Jihad via the Ballot Box

American Thinker, By Eileen F. Toplansky, May 22, 2018:

In his 2008 book titled Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the JihadAndrew C. McCarthy sounded the alarm when he described a “zealous international network of warriors dead certain that history and Allah are on their side.”  Since then, this network has not diminished; it seems to metastasize in every part of the world.

Violent jihad by its nature makes headlines and causes grief and anger.  It also gives resolve to those who would fight back.  Law enforcement will track down the perpetrators and bring them to court or kill them outright.  But a far more dangerous and insidious undermining of America continues unabated.  It seeks to ultimately destroy the foundations of American values.

It is important to see the larger picture of what the Islamic jihadists assiduously work to achieve in this country.  Connecting the dots irrefutably proves their game plan.

It begins with immigration, or hijra.  I have often wondered why a group of people accustomed to very warm climates continues to settle in extremely cold geographical areas.  Consider that the Nordic countries now boast a growing Muslim population, and Minnesota is now host to Somali Muslims.  In war lingo, this could be construed as a siege, whereby a country’s borders are sealed off by the enemy…with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.

Hijra is immigration by jihadists who seek to populate and dominate new lands.  They have absolutely no intention of assimilating peacefully in a new host nation.  In fact, they scorn the host nation’s traditions and legal systems.  Rather, hijrah is a means to “colonize and then transform non-Muslim target societies since the ultimate goal is global submission to sharia law.”  So Sweden, under the much vaunted multicultural umbrella, opened its borders to Muslim immigration.  Today, it is the rape capital of the West.

In March of 2018, Sweden applied sharia law for the first time.  Thus:

While many have acknowledged the influence of Muslim migrants in no-go suburbs in Sweden, such as feminists in Stockholm, the case is the first time sharia law has influenced a case in the country’s court system.

Despite pushback from Swedish legal experts against sharia law in this case, demographic trends suggest that Sweden will become one-third Muslim by the year 2050 and makes the prospect of continued legal challenges inevitable.

According to Pew Research, “[b]y 2050, the U.S. Muslim population is projected to reach 8.1 million, or 2.1% of the nation’s total population – nearly twice the share of today.”

By contrast, Japan “is teaching the whole world an interesting lesson: there is a direct correlation between national heritage and permission to immigrate: a people that has a solid and clear national heritage and identity will not allow the unemployed of the world to enter its country; [while] a people whose cultural heritage and national identity is weak and fragile, has no defense mechanisms to prevent a foreign culture from penetrating into its country and its land.”

After hijra has been firmly established, there is the infiltration into the school system, beginning with the promotion of Islamic attire.  Then Islamic groups stipulate that history classes shine a positive light on Islam.  Demands for halal food are made.  Did you know that Common Core’s funding comes from Qatar, Libya, and Saudi Arabia?  As a result, American students “now participate in public school sponsored trips to mosques via taxpayer expense and girls must wear head scarves.”  Students pledge allegiance in Arabic and recite the Shahada (‘There is No God but Allah’) as well as the Muslim call to prayer.  Equally alarming:

The Sovereign fund of Libya initially took a 3.27 per cent stake in Pearson.  3.27% is a significant stake in what is the largest educational publishing company in the world.  Pearson is a $9 billion giant that dominates textbooks, testing, teacher evaluation, IT platforms for schools, and may have the largest investment in lobbying of any publishing company operating in the United States.  Pearson is also a major supplier to states who have adopted the Common Core Standard.

According to a February 2012 study by Citizens for National Security about Muslim Biased Textbooks in Florida, four are published by Pearson.  Obvious pro-Islam bias is quite clear.  A 2011 study of Muslim-biased textbooks in America “concluded that Pearson published 13 titles where significant Muslim bias was uncovered.”  Also relevant is the fact that

Federally subsidized Middle East Studies centers are required to pursue public outreach.  That entails designing lesson plans and seminars on the Middle East for America’s K-12 teachers.  These university-distributed teaching aids slip into the K-12 curriculum without being subject to the normal public vetting processes.  Meanwhile, the federal government, which both subsidizes and lends its stamp of approval to these special K-12 course materials on the Middle East, has effectively abandoned oversight of the program that purveys them (Title VI).

As the Islamification continues, mosques play a critical role in disseminating hatred against freedom.  In The Mosque Exposed, S. Solomon and E. Alamaqdisi detail how mosques are much more than religious outlets.  The mosque is the driver that ensures that “segregation and refusal to assimilate and integrate make it a divisive and discriminatory source that continually influences those who worship.  The mosque is a part of the socio-political, socio-religious, socio-economical, socio-legislative, judiciary, militaristic system,” whose aim is to thoroughly undermine American separation of church and state and the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

Islam “contends that all persons are born ‘slaves of Allah.'”  In fact, “a subservient status is given to members of other faiths.”  According to the World Atlas site:

Mosques increased in number from about 1,209 in the year 2000 to about 2,106 in the year 2010.  This is a 74% increase in a single decade.  Most of the mosques in the United States are found along the Eastern Seaboard and Great Lakes.  First on the list is California with about 198 mosques in the state and counting.  Second is New York with about 131 mosques in the state.  Third is Texas with about 58 mosques in the state.  Fourth is New Jersey with about 56 mosques.  Fifth is Michigan with 55 mosques.  Sixth is Pennsylvania with 43 mosques.  Seventh is Illinois with 43 mosques.  Eighth is Florida with 42 mosques.  Ninth is Georgia with 40 mosques.  And tenth in the list is Virginia with about 27 mosques in the state and counting.

Again, notice the way that states on the U.S. border show the most increase in mosque-building.

Finally, there is the voting booth.  According to Investor’s Business Daily, in 2014, “the radical Muslim Brotherhood … built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc.”  The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) aims to elect Islamists in Washington, “with the ultimate objective of ‘institutionalizing policies’ favorable to Islamists … that is, sharia law.”  In fact, “America’s first Muslim political party is made up ‘of the inner core of American Islamist organizations’ that portray themselves as an innocent ‘Muslim coalition.'”  It is deception at its core.

And, to wit, there is now a blue Muslim wave, where American Muslims are launching political campaigns.  In fact, “more than 90 American Muslims, nearly of all of them Democrats, are running for public office across the country this year.”  Whether donning hijabs or business suits, these individuals are engaging in the soft jihad that will irretrievably change the landscape of America by substituting sharia law for the Constitution.  It has already begun.

Recently, the 1939 movie Confessions of a Nazi Spy aired on the television.  It was a courageous attempt to disseminate powerful messages about the rise of Nazi fascism to millions of Americans.  One of the potent lines in the movie from the American Nazi leader was “And we know that … we must destroy the chains that tie the whole misery of American politics together!  And that chain is the United States Constitution.”

Islamo-fascism is but another form of Nazi terror – it has a religious component to it, which makes it perhaps even more dangerous.  If we continue with our willful blindness, there will be no turning back.

Eileen can be reached at middlemarch18@gmail.com.


Brannon Howse, Published on May 21, 2018:

Short Video Clips of Sabotage Panel #1 At Ozarks Worldview Weekend 2018 with former Muslim, former DHS officer, father of fallen Navy Seal, Middle East expert, Vietnam vet & more talking about Marxists & Islamists Sabotaging America from within.

Memo to Michigan: Part 2 – Sharia the Threat

Center for Security Policy, May 8, 2018:

Part I:  Controversy erupts in Michigan gubernatorial race as barbs are traded over sharia.

Part II:

Controversy erupted in the Michigan gubernatorial race as barbs were traded over sharia. The Center for Security Policy has been the leading voice in the ideological fight against sharia supremacism for many years. This is a series to spotlight our many resources for understanding and combating the civilization jihad.

In 2010, an extraordinary group of veteran national security practitioners and other highly skilled individuals came together to provide a second opinion on the nature of the war in which we have found ourselves since at least 9/11.  Their joint effort was modeled after an earlier “exercise in competitive analysis” conducted in the 1970s by a group informally known as Team B.

Like the original group, which focused on the threat posed by the Soviet Union, Team B II set out to evaluate carefully all the available facts concerning the doctrine, strategy, tactics and order of battle of today’s most immediate enemy – and to recommend appropriate responses.  And, as with the earlier initiative, Team B II was determined to go where those facts led and, if necessary, to challenge the conventional wisdom and governing policy prescriptions.

The result was the book, Sharia: The Threat to America.

Center President and CEO Frank Gaffney presents the key findings of this book in the following video:

The full book is available for free below, or on Amazon.com. The abridged version is available here.

Belgium: First Islamic State in Europe?

Gatestone Institute, by Giulio Meotti, 

  • The leaders of Belgium’s ISLAM Party apparently want to turn Belgium into an Islamic State. They call it “Islamist democracy” and have set a target date: 2030.
  • “The program is confusingly simple: replace all the civil and penal codes with sharia law. Period”. — French magazine Causeur.
  • “The European capital [Brussels] will be Muslim in twenty years”. — Le Figaro.

The French acronym of Belgium’s ISLAM Party stands for “Integrity, Solidarity, Liberty, Authenticity, Morality”. The leaders of the ISLAM Party apparently want to turn Belgium into an Islamic State. They call it “Islamist democracy” and have set a target date: 2030.

According to the French magazine Causeur, “the program is confusingly simple: replace all the civil and penal codes with sharia law. Period”. Created on the eve of the 2012 municipal ballot, the ISLAM Party immediately received impressive results. Its numbers are alarming.

The effect of this new party, according to Michaël Privot, an expert on Islam, and Sebastien Boussois, a political scientist, could be the “implosion of the social body“. Some Belgian politicians, such as Richard Miller, are now advocating banning the ISLAM Party.

The French weekly magazine Le Point details the plans of the ISLAM Party: It would like to “prevent vice by banning gaming establishments (casinos, gaming halls and betting agencies) and the lottery”. Along with authorizing the wearing the Muslim headscarf at school and an agreement about the Islamic religious holidays, the party wants all schools in Belgium to offer halal meat on their school menus. Redouane Ahrouch, one of the party’s three founders, also proposed segregating men and women on public transport. Ahrouch belonged in the 1990s to the Belgian Islamic Center, a nest of Islamic fundamentalism where candidates for jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq were recruited.

The ISLAM Party knows that demography is on its side. Ahrouch has said, “in 12 years, Brussels will principally be composed of Muslims”. In the upcoming Belgian elections, the ISLAM Party is now set to run candidates in 28 municipalities. On first glance, that looks like a derisory proportion compared to 589 Belgian municipalities, but it demonstrates the progress and ambitions of this new party. In Brussels, the party will be represented on 14 lists out of a possible 19.

That is most likely why the Socialist Party now fears the rise of the ISLAM Party. In 2012, the party succeeded, when running in just three Brussels districts, in obtaining an elected representative in two of them (Molenbeek and Anderlecht), and failing only narrowly in Brussels-City.

Two years later, during the 2014 parliamentary elections, the ISLAM Party tried to expand its base in two constituencies, Brussels-City and Liège. Once again, the results were impressive for a party that favors the introduction of sharia, Islamic law, into Belgium. In Brussels, they won 9,421 votes (almost 2%).

This political movement apparently started in Molenbeek, “the Belgian radicals’ den“, a “hotbed of recruiters for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”. Jihadists there were apparently plotting terror attacks all over Europe and even in Afghanistan. The French author Éric Zemmour, facetiously suggested that instead of bombing Raqqa, Syria, France should “bomb Molenbeek“. At the moment in Molenbeek, 21 municipal officials out of 46 are Muslim.

Riot police guard a road in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, after raids in which several people, including Salah Abdeslam, one of the perpetrators of the November 2015 Paris attacks, were arrested on March 18, 2016. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

“The European capital,” wrote Le Figaro, “will be Muslim in twenty years”.

“Nearly a third of the population of Brussels already is Muslim, indicated Olivier Servais, a sociologist at the Catholic University of Louvain. “The practitioners of Islam, due to their high birth rate, should be the majority ‘in fifteen or twenty years’. Since 2001… Mohamed is the most common name given to boys born in Brussels”.

The ISLAM Party is working in a favorable environment. According to the mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur, all the mosques in the European capital are now “in the hands of the Salafists“. A few weeks ago, the Belgian government terminated the long-term lease of the country’s largest and oldest mosque, the Grand Mosque of Brussels, to the Saudi royal family, “as part of what officials say is an effort to combat radicalization”. Officials said that the mosque, was a “hotbed for extremism“.

confidential report last year revealed that the police had uncovered 51 organizations in Molenbeek with suspected ties to jihadism.

Perhaps it is time for sleepy Belgium to begin to wake up?

Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author.

Jihadi Cult Member Files to Run for Congress

Fuqra leader Pakistani Sheikh Gilani

Clarion Project, by Ryan Mauro, May, 16, 2018:

A member of Muslims of the Americas (MOA), an Islamist hate group that cultishly follows a jihadist cleric in Pakistan, is running for Congress in Alaska. He is the second member of MOA to announce a congressional run this year, following Tahirah Amatul-Wadud in Massachusetts.

In 2016, Gregory “Shoaib” Jones was a delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention and ran for the Alaska state House in District 8. His deep involvement with MOA was exposed by the Clarion Project at the time, triggering a statewide controversy.

Now, Jones is running for Congress and styling himself as a progressive interfaith leader. If Jones wins the Democratic primary for the at-large congressional district, he will face Republican Rep. Don Young in the general election.

The group that Greg Jones belongs to is led by a terror-linked cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. It claims to have 22 “Islamic villages” in America, including its “Islamberg” headquarters.

The group has been continually under investigation because of its criminal and terrorist activity since the 1970s, including a raid on its guerilla training camp in Colorado in 1992.

In October 2017, a letter from the Justice Department to the Clarion Project confirmed that an investigation into Jones’ group is ongoing. And newly-declassified FBI reports from 2009 to 2011 show that FBI offices still view MOA as an extremist threat.

MOA’s extremist and anti-Semitic ideology is thoroughly documented, as is its history of paramilitary-type activity. Today, it is openly urging Muslims to support the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist group in Kashmir and Pakistan.

The Clarion Project has an entire comprehensive website about the group and its state-by-state activity here.

Despite all of this documentation and Greg Jones’ admitted membership in MOA and trips to Pakistan, the media turned Anchorage Assemblywoman and radio host Amy Demboski into the state’s biggest villain when she merely mentioned the issue.

Demboski even had Jones on her radio show to tell his side of the story. On her show, he confirmed that he is a member of MOA. When asked whether he’s gone to Pakistan, he initially avoided answering and then admitted he had gone there and has met Sheikh Gilani. Jones further confirmed that Gilani continues to lead the group to which he belongs.

Jones said that Demboski had put him and his family in danger. He wrote an op-ed calling on her to “apologize or step down.” When Jones and his wife publicly confronted Demboski, they got a standing ovation in the assembly.

The Alaskan Democrats published a press release on December 7, 2016, titled, “Democrats Stand With Greg Jones.” State Party Chair Casey Steinau said she was “saddened and outraged” by the “anti-Muslim rhetoric” of Demboski.

The Alaska Democratic Party did not explain how MOA’s radical ideology is compatible with its progressive values.

Demobski, for merely mentioning a candidate’s admitted membership in a hate group, faced a pile-on in the media. Heavily biased and often inaccurate reporting making Demboski look like a nonsensical bigot appeared in KTUUAnchorage PressAlaska CommonsKTVAAlaska Public MediaTalking Points MemoMidnight Sun and Anchorage Daily News (in fairness, at least Anchorage Daily News published an op-ed by Demboski defending herself).

“I was the focus of a robust public campaign to vilify my character and intimidate me to back down; I received threats against my person and property, as well as harassing phone calls. But in the end, like many Alaskans, I don’t back down when truth is on my side,” Demboski told the Clarion Project.

Demboski provided us with just a sampling of the harassment she experienced, though she emphasized she doesn’t consider herself to be a victim. The vile messages included numerous wishes for her to die, expressions of hate and graphic insults that cannot be repeated here. One pledged to burn American flags in front of her home.

Now, the issue is resurfacing, but this time, Demboski is vindicated by the Clarion Project’s release of documents from a FBI counter-terrorism investigation into MOA in Alaska from 2009 to 2010, with additional FBI reports from 2011.

The documents indicate that MOA figures in the state—perhaps including Greg Jones himself—were placed under surveillance.

2009: MOA Announces its Expansion into Alaska

In June 2009, MOA’s Islamic Post newspaper announced that Gregory and Maleika Jones, using the names of “Shuaib and Malika Ahmed,” had arrived in Alaska “to establish an independent, self-sufficient, purely Islamic village.” It says this was “initiated” by their Pakistan-based leader, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani.

In other words, Sheikh Gilani dispatched Greg Jones and his wife to lead MOA’s expansion in Alaska.

Right from the start, MOA’s Alaska operation was tasked with emphasizing their interest in interfaith dialogue. A Facebook photo shows him and his wife manning a table for the United Muslim Christian Forum, the interfaith front group for MOA that supports prosecuting “hate speech” against Islam. The Forum’s website and activity were filled with anti-Semitism, including teaching that Jews orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.

MOA is often secretive and deceptive about its “villages” or “communities” (they use both terms). However, MOA has confirmed their intentions in Alaska, even though Jones does not mention MOA on his campaign website and MOA’s official outlets are not bringing attention to his candidacy.

In 2014, MOA’s chief executive Hussein Adams, the son of a convicted terrorist, mentioned in 2014 that MOA has a “community” near Anchorage. Adams stated that such a “community” like MOA’s other “Islamic villages” existed in Alaska but, two years later, Jones said it was still a work in progress.

In December 2016, Jones boasted about MOA’s “Holy Islamville” commune in South Carolina and expressed his desire to follow the model in Alaska.

“Jones does not dispute that his family’s dream is to buy land and establish a small enclave like the one in South Carolina, where they could establish a school and place of worship. They have not done so yet, and are currently living in an apartment in the Valley,” reported the Anchorage Daily News in an article heavily biased in favor of MOA.

FBI Files Reveal Counter-Terrorism Investigation into MOA in Alaska

According to newly-obtained FBI documents, the Anchorage field office’s investigation began in November 2009 after a FBI agent found a copy of MOA’s newspaper in a coffee shop in Anchorage. This is the same newspaper that announced that MOA was starting of a “purely Islamic village” in Alaska.

In a FBI report dated November 27, 2009, the bureau labeled MOA as “armed and dangerous.” It begins by summarizing the group’s consistent history of extremism, terrorism and crime:

“Jamaat ul-Fuqra, aka Muslims of the Americas (MOA), have a history of violence and/or violent acts. Use extreme caution when dealing with confirmed members or individuals who are believed to be associated with this group.”

Another FBI document from December 2010 explicitly refers to “the Muslims of the Americas terrorist organization” and states:

“The MOA is composed primarily of black American Muslim converts, many who converted to Islam while in prison. Many MOA members reside in rural communities (jamaats) to live and worship free from non-Muslim influence.

“The MOA jamaats are located on land that has been privately owned or rented by members. Each jamaat usually has numerous trailers where members reside, a mosque, and a guard post, some with armed guards, at the entrance to the properties. These communities, similar to commune type facilities, have women and children residing in them with the children being homeschooled.

“Organized training is also conducted to include weapons training, tactics, hand-to-hand combat, rappelling, and live-fire exercises.”

The FBI investigation was focused on at least one male who is leading MOA in Alaska, whose name is redacted in the released files.

The investigation mentioned that FBI surveillance on the suspect revealed he had “established Alaska as his permanent residence” base in 2009.

The FBI said that the suspect holds a title and “this position is one which is typically appointed by Gilani himself.”

The documents indicate the Alaskan MOA has been involved with a MOA front in South Carolina named the Islamic Political Party of America. This entity is more openly extreme and inflammatory than MOA’s “moderate” presentation.

The MOA newspaper said that Jones was born in Washington, D.C. and spent most of his life in South Carolina. He also says he lived in North Carolina.

The FBI’s investigation into this leader of MOA in Alaska was closed in December 2010 because, “although captioned subject has several ties to the Muslims of the Americas terrorist organization, authorized investigative techniques did not show a definitive link to criminal or terrorist activity.”

In other words, the FBI is privately saying that MOA is an extremist group and is a threat to take seriously. However, specific evidence of illegal and/or violent activity by the individual suspect must be obtained to justify continuing the investigation, regardless of the extremist-but-legal activity that raises the concerns.

The FBI report clearly states that the investigation into this MOA figure in Alaska will be reopened if new evidence is obtained. For all we know, that may have already happened. After all, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms confirmed in October 2017 that its investigation into MOA is ongoing.

Only days after the closure of the investigation, the FBI in Alaska was in communication with colleagues across the country about a MOA suspect in the area of Clarksburg, West Virginia. The details are censored, but somehow it was connected to MOA in Alaska, as the documents refer to having a local ATF agent “obtain a copy of the subject’s application.”

The most recent declassified FBI document regarding MOA in Alaska is from April 2011. It is entirely redacted except for the reference to MOA and a certain subject’s contacts. Regardless of whether the investigation was technically reopened or not, it is apparent that the FBI in Alaska is significantly concerned about MOA’s operations in the state.

Meanwhile, Jones’ campaign boasts that he was a liaison with the Anchorage Police and Fire Chaplains Association in 2015 and graduated from the Anchorage Citizens Police Academy in 2016. During his last campaign, he said he recently worked as a Security and Investigations Professional with ADT Fire & Security.

Earlier MOA Investigation Involved Greg Jones’ Father

Other documents obtained by the Clarion Project show that Greg Jones’ father was also mentioned in the context of a national security investigation, one of many law enforcement investigations and prosecutions of MOA.

The documents show that the Maryland State Police Criminal Intelligence Division began an investigation of MOA in the state in January 1993 after the Colorado state government raided a MOA “village” being used as a guerilla training camp and hideout and prosecuted leaders of MOA’s terrorist and criminal plots.

The investigation in Colorado led to the Maryland State Police’s investigation of a MOA (also known as “Fuqra”) community at Walker’s Trailer Park in Marydel, located in Caroline County.

According to the report, MOA members from the trailer park were believed to have committed a robbery in Marydel on August 19, 1994. The police visited the MOA dwelling and, although they did not locate the stolen property, they did find a Uzi 9mm semi-automatic gun hidden inside an abandoned washing machine.

Key subjects of the investigation into MOA in Maryland, partially because of their connections to a Colorado-based MOA terrorist named James D. Williams, had the Jones surname.

One, Gregory I. Jones of Waldorf, Maryland and Washington D.C., is the presumed father of the Alaskan congressional candidate of the same name. In a radio interview, Jones refers to his father and uncle being long-time MOA members who converted to Islam in 1971 when he was five years old.

When MOA terrorist and Gilani-confidante James D. Williams was convicted, another MOA member named Herbert Ector pledged his home as collateral for Williams’ bail. Ector listed Gregory I. Jones as a personal reference on the application. This enabled Williams to fail to appear at his sentencing and to become a fugitive until 2000.

The investigators saw Gregory I. Jones’ car at the home of Ector, the MOA member who secured Williams’ bail.

When they went to Gregory I. Jones’ residence in Waldorf, they found that there were two men, three women and three children. They saw a vehicle there was registered to Jones using a Nashville address. The registration was expired, as was the Tennessee driver’s license associated with the vehicle. The report also mentioned that a fire broke out at Jones’ Waldorf residence in late April 1994.

No further information about the elder Jones was provided in the report except for an explicit mention of the FBI investigating him at the time.

Links to MOA’s Massachusetts Congressional Candidate

In December 2017, the Clarion Project exposed how a congressional candidate in Massachusetts, Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, had unadvertised links to MOA. She just qualified for the ballot, clearing a hurdle for her primary challenge to Democratic Rep. Richard Neal (voting is on September 4).

One of her concerning actions was promoting an anti-Semitic article by Sheikh Gilani that criticized the U.S. for fighting Hitler and drew moral equivalence between the Nazis and their Jewish victims.

Amatul-Wadud is also on the board of the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), another Islamist group hostile to progressive Muslims that oppose the Islamist ideology.

The U.S. Justice Department, as well as reams of publicly-available information, prove that CAIR was created as an entity of the Muslim Brotherhood as part of a pro-Hamas operation. CAIR was designated an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Hamas-fundraising trial of the Holy Land Foundation.

The connection between Greg Jones in Alaska and Tahirah Amatul-Wadud in Massachusetts is stronger than just having a long-term membership in the same fringe Islamist cult. They also arrange events together for MOA.

In 2016, the University of Alaska-Anchorage’s Multicultural Center had an event called “Debuking Myths of Islam” with Amatul-Wadud as the speaker. One advertisement for the event explicitly identified it as being done “in collaboration” with MOA and facilitated by Greg and Malika Jones of MOA.

Americans’ jaws should drop at the prospect of having a public figure with any ties to MOA and the hateful ideology of its beloved leader. Yet, now we have two congressional candidates who actually endorse Sheikh Gilani and MOA’s ideology and willingly belong to the subversive group.

Push Back against the Jihadists in Disguise

Raimon Ribera via Flickr.

American Thinker, by Eileen F. Toplansky, May 14, 2018:

It has long been the absolute intention of the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadist terror groups to infiltrate and completely alter the United States via American schools, the armed forces, the entertainment industry, and the government – and, of course, through U.S. borders.

So when the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee, Luis Correa, and Eleanor Holmes Norton are co-sponsoring H. Res 869, a bill to recognize American Muslims’ history and contributions to America, it is time to highlight how these Democrats are doing the bidding of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  CAIR is partially funded by the Saudi Wahhabi establishment and has numerous ties to extremist Islamic organizations.

H. Res. 869 states:

[M]any African slaves brought to the Americas, including the American colonies, later known as the United States of America, were Muslim, and made innumerable contributions to the founding of our Nation[.]

Notice how history is glossed over concerning the extent of Arab involvement in slavery.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency:

Over 28 million Africans have been enslaved in the Muslim world during the past 14 centuries.  While much has been written concerning the Transatlantic slave trade, surprisingly little attention has been given to the Islamic slave trade across the Sahara, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

While the European involvement in the Transatlantic slave trade to the Americas lasted for just over three centuries, the Arab involvement in the slave trade has lasted fourteen centuries, and in some parts of the Muslim world is still continuing to this day.  A comparison of the Muslim slave trade to the American slave trade reveals some interesting contrasts.

H. Res. 869 continues:

American Muslims have long served in the Nation’s Armed Forces and fought in all major United States conflicts, from the Revolutionary War to present day, with more than 5,000 Muslims currently serving in the Armed Forces and many Muslims having made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States, including Army Corporal Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan (1987–2007), and Army Captain Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan (1976–2004)[.]

Americans do thank those who have given the full measure of devotion, but it is ingenuous to forget, as Michelle Malkin explains, that “Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient Captain Humayun Khan died heroically.  But his exceptional courage in Iraq … does not erase the security threat posed by killer warriors of Allah infiltrating our troops.”

In fact, “two years before his rampage, U.S. Army major Nidal Hasan delivered a 50-slide PowerPoint presentation titled ‘The Koranic World View as It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military.’  Quoting chapter and verse, Hasan illuminated what the Koran inculcates in the minds of Muslims and the potential implications this may have for the U.S. military.”

In Slide 11, Hasan bemoaned [sic]: ‘It’s getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service to morally justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims.’

Slide 48 warned: ‘If Muslim groups can convince Muslims that they are fighting for God against injustices of the “infidels;” i.e.: enemies of Islam, then Muslims can become a potent adversary i.e.: suicide bombing, etc. We love death more then [sic] you love life!’

Nidal Hasan wanted Muslim soldiers to be released as conscientious objectors to “decrease adverse events.”  But these “adverse events was [sic] Hasan’s euphemism for bloody jihad attacks and betrayals by Muslim soldiers against their fellow U.S. soldiers e.g., Hasan Akbar, the 326th Engineer Battalion Muslim-American soldier who lobbed stolen hand grenades and shot his M-4 automatic rifle into three tents filled with sleeping commanding officers at the 101st Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade operations center in Kuwait in 2003.  Captain Christopher Seifert, 27, and Major Gregory Stone, 40, died during the fragging.  Fourteen others suffered wounds from grenade shrapnel.”

Such “[w]illful blindness to a Muslim-American soldier’s fundamental internal conflict of loyalties led to those murders and injuries.”

H. Res. 869 cites the “countless other American Muslims who served valiantly in the First and Second World Wars[.]”

Ignored is the fact that Muslims were being brought in by the tens of thousands to fight for the Nazis in World War II.  Thus, “[a]t the height of the war in 1941-1942, when German troops entered Muslim-populated territories in the Balkans, North Africa, Crimea, and the Caucasus, and approached the Middle East and Central Asia, Berlin began to see Islam as politically significant.  Nazi Germany made significant attempts to promote an alliance with the ‘Muslim world’ against their alleged common enemies – the British Empire, the Soviet Union, America and Jews.”

In fact, “[a]s early as 1941, the Wehrmacht distributed the military handbook ‘Islam’ to train its soldiers to behave correctly towards Muslim populations.”  It is critical to remember that “the famous Mufti of Jerusalem … shared the Nazis’ Jew-hatred.”

In H. Res. 869, “Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison and Indiana Congressman Andre Carson” are mentioned in order to recognize their contributions to America.

Let’s review these contributions.  Ellison’s radical actions date way back.

At a 1995 University of Minnesota rally to promote Louis Farrakhan’s anticipated Million Man March, Ellison, who organized the rally, appeared onstage with Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who delivered a thundering, racist diatribe.

In May 2011, Ellison was the keynote speaker at a CAIR-Los Angeles fundraiser.  According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Ellison spoke at a minimum of twelve CAIR fundraising events between 2006-16.

It is crucial to remember that CAIR is a front for terrorism.

Combining anti-Semitism with leftist leanings, Ellison strongly supports the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement.  In addition, he was a speaker “at the Democratic National Convention that was part of an alliance of anti-Israel organizations that promote the Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.  Ellison himself supports BDS.”

Moreover, “Ellison was scheduled to be the keynote speaker for the annual Muslim American Society (MAS)/Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) convention in 2016 where many of the speakers had ties to ‘highly radicalized Islamic elements.'”  It is clear that Ellison sides with those who would do harm to the United States.

Concerning Congressman Andre Carson, “at an August 22, 2011 Congressional Black Caucus event in Miami, Carson told a gathering of supporters that the Tea Party was infested with white racism.”

Like Ellison, Carson has an anti-Israel and pro-Islamist track record.  In 2008, Carson attended a conference held by the Islamic Society of North America.  In 2009, Carson spoke at the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

In addition, “[o]n May 26, 2012, Carson was a guest speaker at the 37th annual convention of the Muslim American Society (MSA)/Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), in Hartford, Connecticut.  Both the MAS and ICNA are closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.  During his remarks, he stated that U.S. schools should be modeled after madrassas – Islamic schools infamous for their tendency to promote sexist, anti-Semitic teachings.  Said Carson: ‘America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged, where the foundation is the Quran.  And that model that we are pushing in some of our schools meets the multiple needs of students. … America must understand that she needs Muslims.'”

Between January 2008 and June 2014, Carson received 55 separate political donations (totaling nearly $34,000 altogether) from Islamists affiliated with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim American Society, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council..

Naïveté and ignorance of jihadists’ intentions can no longer be cited.  It is disingenuous to believe that there is not an ulterior motive behind this latest action.  It is, in fact, another in a long series of soft jihad.  The ultimate goal is a global caliphate.  Urge Congress not to support H. Res. 869.

Eileen can be reached at middlemarch18@gmail.com.

Massachusetts: Hamas-linked CAIR official with ties to jihad terror group running as Democrat for Congress

Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, May 12, 2018:

Amatul-Wadud is a “board member for the Massachusetts Council of American-Islamic Relations.” CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.) CAIR chapters frequently distribute pamphlets telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement. CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates. A CAIR operative recently called for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Amatul-Wadud, according to the Clarion Project, was as of June 2016 “the general counsel for the Muslims of the Americas, whose spiritual leader is a radical cleric named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gillani in Pakistan. The organization was previously known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra, when it carried out terrorist attacks in the 1980s and early 1990s. The group is best known for its ‘Islamberg’ headquarters in New York where guerilla training of women has occurred, as seen in this undated footage obtained by the Clarion Project from a law enforcement source. It claims to have 22 “Islamic villages” in 12 states. The Clarion Project identified one such ‘village’ in Texas in 2014. We recently published the heartbreaking testimony of a woman who grew up in these villages in the 1980s.”

Tahirah Amatul-Wadud announced her bid for a Congressional Seat at McCuskers Market in Shelburne Falls on Tuesday morning. December 19, 2017

“US Rep. Richard Neal, Tahirah Amatul-Wadud make ballot, will square off in Democratic primary,” by Shannon Young, MassLive.com, May 9, 2018 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

SPRINGFIELD — U.S. Rep. Richard Neal and Springfield attorney Tahirah Amatul-Wadud will both officially appear on the September ballot, setting the stage for a primary showdown — the first for Democrats in the 1st Congressional District in six years.

Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin’s office confirmed Wednesday that Neal and Amatul-Wadud had each been certified for the ballot after turning in more than the 2,000 voter signatures, as well as other documents, needed to take part in the Sept. 4 primary.

Neal, who was first elected to Congress in 1988, had filed at least 2,700 certified signatures with the secretary’s office as of May 8 — the deadline for federal and statewide candidates to submit nomination papers to local election officials for signature certification.

Amatul-Wadud, a member of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women and board member for the Massachusetts Council of American-Islamic Relations, in turn, had submitted at least 2,300 certified signatures to the secretary’s office as Wednesday, according to a nomination papers receipt shared by her campaign….

Islamists with Ties to Terror Lobby Congress

Front Page Magazine, by Cynthia Farahat, May 4, 2018:

For the past three years, Islamists with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups have come to Capitol Hill to lobby members of Congress on National Muslim Advocacy Day, an annual event organized by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). At last year’s lobby day, according to the Muslim Advocacy Day website, almost 400 participants visited congressional offices.

have now published a detailed report at the Middle East Forum that profiles the Islamist activists and officials involved with this lobbying effort, and who have previously met with members of Congress and their staffers. Some of these officials are directly linked to terrorists. Others have invited prominent Islamist extremists into American mosques: providing venues for them to spread their message of hate; funneling money to their networks; and using social media to publicize and encourage their activities.

Some examples of these prominent terror-linked Islamist leaders who have participated in Muslim Advocacy Day include:

1. Oussama Jammal is the secretary general of US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of American-Muslim organizations that hosts the Muslim Adovcacy Day. Jammal is also the director of the Muslim American Society – Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (MAS-PACE), a division of the Muslim American Society (MAS), which has been identified in court testimony as a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jammal is also the vice president of the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview. In 2003, Jammal raised $50,000 at a Mosque Foundation prayer service for terrorist operative Sami al-Arian, the then-North American representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Under Jamaal’s leadership, in 2012, the Mosque Foundation hosted an official delegation of al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya (JI), the Lebanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The delegation included JI officials who are in direct communication with Hamas and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

The Mosque Foundation has also invited Jordanian Islamist Amjad Qourshah to give sermons at its mosque. Qourshah was imprisoned in Jordan in 2016 for promoting jihadist propaganda. In his lectures, Qourshah has defended ISIS members as “decent men.”

2. Mazen Mokhtar is a USCMO board member, the executive director of the Muslim American Society (MAS), and an organizer of Muslim Advocacy Day. In August 2004, the U.S. government accused Mokhtar of fundraising for al-Qaeda. Mokhtar allegedly operated a mirror site of al-Qaeda’s www.azzam.com, which solicited funds and recruits for the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Chechen terror groups. Mokhtar’s site was used as a backup for Azzam.com when it was shut down after 9/11. The website was also affiliated with a Chechen terror group – the Islamic Army of the Caucasus, and its field commander, Shamil Basayev, who masterminded the Beslan school massacre in Russia, during which 334 people—including 186 children—were murdered.

Mokhtar was arrested in 2007 and charged with tax fraud, which investigators hoped to use as an entry point for further terrorism charges. But in 2008, the then-US Attorney Chris Christie inexplicably dropped the charges without explanation. Today, Mokhtar continues to raise funds for Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA)—an organization accused of links to Hamas.

3. Yahya Almontaser is an Islamist activist for the Egyptian Americans for Freedom and Justice (EAFAJ), a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate based in the US. Almontaser is a self-proclaimed member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On his Facebook page, Almontaser spent several years regularly corresponding with Mohamed Sayed Taha, a self-described ISIS terrorist who is currently incarcerated in military prison in Egypt for trying to bomb the Police Academy in Cairo. Taha referred to Almontaser as “ustadhi”, which means “my mentor” or “my teacher” in Arabic. In return, Almontaser praised Taha’s jihadist ambitions.

Last April, the Egyptian newspaper Dostor published case documents relating to Egypt’s most famous ISIS case, known as “Qadiat Da‘ish al-Kubra,” (the Big ISIS Case). According to the documents, 170 convicted terrorists were arrested for various ISIS-related terrorist attacks and activities, including fighting in Syria and Sinai, and an attempt to bomb the Egyptian police academy. According to the article, Mohamed Sayed Taha’s name appears among those arrested in the “Beni Suef ISIS terrorist cell.”

These are just three examples of Islamists with connections to terrorist operatives who have been lobbying Congress under the guise of a Muslim Advocacy Day. Further examples are provided in my report.

Congressional offices must refuse all meetings with these Islamist organizations and operatives, pending a full investigation into these groups ties to extremism and terror.

Around the world, Muslim Brotherhood members have founded some of the most destructive Sunni terrorist groups. Today, the Brotherhood continues to be a wellspring of terrorism and extremism. Lawmakers meet with Islamists under the naive impression that these operatives and their extremism represent the views of ordinary American Muslims. Until the US acknowledges this reality and designates the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, Washington will be unable to counter Islamist terror effectively and will continue to welcome extremists into the heart of our nation’s capital.

Cynthia Farahat is a Fellow of the Middle East Forum.

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