the abuse after initially claiming they saved him from protesters.

The presidency described the footage as “shocking”, prompting the interior ministry to order a rare investigation.

While Saber first insisted that police had saved him from protesters, he then changed his account– which was bitterly contested by relatives who said he was being coerced– when prosecutors showed him the video footage, the official MENA news agency reported.

The man, who said he was shot in the foot during the clashes, explained that he initially blamed protesters to “contain the crisis,” the agency reported.

Saber, who has been transferred to a public hospital, said he changed his account and told the “truth” after his family “renounced me…and all of Egypt was angry and people made fun of me on Facebook.”

The main opposition National Salvation Front (NSF) has called for the resignation of Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim over Saber’s beating.

The beating was “an inhumane spectacle… no less ugly than the killings of martyrs, which is considered a continuation of the security force’s program of excessive force,” the opposition bloc said, according to AFP.

Ibrahim ordered a probe into the incident and said he would resign if “that’s what the people want,” his office said.

Tens of thousands protest Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt

E anniv protestsBy Betsy Hiel

CAIRO – Crowds across Egypt chanted down a Muslim Brotherhood-led government  on Friday, two years after the start of an uprising that ended the 30-year  dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.

Clashes here and elsewhere injured more than 250  people. Four deaths were reported in the city of Suez.

Tens of thousands filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square – epicenter of the 2011 revolt – to condemn Mubarak’s successor, Muhammed  Morsy.

On cement block-barricaded streets, young men heaved  rocks and Molotov cocktails at police firing tear gas and birdshot.

Egypt’s most influential novelist, Ala’a Al Aswany,  said “the Brotherhood can’t impose their constitution on us” as he joined  marchers heading to the square.

In December, Egyptians adopted a controversial  constitution written by a Brotherhood-dominated panel. Morsy endorsed it after  first claiming near-dictatorial powers as president.

His power-grab united a fractious opposition into the  National Salvation Front, led by Nobel laureate and former U.N. atomic-weapons  chief Mohamad El Baradei.

Aswany accused Morsy of “violating the independence of  the judiciary” but said he is “optimistic we will overcome all this.”

Karim Kholy, 33, a dentist, said he joined the  protests “to show the Brotherhood that we are a significant part of the  population that doesn’t share their view for the future of Egypt.”

“Morsy is not delivering, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s  religious image is just geared towards getting votes and not showing ethical  values,” he said.

Crowds chanted against Morsy and Brotherhood leader  Mohamed Badie.

“None of the revolution’s goals have been met,” said  protester Shadi Moussa, 28. “There is no justice and no freedom. The Muslim  Brotherhood is clamping down on the press.

“I would rather die for my freedoms than worry about  it,” he declared.

Opposition leader Ziad El Elimi, 32, a former  parliamentarian, said the new constitution is worse than Mubarak-era laws. “We  think the old regime is continuing under the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

Women and Christians are especially concerned about  the Islamic-leaning constitution, which protester Lamia Hassan said “neglects  women.”

One sign in Tahrir proclaimed: “As the prophet said,  if you rule Christians, you must treat them well.”

Radical Islamists increasingly have attacked  Christians in the past two years, burning homes or churches and forcing them to  flee some villages.

Muhammed Wahdan, 52, an education ministry worker,  held a sign echoing the growing frustration with U.S. policy that the opposition  sees as backing the Brotherhood. It read: “From Tahrir Square to the U.S. media … Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhood are killing Egyptians.”

“I am well aware that Obama and the American  administration are the ones who enabled the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he  said. “I want to tell Obama that the Muslim Brotherhood tricked you.”

Read more at Tribune Review and see the incredible photo slide show by Justin Merriman

Betsy Hiel is the Tribune-Review’s foreign correspondent. Email her at

Morsi Annuls Decree, Advances 12/15/12 Constitutional Referendum


Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi (C) attends a meeting with Egypt’s Vice President Mahmoud Mekky (4th L) with other politicians and heads of parties at the presidential palace in Cairo December 8, 2012. A new decree was issued to accomplish the same popularly supported result as the 11/22/12 decree—a more Sharia-compliant constitution for a Sharia-thirsty Egyptian society

by Andrew Bostom

Al-Ahram has just published (Sunday 12/9/12)  in English translation the full text of a new constitutional declaration that revokes the controversial constitutional declaration issued by Egyptian President Morsi on November 22, 2012.

The earlier decree granting Morsi sweeping executive powers, which he insisted was necessary to move Egypt’s democratic transition forward, did in fact break the deadlock over the draft constitution. According to Mohammad Salim al-Awa, spokesman for a national political dialogue  held Saturday (albeit, boycotted by the major Morsi government opposition groups), the most contentious article from the prior 11/22/12 edict, which placed all of Morsi’s actions beyond judicial review, has been abrogated.

But the referendum on Egypt’s newly minted, increasingly Sharia-compliant draft constitution, will proceed apace, under the following conditions, outlined in item 3 of the new declaration:

3- If the people vote against the draft constitution in the referendum on Saturday, 15 December 2012, the president is to call for the direct election of a new Constituent Assembly of 100 members within three months.

The new Assembly is to finish its task within six months from its election date. The president is to then call for a referendum on the new draft presented by the Assembly within thirty days of receiving it.

In all cases, vote counting and the announcement of results in the constitutional referendum is to take place publicly in election subcommittees as soon as the voting process is finished. The results are to be validated by the head of the subcommittee.

Despite polling data reported yesterday from Vote Compass Egypt, indicating a mass Egyptian popular support of 70% for the constitution,  National Salvation Front “liberal” opposition leader Mohamed El-Baradei, with predictable (if delusive) bravado,  tweeted shortly after 2 a.m Sunday 12/9/12,

We have broken the barrier of fear: A constitution that axes our rights and freedoms is a constitution we will bring down today before tomorrow. Our strength is in our will.