Ted Cruz Unveils Military Plan Aboard Aircraft Carrier: ‘Islamism Will Join Other Discredited Ideologies … on the Ash Heap of History’



Breitbart, by Jordan Schachtel, Feb. 16, 2016:

MOUNT PLEASANT, SOUTH CAROLINA— Hundreds came to see Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for President of the United States, as he unveiled his national defense strategy aboard the USS Yorktown Tuesday morning.

He was joined on the aircraft carrier by former Texas Governor and U.S. Air Force veteran Rick Perry, who said Cruz had a “Deep and heartfelt commitment to the men and women” in the United States military. Cruz was also joined by South Carolina Congressman Rep. Mark Sanford , a 10-year air force veteran and former governor of the state.

“Unfortunately, President Obama’s global agenda” has not worked out, Cruz said in his remarks. In fact, his agenda has “encouraged” the “aggressive behavior” of our enemies, he said.

“We now know what a world without America would look like. Far more dangerous, and beholden to terrorist and criminal regimes,” the Texas Senator said.

Cruz made clear that he rejected the current of isolationsim that is making its way through United States politics.

We are told “If we mind our own business, the outside world will leave us alone,” he said, adding, “Isolationism does not work.”

“Hostile actors … will not hesitate to strike us here at home if they believe they can get away with it,” Cruz reminded the audience aboard the USS Yorktown.

But this doesn’t mean a Republican administration should just  dump money into the Defense Department, he said, noting the “bloated bureacracy” at the Pentagon. Additionally, he called for the auditing of the Pentagon, so as to control waste there.

The Texas Senator laid out statistics in support of his argument that the U.S. military needs to be revamped.

“Rebuild our military so it will be feared by our enemies and trusted by our allies,” he said.

He highlighted Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of peace through strength.  “When your adversaries understand your strength, suddenly their appetite for conflict diminishes markedly,” Cruz stated.

And The U.S. must also develop a cohesive strategy for its Mid East affairs, he said.

“We should focus on utterly defeating ISIS using our overwhelming airpower,” Cruz stated.

In addition to partnering on counter-terrorism operations with the Israelis, Egyptians, and Jordanians, the United States “should work with our long time allies the Kurds,” he said. And members of this Middle East coalition should be supporting each other in operations to go after Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Nusra, and other terror entities, Cruz stressed. Hopefully, “Islamism will join other discredited ideologies … on the ash heap of history,” he said.

The Republican candidate for President targeted “a total active duty” force  “of at least 1.4 million soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines.”

The “nation must be prepared for multiple, near simultaneous conflicts,” he said.

Sen. Cruz’s full military proposal is available here


South Carolina House Passes Bill Excluding Sharia Law From State Courts



Breitbart, by Jordan Schachtel, Jan. 28, 2016:

The South Carolina House has passed a bill blocking Islamic sharia law from being recognized or approved in the state, after years of debate over similar legislation.

The legislation voted upon was explained as “A bill to amend the code of laws of South Carolina … so as to prevent a court or other enforcement authority from enforcing foreign law including, but not limited to, Sharia Law in this state from a forum outside of the United States or its territories under certain circumstances.”

On Thursday, the legislation passed with 68 for the bill and 42 opposed.

Sharia law is the legal and political system mandated in the Koran and other Islamic texts. It include laws governing religious practice, such as praying and ritual washing. But sharia also rules what Westerners see as non-government social practices — divorce, child-rearing, free-speech, clothing or sexual behavior, for example — and it also rules government responses to crimes, such as theft and murder.

Sharia law relegates women and non-Muslims to a lesser status, and grants men enormous authority over wives, daughters and sons. It allows for the primitive treatment of women and non-Muslims, and allows fierce punishment — sometimes, “honor killings” by fathers — for refusing to complying with sharia mandates.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Chip Limehouse. He told Breitbart News following the bill’s passage:

“This goes to demonstrate that the South Carolina House of Representatives is committed to preserving and protecting the American way of life here in South Carolina.”

“Sharia Law has been used as a defense in American courtrooms,” he adds. “We are working towards making that defense not an option for radical extremists from any country.”

“In South Carolina, we’ve had cases where people have tried to use [the rules of] Sharia Law as a defense, and we are speaking very clearly from the South Carolina House,” Limehouse said. “Shariah Law can not and will not be used as a legal defense in the state of South Carolina.”

Because the bill was passed at the beginning of the current legislative session, Rep. Limehouse said he was optimistic that the Senate would have enough time to pass the bill. In order for the bill to become law, it must now be passed by the South Carolina State Senate and signed by Governor Nikki Haley.

Tea Party and conservative grassroots organizations are credited with initiating the movement to ban sharia rules through the state legislatures. Conservative leaders Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann have publicly advocated for the need to enact nation-wide legislation against the threat of sharia.

Underground sharia courts operate in Muslim communities throughout Europe and alsoin the United States. Last year, Breitbart Texas reported that a “voluntary” sharia court had already been established in Texas.

Several countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, have many underground sharia courts within migrant communities. In the U.K, the government has formally deputized at least one sharia court to decide non-criminal issues among people who agree to use the court, even as public concerns rise that immigrant women are socially pressured to accept the courts’ authority

U.S. opponents of sharia courts point to Europe for evidence that western democracies can gradually cede more de-facto legal authority to self-segregating Muslim communities, so enabling the self-segregation of Muslim communities into no-go zones within cities.

Several states–including Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina South Dakota, and Tennessee–have passed “foreign law” bans against sharia. More than a dozen other states are currently considering similar legislation.

Report: Explosion Heard at Islamville in South Carolina

by Ryan Mauro:

On Saturday, February 11 at about 2:50 PM, an explosion was heard at a large, Muslim-only community in York County, South Carolina named “Holy Islamville,” a source tells us. The 36-acre isolated site is run by an Islamist group called Muslims of the Americas, led by a cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani.

There was no smoke or sign of debris, but worried neighbors called each other to see what had happened. None reported an accident within their homes that would explain the noise and the police were called.

A less-powerful explosion was heard on Thursday, January 26 at approximately 4:30 PM. As was the case in this latest incident, nearby residents reported feeling their homes shake and checked-up on each other to find an explanation. About 20 minutes later, gunfire was heard coming from the area and was heard by a local police officer who responded to the call. Several recordings of gunfire coming from Islamville have been released over the past year. The Muslims of the Americas is known to have trained some of its members in guerilla warfare, as seen on a secret videotape I obtained from a law enforcement source that can be seen here.


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