Imam at Trump’s Prayer Service Recited a Condemnation of Jews and Christians

Sajid Tarar, Founder of American Muslims for Trump, delivers the benediction during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Tuesday, July 19, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Sajid Tarar, Founder of American Muslims for Trump, delivers the benediction during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Tuesday, July 19, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

PJ Media, by Andrew Bostom, January 24, 2017:

Honoring a tradition that dates back to America’s first president, George Washington, in New York (described here, The Daily Advertiser, April 23, 1789, p. 2), within 24 hours of his swearing-in, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence attended a prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral.

The Saturday prayer service was a modern “interfaith event” which included (as described here, p.11, and seen in this video clip) a recitation by Sajid Tarar, an advisor at Medina Masjid of Baltimore.

He recited the Koran’s very brief first sura, or chapter: the so-called “Fatiha,” or “Opening,” consisting of seven short verses (verses 1-6; verse 7).

As I noted in a tweet shortly after viewing Saturday’s event, regarding verse 7:

“At Natl Cathedral Today ,1/21/17, Koran 1:7, A Curse on Jews, & Rebuke of Christians Recited in Front of Pres Trump.”

This high-profile ecumenical event illustrates starkly the conundrum of mainstream Islamic practice within our free, multi-confessional, but overwhelmingly non-Muslim society. Pious Muslims repeat the Fatiha, including verse 7, up to 17 times per day during their five requisite prayer sessions, and the accompanying “subunits” of prayer (see pp.49-50). While verses 1-6 are confined to Muslims re-affirming their personal devotion to the Islamic creed, and its deity, Allah, verse 7 launches into open condemnation of other faiths — specifically Judaism and Christianity.

An authoritative modern Koranic translation by Drs. Muhammad al-Hilali and Muhammad Khan (p.12) of the Fatiha’s concluding verse 7 includes parenthetical references to the Jews (after the word “anger,” or in the translation distributed at the inaugural prayer service, p.11, “wrath”), and the Christians (after the word “astray”):

The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians).

The Hilali-Khan translation of Koran 1:7 provides a detailed justification of its references to the Jews as those who have engendered Allah’s anger, and the Christians as the ones who have gone astray. The specific references to Jews and Christians in the Hilali-Khan translation of the Fatiha’s final verse comports both with the canonical hadith (the sacred “traditions” of Muhammad and the early Muslim community) interpretation of these verses, and classical and modern Koranic commentary (“tafsir”) interpretations by the leading luminaries of this discipline in Islam — a consensus of thought stretching literally from the 7th through the late 20th centuries. Moreover, leading contemporary, mainstream scholars of Islam — both non-Muslim and Muslim linguistic and textual analysts — share this understanding of how Koran 1:7 is to be interpreted.

For over thirteen centuries, through our contemporary era, the consistent, collective understanding of Koran 1:7 — the Fatiha’s last verse — is that Jews and Christians are being insulted, even cursed (especially in the case of the Jews) eternally for their “spiritually aberrant” ways.

Accordingly, utterance of this verse must be expunged from all federal, state, and local government events, and in an even more egregious breach of ecumenical civility, our Navy Military Funerals sea burial ceremony, and all comparable funeral ceremonies, conducted within the other branches of the U.S. military.

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Jerry Johnson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters and a member of the new Faith Leaders for America group, said he was not surprised that someone with Magid’s background was included in the National Prayer Service at the National Cathedral.

“It did not surprise me, because the wrong kind of Muslims and Muslim leaders have been gaining inroads into Christian circles, government circles, education and media circles for years,” Johnson told WND Monday. “And by the wrong kind I mean they’re sympathetic with Shariah, sympathetic with jihad and they’re not benign, not leaders who affirm the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. So I’m not surprised that someone got into the prayer service who was a sort of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Who invited Magid to pray?

Johnson said he believes the National Cathedral staff put the service together.


national-cathedral-muslim-prayer-AFPBreitbart, by JORDAN SCHACHTEL, Nov. 15, 2014:

(Washington, D.C.)– 100 years ago today, on November 14, 1914, the last “Caliph” of the Islamic world declared a holy war on all non believers. Just a few months later, a jihadist genocide of Christians occurred on a massive scale, resulting in the deaths of millions.

On the 100th anniversary of the religiously-motivated genocide of Christians, several Islamic groups, all of which have alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, hosted the first Muslim prayers ever at Washington, D.C.’s National Cathedral.

As Breitbart’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka reported earlier, two of the Islamic groups who organized the event–CAIR and ISNA–were documented by U.S. federal officials as unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorism financing trial in United States history. Additionally, evidence exists that each of the five Islamic groups who helped organize the event have deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to federal prosecution documents, is to wage a “grand jihad [holy war] in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within…”

Breitbart News was on the scene at Washington’s National Cathedral, hoping to get some answers to concerns about Islamic prayers being hosted at the Cathedral on such a painful anniversary and why the event was sponsored by alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Breitbart News asked Dean of the National Cathedral, Gary Hall, whether it was appropriate to host Muslim prayers on the 100th anniversary of the last Caliph’s call for Jihad against nonbelievers, which resulted in the slaughter of innocent Christians.

Hall responded, “I did not know that it was that anniversary. But knowing it now, it actually seems to be more appropriate to have an event that is on an anniversary of a hard time… There have been atrocities on both sides. There have been extremists on both sides.”

He added: “The second thing, is that, the Christian church… a few centuries before was doing similar kinds of things in the holy land with the Crusader states and the Crusades themselves. Almost every religious tradition is guilty at some point of fostering violence in the name of that religious tradition.

Breitbart News asked Hall whether he knew that all of the Islamic organizers of the interfaith prayer event have been associated or direct members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“No, I’m not aware of that,” said the Dean of the Cathedral. “We’re a faith community… This essentially was the time to come together and pray. I have not heard those allegations. I don’t think that they are germane to an event that is just essentially a prayer event.”

This reporter asked Mr. Hall whether he was troubled by the possibility that the organizers of the interfaith event have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, when the MB has previously been connected to prominent terrorists such as Osama Bin laden and Abu Bakr.

Hall responded, “No more so that it would alarm me that people in my own faith and tradition have links to other kinds of… inappropriate or unethical or immoral kinds of behavior. In other words, if I have a congregant that I would find unseemly, that’s guilt by association… I hear people’s concern, but it seems to be that the role of a faith leader is to try to bring people together.

“We always have to remember that Menachem Begin was a terrorist,” said the Dean of the National Cathedral. “Many of the early generations of Israel’s government were terrorists,” he added.

“Everyone’s hands are dirty at some point… There’s no one in the world who has absolutely clean hands,” Hall alleged.

Breitbart News questioned Hall about whether he knew about the Muslim Brotherhood’s extensive history of subversion in order to achieve their ends.

“I’m aware that they are the legitimately elected government of Egypt,” Hall stated.

When questioned whether he knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was started by devout Hitler admirer Hassan al-Bana, Hall said, “This event is not about the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“The kinds of things you are bringing up are the kinds of extremism that we are actually trying to disassociate with,” he said, accusing this reporter of being an ‘extremist,’ simply for mentioning the roots of the group who organized in his Cathedral.

Hall then accused this reporter of being a “McCarthyite,” because this was nothing more than “guilt by association,” he concluded.

Watch video of the interview at Breitbart. Jordan Schachtel really did a good job exposing interfaith dupe Gary Hall.

Here is a video of the entire service:

Published on Nov 16, 2014 by Kenneth Sikorski


Gates of Vienna got an Arab translator to review and assess what was said: Taqiyya and Kitman in Washington D.C. 

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Watch: Gohmert Speaks Out On Islamic Prayer Service Held at the National Cathedral

100 YEARS AGO: Last Caliph Publicly Calls for War Against Infidels

Published on Nov 14, 2014 by GohmertTX01

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor today about the DC’s National Cathedral hosting of a Muslim prayer service on the anniversary of when the last Caliph declared war against the infidel.


Gates of Vienna – The ECUSA Joins the Ummah:

washnatmasjidShortly after this post goes up, the live stream will begin for the first-ever Friday prayers at the brand-new National Masjid in Washington D.C.

Allahu Akhbar, y’all!


Muslim Brotherhood To Commemorate Genocidal Jihad At DC’s National Cathedral

National Cathedral Vandalism

And you can watch a live webcast of this Islamic Supremacist desecration.

CHQ, By George Rasley:

On Friday, November 14 the Washington, DC’s National Cathedral will host a Muslim prayer service organized by the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR), The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the All-Dulles Area Muslims Society (ADAMS) Center.

The leaders of the National Cathedral told The Washington Post that they hope Friday’s service at the historic cathedral will foster more understanding and acceptance between Christians and Muslims around the world. However, there is ample evidence to suggest that the Muslim participants have a different motive for choosing November 14 to hold their prayers in one of the most visible symbols of American Christendom.

November 14, 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of the last sitting Caliph of the Ottoman Empire’s call for jihad against non-believers. The call for violent jihad against non-believers directly resulted in a genocide against Christian Armenian, Assyrian and Greek residents of Turkey. (click here for a translation of the Fatwa declaring jihad that was considered so inflammatory it was once classified by the U.S. government)

armenian girls cricifixion_text

No doubt the leaders of the Washington National Cathedral will plead ignorance of the significance of the date their Muslim guests chose, because for most westerners the November 14, 1914 Jihad Declaration is a minor footnote in the history of World War I, however, for Islamic supremacists like those associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, it is a date fraught with meaning.

And make no mistake about it, the organizers of this effort at “understanding and acceptance” have well documented* ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization outlawed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and dedicated to Islamic supremacism, terrorism as a means of achieving political objectives and spreading the misogynistic totalitarian ideology of Sharia Law.

According to documents seized by law enforcement and submitted as evidence in the largest terrorism finance trial in American history, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wage a “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house…”

I leave it to others to definitively identify whether that “miserable house” should be interpreted as the Christian Church or the United States of America, but the record is that throughout the Middle East the Muslim Brotherhood has repeatedly targeted Middle Eastern Christians, most especially Egyptian Copts, for attack.

It is also especially worthy of note that the decision of the National Cathedral’s leaders to allow the Muslim prayer service on the anniversary of the Caliph’s Jihad Declaration came on the same day it was revealed that Der Zor memorial church, a Syrian Christian Church dedicated to the memory of the millions of Christians slain in the Ottoman Caliphate’s genocide, was blown up and the bones of victims of the Armenian genocide were removed from the crypt and dumped by the side of the road.

As Breitbart News reported, Der Zor memorial church is also the site of the martyrdom of Father Petrus Terzibashian, who in 1915 was killed in front of his congregation by Turkish Islamists who then threw his body into the Euphrates River.

To permit such a public display, and to permit such groups to occupy the National Cathedral of the United States on this date represents an affront to the memories of those Christians who were killed in the genocide that resulted from the 1914 Jihad Declaration by the last Caliph, and it is an affront to those Christians across the Middle East who are currently under threat from those savage Islamic supremacists who today seek to reestablish the Caliphate.

We ask CHQ readers to contact the National Cathedral – the office number is (202) 537-6200 – and urge the Dean of the Cathedral, The Very Rev. Gary Hall and the Vicar of the Cathedral, The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope, to cancel the Muslim prayer service sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood-connected organizations and to instead issue a statement in remembrance of Father Petrus Terzibashian and the millions of forgotten Christian martyrs in the jihad-inspired Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide.

Email The Very Rev. Gary Hall at

Email The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope at

Email National Cathedral Chief Development Officer Rita Walters at

*For more on the ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and the sponsoring Muslim organizations that explains how they ARE the Muslim Brotherhood of North America see the links below.  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are all three unindicted co-conspirators in the Texas Holy Land Foundation trial.  They tried to get their names removed from the list that was made public–and 5th Circuit Court of appeals denied it.  They concluded that there was a preponderance of evidence showing that all three were intricately involved with Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

See Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project:

See the profile of Mohamed Magid from Discover the Networks and follow the links in the article:


Investors Business Daily, Muslim Brotherhood Hijacks National Cathedral

Islamofascism: On Friday, for the first time, the venerable Washington National Cathedral will be used as a mosque, with radical Muslims leading prayers. Islamist infiltration of the Beltway is nearly complete.

Drunk with “interfaith” tolerance, church officials agreed to let the Islamists make “a statement.” About what? How gullible they are?

The 100-year-old Episcopal church, dubbed our “National House of Prayer” by Congress, is where we hold funerals for our presidents, like Reagan, and our heroes, like Neil Armstrong. There are few more powerful symbols of our Judeo-Christian culture than the cathedral — and that’s exactly why the Islamists targeted it.

As the Washington Post explained, “Organizers said they are seeking to make a statement by having Muslim leaders come and hold their service in such a visible Christian house of worship.”

Who are these “organizers”? Members of known Muslim Brotherhood front groups, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The Justice Department has identified both as belonging to the Hamas wing of the radical Brotherhood. It’s also implicated them in a Hamas conspiracy to raise millions for Palestinian suicide bombers. These co-sponsors of the National Cathedral jumuah (“for invited guests only”) remain unindicted co-conspirators in a major terror case.

CAIR is so toxic the FBI won’t do outreach with the group. But cathedral clergy rolled out prayer rugs for it.

Another co-sponsor is the ADAMS (All Dulles Area Muslim Society) mosque of Northern Virginia, which the Brotherhood controls through deed-holder ISNA.

“We want the world to see the Christian community is partnering with us and is supporting our religious freedom in the same way we are calling for religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries,” an ADAMS spokesman claimed.

Really? We don’t recall ADAMS demanding Palestinians to stop denying Jews access to the Temple Mount. Or the Brotherhood to stop burning Coptic churches. Or the Saudis to stop persecuting non-Muslims.

We’ll believe such interfaith efforts are real when ADAMS opens its own building for Christian prayers.

Meanwhile, CAIR is advising U.S. mosque leaders to lawyer up before letting FBI agents into mosques to seek their help discouraging Islamic State recruits.

Let’s see, we’ll let known terrorist supporters into our most revered places of worship, yet Muslims won’t let us into theirs to ferret out terrorists.


IBD, Washington National Cathedral to Hold Friday Muslim Prayers

Prayer carpets have been laid out under the soaring arches of the Washington National Cathedral for an unprecedented Muslim worship service in one of America’s best-known churches.

Church leaders and their Muslim partners say they hope the Friday Jumaa prayers will send a message of interfaith brotherhood that counters extremists’ use of religion to justify hatred and strife.

The idea came to the cathedral’s director of religious liturgy, Rev. Gina Campbell, and South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, who is a Muslim, when they organized an interfaith memorial service for Nelson Mandela last year.

The carpets have been arrayed diagonally in the transept, to the side of the sanctuary, so that worshipers can face in the direction of Mecca without seeing crosses or Christian icons. Muslims are not supposed to pray in view of sacred symbols alien to their faith.

Ambassador Rasool said the service is meant to be both a symbol for America’s three million Muslims to feel welcomed in its predominantly Christian society, as well as for Muslims in countries where they are the majority, to show hospitality to people of minority faiths.

Despite its name, the Washington National Cathedral is not an official U.S. government church, which is prohibited by the Constitution. However, the Episcopal church, which is funded by private donations, does possess important symbolic value and regularly hosts official events, such as presidential inaugurations and funerals.



The Washington Post reports that the Washington National Cathedral will host a Muslim prayer service this Friday. The cathedral, part of the Episcopal Church, has long been the site of important services, including memorial services for presidents, some of whom are buried there. But the Cathedral has never before been used for Muslim services.

The Post reports this as a feel-good story. It quotes a local Muslim spokesperson who says:

We want the world to see the Christian community is partnering with us and is supporting our religious freedom in the same way we are calling for religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries. Let this be a lesson to the world.

But it’s difficult to feel good about this story because it turns out that the Espiscopal Church is partnering with Islamists. Deep into the Post’s story we learn that among the organizations sponsoring the prayer event are the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Although the Post does not mention it, both ISNA and CAIR are Islamist advocates of sharia law with a history of supporting terrorism. Neil Munro refreshes our recollection:

In 2009, both groups were confirmed as co-conspirators in a conspiracy to deliver funds to the Gaza-based Hamas jihad group, which regularly launches attacks to kill Jews in Israel.

This year, Hamas launched more than 4,000 rockets at Jews in Israel, often from within civilian areas.

Hamas is an affiliate of the Egypt-based Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood, which was ousted from power in Egypt by huge public protest in 2012. Both CAIR and ISNA have close ties to the brotherhood movement.

Accordingly, the message sent by the Episcopal Church’s invitation is, as Robert Spencer says, “that U.S. mainline churches have no interest in encouraging genuine Muslim reform, but rather are aiding and enabling Brotherhood front groups in the U.S.” This message will not be lost on Muslim audiences in the Middle East, where Christians are being persecuted and even murdered.

This is not the first time that the Episcopal Church has sent a message via its policy on usage of the Cathedral. As Munro reminds us, in 2011 evangelicals were excluded from services commemorating the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Yes to terror-supporting Islamists; no to Christian evangelicals — this is the message from the Episcopal Church. It’s a message that reflects the posture of the left-wing political establishment which the Church for years has mimicked.

JOHN adds: This is outrageous:

We want the world to see the Christian community is partnering with us and is supporting our religious freedom in the same way we are calling for religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries. Let this be a lesson to the world.

Really? And what have these supposed Muslim leaders done to bring about “religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries”? Absolutely nothing. There is no such freedom. If anyone were to suggest that a Muslim church be turned over to Christians for a worship service in a majority-Muslim country, violence would almost certainly result. Religious freedom is anathema to Islam. Christians are the world’s most persecuted group, by a large margin, but leaders of mainstream American denominations like the Episcopalians couldn’t possibly care less.



100 years ago today, the last Caliph, or emperor of Islam, declared the last Jihad against the infidel– and today is the first time ever that the National Cathedral in the nation’s capital will host Muslim prayers.
Most American’s will have no idea that, as part of World War I, the then-Caliph of the Ottoman empire declared a Holy War against infidels, as was his right within sharia law and Islamic theology. You can read the full fatwa here (ignore the date of 1915 which is an original typo).
That statement by the last sitting head of what was the theocratic empire of Islam was the catalyst which led to religiously-fueled genocide against Christian Armenians and Assyrians.
The Episcopal church leaders who agreed to the host Muslim prayers inside the Washington cathedral probably have no idea what happened a century ago in Asia Minor, or that there even was a Caliph in office at the beginning of the 20th century.
However, we can rest assured that the co-organizers do, for they include the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR), The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the All-Dulles Area Muslims Society (ADAMS) Center.
Both CAIR and ISNA will be fully aware of the significance of November 14th, seeing as both organizations were declared by a federal court to be unindicted co-conspirators of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood terror group, in the largest terrorist financing trial in US history.
Those muslims who have a supremacist understanding of their religion, such as members of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood – which was recently declared an illegal terrorist organization in the country of its founding, Egypt – have a special regard for historic dates and anniversaries.
It is, of course, no accident that the 9/11 attacks, the worst terror attacks in world history, occurred exactly to the day in 1683 when the Islamic Ottoman forces were defeated outside the city walls of Vienna, the deepest the Islamic Caliphate’s forces made it into the heart of the Christian West.
There is nothing inherently wrong about interfaith initiatives as long as they start from the same place: a mutual respect for the belief system of the other, and their inherent dignity as humans created by God. When one party acts in bad faith based upon its ideological commitment to see other faiths destroyed or subjected, then the event runs the risk of becoming a propaganda coup for the extremists and their followers.
The fact that this event is occurring just as ancient Christian communities are being destroyed in the Middle East and “non-believers” are being actually crucified by ISIS jihadists makes it all the more egregious.
We know that the Episcopal church is in trouble with more conservative believers leaving in great numbers and the remaining adherents not exactly outdoing their Catholic cousins in terms of reproducing the next generation of believers. But I doubt they also understand the finer points of jihadist doctrine, one of which is that if a place of worship is used by Muslims for their prayers, that territory subsequently becomes part of Dar al Islam, sacred muslim land. Forever.

Americans of Conscience Urge Cancellation of Jihadist Day at the National Cathedral

659836502Center For Security Policy:

(Washington, D.C.):  On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the start of one of history’s most horrific acts of genocide, a group of prominent figures in the religious, national security and human rights communities have written a letter to the leadership of Washington’s National Cathedral.  They urged the Cathedral not to allow a group of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations to utilize its house of worship on November 14th, 2014 for a prayer service that will inevitably – given the nature of the sponsors, their traditional service and the occasion – be a highly symbolic demonstration of Islamic supremacism.

The group’s letter notes:

November 14th, 2014, will be the 100th anniversary of the last sitting Caliph of the Ottoman Empire’s call for jihad against non-believers. The call for violent jihad against non-believers directly resulted in a genocide against the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek residents of Turkey. And while for most westerners the November 14th Jihad declaration is little more than a footnote in the annuls of World War I, for Islamic supremacists like those associated with Muslim Brotherhood, it is a date pregnant with meaning. To permit such a public display, and permit such groups to occupy the National Cathedral of the United States on this date represents an affront to the memories of those who were killed as a result of this genocide, and an affront to those Christians across the Middle East who are currently under threat by those who seek to emulate it.

Among the signatories of the letter, which was organized by the Center for Security Policy, were:

  • Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
  • Dr. Ron Crew CH (COL) USAR, (Ret.), Executive Director, Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty
  • Pastor Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor, Skyline Church
  • Reverend Dan Cummins, Founder, Come Pray with Me
  • Pastor Paul Blair, Fairview Baptist Church

The group offered to meet with the leadership of the National Cathedral and to provide additional evidence regarding how the groups involved in the November 14th event have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  The signatories called to mind that, as proven in federal court, the stated goal of the Brotherhood in America is to “destroy Western civilization from within.”

The letter also notes how the Muslim Brotherhood has “…repeatedly targeted Middle Eastern Christians,” including “bombing places of worship” as well as attacking “fellow Muslims who do not meet the Brotherhood’s strict Shariah standards.” Such atrocities and other acts of violent jihad are not things of the past; they are happening currently.

Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney observed:

The National Cathedral was recently rocked by an unusual earthquake, causing millions of dollars in damage to its exquisite structure.  The act of opening its doors to top members and front groups of the Muslim Brotherhood – an organization that epitomizes and practices the worst of Islam’s intolerant Shariah code – on a day that will always be associated with genocidal jihadism should rock the conscience of every member of the Cathedral’s community.  If this outrageous event is not cancelled, the damage that will assuredly be caused to the reputation of the institution’s leadership and, by association, the Cathedral itself will likely be far more severe and difficult to repair than any caused by the tremor.

National Cathedral Letter

Thank Allah It’s “Jum’ah Friday” (TAIJF) at The National Cathedral—A Guide For Perplexed Non-Muslims

…[T]he phrase in the daily prescribed prayers” Guide us to the straight path, to the path of those you have blessed, not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided (al-Fatiha, 1:5-7.)…mention two groups of people but do not say who they are. The Prophet [Muhammad] interpreted those who incurred God’s wrath as the Jews and the misguided as the Christians.

By Andrew Bostom, Nov. 13, 2014:

November 11, 1914, the Ottoman Sheikh ul-Islam (supreme Muslim religious authority) issued fatwas (religious edicts) declaring a jihad against non-Muslim state enemies of the last Muslim “Caliphate.” Subsequent fatwas (see here; here) disseminated during the World War I era would target Christian minorities, under Sharia-based Ottoman Muslim rule, for genocidal jihadism against these hapless non-Muslim victims.

Notwithstanding the recent horrific spate of atrocities committed against the Christian communities of northern Iraq by the Islamic State (IS/IL) jihadists, the Ottoman jihad ravages were equally barbaric, depraved, and far more extensive. Occurring, primarily between 1915-16 (although continuing through at least 1918), some one million Armenian, and 250,000 Assyro-Chaldean and Syrian Orthodox Christians were brutally slaughtered, or starved to death during forced deportations through desert wastelands. The identical gruesome means used by IS/IL to humiliate and massacre its hapless Christian victims, were employed on a scale that was an order of magnitude greater by the Ottoman Muslim Turks, often abetted by local Muslim collaborators (the latter being another phenomenon which also happened during the IS/IL jihad campaign against Iraq’s Christians).

At best, willfully oblivious to this grim centennial remembrance—worse still, perhaps even callously disregarding it—Muslim spokespersons are trumpeting their forthcoming midday Islamic service, to be held Friday, November 14, 2014, in the National Cathedral, one of the most iconic Christian houses of worship in the U.S.

Rizwan Jaka, speaking on behalf of the ADAMS mosque in Sterling, Va., a co-sponsor of Friday’s service, crowed:

We want the world to see the Christian community is partnering with us and is supporting our religious freedom in the same way we are calling for religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries. Let this be a lesson to the world.

Another event sponsor, Ebrahim Rasool, the Muslim South African ambassador to the U.S., proclaimed:

This is a dramatic moment in the world and in Muslim-Christian relations. This needs to be a world in which all are free to believe and practice and in which we avoid bigotry, Islamaphobia, racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Christianity and to embrace our humanity and to embrace faith.

But Christians, overwhelmingly, and indeed all non-Muslims (here; here) in religiously bigoted, Sharia-supremacist Islamic societies across the globe, are being murdered and maimed by Muslims, not vice-versa. Moreover, “Islamophobia” is an utterly manufactured insignificance, while “sacralized” Islamic Jew-hatred is of epidemic proportions in Muslim societies, and within virtually all Muslim immigrant communities outside Islamdom.

In light of the impending National Cathedral Islamic service this Friday (11/14/14) it is also of critical importance for non-Muslims to understand what Koranic prayers Muslims recite during daily, and/or Friday “Jum’ah” prayer sessions, and how these specific verses from the Koran are to be interpreted. Prayers routinely uttered at daily, or specifically Friday/Jum’ah services, include, prominently, Koran suras 1, 87, and 88.

Sura 1, verse 7, is repeated up to 17-times per day by pious Muslims during the 5 prayer sessions, and subunits of prayer. “The Qur’an: An Encyclopedia” is a modern authoritative compendium of analyses written by 43 Muslim and non-Muslim mainstream academic experts, edited by Oliver Leaman, and published by Routledge, New York, 2006. These extracts from p. 614 serve as an irrefragable “final summary verdict”—consistent with over a millennium of authoritative Muslim exegeses on this verse—about how Muslims and non-Muslims alike are to understand Koran 1:7, the Fatiha’s (sura 1’s) last verse:

…[T]he phrase in the daily prescribed prayers” Guide us to the straight path, to the path of those you have blessed, not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided (al-Fatiha, 1:5-7.)…mention two groups of people but do not say who they are. The Prophet [Muhammad] interpreted those who incurred God’s wrath as the Jews and the misguided as the Christians.

The Jews, we are told [i.e., in both the Koran, and hadith] killed many of their prophets, and through their character and materialistic tendencies have contributed much to moral corruption, social upheaval and sedition in the world…[T]hey were readily misled and incurred both God’s wrath and ignominy. As forthe Christians…over time they succumbed to the influence of those who had already deviated from the chosen path. By the time Christianity came to be accepted as the official religion of the Roman Empire, many Christians had long gone astray and had been deprived of their original scripture…By interpreting the phrase “not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided” the Prophet identified them and clarified in what way and by what beliefs and deeds a man incurs God’s wrath. This is a warning for the Muslims not to follow in the footsteps of the Jews and Christians.

According to a canonical tradition, Islam’s prophet Muhammad was inclined to recite Koranic chapters 87 and 88 during Friday Jum’ah prayers:

(Sahih Muslim Book 004, Number 1907): Nu’man b. Bashir reported that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) used to recite on two Eids and in Friday prayer: “Glorify The name of Thy Lord, the Most High” (Sura 87), and: “Has there come to thee the news of the overwhelming event” (Sura 88). And when the Eid and Jumu’a [Jum’ah] combined on a day he recited these two (surah) in both the prayers.

The authoritative glosses on Sura 88 (esp. Verses 2 and 3: Some faces, that Day, will be humiliated (in the Hell-fire, i.e. the faces of all disbelievers, Jews and Christians, etc.).; Labouring (hard in the worldly life by worshipping others besides Allah), weary (in the Hereafter with humility and disgrace), per the canonical hadith, and Ibn Kathir’s classical Koranic commentary (v.10, p. 456), are presented, below:

[386] 240 – (153) It was narrated from Abü Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said:

“By the One in Whose Hand is the soul of Muhammad, no one among this nation, Jew or Christian, hears of me then dies, not believing in that with which I was sent, but he will be one of the people of the Fire.”[Sahih Muslim, The Book Of Faith (p. 243; with reference to Koran 88:2)]

 Narrated ‘Abdullah: The Prophet said one statement and I said another. The Prophet said “Whoever dies while still invoking anything other than Allah as a rival to Allah, will enter Hell (Fire).” And I said, “Whoever dies without invoking anything as a rival to Allah, will enter Paradise.” [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 60, Number 24 (with reference to Koran 88:3)]

[From Ibn Kathir’s tafsir (V. 10, p. 456), on “Laboring weary” (verse 88:3)]…meaning, they, “The Christians” did many deeds and became weary in their performance, yet they will be cast into a blazing Fire on the Day of Judgment

Finally, Maulana Muhammad Shafi (1898-1976), a former grand mufti of India (prior to the August, 1947 partition), was the author of Maariful Qur’an, which remains the best-known Koranic commentary in Urdu. He also wrote more than three hundred books, and in addition to these literary works, broadcasted his Koranic commentary on Radio Pakistan for a number of years. Mufti Shafi’s modern gloss on Koran 88, specifically verse 2, notes (vol. 8, pp. 773-74),

…many unbelievers exert themselves in their false rituals and work hard in their presumed acts of worship in the world, as for instance the Hindu Yogis and many Christian monks do. They endure many difficulties in the devotional acts of worship sincerely in order to seek the good pleasure of Allah, but being on wrong and idolatrous ways, they are not acceptable to, or rewarded by Allah. Their faces show signs of exhaustion in this world; and in the Hereafter they will show signs of disgrace and humiliation.

Non-Muslims must understand the traditionalist, mainstream Islamic understandings of these routine “sacralized” utterances just as Muslims are taught to interpret them, shorn of apologetics, or aggressive Islamic dissimulation. Genocidal jihadism is the ugly living legacy of this bigoted Islamic doctrine, not “ecumenism.”


New Movie Documents Islamist Threat to Free Speech–and Obama’s Support for It

New York: On September 25, 2012, President Obama astonished many Americans by declaring, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This is a sentiment espoused by radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Taliban and al Qaeda. Worse yet, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, revealed the lengths to which the Obama administration is prepared to go to enforce this view when she told the family of a former SEAL killed last month in Benghazi that the producer of a video she falsely claimed precipitated that attack would be “arrested and prosecuted.” He was subsequently taken into custody and remains in jail.Now, the powerful documentary SILENT CONQUEST explains why these affronts to the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech are not isolated incidents. Rather, they are part of an ominous pattern of Team Obama’s submission to the stealthy Islamist effort to enforce in this country the supremacist doctrine known as shariah and its prohibition of any expression that “offends” Islam or its god, prophet or followers.The film features interviews with U.S. and foreign legislators, journalists, national security and other experts and Muslim, former Muslim and non-Muslim activists including:Best-selling author Mark Steyn; Rep. Allen West, Member of Congress; Geert Wilders, Member of the Dutch Parliament; Baroness Caroline Cox, Member of the British House of Lords; ACT! for America founder Brigitte Gabriel; scholar and author Daniel Pipes; American Islamic Leadership Council founder Zuhdi Jasser; former Muslim and author Nonie Darwish; former Defense Department official Frank Gaffney; Lord Malcolm Pearson, Member of the British House of Lords; Naser Kader, Member of the Danish Parliament; author and financial terrorism expert Rachel Ehrenfeld; author Pastor Mark Durie, as well as others.

SILENT CONQUEST offers a frightening insight into the extent to which Europe, Canada and the United Nations have already succumbed to the restrictions of shariah blasphemy laws. Its stark warning about the Obama administration’s substantial efforts to accommodate them here, as well, is a wake-up call for every American.

The documentary was produced by Sanctum Enterprises, LLC.

For a limited time, SILENT CONQUEST can be viewed for free online at

For more information about the film and its subject matter or to arrange interviews with the film’s featured authorities, contact David Reaboi of the Center for Security Policy at 202.431.1948 and or

 Frank Gaffney:

As Americans go to the polls, many factors may influence how they vote for  president. Among those — if not pre-eminent among them — should be the kind of  country they want to bequeath to their children. It is unlikely that most voters  would knowingly and deliberately opt for a candidate who appears determined to  make the United States a nation that does not respect and safeguard our most  foundational constitutional right: freedom of expression.

It may seem unbelievable that anyone running for the presidency would even  consider such a betrayal of the oath of office governing that position, let  alone work toward that end. Yet, as a new film, “Silent Conquest,” makes clear,  President Obama, from his first months in office, has been enabling in this  country an insidious effort by Islamic supremacists to keep us from engaging in  speech, videos, training or other forms of expression that offend Muslims, their  god, prophet and faith.

The documentary opens with Mr. Obama’s astounding pronouncement at the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 25: “The  future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This  sentiment could have been expressed as easily by the Muslim  Brotherhood, the Organization of Islamic  Cooperation (OIC), the Taliban  or al Qaeda. Unfortunately, it is but one of  many manifestations of an Obama policy approach that has brought U.S. diplomacy  and government practice into closer and closer alignment with the demands of  Islamists that such “slanders” be prohibited and criminalized.

Consider a few of the other examples “Silent Conquest” itemizes with help  from an array of U.S. and foreign legislators, analysts in national security and  other fields, and Muslim and non-Muslim activists (this columnist among  them):

The Obama administration co-sponsored in  March 2009 a resolution in the U.N.  Human Rights Council that basically endorsed the unacceptability of any  expression that offends Islam.

In Cairo in June 2009, Mr. Obama declared, as part of what Mitt Romney and  others have called his “apology tour”: “I consider it part of my responsibility  as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam  wherever they appear.”

In July 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton launched with  the OIC the Istanbul  Process, a multilateral effort to find ways to accommodate Muslim demands for  restrictions on free speech. On that occasion, she declared that among other  means put in the service of this dubious objective would be “old-fashioned  techniques of peer pressure and shaming.”

Mrs. Clinton evidently has  found such methods inadequate. In the aftermath of the murderous attack on our  diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, she joined Mr. Obama and others in  insisting — despite abundant evidence to the contrary — that it had been  precipitated by a “disgusting and reprehensible” act of free expression, namely,  a video denigrating Muhammad produced by a California man. According to Charles  Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the former Navy SEALs killed while  heroically defending the CIA’s annex and his comrades, Mrs.  Clinton told him that the government was going to “arrest and prosecute” the  filmmaker. Shortly thereafter, the American who had given offense was indeed  taken into custody and will remain there, at least until after the election.

Then there’s this, just in: The man selected to perform the investigation  into the Benghazi debacle for the State Department — whose results will only  become available after Nov. 6 — seems committed to the Shariah blasphemy agenda  as well. As reported by syndicated columnist Diana West, in the course of his  Oct. 23 appearance on a panel at Washington National Cathedral titled “The  Muslim Experience in America,” retired Ambassador Thomas Pickering “made an  ominous call for ‘strong efforts  to deal with opinion leaders who harbor  [anti-Islam] prejudices, who espouse them and spread them.’” He went on to  endorse the characterization of another panelist, Islamist apologist James  Zogby, who claimed “the racism [of U.S. soldiers] was really intense.” Mr.  Pickering even seemed to suggest that the U.S. armed forces are “the enemy.”

Read more at Washington Times

Frank J. Gaffney Jr. is president of the Center for Security Policy  (, a columnist for The Washington Times and host of Secure  Freedom Radio on WRC-AM (1260).