Saudi’s Kingdom Holding sells 5.6 percent stake in News Corp

Owner of Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Holding, billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal attends the traditional Saudi dance known as 'Arda', which was performed during Janadriya culture festival at Der'iya in Riyadh February 18, 2014. CREDIT: REUTERS/FAYEZ NURELDINE/POOL

Owner of Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Holding, billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal attends the traditional Saudi dance known as ‘Arda’, which was performed during Janadriya culture festival at Der’iya in Riyadh February 18, 2014.

(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Holding 4280.SE, the investment firm owned by billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, sold most of its stake in media giant News Corp (NWSA.O) as part of a portfolio review, it said on Wednesday.

The sale of a 5.6 percent stake in News Corp generated 705 million riyals ($188 million) of cash for Kingdom and leaves it with a one percent holding, according to a bourse statement. The amount of profit or loss booked on the investment was not disclosed.

Kingdom has held a stake in Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate since 1997, according to its website.

It has been a turbulent few years for the media company, after it emerged in 2011 that one of its British tabloid newspapers, the now-defunct News of the World, had been hacking phones and bribing public officials.

News Corp said on Tuesday it would face no charges in the United States over the matter, although it still faces multiple investigations and court cases in Britain.

“We remain firm believers in News Corp’s competent management, led by chief executive Robert Thomson, and are fully supportive of Rupert Murdoch and his family,” Alwaleed said in a separate emailed statement.

The action would not impact on Kingdom’s 6.6 percent holding of Twenty-First Century Fox (FOXA.O), the emailed statement added.

Both News Corp and Twenty-First Century Fox were part of the same company until they were spun off into separate listed entities in June 2013, representing the previous firm’s publishing and broadcasting businesses respectively.


The sale of shares by Kingdom was “predominantly executed” in the first half of 2014 and finalised by the end of the year, the statement said.

News Corp hit its highest level since the stock was split on Mar. 5, 2014, when it traded intraday at $18.53, and was as high as $18.29 on July 24 before slipping to an intraday low of $14.28 on Oct. 16, according to Thomson Reuters data.

The media firm, which is due to report second-quarter earnings on Friday, closed on Tuesday at $15.61.

Kingdom’s stake decreased from 13.18 million class B shares, representing approximately 6.6 percent ownership, to 2 million class B shares, representing around 1 percent ownership.

The funds generated from the sale will be reinvested elsewhere, the English-language bourse statement said.

However, in an Arabic-language statement on the bourse website, Kingdom also said part of the proceeds will be used to reduce some of the company’s debts.

(Additional Reporting by Nadia Saleem and Sami Aboudi in Dubai and Marwa Rashad in Riyadh; Editing by Elaine Hardcastle)

Is Saudi prince steering News Corp. coverage?

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (center) with the Supreme Advisory Board of Al Risala TV

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (center) with the “Supreme Advisory Board” of Al Risala TV in December 2012. The board includes Muslim Brotherhood figure and al Qaeda-linked financier Omar Abdullah Naseef (to the left of Alwaleed, I believe), at whose home this photo was taken. The occasion was Al Risala’s receipt of an award for excellence. Part-owner Rupert Murdoch was not in attendance.

By Diana West at WND:

Ever since Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera, the network founded and funded by the oil-rich emirate of Qatar, the former vice president has drawn continuous fire in conservative media. Fox News, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, for example, have all castigated Gore, a man of the left and leading avatar of “global warming,” for such hypocrisies as timing the deal to avoid lefty tax hikes and bagging $100 million in greenhouse-gas money.

These same news outlets share something else in common: They all belong to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. That means they also belong to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Alwaleed owns the largest chunk of News Corp. stock outside the Murdoch family. Shortly after his purchase of 5.5 percent of News Corp. voting shares in 2005, Alwaleed gave a speech that made it clear just what he had bought. As noted in The (U.K.) Guardian, Alwaleed told an audience in Dubai that it took just one phone call to Rupert Murdoch – “speaking not as a shareholder but as a viewer,” Alwaleed said – to get the Fox News crawl reporting “Muslim riots” in France changed to “civil riots.”

This didn’t make the “Muslim” riots go away, but Alwaleed managed to fog our perception of them. With a phone call, the Saudi prince eliminated the peculiarly Islamic character of the unprecedented French street violence for both the viewers at home and, more significantly, for the journalists behind the scenes. When little owner doesn’t want “Muslim” rioting identified and big owner agrees, it sets a marker for employees. Alwaleed’s stake, by the way, is now 7 percent.

We can only speculate on what other acts of influence this nephew of the Saudi dictator might have since imposed on Fox News and other News Corp. properties. (I have long argued that News Corp. should register as a foreign agent, due to the stock owned by a senior member of the Saudi ruling dynasty.) Alwaleed hasn’t shared any other editorial exploits with the public. But that opening act of eliminating key information from News Corp.’s coverage of Islamic news might well have set a pattern of omission.

Recently, such a pattern of omission in News Corp.’s coverage of the Gore-Al Jazeera deal seems evident. I say “seems,” because I can’t be entirely certain that I haven’t missed something in my research. But judging from online searches of news stories and audio transcripts, two salient points are missing from at least the main body of News Corp.’s coverage.

One is reference to the noticeable alignment of Al Jazeera with the Muslim Brotherhood, the global Islamic movement whose motto is, “The Quran is our law; jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” The second (with an exception noted below) is reference to Al Jazeera’s superstar host and ideological lodestar, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure. The influence of al-Qaradawi at the network and in Qatar – where, according to Freedom House’s 2012 press report, it is against the law for journalists to criticize the Qatari government, the ruling family or Islam – can hardly be overestimated.

Strange omission? This relationship between the Qatari-controlled network and the Muslim Brotherhood organization has been observed for years. Back in 2007, for example, Steven Stalinsky reported in the New York Sun that various Arab commentators referred to Al Jazeera as “the Muslim Brotherhood channel” and the like. What’s more, reference to the relationship appears at least in passing in coverage of the Gore deal at mainstream media sites such as USA Today and the Seattle Times. More discussion is available at some conservative outlets, including Rush Limbaugh and The Blaze. (Searches at Breitbart and the Washington Examiner, like News Corp. sites, yielded nothing on these same points. Call it, perhaps, “the Fox effect.”)

Given the rise of Muslim Brotherhood parties in the revolutions of the so-called Arab Spring – undeviatingly cheered on by Al Jazeera – the network’s Muslim Brotherhood connection, which extends to Al Jazeera’s sponsors inside the Qatari ruling family, is a crucial point to miss. Especially when it seems to be missed across the board.

The same goes for failing to mention Al Jazeera’s leading personality, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, in the Gore deal coverage. This longtime “spiritual guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood hosts one of Al Jazeera’s most popular shows, “Shariah and Life.” Among other poisonous pronouncements, al-Qaradawi has called for Americans in Iraq and Israelis everywhere to be targeted by terrorists (“martyrs”) who would then find a place in Islamic paradise. Given Al Gore’s refusal to sell his network to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV due to political differences, Muslim Brother Al-Qaradawi and his Shariah ideology become highly relevant. Then again, maybe one man’s news story is just another man’s clipping on the cutting-room floor.

Meanwhile, the one story I found in News Corp. coverage of the Gore deal that mentions al-Qaradawi – a column by Gordon Crovitz – neglected to note al-Qaradawi’s place in the Muslim Brotherhood. Particularly given current events, this is a little like forgetting to mention that Hermann Goring was in the Nazi Party.

Could normal editorial discretion or plain ignorance be at work here? I suppose so. Still, there is that tie-in between News Corp. and the House of Saud to consider, a partnership I find more troubling than Gore’s deal with the Qatari emirate. Not only does Alwaleed own a stake in News Corp., Murdoch owns an even more substantial stake (18.97 percent) in Alwaleed’s Arabic media company Rotana.

Within the Alwaleed-Murdoch-Rotana galaxy is a 24-hour-Islamic outlet called Al Risala, which Alwaleed founded in 2006. The channel’s director and popular “tele-Islamist” is Tareq Al-Suwaidan, widely reported to be a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait. The station’s “Supreme Advisory Committee” includes Abdullah Omar Naseef, who, according to former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, is “a major Muslim Brotherhood figure” involved in the financing of al-Qaida.

Al Risala, then, would seem to fit right into the Al Jazeera-Qaradawi-Muslim-Brotherhood lineup.

We know Alwaleed has influenced Fox editorial matters before. Could that Alwaleed influence – even his very presence – account for why News Corp. hasn’t hit harder on the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaradawi angles of the Gore-Jazeera deal?

I don’t know, but I wonder. Don’t you?

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Supreme Court Justice–Elena Kagan–is Pro Sharia Law!

By :

Just when you thought all the talk about Barack Obama usurping the Constitution to bring the United States into compliance with the UN and the Sharia-dominated New International Order was little more than right-wing conspiratorial propaganda—Think Again!The “Appointed One,” in cunning Islamic style, is covering all the bases by laying the foundation, including placing an ally in the United States Supreme Court!

Why is it always after the fact, after the elections and after critical appointments that the real vetting of candidates finally takes place? Simple. When you have a clueless, apathetic and disengaged American populace, coupled with a leftist liberal media that’s already in the tank for the “Messharia,” you take the fast track to confirmation and worry about the repercussions later. After all, it’s a lot easier to select than it is to eject a political appointee.

Elena Kagan’s views render her the first Supreme Court Justice who actively favors the introduction of Sharia law into national Constitutions and legal systems. It’s unprecedented in American history. We now have a liberal, pro-Sharia justice sitting on the highest court in the land. And is it any wonder? After all, as Obama’s Solicitor General, it was Kagan who blocked as many as nine lawsuits from being heard by the Supreme Court. Although the nine cases listed on the high court’s docket had nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility issues, there is no arguing Kagan’s advocacy for Islamic rule and Sharia Law as evidenced below. What do you want to bet that she refuses to recuse herself on any Sharia-related decision and instead leads the charge to legitimize Sharia law in America?

Christine Brim of the Center for Security Policy summarized Kagans’ 2003-2009 career as Dean of Harvard Law School in the following five points. They tell the story of Elena Kagans’ “deep appreciation” of Sharia law.

With Kagan’s direction, Harvard’s Islamic Legal Studies Program developed a mission statement dedicated “to promote a deep appreciation of Islamic law as one of the world’s major legal systems.” That mission statement guided her actions and those whom she directed as Dean.

Under Kagan’s direction, her chief of staff at the Islamic Legal Studies Program aggressively expanded non-critical studies of Sharia law – fulfilling her mission “to promote a deep appreciation of Islamic law.” In 2003, the year Kagan became Harvard Law School Dean, Islamic Legal Studies Program Founding Director Frank Vogel and Associate Director Peri Bearman founded the Massachusetts-based International Society for Islamic Legal Studies. In 2007, Bearman and Vogel founded the Islamic Law Section of the Association of American Law Schools.

When Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal offered $10 million to New York City’s Rudy Guiliani on October 11, 2001, Guiliani refused to accept it, because the prince insisted that U.S. policies in the Middle East were responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Guiliani stated, “There is no moral equivalent for this act.” But, when Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal offered $20 million to the Islamic Legal Studies Program in December 2005 – Kagan accepted it; after all, the Saudi royal family had funded the program since its inception to establish the moral and legal equivalency between Sharia law and U.S. Constitutional law. As presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, has noted, Harvard Law School currently has three chairs endowed by Saudi Arabia, including one dedicated to the study of Islamic sharia law.

In 2001 Guiliani made a decision not to accept Talal’s blood money. But in 2005, Kagan made a decision not just to accept it, but to implement Talal’s policies at Harvard.

Not only there, but as reported earlier this year, “Kagan is the main reason why the Supreme Court ruled against the 9/11 families” in a suit filed by thousands of 9/11 family members that traced funding for the 19 hijackers to certain Saudi royals, along with banks, corporations and Islamic charities. Kagan, as Obama’s Solicitor General, said in her brief “that the princes are immune from petitioners’ claims” and that the families’ claims that the Saudis helped to finance the plots fell “outside the scope” of the legal parameters for suing foreign governments or leaders.

So Kagan actively solicited Saudi financing to promote Sharia law in the U.S., and she actively protected Saudi financial backers for terrorism against the U.S., as being immune from claims by 9/11 families.

In December, 2006, Kagan hired Noah Feldman, architect of Iraq’s Constitution requiring Shariah, as a star faculty member at Harvard Law School. On March 16, 2008, Feldman published his controversial article “Why Sharia” in the New York Times Magazine, which promoted “Islamists” – the Muslim Brotherhood – as a progressive democratic party, and promoted Sharia as a model not just for Muslim-majority countries but for all: “In fact, for most of its history, Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world…” The article was adapted from his book The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State, which was published in late March, 2008.

On September 16, 2008, Kagan whole-heartedly endorsed Feldman’s promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law by honoring him with the endowed “Bemis Chair” in International Law. Feldman’s speech on receiving the award was revealing: he advocated for an international, “outward interpretation” of the Constitution that could “require the U.S. to confer rights on citizens of other nations,” and allow for an “experimental Constitution.”

As to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist worldwide political organization that Feldman and Kagan support? Their motto is as revealing as Feldman’s speech:

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Given that slogan, you could well ask if Feldman really meant the Muslim Brotherhood when he wrote about “Islamists” in the book Kagan so admired that she gave him an endowed chair. And he anticipated that question; in the second footnote in his book he states,

“Throughout this book, when I refer to Islamists or Islamism, I have in mind mainstream Sunni Muslim activists loosely aligned with the ideology of the transnational Muslim Brotherhood (MB)…the Brotherhood broadly embraces electoral politics, but without eschewing the use of violence in some circumstances, notably against those whom it defines as invaders in Iraq and Palestine.”

In summary, Kagan made the decision to honor Feldman, author of “big-lie” forms of pro-Sharia propaganda, supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, with an endowed chair. Feldman states flatly that the Muslim Brotherhood, whom he admires, does not “eschew the use of violence against those whom it defines as invaders in Iraq and Palestine.” Kagan’s financial backer, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, insisted that the U.S. policies in the Middle East (specifically in Israel and Palestine) were a cause of the 9/11 attacks. Like the Muslim Brotherhood, the prince did not “eschew the use of violence” against the U.S. And when 9/11 families sued the Saudi royals who funded the September 11, 2001 “use of violence” against the U.S., Kagan used her power as Solicitor General to protect the group that had been her financial backers at Harvard.

It gets better . . .

Harvard’s Middle East Outreach Center: Propaganda for Teachers

By Stephen Schwartz at American Thinker:

In 2005, Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal donated $20 million dollars each to Harvard and Georgetown Universities.  In the years since, Georgetown has earned considerably more press for its use of the prince’s largesse, through which it renamed an extant center founded in 1993 as the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU).  This is due in no small part to the efforts of the center’s director, John Louis Esposito, America’s foremost apologist for ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam.  The result of the Saudi-Esposito lash-up has been the emergence of ACMCU as an academic institution that promotes vigorously the “Palestinian narrative” and hostility to Israel.

Harvard’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program has developed at a much slower pace, and as a result, it has received considerably less media attention.  Its director, Ali Asani, is an Indian Muslim from Kenya.  As described on its website, the Harvard product of Alwaleed’s philanthropy “funds four new professorships promoting scholarship and teaching about contemporary Islamic life and thought and Islam beyond the Middle East.”  Yet only one chair had been filled as of the end of 2011, with Malika Zeghal, who was trained in France, serving as Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal professor in contemporary Islamic thought/life since 2009. 

Zeghal is formally affiliated with Harvard’s Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies.  She was, to say the least, unprepared for the rise of Islamist politics in the Arab states over the past year.  In a Harvard event in February 2011, she downplayed the role of radical movements like the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab upheavals, stating, in the words of the Harvard Crimson:

That the unrest should be seen as a nationalist revolution, rather than as a religious one like the 1979 Iranian Revolution. … “If the Islamists come back — and they have started to come back — they will have to participate in a democratic transition as any other movement,” Zeghal said.

Unfortunately, she was wrong: Islamists have used the Arab uprisings of 2010-11 for a power-grab, disregarding a “democratic transition.”

Harvard also runs a Center for Middle East Studies (CMES), which includes an Outreach Center directed by one Paul Beran.  The Outreach Center has been “awarded National Resource Center status by the US Department of Education’s Title VI program and serves educators, students and the general public on topics related to the Middle East region.”

Beran, who received his doctorate in international studies at Northeastern University in Boston, teaches “‘Introduction to the Conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories’ (GOVT E 1960/W) and ‘Introduction to Middle East Politics’ (GOVT E 1970/W) at the Harvard University Extension School, and directs the Egypt Forum, a program of training for K-12 educators on Middle East region studies and Egypt.”  He is also a member of the “Global Education Advisory Council for the Elementary and Secondary Education Department of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” through which he influences the treatment of Middle East issues in the state’s public schools.

A Presbyterian, Beran has been prominent in agitation for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel within that Christian denomination.  In a December 11, 2005 speech to a “Teach-In And Organizing Conference” at Harvard on “Israel/Palestine: Where Do We Go From Here?,” Beran declared:

Until now, those who acted as if ‘Israel is always right’ enjoyed a near monopoly over U.S. attitudes. Calls for divestment, however, have the potential to become the Achilles heel for pro-Israel perceptions in the U.S. … [A]n angle with which to view such campaigns is that they carry the potential to be effective tools for waging a non-violent guerilla struggle [against Israel]. … The first step for divestment campaigns is to have a broad base of cross-community support on which to fall back when the Zionist backlash against the campaigns commences. …  [C]ampaigns for divestment must be ready to fight.

On the same occasion, Beran referred contemptuously to the Anti-Defamation League, a leading American Jewish civil rights organization, as “that modicum of high browed Zionism.”

Through the CMES Outreach Program Beran has mimicked ACMCU, the Harvard Islamic Studies Program, and other academic facilities in the West by embracing uncritically the claims of democratization in the Arab turmoil beginning in 2010, while continuing to focus negatively on Israel and its policies.  Its roster of “Teaching Resources” proclaims breathlessly that teachers may “[e]xplore the Arab Transformation through Outreach Center presentations, lesson plans and teaching resources, articles, videos, artifacts and more!”

But the CMES Outreach Program inventory of broader “resources” includes material that is both objectionable and absurdly trivializing in its approach to Middle East issues. 

Read the rest at American Thinker and see examples of these “teaching resources”

Schwartz concludes:

It is clear that Harvard CMES and its director, Paul Beran, are committed to the adoption of a one-sided, anti-Israel, and pro-Arab introduction to Middle East issues for American schoolchildren.  In its “subtler” way, the Harvard approach is as bad as or worse than that pursued by John Esposito at Georgetown.

Stephen Schwartz is executive director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism.  He wrote this article for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

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BENADOR: Obama Ushering in the Age of the Global Caliphate .

by Eliana Benador at Right Side News
Courtesy of Obama, Al Qaeda Black Flag in Libya, Signals Rule of World Terror

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”  Sir Winston Churchill

Allah Hu Akbar!  Allah Hu Akbar!   The Muslim terrorist call…

So shouted Al Qaeda terrorists as they were butchering Colonel Gaddafi…  And the world did not want to listen…

Silence is cowardly complicity as it represents a treacherous, untold approval of what’s evil.  And, one by one, terrorists worldwide are receiving the reins of power, facilitated by their godfather, Hussein Obama…

When Barack Hussein Obama took America’s military to war in Libya back in March 2011, not one person stood up to protest his arbitrary, unilateral, totalitarian, tyrannic move.  As time went by, we learned that our military were “helping” Al Qaeda terrorists to overturn Gaddafi -under the disguise of NATO…  No questions asked, our men had to obey orders and submit to fight alongside America’s archenemy:  Al Qaeda terrorists.

While many analysts, following Hussein Obama, insist in seeing this as the “Arab Spring,” or the “Arab Winter…”   We rather consider it, the rise of the “Muslim Debacle.”

Naive and trusting Americans, feel no need to be assertive and do not worry for their fate and their safety, and are allowing the situation to worsen by the day with regal impunity as, aloof, they sit back and watch the horror film of their lives pass by.


In an unlikely, simili-democratic election in the Muslim world, victory went to the Islamist party, Ennahda, which won 90 seats, becoming the largest bloc of the 217-member Assembly.  And they are now negotiating with other parties to form a government.  In post-Mubarak Egypt and post-Gaddafi Libya, one must see that victory for what it is…  an Islamist victory.

Ennahd’s pledge of tolerance and pluralism is the delusion for a better future.  In reality, Islam is, and can only be, a totalitarian fascist religion-based political ideology, and its goals are reflected in their founder and leader, Rachid Ghannouchi who, among others, supported Saddam Hussein.  “We must wage unceasing war against the Americans until they leave the land of Islam, or we will burn and destroy all their interests across the entire Islamic world,” Ghannouchi has said.  The man also has no love lost for Israel and could not hide his burning desire for the destruction of the tiny country, naturally, encompassing the dreams of the Muslim Brotherhood.  So, let’s not celebrate yet…


After Al Qaeda terrorists finished butchering Gaddafi, the country’s new rulers immediately imposed sharia law as the law of the land.  That is to say: including beheading, mutilation, rape, honor killing, polygamy, persecution, and much more.

And as soon as NATO forces ended their military campaign, first thing the satisfied, proud terrorists did was to place Al Qaeda’s black flag flying  in Libya…

Most likely obeying Hussein Obama’s orders, the Department of State and directed by the Secretary of Defense, the U.S. military is giving support and international medical assistance efforts in Libya to wounded Al Qaeda terrorists turned Libyan “courageous fighters” who have been transported, courtesy of the American taxpayer, by U.S. Air Force, to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, Massachussetts.


As time goes by, the likelihood of a politically empowered Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt becomes more of a certainty, even though Egypt’s military generals appear more determined than ever to crush the movement that ousted Hosni Mubarak and have become critical of their rule  Thus, the peace treaty that protected Israel’s southern flank during decades, is being threatened.

It’s important to keep in mind the close-knit, family-relation that exists throughout the Muslim world.  The Western world simply does not know or imagine the kind of connection this kind of structure represents.  No wonder their name is “Muslim Brotherhood.”  That says it all.

UNESCO’s new member:  a non-country

Legislation dating from 1990 and 1994 mandates a complete cut-off of American financing to any United Nations agency that accepts the Palestinians as a full member. Reportedly, and most certainly, State Department lawyers were not able to find any leeway in the legislation, and obviously they did not find any possibility of a waiver.

That’s why the U.S. de-funded UNESCO, forced by the unprecedented and illegal move, when they voted unanimously to accept a non-country, the Palestinian Authority, as member, disregarding the fact that there is no cultural contribution whatsoever the Palestinians can present to justify their admission.

On the contrary, just as the rest of Muslim terrorist countries, Palestinians only bring along their nasty habit of terrorizing Israel and the West and that the non-nation has one and only one agenda, that of spreading Jihad in the non-Muslim world.

Meanwhile, Israel announced yesterday that it would accelerate construction of 2,000 housing units in the Eastern part of Jerusalem and in two other places in Judea and Samaria.

The Saudi Pretender to the Throne in Exile

As the biggest individual shareholder in Citigroup Inc. (C), Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, recently said that the bank’s third-quarter results were promising, and reiterated his support for its Chief Executive, Vikram Pandit, unlike the criticism he publicly did of the former CEO…

On the other hand, the prince is said to be eyeing a $200-$300 million investment on Twitter, buying shares from one of the co-founders, either Evan Williams or Biz Stone.   Beware Twitter fans…

Alwaleed’s preference for media and technology companies for many years has proven fruitful:  He owns 7% of the voting shares of News Corp. (not 7% of the company, as initially some media outlets have reported), as well as a stake in Apple and Middle Eastern media and music group Rotana (which is partly owned by News Corp.)

When Alwaleed listed his Kingdom Holding Co. on the Saudi stock exchange in late 2007, the list included stakes in eBay, Motorola and  Thus the idea of investing on Twitter fits well into his agenda.

It’s important to remember at all times that by having access to our most important media, sharia-compliant Alwaleed is holding in his hands the key to what information reaches us, how and when.  Readers would do well to screen even how the news appear on their search engines, front pages, and beware of the more frequent choice of meaningless scandals brought to the attention of the public, with the hidden purpose of distracting the minds of Americans from the real issues that should be concerning them.

Kingdom Holding, the prince’s company, rose 24% to nearly $53 million (197.7 million Saudi riyals) in the third quarter, the company announced. Improved results in real estate investments drove the increase in profits, the company said.

After visiting Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, last week, Prince Al Waleed shared the news scene with his brother, Khaled, who offered a bounty of 1 million dollars to kidnap an Israeli soldier.  

The public audacity of the Saudi royal family to challenge the international code that protects mankind against criminal conduct, shows they are still active members of the Rogue Country Club -as they obviously do not make any secret that they continue funding such criminal activities, as the kidnapping of a soldier defending his or her country.  Besides funding countless radical Muslim groups as well as Jihadists worldwide, they also fund Madrassas and Islamic Centers, from Harvard to Oxford and the list is extensive to say it mildly -including the promotion and establishment of sharia, sharia banking as well as Islamic finance throughout the world.

Abolition of Muslim terrorism from official information in America

Among the measures to promote and facilitate the propagation of the Muslim terrorist agenda for world domination we must mention the “reevaluation” ordered by Hussein Obama and his Administration in order “to remove all references to Islam in connection with any examination of Islamic jihad terror activity.” The Obama Administration has now placed off-limits any investigation of the beliefs, motives and goals of jihad terrorists, Islam, Muslims and the Koran.

By doing so, once again, Hussein Obama protects those who have attacked our nation in time of peace massacring over three thousand unassuming, innocent civilians, leaving tens of thousands of orphans, shattered families and lives -and this president, whose job description is specific: Defend America, the Constitution and the people of America, chooses blatantly to tell us that those who perpetrated those massacres by screaming their religious “Allah hu Akbar” are not the sworn, vicious enemy of the American people and Western Civilization.

Once again, Hussein Obama is jeopardizing our national security, the lives of over three hundred million Americans with the sole purpose of helping promote the spread of the radical Muslim agenda of world domination and by doing so, Hussein Obama is betraying the mandate that was given to him by the American people.

Is America bankrupt and entrapped?

This quick overview of the situation caused among others by the current resident of the White House, may enlighten many responsible Americans who understand how the country and Western Civilization have being set up by a sleazy agenda to replace freedom and capitalism with the combined evil of liberal socialist Muslim fascism.

The main question is:  Will Americans wake up, and if so, will they put enough pressure so their representatives understand they must act swiftly to remove a president who is betraying the country time and again?

It’s time for action. 

America’s deterioration must be stopped. 

She cannot wait until 2012.  And neither can you.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.