Video: Christopher Holton on Civilization Jihad, the Global Islamic Insurgency and Shariah Compliant Finance

moa1Terror Trends Bulletin, Oct. 17, 2012, by Christopher Holton:

This information makes up the introductory portion of the briefing that I have been delivering around the country for the past 3 years. It is important given the mounting evidence of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the West, and the US in particular.

On 22 May 2007, the Pew Research Center, certainly not a “conservative” organization, published a report on a survey that they conducted of Muslims in America. The name of that report was “Muslims in America: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream.”

Pew rolled it out as a celebration of Muslims in America. The media jumped on the bandwagon and the report was received with delight.

But there are aspects of the report which deserve more scrutiny and which Pew and the media essentially ignored in their spin during the release.

First a few background highlights:

• Pew reported that there were 2.35 million Muslims in America, including 1.4 million over the age of 18 (the target group of the survey).

This is important because the Muslim Brotherhood organizations, such as CAIR and ISNA, frequently claim that there are 5-6 million Muslims in America. President Obama parroted the bogus 5-6 million figure from the Muslim Brotherhood in his 2009 Cairo speech.

• 30% of the 1.4 million (420,000) were said to be between 18 and 29.

This is important because this is the demographic most likely to be involved in jihadist activity.

Most importantly, there were two particularly relevant questions that were buried deep in the Pew survey that Pew chose not to address or highlight in its release and rollout of the report:

Relevant Question Number 1: Can Suicide Bombing of Civilian Targets to Defend Islam be Justified?

A: Often/Sometimes: 8%

A: Rarely: 5%

A: Don’t Know/Refuse to Answer: 9%

A: Never: 78%

 In other words, AT LEAST 13% of American Muslims believed that suicide bombings of civilian targets was justified at least in some circumstances.

 182,000 Muslims in America over the age of 18 believed that Islamikaze bombings of civilian targets was justified at least in some circumstances.

Here is another important point: This same question was asked of Muslims under the age of 30 (the age group most associated with jihadist activity):

A: Often/Sometimes: 15%

A: Rarely: 11%

A: Don’t know/refuse to answer: 5%?

A: Never: 69%

 26% or 109,200 Muslims in America between 18 and 29 believed that Islamikaze bombings of civilian targets was justified at least in some circumstances.

Relevant Question Number 2: What is your view of Al Qaeda?

A: Favorable: 5%

A: Somewhat Unfavorable: 10%

A: Don’t Know/Refuse to Answer: 27%

A: Very Unfavorable: 58%

Same questions to Muslims under 30:

A: Favorable: 7%

A: Somewhat Unfavorable: 16%

A: Don’t Know/Refuse to Answer: 19%

A: Very Unfavorable: 58%

 70,000 Muslims in America admitted to having a favorable view of Al Qaeda.

 29,400 Muslims in America between the ages of 18 and 29 admitted to having a favorable view of Al Qaeda.

It is particularly noteworthy that younger Muslims in America appear to be more predisposed to violent Jihad than older Muslims based upon the answers to these two questions.

Note that this survey was conducted of Muslims in America, not Muslims in Benghazi, Ramadi, Fallujah, Gaza, Cairo, Sana’a, Tehran, Kandahar, or Islamabad. The tens of thousands of Muslims that harbor these views all live in America. These numbers are staggering and frightening.

Civilizational Jihad and Global Islamic Insurgency with Christopher Holton, Published on Dec 26, 2013 by Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors:


“… new reality makes identifying and understanding the Islamic doctrinal basis of our Jihadist enemies all the more important, yet with each passing attack, we seem to be getting further and further away from doing so.”

Christopher Holton of the Center for Security Policy discussed what America faces in addition to the threat of violent jihad another, an even more toxic danger — a stealthy and pre-violent form of warfare aimed at destroying our constitutional form of democratic government and free society. The Muslim Brotherhood is the prime mover behind this seditious campaign, which it calls “civilization jihad.”

Civilizational Jihad is succeeding through government, finance, military institutions…and though our schools.

Christopher Holton is Vice-President of Outreach at the Center for Security Policy. He directs the Center’s Divest Terror Initiative and Shariah Risk Due Diligence Program. He has been involved in legislation in twenty states to divest taxpayer supported pension systems from foreign companies that do business with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Sudan, and the Syrian Arab Republic. Since 2008, Chris has been the editor-in-chief of the Shariah Finance Watch Blog. In 2005, he was a co-author of War Footing, published by the US Naval Institute Press. Holton’s work has also been published by National Review, Human Events, The American Thinker, Family Security Matters, Big Peace, World Tribune, World Net Daily, NewsMax, and Before joining the Center, Chris was President of Blanchard and Company, a two hundred million dollar per year investment firm, and editor-in-chief of the Blanchard Economic Research Unit. Christopher blogs at


And this is an excellent presentation on Shariah Compliant Finance with a long Q&A beginning about 50 min. in:


Here is a transcript of a similar presentation given in 2012.


Tennessee’s Troubling Islamist Network

4960012-Tennessee_Welcomes_You_Tennessee-450x347By David James

The “red-green alliance” in Tennessee between the liberal-left and Islamists is alive and well but made even more novel with the participation of Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.

Never one to shy away from Obama’s agenda for the U.S., Governor Haslam’s push to elevate the political status of Muslims in his state must leave Tennesseans wondering if their Republican governor is actually a Democrat.

Governor Haslam’s promotion of the Islamist agenda in his state progressed from having his Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security work behind the scenes to support and partner with the American Muslim Advisory Council to having the Muslim Council train state law enforcement and Department of Children’s Services staff.  Meanwhile, he appointed shariah compliant finance specialist, Samar Ali as International Director for the TN Department of Economic and Community Development.

Unfortunately for the Governor, his appointment of Samar Ali (whose donation to Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. and later the Obama Victory Fund didn’t raise an eyebrow) resulted in harsh criticism from Tennessee conservatives.  Attempting to deflect criticism, the Governor’s office publicly released Ms. Ali’s credentials but was careful to redact her extensive experience and expertise in shariah finance.  But the release included references to her father’s curriculum vitae to convince the public that this family from Waverly was 100% Tennessean.

No one can dispute the accomplishments of Dr. Subhi Ali, Samar’s father, but his very active Red/Green political life was conspicuously omitted by the Governor.  For example, Dr. Ali and his wife were multi-year donors (see here and here) to pro-Hamas/anti-Israel Democrat Cynthia Mckinney, political support consistent with Dr. Ali’s long-standing service to the Jerusalem Fund.

The Jerusalem Fund – The Holy Land Foundation II?

The Jerusalem Fund (originally the American Palestine Education Foundation) was founded in 1977 by Dr. Hisham Sharabi who served as Chairman of the Board until he died in 2005.  Despite self-description as “non-political”, review of the Fund’s leadership, programming, and issues of focus, reflects an overtly pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas/anti-Israel posture. Documents currently available show that Subhi Ali joined the Jerusalem Fund’s Board in 2000, became  Vice Chair in 2003 and has served as Chairman from 2005 until the present.

The Jerusalem Fund is comprised of 3 programs:

1) The Palestine Center offers Information Briefs such as the “Rising support for Hamas and the Roots of its Success in Palestine “ (“One of Hamas’ more distinctive qualities is its emphasis on Islam. In addition to its self-proclaimed role as a legitimate and honest replacement to Fateh, Hamas also acts as a religious alternative to the secular Fateh.”)

2) The Humanitarian Link,which provides grants for social services in the “Occupied Palestinian Territories” and supports the Palestine Diabetes Institute.

(Originally named the “Occupied Land Fund,” the Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the U.S., which also claimed the need for humanitarian relief for Palestinians in the occupied territories.  The Holy Land Foundation was successfully prosecuted in 2007 for funding Hamas).

3) The Gallery, which promotes the Palestinian and Arab cultures.

Fund founder Hisham Sharabi advocated a Palestinian “armed struggle” if necessary, to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.  His 1998 paper “The Palestinians: Fifty Years Later,” called for Americans of Palestinian, Arab and Muslim backgrounds to organize using their “constitutional rights as Americans” to “influence a dangerously biased [toward Israel] American policy in the Middle East.”

Sharabi’s political activities also included serving on the board of World & Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE), and along with Jerusalem Fund co-founder and board member, Dr. George Hishmeh, served on the Board of the American Committe on Jerusalem (ACJ).

You Are Known By the Company You Keep

WISE was founded, incorporated and led by Sami al-Arian who was subsequently sentenced in 2006 to prison and deportation because of his leadership of the U.S.-designated terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

WISE was named in a federal indictment as part of a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in acts of violence including murder, extortion, money laundering, and fraud. They operated worldwide including the Middle District of Florida.

Read more at Front Page



Muslim MasterCard: Compass pointing to Mecca embedded in new bank card

Daily Mail:

A compass pointing the way to Mecca is embedded in a new MasterCard aimed at Muslims.

Gulf state-owned bank Al Hillal in the United Arab Emirates has rolled out the new bank card which complies with Islamic laws banning charging interest on loans in a bid to appeal to the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims.

Islamic law or Shariah forbids ‘riba’, the charging of interest on loans, because it enables the rich to exploit the poor, creates social and economic tension and encourages risk, according to scholars.

MasterCard spokesman James Issokson said, according to ‘We continue to see a growing demand, especially in the Middle East, for Islamic banking in general, and more specifically in our case, for cards that are Shariah-compliant in accordance with the tenets of the Islamic faith.’

As well as the compass which allows the cardholder to orientate themselves towards prayers five times a day, the new MasterCard has other benefits.

Cardholders have access to travel vouchers to pay for the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca, which Muslims are required to do at least once in their lifetime if they have the means.

Mr Issokson said: ‘A percentage of the money spent using the card is donated to local charities.’

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No Surprise Here: Useful Idiots at HSBC turned blind eye to terrorist money


Regular readers of SFW know that we are no fans of HSBC.

After all, HSBC has been at the forefront of the financial jihad to facilitate Shariah-compliant finance on a global scale.

Moreover, HSBC employed the Jihadist monster Mufti Taqi Usmani as the chair of their Shariah Advisory Board. Then, when the heat over that relationship became too hot, they cynically replaced him…with his son. We detailed all of this over the past couple of years:

Given HSBC’s association with Jihadists like Usmani and their deep involvement with the promotion of Shariah, the fact that they have proven to be lax at compliance with counterterrorism money laundering laws and regulations should come as no surprise. That too is a topic that we have covered here on SFW:

Like the time that they were fined $1 billion for lax money laundering compliance:

In fact, there is no doubt that HSBC is the Western world’s chief enabler of Jihad and Shariah:

On top of all this OLD news, we have fresh reports that HSBC has not learned its lesson at all. In fact, HSBC appears to have been hard at work doing the same things for which they have been fingered in the past. A report released yesterday by the US Senate details HSBC’s deplorable record when it comes to vigilance in the areas of terrorism and other nefarious activities. It almost seems as if HSBC was the bank of choice for evil when you read about their history and couple it with the Senate report.

The worst part and probably the biggest smoking gun that HSBC cannot dismiss these charges as simply a matter of carelessness? How about THOUSANDS of transactions involving the Islamic Republic of Iran in violation of sanctions!

Again, this should come as no surprise. After all, Iran is the world’s most active state sponsor of Jihadist terrorism and also dominates the world of Shariah-compliant finance. Seems like a natural fit for the useful idiots (and perhaps worse) at HSBC:


Islam’s Cloud Over America


Justin O. Smith

by Justin O Smith

President Obama, Governor Haslam and a host of state and local officials fiddle, while the flames of Sharia law and Sharia finance dance across the State of Tennessee and all America; and, it is now evident that Nathan Buttrey was less than forthcoming with the facts when I spoke with him on June 8th. However harmless the ‘Tennessean’, reporter Chas Sisk, Clint Brewer or Nathan Buttrey and the Gov’s office tries to portray Ms Samar Ali’s appointment to the Economic Community Development office, it definitely does warrant greater scrutiny.

As reported in ‘Shariah Finance Watch’ by Frank Gaffney, ‘Washington Times’ columnist and ex-Assistant Deputy Secretary of  Defense, on June 7th and corroborated in the ‘Tennessean’ on June 13th, Ms Ali specialized in “Shariah compliant transactions”, and she has advocated and facilitated Sharia finance deals as an associate for Hogan Lovells in Washington, DC. She structured deals so that they respected Islam’s ban on collecting interest.

Sharia finance is considered “dawa”/missionary activity by the World Islamic Economic Forum, “a trade association for Muslims”. More accurately, Sharia finance is financial “jihad”/holy war and it is a first step towards inserting Sharia law into any nation. Quite often in Muslim transactions, “zakat”, a tithe of sorts is requested to be sent to specific organizations or charities in lieu of interest, and far too often these funds aid fundamental terrorists… enemies of America, just as the case of CAIR’s Holy Land Foundation illustrated perfectly. This is the same financial system that gave rise to the Taliban through “zakat” from Prince Turki al-Faisal, the director of Saudi intelligence.

Regardless of the “spurious” nature Brewer and Gov Haslam’s RHINOs may attach to the contention of many that Ms Ali’s activities in the ECD should be closely monitored and her past Sharia finance deals reviewed, it is specious and base ignorance for Brewer, Buttrey and the Gov’s office to assert that Ms Ali’s duties “have nothing to do with Shariah law-or even finance.” They are asking us to abandon logic, common sense and reason, as they advance a ludicrous and erroneous assumption that as the international director of Tennessee’s trade program she could not possibly be in a position to advance Sharia finance proposals… What better place if not an international trade program to do just that?!?

It truly is well and good that Ms Ali has “encouraged dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian youth” through the YMCA; I am overjoyed that she has worked with Homeland Security, a network rife with Muslim Brotherhood members and Hamas sympathizers… led by Janet Napolitano, who would not know a terrorist from Obama if he were laying beside her in her boudoir; and, it is great that she has a law degree from Vanderbilt which has become a supporter of every anti-American, anti-Christian Left-Muslim agenda imagineable. I hope and pray that she is as patriotic and all-American as described, but I don’t believe anyone who does anything, even in the remotest sense, to promote Sharia finance within the US can really have America’s best interests at heart or truly love America as I do!

Don’t You wonder, “Why is Islam and everything Muslim being advocated so stridently and advanced at all levels of US government over all other religions?… contrary to the U.S. Constitution. And, why does the Left preach “multiculturalism” only for Muslims?… never for the Hindus or the Buddhists or the Christians.

America has steadily witnessed an increased Islamic “cultural exchange”/invasion largely at the behest of the Saudi government. The Saudis state that if America desires them to be more tolerant of the western civilization that America, too, must become more tolerant of Islam: in essence, they ask the US to accept the design of its own destruction by compromising the principles of freedom with the evil and subjugation of Islam.

Obama’s “fundamental transformation” includes making democracy inert and turning the US into a nation where everything can be stated except the Truth, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushes the UN’s 16/18 Resolution down our throats at the behest of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation… a resolution that not only criminalizes criticizing Islam, but it also incorporates every detail of the Cairo Convention: Along with the inalienable right to practice their “religion”/ideology and habits, Muslim immigrants shall have the right to propogate and disseminate Islamic “religion” and habits… Understand?! The Cairo Convention would force the US to cooperate with Islamic nations and allow Sharia law into US banking/financial, scientific/nuclear, industrial and commercial fields. The US has not ratified this yet, however, Obama has stepped ahead on his own.

Far too many initiatives are taken in favor of the minority Islamic “religion” at the expense of the minority. Companies like Whirlpool, Dell and Tyson comply with the Islamic request for liturgical accomodations for Muslim employees. The predominantly Polish and Catholic city of Detroit has a noise ordinance that forbids the peal of Christian church bells, while the Muslim minority is allowed to broadcast their noisy prayers from 6am to 10pm. And finally, not too many years ago, America witnessed the phony liberals who like the Talibans took delight as they forced the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Birmingham Courthouse, because Muslims complained that they had been written by “the Jew Moses.” Lest anyone has forgotten, Our American Heritage is Judeo-Christian principles and Western philosophies!

The Left-Muslim alliance proposes to tear America from its Judaic-Christian roots, and during the past twenty years, I am certain it has seemed to many Americans that the Nazi Sigrid Hunke’s ‘Allahs Sonne uber dem Abenland’ (The Sun of Allah Shines Over the West) was becoming our societal reality… one where the Islamofascists “free America from Christianity” and the Jews and infidels are “eliminated in a hurry.” Does anyone besides me feel like you are watching a Wermacht parade in front of the Reichstag?!?

Jihadist Infiltration

By David Meir-Levi at Frontpage:

Judging from the progress that anti-Israel “Lawfare” and pro-Shari’a movements have made in advancing the “Palestinian Cause” and Shari’a compliant programs in a distressingly vast array of our society’s institutions over the past decade, one must conclude that the Muslim jihadist forces working to infiltrate our society are winning.

The most obvious peril arises from terrorist infiltration. Terrorists identified as al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iranian agents continue to enter our country via Mexico as illegal immigrants.  Yet, almost a decade ago the present writer and others published analyses of the danger posed to our country’s security by such infiltration.  If these agents were not bent on doing us harm, they could easily enter our country via normal ports of entry.  The fact that they disguise themselves as Mexicans and try to sneak past our border guards is a very good indication that they are here on jihadist missions and know that if they were to try to enter the USA via normal channels, they would be identified as wanted terrorists.  Once in the USA, they easily disappear into the American Muslim community, undocumented, untraceable, invisible and unstoppable.

The problem on our southern border has grown only worse since then, with continued jihadist entry via Mexico and the new alliance between Iran and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.  The Iran-Venezuela connection and Iran’s quest for deployable WMDs create the threat of a nuclear armed Venezuela under Iranian influence holding the USA hostage with nuclear-armed missiles having in their cross-hairs all of the southern USA from San Diego to Sarasota.

Expert witnesses reporting to congress have indicated that Iran has active agents, both Hezbollah and Iranian government operatives, in the USA:  sleeper cells awaiting orders while conducting surveillance in preparation for future attacks.  While some pundits are convinced that Iran does not plan to attack the USA on its home front, the operative word that they ignore is “yet.” Iran has successfully laid the groundwork for future terrorism inside the USA with Hezbollah and other Iranian terrorist agents primed, ready and invisible.

Less obvious, but no less perilous, is the quiet, gradual and peaceful infiltration of Muslim operatives and their supporters into our social, legal, educational and political systems under the guise of legitimate democratic activism in the form of the Divestment movement, the  BDS movement, the “One-State Solution” proponents, lawyers implementing “Lawfare,”  those who seek to legitimize Sharia law, and a host of socio-political organizations including “Jewish Voice for Peace” and other “Peace and Justice for Palestine” groups.

The Divestment movement, which sought to pressure institutions (mostly churches and universities) to divest their retirement funds from companies doing business with or in Israel, began more than twenty years ago and soon became a nation-wide phenomenon gaining support and followers in churches, on campuses, and in a variety of other institutions holding substantial retirement funds.  While few assets were actually divested, the real purpose of the movement was achieved: create a new podium from which to demonize Israel and by means of which to grab public attention and mainstream media coverage.  Over time interest in divestment waned, and presenters found themselves preaching to the choir.  So the movement morphed into” BDS,” boycotts, divestment, sanctions.  By including calls for boycott and sanctions, the proponents of this movement created a wider panoply of audiences, since boycotts and sanctions do not need investment funds that can be divested.  And as was the case with the divestment movement, the BDS movement cut a swath through college campuses enjoying large audiences on accommodating campuses with little opposition.  Later, as audience interest diminished and presenters found themselves again preaching to the choir, the forces waging the campus war against Israel re-organized to create the newest front, the “One-State Solution” movement.  Starting at the top, “One-State Solution” conferences were recently held at the University of Pennsylvania and at Harvard University, schools of international repute whose status lent credence and legitimacy to this new venue for Israel-bashing.   None of this could have happened were there not already on campuses a cadre of willing enablers, student and faculty activists and complicit or complacent administrative leadership, who energetically support these anti-Israel and anti-Jewish efforts.

The advance of Shari’a law displays a similar trajectory. From modest beginnings in the USA and Canada as local Muslims petitioned to have family disputes adjudicated by a Muslim religious court, Shari’a law and Shari’a finance have now become institutionalized.  Thanks to Justice Elena Kagan and Professor Noah Feldman at Harvard, and other promoters of Shari’a as an alternative form of jurisprudence compatible with American secular law, we are witness to a gradually growing number of states accommodating the institutionalization of Shari’a courts into American legal venues; and we see the struggle of Shari’a supporters to prevent or overturn state-sponsored regulations that would exclude Shari’a from American law.  Facilitating this struggle to give Shari’a credence, legitimacy, and legal valence are a host of lay folk, cheer leaders for Shari’a, including some rabbis, encouraging our legislators to grant Shari’a legal status in America.  The dire and existential peril that Shari’a poses to women and Jews, to all Americans, to America, and to Western Civilizations has been adumbrated elsewhere.  Suffice it to say here that much of Shari’a legislation is diametrically opposed to our society’s cornerstone freedoms and to our fundamental concept of all citizens’ equality before the law.

The “Lawfare” movement presents another new front in the infiltration of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and anti-American forces into our legal system.  The present writer attended the conference in San Francisco in 2010 where academics and lawyers enumerated the ways and means whereby American courts could be turned into staging grounds for anti-Israel lawsuits which could later be used as precedents for future legal battles against Israel, Israelis, and any legal or natural persons supporting Israel.  Then it is only one step from legal decisions to legislation.

The proliferation of the organizations such as the “Jewish Voice for Peace” and numerous other groups claiming to be “for peace and justice in Palestine” on campuses, churches, world-wide Christian organizations, and on the grass-roots level of local communities, is another form of infiltration.  Almost without exception, these groups promote the Arab side of the Israel-Arab conflict, ignore the reality of Israel’s need for defense against vicious genocidal terrorism, and act as mouthpieces for Arab anti-Israel propaganda.  Rank and file membership may be dominated by benighted do-gooders whom Lenin would have classified as “useful idiot,” but leaders and funders know that the real purpose of these groups is to create an almost limitless supply of new venues for Israel-bashing and for the dissemination of Arab lies about Israel and the “Palestinians.”

All of the above are aggressively agitating in the here-and-now to convince us that Israel is evil and the “poor Palestinians” are victims of that evil.  But there is also the long-range battle for American hearts and minds.  From Harvard to high schools our education system has become the target of Arab revisionism.  Decades of Arab oil money pouring into our universities and colleges is now well documented.  That oil money’s influence goes well beyond the university classroom.  Saudi and other Arab largesse has targeted universities with Title VI federal funding, funding which supports university outreach programs that teach our children about the beauties and blessings of Islam.

A Saudi-owned publishing house in New Mexico churns out curriculum supplements which are aggressively marketed to public and private school teachers from kindergarten to college.  Using a well-honed strategy of deceit and tactic of serial lying, this mendacious material not only demonizes Israel but also whitewashes Muslim history by purging it of its jihadist imperialism, and exonerates Islam by ignoring the religious and gender apartheid inherent in its doctrine of Muslim and male supremacy.

Once the invasions and conquests and murders and massacres and genocides of 1,400 years of Muslim jihad are magically retold as nothing more than a gentle religious revivalism; and 1,400 years of religious repression and discrimination are recast with literary sleight of hand as a Golden Age of religious tolerance; then our younger generations can be convinced that the current Muslim war against Israel and Western Civilization is really justified self-defense against evil Zionist land theft and brutal western imperialism.

This year’s sophomore is next year’s Senator.

If we do not stop this tsunami of infiltration, we will lose this war.

What You Should Know About Shariah Compliant Finance

imagesCAAH0AXQFrom The Center for Security:

Shariah Finance Watch is a project of the Center for Security Policy‘s program to educate the public and policymakers about the dangers of Shariah. For a more in-depth look at Shariah, see Shariah: The Threat to America, a report by 19 top national security practitioners– including the former Director of Central Intelligence, the former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, and the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Shariah: The Threat to America is available on paperback and Kindle at

Below are frequently asked questions about Shariah and Shariah-Compliant Finance, or Islamic Banking.

What is shariah?

Understanding Shariah law is integral to understanding the dangers of Shariah-compliant finance. Shariah law is Islamic law dating back to the 7th century and is today the law of the land in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and the law under which the Taliban operates.

Shariah law authorities, some of whom are now being paid handsomely by Barclays, Dow Jones, Standard & Poors, HSBC, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Deutschebank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse and others have the power to dictate Shariah compliance as deemed by “scholarly consensus” on matters of finance, family, penal law, apostasy, and war. Examples of authoritarian Shariah law include: requirement of women to obtain permission from husbands for daily freedoms; beating of disobedient woman and girls; execution of homosexuals; engagement of polygamy and forced child marriages; the testimony of four male witnesses to prove rape; honor killings of those, principally women, who have dishonored the family; death to apostate Muslims who chose to leave Islam; inferior status of non-Muslims, and capital punishment for those who “slander Islam.”

What are some of the risks of shariah-compliant finance?

National Security and Financial Risks: Islamists are attempting to impose Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF) on Western institutions to use our own financial strengths against us. The most serious problem with SCF is that it legitimates and institutionalizes Shariah law (i.e., Islamic law), a theo-political- legal doctrine violently opposed to Western values. With $1 -$2 trillion petrodollars annually looking for an investment home, blind exuberance is driving financial institutions to adopt SCF, without even a minimal baseline for legal compliance. This willful blindness, and lack of both transparency and due diligence may cause SCF to be the next sub-prime crisis, but this time with deadly consequences.

Legal Risks: Western financial institutions which adopt SCF may have criminal and civil exposure to claims of aiding and abetting sedition and the material support of terrorism, securities fraud, consumer fraud, racketeering, and antitrust violations, as well as exposure to tort claims for sedition and terrorism, and for the violation of internationally recognized norms of the law of nations.

Terror Financing Mechanism: SCF as monitored by paid Shariah law advisors to U.S. banking institutions must “purify” certain return on investment (ROI) dollars that do not meet Shariah law standards. This money must be donated to Islamic charities – including some that promote Jihad and support suicide bombing. Investment disclosures state that these profits can be as high as 6% of profits of investments. With $800 billion already in SCF assets, the potential for billions of dollars to be siphoned off for terrorism is real. This would be a serious criminal violation of U.S. law.

Consider this example: Shariah Mutual Funds promote themselves as “ethical funds.” To be Shariah-compliant, they donate “tainted” revenues to Shariah-compliant “charities.” A post 9-11 U.S. investor in a Shariah-compliant “ethical investment” is not told that Shariah law also requires imposing Shariah as U.S. law, execution of gays and female apartheid. Is he a victim of consumer fraud? Is this same post 9-11 investor unwittingly funding terror? The government has shut down the three largest Shariah-compliant charities in the U.S. – the Holy Land Foundation, Benevolence International Foundation, and the Global Relief Foundation – after proving they funded terrorist organizations.The American taxpayer deserves answers to these questions. The Center for Security Policy (CSP) is meeting directly with members of Congress, U.S. regulatory agencies and Wall Street financial institutions in order to ensure the enforcement of existing U.S. laws on sedition, disclosure, material support of terrorism, and money-laundering. CSP is committed to revealing the civil liability and criminal exposure of Shariah law and Shariah-compliant finance.

How is shariah related to jihad?

The mu’amalat part of shariah mandates as a religious obligation, conducting violent jihad against non-Muslims to establish Islam’s rule worldwide in a form known as the caliphate.

How does shariah finance relate to shariah itself?

Shariah finance is indistinguishable from shariah itself, since its followers consider shariah immutable, indivisible, and mandatory for Muslims to follow in all aspects of life. Muslims are not allowed to pick and choose different aspects of shariah to follow. Anyone that infers that shariah finance is something apart from shariah is simply being dishonest. In fact, the main purpose of shariah finance is to promote shariah.

Where is shariah-compliant finance most prominent?

According to the November 2007 edition of The Banker, Iran dominates the world of shariah-compliant finance. Three of the five largest shariah-compliant financial institutions in the world—including the top two—are Iranian. The amount of shariah-compliant financial assets in institutions in Iran is over twice as large as the amount in financial institutions in the world’s second largest shariah-compliant country, Saudi Arabia.

How does shariah finance threaten Americans?

Shariah finance is a threat to Western values, human rights and US national security. Shariah finance has a political objective: to legitimize shariah in the West. Evidence indicates that shariah-compliant finance provides financial support to extremism and terrorism. Shariah-compliant financial institutions employ shariah scholars, many of whom have been shown to be extremists, even to the point of advocating suicide bombing and jihad against America. Among the decisions these scholars make is the donation of 2.5% or more of annual earnings to Muslim charities. Similar to zakat, earnings from investments that are judged to have been unislamic must be purified through donations to charities as well. Given the extremist tendencies of these scholars and the fact that no fewer than 27 charities have been designated as funding terrorism by the US Treasury Department, this presents a hazard which could obviously threaten US national security.

In sum, shariah finance represents a number of potential threats to the US, including possible financing of terrorism and extremist Islamist organizations and movements, infiltrating our financial markets and legitimizing shariah.

Have shariah-compliant financial institutions been tied to terrorism?

There are a number of well-documented cases in which shariah-compliant financial institutions have participated in the financial support of terrorism. For instance, two shariah-compliant banks registered in the Bahamas, Bank Al-Taqwa and Akida Bank, were, according to the US Treasury Department, shell companies actually run out of Italy and Switzerland, whose only real business was laundering money to terrorists. From 1988 until November 2001 when it was designated a terrorist entity by the US government and the UN, Bank Al-Taqwa transferred tens of millions of dollars to HAMAS, Al Qaeda, the PLO, Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA), the Taliban, Egyptian Gama’a al Islamiya and the Tunisian An-Nahda.

In another case, prominent members of the Saudi royal family were co-investors with Osama Bin Laden in the Sudanese Shamal Islamic Bank while several designated terrorists maintained accounts there.

How have shariah-compliant financial institutions used charities to fund terrorist groups?

Generally, shariah-compliant financial institutions have provided funds to terrorist and extremist groups through Islamic “charities.” The financial institutions donate the money to the charities which then steer the funds to terrorist groups. For example, both Bank Al-Taqwa and Akida Bank used charities in Europe, the Middle East and the US to funnel money to terrorist groups.

Have shariah-compliant financial institutions in the US been tied to terrorism?

Yes. Bait u Mal al Islami (BMI), a shariah-compliant investment company based in Seacaucus, NJ, which promoted itself as an Islamic alternative to conventional investments and solicited funds for real estate development, was called by US federal prosecutors as the “US banker for the Muslim Brotherhood.” In testimony before a US Senate committee, former White House counterterrorism advisor Richard Clarke said that BMI’s financial services were little more than a cover “to conceal terrorist support,” and that its investor list “read like a who’s who of designated terrorists and Islamic extremists.”

BMI worked closely with the Bank Al-Taqwa/Akida Bank network in transferring millions of dollars to terrorist groups through them, while receiving large amounts from well-known donors suspected of funding terrorism. These included the Hamas top leader, Mousa Abu Marzouk, who made a number of investments with BMI. Tellingly, BMI continued to work with Marzouk even after the latter was declared an internationally designated terrorist by the United States government in 1995.

How widespread is the use of Islamic charities to fund terror?

No one in the West knows for sure how widespread the use of Muslim charities for terrorism funding actually is, however, the US Treasury Department has so far designated no fewer than 27 Muslim charities in the US and worldwide as terrorism entities due to their funding of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, HAMAS and others.

We know that there is state sponsorship of terrorism. Is there state sponsorship of shariah finance?

State sponsorship of shariah finance has been ongoing since its inception with the founding of the first shariah-compliant bank in 1975, Islamic Development Bank (IDB). In Iran, which has more shariah-compliant institutions than any other nations, all of the banks are in fact state-run.

Have shariah-compliant financial institutions been tied to weapons of mass destruction?

Yes. Iran’s largest bank, Bank Melli, which was named in the November 2007 edition of The Banker as the largest shariah-compliant bank in the world, has been put under sanctions by both the US government and the European Union for its role in financing Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

How does shariah finance threaten freedom-loving Muslims in the West?

The effect of legitimizing and promoting sharia in the West can already be seen in Western Europe. Promoting shariah incapsulates Muslim communities from mainstream society and even creates enclaves controlled by shariah. Shariah-compliant finance plays a particular role in this because, a devout Muslim living in a Western country in which there are no shariah-compliant banks are allowed to use conventional “infidel” institutions under the sharia doctrine of “extreme necessity.” However, once shariah-compliant institutions do exist, they are religiously obligated to patronize them exclusively. Thus, by allowing the spread of shariah finance in the West and the US, we are pushing Muslims toward shariah.

What can our government do to protect our markets from shariah finance?

There is much that the government can and should do to regulate sharia finance to ensure that it does not result in the promotion of sharia in the US and the financing of terrorism.

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Assault on the Truth, Part 2: How the Muslim Brotherhood Censors Federal Counterterrorism Training

By John Guandolo at Big Peace:

The Dissenters

In September 2010, a group of prominent leaders from the Intelligence and Law Enforcement community (Team B II) stepped out by producing a report entitled, “Shariah: The Threat to America” in which Islamic Law and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Movement in America were detailed and exposed. Team Members include former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Ed Soyster, former Inspector General of the Department of Defense the Honorable Joseph Schmitz, former Chief Prosecutor for Counterterrorism at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York City Andrew McCarthy, and a host of others.

This team of people challenged the direction of the U.S. government, outlined the dangers of failing to grasp the enemy threat doctrine, and chastised government officials for working with and taking advice from a stated enemy – the Muslim Brotherhood. Since this report was published, former National Security Advisers, Attorney Generals, and other former senior U.S. officials have been briefed on this information and see the imposition of Shariah as the enemy’s threat doctrine and as a direct threat to the United States.

Team B II members teaching and training the law enforcement, intelligence, and military communities about the threat from the Islamic Movement and Shariah have increasingly come under pressure to stop their work. In February 2011, Muslim Brotherhood entities began speaking openly in government spaces, including Capitol Hill, about the “cottage industry” of counterterrorism, and railed against the “fear-mongering” that Islamic Law was “somehow a threat to Americans.” The arguments were never made factually. They were almost always ad hominem attacks, usually naming individual American citizens who were teaching or financially supporting the training efforts the government should have been conducting in the first place. However, this was the beginning of a growing overt attack on those seeking to share the factual analysis of the enemy threat doctrine with those who need to know it to perform their daily security duties.

USG Collaborating with the Enemy

The following are brief summaries of notable recent interactions between senior Muslim Brotherhood leadership in America and top U.S. government officials. An entire book could be written on just this topic, but these paint a dangerous and incomprehensible relationship between the enemy and those charged with protecting American citizens.

In a March 2011 speech given at a Muslim Brotherhood front organization called the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) in Sterling, Virginia,Deputy National Security Adviser to the President of the United States Denis McDonough praised Imam Mohamed Majid as the Executive Director of ADAMS and as the President of ISNA. McDonough said, in part: “President Obama was very grateful you (Majid) led the prayer at the White House for last summer’s Iftar Dinner…Thank you also for being one of our nation’s leading voices for the values that make America so strong, especially religious freedom and tolerance. Whether it’s here at ADAMS or as the President of the Islamic Society of North America, you have spoken with passion and eloquence, not only about your own Islamic faith, but for the need to build bridges as you’ve demonstrated here.” These comments constitute public praise (material support) for a known financial support entity of Hamas – a designated terrorist organization.

Again, this year in August, Imam Majid attended the Iftar Dinner at the White House and met with the President.

On December 1, 2010, Fox News reported that former Inspector General for the Department of Defense (DoD) Joseph Schmitz sent a letter to the Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) in which he detailed a national security threat posed via the Muslim Chaplain program to the United States, specifically because the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) vets Muslim Chaplains for DoD and for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). It should also be noted that Abdurahman Alamoudi, an Al Qaeda operative now in federal prison, created the Muslim Chaplain program for DoD.

The Honorable Mr. Schmitz was primarily concerned because: ISNA continues to vet Muslim Chaplains for our military and is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Hamas trial in U.S. history (HLF). Schmitz wrote to Senator Feinstein, “The November 2008 criminal conviction in Texas of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) as a front for Hamas, naming of the DoD’s Chaplain Endorsing Agents, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), as an unindicted co-conspirator (among others), suggests that terrorist organizations can and do disguise themselves as charitable organizations.” Additionally Schmitz wrote, “The November 2009 Fort Hood massacre by a commissioned Army officer who served as a lay Muslim leader at Fort Hood demonstrates that international terrorist organizations can also try to disguise their agents as chaplains and religious lay leaders.” The threat this poses to American citizens is clear and imminent.

At the end of March 2011 at a U.S. House of Representatives Committee hearing on the civil rights of Muslims, U.S. Senator Richard Durbin, who called the hearing, openly praised ISNA for their help in the preparation of the hearing. Two of ISNA’s Directors, Mohamed Elsanousi and Sayyid Sayeed, were present in the Committee room. El Sanousi shook Senator Durbin’s hand on camera after the hearing.

In fact, the leadership of ISNA works with Secretary of State Clinton as a part of an “interfaith outreach” program, and Imam Mohamed Majid sits on DHS Secretary Napolitano’s “Countering Violent Extremism Working Group.” That’s the leader of a financial support entity for Hamas advising the Secretary of Homeland Security. Fact.

On June 20, 2011 at Georgetown University, senior Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood leadership represented by ISNA, CAIR, MPAC, and others were present at a conference with some of the most senior U.S. government officials. Invited to this event were the DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy Development, the Principal Deputy for DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis, the Director of DOJ’s COPS Office, senior FBI leadership, the Review and Compliance Officer for DHS’s Civil Rights Division, the Associate Director for the White House Office of Public Engagement, the Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the State Department, the Policy Adviser for DHS’s Civil Rights Office, Members of the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Committee, leadership from the National Counterterrorism Center, and others. Notice the number of “policy advisers” listed. This highlights an ongoing relationship between senior leaders of our enemies and senior U.S. government officials, and helps explain the changing policies at FBI, DHS, State Department and elsewhere which are favorable towards the Muslim Brotherhood

The effect of this relationship can be seen at the ground level. A Counterterrorism training program scheduled for August 2011 at CIA Headquarters was shut down after Hamas (doing business as CAIR) complained that an “Islamophobic” trainer was going to participate. The trainer was Stephen Coughlin, a trained intelligence officer and an attorney who worked for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as the Islamic Law expert in matters relating to the doctrinal drivers of Jihad. His factual analysis of Islamic Law took a back seat to complaints publicly made by Hamas, and the CIA caved. More importantly, the hundreds of intelligence and law enforcement professionals who would have attended did not hear the truth about Shariah – exactly the enemy’s objective.

In September 2011, an article appeared at an online site – Wired/Danger Room – and continued the assault on fact-based analysis of Islam when it assailed FBI training conducted by William Gawthrop, in which he was attacked for his assertion that the more “devout” a Muslim becomes the more violent he may become. The assertion made was that those who adhere to Shariah are prone to become violent (a Jihadi). In fact, jihad is a requirement under Islamic Law – a statement which the news of the day consistently demonstrates to be correct. Other articles followed calling for an end to the “Islamophobic” and “bigoted” training within the FBI.

On October 6th, Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller III, testified on Capitol Hill and was asked about the counterterrorism training program within the FBI. Responding to questions from Rep. Janice Schakowsky, the Director stated: “We have undertaken a review from top to bottom of our counterterrorism training. I think these are isolated incidents, and in the course of that review, we’ve had outreach to academicians and others to assist us in reviewing the materials and assuring that that offensive content does not appear…In this particular instance, reports of what had been in that training came up from the students, and we took action to assure that that inappropriate, offensive content was not provided to others.” Translation: The FBI is using academicians to ensure they don’t offend anyone, regardless of the veracity of the information. The Director also admitted the FBI has to outsource its expertise on the threat he continues to testify is the greatest threat to the United States.

On October 19, 2011, Department of Justice Officials joined ISNA’s President Imam Majid (remember, ISNA = financial support entity for Hamas) and others at the George Washington University Law School where the Muslim Brotherhood leader demanded to see: (1) Increased interfaith education and programming at the local level; and (2) tangible steps taken by the government to investigate and eradicate the discriminatory FBI training practices. This is the Muslim Brotherhood giving DOJ its marching orders.

At this conference, Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole confirmed President Obama’s administration was eliminating all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities referencing Islam because some “Muslim groups” (read: Muslim Brotherhood) claim the training is “offensive” (ie a violation of the Islamic Law of Slander). Cole said, “I recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security.”

The same day as this conference, as if co-ordinated, Salam al-Marayati, the President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), published an article in the Los Angeles Times entitled “The Wrong Way to Fight Terrorism: Law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ continued use of anti-Muslim training materials could lead to the collapse of a critical partnership with the Muslim American community” in which he threatened to cut off all cooperation between the Muslim community and the FBI. Marayati further demanded the FBI “issue a clear and unequivocal apology to the Muslim American community” and “establish a thorough and transparent vetting process in selecting its trainers and materials.” The statement is nothing short of a demand to submit FBI policy to Muslim Brotherhood oversight. Notwithstanding the FBI has received nearly zero actionable intelligence from the American Muslim community at-large since 9/11, this article is a threatening Muslim Brotherhood propaganda piece timed to coincide with an attack on the factual analysis and evidence-based training/educational effort. Since Marayati’s pro-Hezbollah positions are well documented, it has to be asked why DHS would continue to work with Marayati and allow MPAC to train its TSA security agents. Thus, this highlights the root of the problem – another example of the fox in the hen house.

In October 2011, Secretary Napolitano faced aggressive questioning by Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas during a House Committee Hearing. Congressman Gohmert grilled Ms. Napolitano about Mohamed Elibiary, a suspected Muslim Brother and overt supporter of the Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran, who works on the DHS Homeland Advisory Committee. It was discovered that Elibiary, who holds a “Secret” clearance, logged on to and downloaded internal documents from a DHS database to demonstrate cases of “Islamophobia” which he tried to feed to the media – and was rejected – as well as discredit Governor Perry as an “Islamophobe.” Elibiary was subsequently removed from his position with the state security apparatus of Texas. No action has yet been taken by DHS.

In fact, FBI agents across the country who train other agents and FBI employees on these matters are now, today, being ordered to whitewash their fact/evidence-based presentations on the Muslim Brotherhood’s movement, and Islamic doctrine (Shariah), the ideology which drives “terrorists,” the MB, and the like. Agents have been ordered to remove words and phrases from their materials identifying Shariah (Islamic Law) as the basis for the threat we face. A logical question for the U.S. Attorney General might be: “Will you go back and remove the linkage between violence conducted by Muslims identifying themselves as “jihadis” in America and their adherence to Islamic Law from the very affidavits your DOJ supported in numerous prosecutions?” The DOJ and FBI ordering their employees to disregard facts in order to keep from “offending” known terrorist organizations is not only “Obstruction of Justice” it constitutes “Material Support of Terrorism.”

As a matter of fact, the government, with DHS as the lead agency, is creating “Training Standards” to ensure government employees and those at the state level are trained in accordance with the Muslim Brotherhood’s standards. How do we know this? The DHS issued “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Training Guidance and Best Practices” was put together by the CVE Working Group which has senior Muslim Brothers on it, to include Mohamed Majid (ISNA). The move by the MB to push the “Standards” out through DHS, which will be imposed on federal employees and others, seeks to completely control the education and training of the federal agents who are and will be investigating the very groups involved in producing this policy.

To put a capstone on the evidence of the government being used as a puppet of our enemy, one need not look farther than the U.S. Attorney in Portland, Oregon, Dwight C. Holton. Holton who oversaw the prosecution of Mohamed Osman Mohamud (Christmas Tree Bomber) recently said: “I want to be perfectly clear about this: training materials that portray Islam as a religion of violence or with a tendency towards violence are wrong, they are offensive, and they are contrary to everything that this president, this attorney general and Department of Justice stands for. They will not be tolerated.” Such training materials “pose a significant threat to national security because they play into the false narrative propagated by terrorists that the United States is at war with Islam,” he added.

Training materials which factually link violence (jihad) to Islamic Law which our enemies rely on to wage war against us “will not be tolerated.” Actually, teaching this fact-based information, in the eyes of a U.S. Attorney constitutes a “significant threat to national security.” We are truly witnessing the complete dismantling of the factual basis by which we can first define and then orient against the enemy – and it is our government that is doing it. This is what is meant when the Muslim Brotherhood says Civilization Jihad by OUR hands.

Men and women inside and outside of the United States government have, for several years now, taught a fact/evidence-based program revealing that “violent Islamist extremists” identify themselves as the “Islamic Movement” (violent jihadis like Al Qaeda, subversive drivers like the Muslim Brotherhood, and the nation states supporting them all). These training programs clearly and factually demonstrate that Shariah (Islamic Law) provides the doctrinal basis for the basis used by this enemy to wage war against us. When the leadership within the government shuts down this fact-based discussion in furtherance of serving to quell “Islamophobia” and keep their Muslim Brotherhood advisers happy, it transgresses into a place that in any other situation would easily constitute material support for a stated enemy, and is demonstrative of a catastrophic failure of the very entities legally charged with protecting all American citizens.